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College Station
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Programming graduate in College Station with 15 years experience offering computer science lessons

I teach complex, abstract topics simply. I break down complicated subjects into discreet, understandable parts. I focus on plan and design, I identify and find solutions to problems, I teach creative and understandable code writing, and I demonstrate programming directly from written, verbal or graphical descriptions.

New Orleans
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Expert computer scientist with 10 years of experience offering lessons remotely or in person in New Orleans

While I primary teach to adults at the undergraduate college level, I also provide lessons for high school students curious about computer science and programming who want to get their hands wet learn more about whether it's a career they might want to pursue.

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Industry Proven Software Engineer. C# / Game Development / HTML / CSS. Will Train you to be an Industry Leading Developer

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

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Professional Web Developer with 20 Years Experience Tutors in UCF and Orlando Area

My approach to teaching is simple but highly-effective. I outline using a real-world scenario and break it down into short lessons for students of any experience level. I am a very patient and understanding teacher, pacing lessons according to my students current skill and comfort level. I want my students to learn without frustration.

Kings County
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College professor with extensive experience can tech to earn some money with web design freelancing

I am a part-time college instructor and also a personal tutor, teaching the subjects listed above for many years. In college I have regular different levels classes, from studio to web design, with specific curriculum. As a personal tutor, I adapt my methods specifically to an individual, his/her age, abilities, interests, etc.

Pacific Grove
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Want to be a Coder or learn how to build apps or a site?

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California at Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA . Net/C# Certificate University of California Irvine - Irvine, CA My primary focus was biochemistry and I have been able to combine this with many years as a programmer to provide me with so many incredible opportunities.

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IT Administrator/Developer with over 16 years of experience, very Patient and Professional.

My approach to teaching is by example, and hands-on or on-screen, as much as possible. Programming includes a lot of trial and error involved in the learning process. I like to teach at your pace to make sure you are understanding the subject properly before moving on. I use Skype desktop sharing is a great resource that can help with troubleshooting and debugging.

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Master's Degree holder and Tutor of Computer Science/ Programming for 8 Years

I have done face-to-face teaching and online ones. I am a very patient instructor who understands where you are with these classes because I have been there and may be there again next week :) My goal is to get you to your next sweet spot.

Niagara Falls
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Software developer and a teacher in NYC with years of experience and of course patience.

I love mental modeling of solving problems. It needs imagination not complex calculation or memorization. Understand the problem, start with absolute basic, make plan, work on your plan, iterate, do not be afraid of making mistakes, learn from your mistakes, do not take your eyes off the current problem.

San Francisco
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Over 20 years professional experience developing web & mobile apps and ten teaching

I like hands on mentoring using real world examples. I can teach in person or online via Skype, TeamViewer, etc. I am also available for phone consultation. I like to mentor individuals and small groups. Regular classes and sessions can arranged at package rate.

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I have a bachelor in Mathematics from Creighton University and has 4 years experience coaching students in Omaha Nebraska.

I use my building block strategy, making learning new concepts easier. The strategy entails breaking down big concepts into smaller pieces, and then building it back up again. So, whether you want to become a better coder, build projects, or get your future job. I am going to help you to become successful.

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1st lesson offered free !

IT and Web Developer professional with over 20years experience, here to help you

I approach each topic by giving first trying to understand the level of knowledge of my students and then custom tailoring my material accordingly. I use a blend of theory, real case scenarios and hands on projects in order to reinforce each topic.

Orland Park
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Full Stack Web Developer in Chicago with 3 years experience, Javascript nerd.

I approach each student individually and do my best to tailor my lessons accordingly. I believe in industry best practices and like my students to be prepared to work in the real world. Learning is collaborative and I give as much as I get.

