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Chartered Management Accountant with over 2 years of teaching & 15+ years of senior level experience in the corporate sector

My teaching methodology is simple, I listen to what the needs of the students are and then work with them based on their needs and the method of knowledge transfer that allows them to gain the maximum knowledge of the subject. I ensure to keep my examples & presentations simple so the students are able to get a clear understanding.

Laguna Beach
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University Professor of Business Providing Online Tutoring of Business and Management Topics

I have learned that the first step to teaching is focusing on the needs of each learner. I strive to understand each student’s communication and learning styles, goals and interests, and limitations. I then interact with each student in a way that will make them most comfortable and receptive to the course material.

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Award winning business professor offering practical and applicable business instruction from Phoenix

My teaching philosophy is 1) focus on the needs of the student and what motivates them, 2) utilize a variety of formats for different learning styles, 3) Provide a means for experiencing the subject matter in a personal way and 4) provide immediate, developmental feedback which support transformative learning.

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Former CEO and Adjunct Professor teaches Business Skills to Help You Succeed

A former business executive, I have taught graduate level business students at several leading business schools. I hold degrees from Yale (BA, economics) and the U of Chicago (MBA). I use the Socratic method to stimulate thinking, and then present tested business models of Economics, Strategy and Leadership. Students routinely report being inspired.

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EXPERIENCED STANFORD ECONOMICS TUTOR: patient, practical explanations. Professor, former CFO, World Bank consultant. High altitude: lessons in Denver, CO.

I use teaching different teaching resources: Power Point presentations, videos, quizzes, problems, cases, sample exams. The dedication before and after the session explains why my tutoring is different and effective. My professional experience allows me to give practical examples.

Oklahoma City
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Business: From MBA to Day to Day - I Found My Way

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years. Most recently I led a corporate learning unit that services over 5,000 employees. Before that, over 12,000. I have substantial business and real world experience, combined with in depth knowledge of adult learning theories and capabilities. I can help you learn the things you need to know, that aren't always in a textbook.

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Recent graduate with Business Management degree, open to teaching many subjects and age groups

My teaching method is to break down certain topics to make them easy to understand and remember. I focus on the process and relate it to real life instances in order to be able to help the student thoroughly retain information.

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Marketing & Spanish in Mansfield, ohio, the practical way! to make it easy

Knowledge and experience of over 40 years as marketing consultancy and teaching at major universities have shown me the best way to do tutoring. Besides, the fact of having Spanish as my first and native language is enough to make it easy for me to be a tutor.

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Prof4You. Multiple levels; High school-College, and Corporate Training-will travel, reasonable rates available.

My educational experiences and qualifications include; The noteworthy and infamous, Cass Technical High School, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and an MBA in E-Commerce, E-Business applications. Corporate Training and Facilitator. Business strategist, providing BIG DATA analytics. I am also a contracted Course writer.

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Get an A on that homework and make your professor proud of you!

I am Kim. I can help you ace the essay, pass the test, create a presentation, etc. I make it easy to remember where to put commas by one simple method. This method can help you remember the four major rules of commas. I can also help you with homonyms. Kim Balog I'm on Facebook.

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Providing tactical training and mentorship for young entrepreneurs and visionaries, from Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC.

My teaching method is based on a mentorship approach, where I evaluate the student's competency in a subject and identify where they are excelling and where there are gaps in learning. Then, whether it is high school or college level studies, we develop a plan together that is realistic and achievable so that they can learn and retain the course material in a way that is understandable for them.

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Intro to Trading Stocks and managing your personal finances by an experienced professional trader

Depending on your experience level and familiarity with the markets, I begin by giving classes on the basics of the markets and trading. From there, I will work with you to develop a trading system that works for you depending on your account size, experience level, risk tolerance, time horizon, availability, and other factors.

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Senior auditor and CPA at a Big 4 accounting firm with a passion for accounting offering accounting lessons for all ages anywhere in the country!

My teaching methodology is to approach accounting differently depending on the level of experience and knowledge of accounting for my students. I like to work through concepts first by breaking them down so they are easily understandable and applicable.

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Google for Education Certified Trainer with seven years of marketing and international business experience.

Inquisitive, collaborative, and flipped learning. Love to use multimedia and videos in the classroom for teaching. Encourage events and clasrooom discussions around material openly for students. Open to new ideas, processes, systems. Heavy focus on technology and the G Suiite products.

