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Want help honing critical reading and writing skills? PhD Candidate in Lawrence, KS who teaches undergraduates and has tutoring experience in the humanities.

I have experience teaching at the undergraduate level, but I am also able to work with high school students. My lessons about history are focused on larger ideas and questions rather than memorizing minute details. When tutoring, I encourage students to ask questions of the text and the material.

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Political science teacher offering lessons in Chicago Illinois that will motivate your sense of civic duty

Are you ready to learn more about politics, civics, and history? Then you've come to the right place. I'll help you navigate the fascinating and sometimes confusing world that we currently live in. From the simplest to the hardest concepts surrounding politics, you'll leave my course feeling more connected to thepoliticians who represent us.

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Fun English and History Tutor with 10 Years Experience in Cedar Park

I Graduated from Vista Ridge High School as a Texas Scholar in 2007. Graduated with 4 AP credits. Attending Austin Community College. Currently have 12 credits. Excelled in my English Composition classes, invited to enroll in Honors English at ACC.

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College communications instructor with over 15 years experience in news media gives journalism, civics, and government lessons in the greater Nashville area.

I am an experienced educator with a master's degree in Communication Arts. I believe in instructing students about current events and how government and media works by immersing themselves in the various types of traditional and new media, and by using classroom and online methods to explore, identify, and understand the world around us.

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Middle School Social Studies Teacher in Tempe that will tutor all ages

I enjoy inquiry based learning. By posing the learner a question, analyzing facts and sources, the learner can better process the topic. I structure lessons with review/warm ups, then content, and wrapping up with a meaningful ending. I am a well organized teacher that will be sure to monitor progress and check for understanding.

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Middle and high school social studies teacher with 4 years of experience in Central Indiana

I base my classes and tutoring on what works best for my students. For example, I read my students' Individual Education Plans so I can effectively educate them. I also establish appropriate relationships with parents to get them involved in my classroom. I discuss teaching strategies with other teachers to get ideas about how to effectively teach every kind of learner and student.

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Recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. I am located in Columbus, Ohio and can tutor in Social Studies, Communications and other subjects.

My teaching method is to present students with information on a topic through notes and visuals to help drive home concepts and create understand of more difficult material. I also believe in being flexible with how I present material, and I can use recordings and videos to further help students who are more audio-visual learners.

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Experienced history, politics, and social studies tutor eager to help students in the LA area

As a tutor, I let my students lead the discussions and the direction of the lessons. Particularly in history and politics, students don't gain any knowledge or enjoyment from a teacher lecturing at them; instead, by leading students towards an understanding of historical and political forces by creating a personal connection to the past, I can help them both understand and enjoy history.

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“Great Books” tutor with experience engaging in intense writing and discussion on ancient, world, and US history.

When it comes to teaching and tutoring History, I generally adopt an approach that blends recall with Socratic inquiry. This back and forth, in which the tutor maintains an intense discussion with the student, allows that student to come to their own conclusions about difficult works, and to communicate those conclusions in clear, articulate responses.

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A psychology student offering to teach in psychology, health and wellness, and public speaking.

I approach teaching by making it relaxing, inquisitive, and, informative for the student. The student should not feel overwhelmed by all the information being pilled on them but rather be able to stop, think, and, ask questions along the way.

Los Angeles
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How to be human, where we come from, where we're going--History and Literature from an expert in differentiated learning in Los Angeles

Learning is an adventure. I guide students through a lot of information, but the real exploration is within. The goal is to learn how to express thoughts with confidence and clarity. I match my teaching technique to the student's learning method.

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Current Events & Politics Nerd with a MSc Sociology/Social Policy loves tutoring!

Masters of Science in Sociology specializing in Social Policy & Social Problems. I have 15+ years of childcare, educational instruction, and tutoring experience. I am great at developing a plan for your assignments or test prep.

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Recent college grad (BS Int'l Relations and Economics) living in Columbus, OH with a strong background in history.

I'm a recent college graduate from the Ohio State University with BS degrees in International Relations and Economics with a love for history. To me, history is a journey through the past, present and future that should be brought to life.

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Education should not be in the four corners of the classroom it should be online

I teach social studies I am a graduate in political science I have units in teaching right now I'm working on my masters in special education presently I am working in one of the county the largest in Maryland as an assistant teacher

Bossier City
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Geography teacher who has lived in Hawaii, Europe, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia

I completed a Master's degree in Human Resources because I love helping public school students and adults. You will find me to be a person who gets to know the student, their strengths,weaknesses, and goals for the future. My teaching experience has been 6-12 public school, plus all grades subbing, plus I was a human resources instructor in the Army for 18 years.