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Computer Science teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching. Software Engineer for IBM

I focus on the students and their individual needs. I prefer question and answer format (in either direction). Sometimes humor works, sometimes it doesn't. I pride myself in the students success in both attitude and results. If I am helping a student to finish an assignment, I don't want them to wish they never have to write another program again.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience offering programming languages lessons in San Diego

I think the best and biggest achievement throughout my working life is to have completed to, the satisfaction of my clients, all the projects that I have been commissioned. My clients have been very happy with the final product, be it an application, a website, a dashboard, or a class that they received.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutor with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a graduate degree

Anecdotal, periodical exercises, quizzes and allowing room for out of class creativity and research. As a recent college graduate I am confident that I have what it takes to relay information to students the best way possible. Putting myself in a student's shoes makes me know a great deal of questions and concerns.

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Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience working in with Hollywood's top media companies.

I believe the simulation is the way to learn. I provide my students with the knowledge and the tools to get them up and coding fast. I encourage students to explore and make mistakes as that's the only way to become a great developer.

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Boone Iowa Business Information Systems Graduate offering tutoring in Mathematics and Computer Logic

Finding the proper paradigm to explain the subject matter to the tutored is key. When you can find an analogy and help them to understand the underlying logic, it helps build the foundation to further understanding.

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HTML,CSS,C,C++, Python, JAva, Javascript Instructor with 2years of teaching and 5years of industry experience

I have been giving classes to Bachelor students. And also volunteered to teach high school students. I explain the concept and show how to solve the real time problems practically on computer in class. Students get to work with me in class.

Bel Air
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Full-Stack Web Developer with 5 years experience, learn modern technologies to enhance your career

I use project-based learning to help you gain real-life experience putting the pieces together. You will learn so much more building projects than just copying online tutorials. We will discuss topics as they come up, so you will know how to use your knowledge.

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Software developer and historian with emphasis on reading comprehension. History Tree developer

My teaching method is constructivist. I base my classes on task oriented, self-paced, and collaborative learning. All learning is based upon The History Tree educational software program that I developed. Students learn by reading and researchig history and then coding historical models.

Saint Louis Park
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Minneapolis Developer in love with .NET & C#. And I want to spread that love.

I love to teach. I adjust to the audience and can teach anyone at any age or skill level. I break down concepts into simple definitions, pulling from the origins of words and how they were adopted for use in computer science. I like to learn who students are and create examples that excite and engage them.

1st lesson offered free !

Web Developer in Cyprus teaches Web Development using the latest technologies using Webcam

I teach Web Development from the fundamental principles: HTML, CSS, Javascript and moving on to Javascript frameworks. I like to use interesting projects in teaching as opposed to abstract theory. I prefer to teach students who speak English fluently for ease of communication.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

A Computer Science Graduate From UCSD with 4 years of work experience

I have been programming for four years outside of college. During college, I picked up client side and server side development on my free time. Most of my classes were theoretical, but my passion lies in practicality. Web development.

Eden Prairie
1st lesson offered free !

IT professional with 12+ years of IT experience offering Computer science lessons

I tailor my classes based on my students and their understanding. My students range from 12th graders to the people working in IT wanting to switch careers.

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Computer science major in Sheboygan with a master's degree and one year of tutoring experience

I was a tutor for undergraduate students. I gave questions from the textbooks I used in the introductory physics and differential equations classes that I took. I also got some of my questions from online. I asked my tutees what subjects they were currently learning in those classes so that the problems I gave them were relevant to what they were learning.

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Salt Lake City
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Engineering student offering Computer Sci, maths and physics lessons in Salt lake city with 5 years experience

I try to teach from very very basics, only if the base is clear, one can take next steps. There is no technology/subject one can not learn. All we need is practice in right direction. Working hard/ putting your best is the key.

Massapequa Park
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Software engineer with 4 years of tutoring experience. Offering tutoring online to all ages that are willing to learn this valuable skill.

I offer tutoring to students of all levels. I will start of by teaching the absolute basics of the current subject (depending on your current level). I will then begin to challenge you on those subjects to help you learn when to use these ideologies properly to maximize their effectiveness.

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Penn State Computer Scientist Teaching Programming, Networking, Security, and Computer Skills in Royersford, PA

I am an experienced computer scientist and software engineer with over 6 years of experience on the professional and educational levels. My main experience is in teaching freshman and sophomore college students the basics of programming although I have experience teaching more or less experienced students.

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