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I will teach you the Law and you will inherit a legal mind

I am not in the classroom to lecture. Teaching is about creating excitement with interaction and asking stimulating questions and challenging students to think. You cannot "dumb down" the law, but you can use practical examples of legal applications to help students grasp the concepts.

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Law school and bar exam studying should be fun! But is usually isn't...

I have a JD from Pepperdine School of Law and a Political Science Bachelor's degree. Law school requires specific critical and analytical reasoning skills rather than just rote memorization and regurgitation of information.

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Legal writing coach and law generalist. ABA approved JD with Mediation and Paralegal certification.

I take a student-focused approach to learning. I am skilled at breaking down complex information into readily memorable parts. Incorporate study skills to assist the student both with creating quality topic outlines as well as providing a basis for solid research and writing skills.

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Business & Legal Professional with a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge (15+ yrs exp)

My teaching methodology is introducing concepts in a way that easily connects and resonates for students and professionals of all backgrounds and levels.

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1st lesson offered free !

Mexican Law: with 25 years experience in Mexican Legal Processes in Laredo Texas

I teach, and provide U.S. Mexican legal processes comparative instruction, my teaching method is the Socratic method, I explain and give main ideas, provide examples, and let students ask questions and pose doubts at any time during my explanations.

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CPA/Attorney tax specialist, for 20 years, teaches taxes in Florida to accountants

I utilize lectures, sample problems with a critique of student solutions, assigned tax research projects, review of research results and tax plans generated by trainees. I teach techniques that have proven successful in my practice. My experience has taught me the areas that students need to learn.

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LmL Learning more language. Teaching students to succeed and gain academic conference.

I assess a student find out their interests and I combine those two to find a unique strategy that will empower them to succeed with their course .

Paris 15e
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Teacher - Researcher at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne specializing in digital law (ex Columbia Law School)

Accustomed to teaching at the University, I offer all types of courses, help with the preparation of exams or your homework and research. My working method can be very adaptable depending on your needs, which we can discuss before any collaboration.

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Do you need an exceptional and experienced law tutor with first hand lecturing experience? Look no further. Contact me now!

I am able to provide tuition or support for students at undergraduate up to PhD level. As a lawyer and academic, I am uniquely able to understand students' needs and to help them achieve excellent grades.

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Legal professional giving private tuition to degree level students and anyone interested in understanding major legal concepts in Corporate, Criminal, Contract, and Tort law. LLB (Hons);Master in Laws

I approach class with flexibility and allow an interactive session where the student can participate and ask questions, as well as do some exercises to foster and create a solid understanding of the content taught.

Wetherill Park
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[Law Tutor] (Sydney) PhD Student, Lawyer/Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst - (High School and Uni Students)

My teaching method is predominately online (however, you are more than welcome to message me privately and try to organise a face-to-face session(s)).

Six Fountains Residential Estate
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Qualified attorney offering language and law classes in and around Pretoria South Africa

My teaching method is to break down topics into smaller more manageable parts and to teach by using practical examples that occur in everyday life. Ideally I would like to assist undergraduate university students currently studying towards a degree in law.

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Law lessons up to Masters and LPC levels with PhD Researcher in Law in Manchester

I adopt two approaches to teaching: ‘student-centred’, ‘high-tech’ approach. These approaches aim to aid a personalised, research-based, inquiry-based learning to accentuate understanding of the materials taught. My goal is to coach and facilitate learning, overall comprehension of material and skills in answering questions utilising proven tools.

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Hull Graduate and trainee Accountant offering Law, Psychology and Criminology tutoring at all levels

The approach to tutoring I take is a fun and methodical one. I will equip students with the relevant knowledge needed for their exams and assignments but will also teach them the revision skills which have served me well throughout my own studies. I am passionate about working with students with mental health conditions (stress, anxiety, depression etc.

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I teach business law in london and birmingham, i have a diploma in law and currently finshing my BSc

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Trainee corporate solicitor offering legal tutoring to students based in Aberdeen UK

I approach each topic by researching what the student is currently studying (so you must have a clear picture in your mind of what you need help with.) Then help the student build upon this with my experience to ensure they are able to get the very most out of each lesson.

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Griffith student studying 4th year in Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Government and International Relations

I use various teaching strategies such as demonstrations, collaborations, as well as explanations and have a strong belief in student's action learning by teaching (Teach- back). My lessons involve a student-centred approach which includes critical and descriptive discussions of case studies.

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Penultimate Law student and legal secretary offering tutoring within the legal sector.

I am an approachable individual and a keen listener. I like to find out how people learn before I begin tutoring them. I then base my teaching, guidance and advice around this and the individuals skill set so they can retain the information I provide.

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Law graduate teaching Law, Maths, English and Science, can travel if needed.

I focus on creating bespoke lessons for each student. No student learns in the exact same way and so I try to gain a detailed understanding of the problems each student is facing and come up with unique ways to help.

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Flinders University student mentoring in Law and Business - Excellent resources and teaching

I use as many real world practical examples as possible in my teaching. I'm very visual in my lessons and I believe that this is the most efficient way for me to give information, and others to absorb it. I am able to provide tutoring on all high school, and early university law subjects, as well as business topics.

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I am currently a Trainee Solicitor/ Paralegal at Diplock Solicitors. I am a masters graduate from the university of Sheffield where I specialized in corporate and commercial law.

I am able to offer classes to both A level law students as well as LLB students in certain fields of law.My approach to teaching is unique to an extent as my classes go beyond simply explaining the law and its application. Classes will extensively focus on analyzing the law as I believe that this approach leads to a better understanding of the subject.

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A practicing lawyer already. I can teach English & most law subjects especially corporate law & Int. biz law. I am Loving, understanding & empathetic. We learn from eachother. I am an LLM student.

My mode of teaching is basically always relaxed and laid back...more like a discussion between peers. After each lesson I give out little tasks, particular phrases, topics or cases to read on before the next appointment. No stress no hassle. The plan is not to make "our" space as tense as a classroom. We can chew snacks while at it.

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Master's Degree in Economic and Legal Sciences - Specialization in Tax Law University of LISBON

My teaching method is, firstly, in the work of basic concepts of the subject, without neglecting to approach origin and historical aspects relevant to the emergence of the concept, and then to use the theoretical knowledge in the application on the practical cases.

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LLM Postgraduate student offering lessons in LLB and A level subject.

I aim to teach aspiring lawyers including those currently in their bachelor degrees and those who are still thinking about the possibility by taking the subject in A levels. The lessons will be structured around an explanation of the topic after which a discussion will take place. Then a review of the most important cases where the law is centered around the topic.

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Law intern with experience in industrial property, contractual and information technology matters.

The classes are divided into two stages, the first is the theoretical in order to understand the subject and the different positions that are on it, the second is practical, through the study of cases, processes and simulations. The teaching position varies according to the profile of the student so that it is better understood.

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Law Graduate with a high 2.1 offering lessons in all core legal modules in London.

My teaching method depends on the needs of each student. Some students prefer a more visual approach (drawings) whilst others prefer a more formal approach. I can easily adapt to my students' needs in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Lessons on law subjects is the specialty, get connected to learn everything you're having trouble with.

My method will be to make student understand the topic and all the basics that the chapter contains. I used to be a student who would not move on to another topic without understanding one fully. So i welcome the students who want to learn all of it.

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General Law Lecturer, MSc, remote online or skype lessons, 19 years experience

My lesson structure is based on the individual or class, what they need, if it is, say tort, then all aspects of tort are taught from the definition, right up to defences and remedies. I keep all classes in plain English and work into terminology at the students pace.

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