Fort Worth
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Professional Business Development by an CEO and MOL graduate, Texas, DFW Metroplex

Hello, I am Al Simon a CEO in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I am looking for ways to make myself more available to the public and touch others lives in ways they can afford. I have been in business for over 10 years and I have written 2 books that revolve around my area of businness which is Corporate & personal coaching.

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Tutoring/coaching available for College students in management and dissertation prep and writing

I have a Masters degree in pubIic administration with specialization in public management. I also have a Ph.D Degree in Business Administration with specialization in PublicAdministration. I also have over 7-year academic experience as a faculty teaching/coaching/mentoring undergraduate students.

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Business School Professor offers Management, Business & Strategy lessons on line and in Miami Fl

Through my extensive teaching experience, I have gained knowledge on how to break down complex concepts into easier-to-understand steps without sacrificing the content. I have learned to customize the content to different fields of study in order to demonstrate relevance and applications to students’ interests. Active methods of learning play a very important part in my classes.

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Top-level China Consultant providing cultural intelligence advising and business consulting in Portland, Oregon

I provide advising to all levels, with particular efficacy working with complex and advanced issues and opportunity development. I provide one on one advising, executive briefings, and group seminars. Advising is fully customized and optimized for specific engagements.

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Banker with Citi, proficient in Finance and Mathematics with an Engineering and Management background (and degree)

Structure classes on topics and their inter-relatedness, breaking down each topic into further sub contents. Patient to each question posed by the student, along with a personal assistance as per the student, rather than the standard.

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Masters in Finance and Banking ready to teach Finance related topics ONLINE

I have great passion about finance and can make it a very interesting topic to study. My teaching method depends on using real life examples related to the studied topics. I am competent of the subjects I will be teaching and will make sure my students pass their exams.

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Online academic tutor with the aptitude to handle online classes, essays, and research papers.

My teaching method is mainly online and involves communication via email, WhatsApp, or Wechat. I handle classes from high school to postgraduate levels. I am an exceptionally astute and feat oriented individual, with the propensity to help my students achieve the best grades.

San Diego
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Chartered Accontants, CPAs, MBAs offering Accounting, Financial Management, Audit, Taxation with work experience ranging 3- 15 years

Creating the value in the students and taking them to next level has been passion of the team and they enjoy working with the students and sharing their knowledge. The work experience of professionals are in range of 3-15 years in MNCs. All the professionals have been teaching for last 2-3 years and are expert in their domain.

New York
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PhD in business, specializing in strategy, management, HR, and health and wellness here to help

I am a student centric teacher, focusing on what the student needs and wants to make the work meaningful and easy to understand. I like using PowerPoints as a reference tool, I like using case studies to test knowledge, and dialogue through questions, Skype calls or other forms of communication.

Lino Lakes
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Business leader offering business tutoring in the Twin Cities, MN with 15 years experience.

My teaching philosophy is being creative in the way I teach; being kind and simplifying complex info to help drive comprehension.

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Marketing Consultant with 20 years of experience. Instruction anywhere in the US

I have an MBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy and my teaching method is by discussion. You share what you are struggling with most and we will discuss until you master them. I use real world and hypothetical examples to help communicate concepts.

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Marketing Director with product management experience offering business lessons and skills in Houston.

My teaching method is a student-centered approach to learning. I believe that the student plays an equally active role in the learning process. As the teacher, I am to coach and facilitate the students learning and overall comprehension of the material.

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Excellent Experienced highly qualified result oriented biology tutor in Ashburn,Virginia having 28 years of teaching experience

Lecture cum demonstration, interaction.Used smart boards, PowerPoint presentations to make the class interesting.Helped students to succeed in competitive entrance exams.

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Former attorney with 4 years of work experience offering corporate strategy classes. Currently enrolled in Business school.

I like to adopt a case study based teaching approach to give students a feel of real world problems.

Deerfield Beach
Doctor of management: doctor mary
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Advanced Certified Online Adjunct Instructor/Tutor for students in Under Grad & Graduate Courses

Doctor of Management teaching 13 years in Business, Management, General Education, Healthcare, and HPI (Human Performance Information) courses, and preparation classes for Student Success in Graduate courses. Advanced Certified Adjunct Online Instructor who implements different approaches by focusing on the tools, communication skills, and strategy techniques for the success of students.

(15 reviews)
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Professor of Marketing and Management from Mauritius holding FHEA grooms you to excel

Passion for teaching statement Back in the years, when I started teaching my first students at secondary school level, I realise how passionate I was about teaching. In fact, I joined teaching at the age of eighteen after having earned a first Division at Cambridge Scholl Certificate and started teaching Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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