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Teacher gives history, givernment and social studies to middle and high school students in Clermont and Brown Counties in southeastern Ohio

I give lessons in history, government and social studies courses for grades 7-12. I teach strategies for success. I will lead you through the skills of knowledge, understanding, comprehension, analysis and evauation which you can also use outside the classroom.

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History Teacher Shares Mystery Adventure and DISCOVERY in the World of History

Education is one of the most cherished gifts to receive and to be shared with others - and it's on going. Successful tutoring skills are utilized for Middle, High School and College levels.

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History- Social Studies Tutoring/ Assistance from Certified Secondary Social Studies Teacher (5th Grade-12th Grade)

Bachelors of Arts in Education (Secondary Social Studies) from Fairmont State University Masters in Multi-Categorical Special Education with Autism from Fairmont State University I have taught in public schools for a total of 7 years. I served as a substitute for 2 years before taking full time positions the last 5 years.

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Veteran Educator with 30 Years of Experiences Offers Online Tutoring in Social Studies

My teaching method is based on the constructivist learning theory. Using the constructivist theory, I focus on facilitating the learning process by encouraging students to construct learning in collaboration with other learners. As new learning is presented, students work to share knowledge with each other to build new knowledge.

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MEd. Social studies and History teacher. I am interested in tutoring in History and related subjects.

BA in History. MEd in Secondary Education. I have a passion for History and Civics. I give lessons in History, CIvics, and Social Science to Junior High and High school students. I work with students to evaluate historic events and connect them to today.

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Passionate social studies teacher with 20 years of experience helping students understand the world around them.

No "drill and kill" here...this content is too interesting for that. We'll talk about it and find ways to help you learn. If middle school or high school social studies, history, economics, political science of geography is giving you trouble, let's work on it together.

Huntington Beach
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Former OC Makeup Artist Turned History Instructor! MA and BA in history

My teaching method is to create educational activities that are student-centered. I aim for students to leave my classes as subject matter experts and to know how to effectively market their skills in the workforce. Research, critical analysis, writing, and editing remain the top skills acquired from my history courses.

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College soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree International Relations, experience in Spanish and a love for history. Located in Buffalo, NY.

I believe the most efficient way of teaching is by lecturing about a topic and then having the student complete a guided assignment where they are able to ask questions and further their understanding and comprehension. I look to help students in the Junior High/High School level.

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History tutor in Craig Colorado. Loves all history and loves all war history most of all!

I am a young tutor and can help solve any problem or help answer any questions that come up. I can offer any teaching method that works best for the student and don't believe in having only one teaching method.

Queens County
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Recent grad with a bachelor's in history offering help in New York

As a 22 year old, I'm a true millennial with a love for old times. I can help with any level of history, whether it be college, high school, or elementary. To most people, history is just boring facts on a page from a time long ago. To me, its a story of how we as humans came to be. We can learn a lot from the failures and successes of our ancestors.

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Highly experienced AP/ SAT History and Social Studies Master Teacher/tutor in Arlington, MA

I am a High School History and Social Studies Instructor with a Master's Degree and over twenty years of teaching and tutoring experience. I bring an energetic and empathetic approach to each session, and I am excellent at breaking down complex information to make it more accessible. I help my students analyze material critically and learn to look at issues from multiple perspectives.

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History (Mythology, US & World), Geometry,Algebra 1 and French Tutor in Norfolk

I am a sophomore in high school. I was labeled 'gifted' in kindergarten, and ever since then have been taking all honors and advanced classes. I have retaken French, and excelled in all of the subjects. I am willing to tutor anyone of any age as long as you're willing to learn. I'd use various techniques (visual, auditory & such) in order to teach.

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All Social Sciences Teacher willing to help MS/HS and College Students (History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology)

I am an All Social Sciences teacher currently working towards my Masters In Education. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grand View University with my Bachelors degree in Secondary Education (grades 5-12). I design lessons to meet the different needs of each individual student.

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College Student in Nashville, TN looking to be a History & Social Studies Tutor

I am a current college student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN looking to tutor anyone under the age of 18. US history, current events, and political science are my strongest areas of study. I am also willing to tutor in world history and politics.

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Holder of a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology based in North Texas, Also Willing to Tutor via Webcam

Depending on your education level, I will either tutor you by giving a short lecture and some questions or I will work through the questions with you, when you and I speak we can figure out a plan that works best for you.

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Perfect! Great teacher! Learning a lot from Mr. Benjamin :)

Gus, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

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