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San Francisco
(3 reviews)
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Ballet lessons in San Francisco for children of all levels and adults beginners

I am a 21 year-old and have been studying dance for more than 15 years (ballet, modern and contemporary). I have been a ballet teacher in Switzerland and Santa Barbara and I am currently teaching in the Bay Area. Usually, my ballet classes are given in a studio. They start with a warm up on the floor, which is followed by exercises at the barre, and end with exercices in the center.

Los Angeles
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Christian Celebrity Los Angeles choreographer and experienced teacher of over 15 years

My teaching method includes goals, lesson planning, structure and positive reinforcement, dance etiquette, and a focus on the particular dance discipline being taught. I teach and choreograph in the areas of jazz, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, African, ballet.

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I'm a dancer and choreographer with a bachelor's degree in Dance Performance.

My teaching method is to show that dance is a form of expression as well as art. I also encourage students to not compare themselves to others because everyone's body is different and it's okay to not look the same.

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Bharathnatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam Tutor with 5 years teaching experience. Contemporary Dance tutoring also.

My teaching method is not very difficult. Any age group can easily learn, if the student has the passion for learning the dance forms. Teaching is purely based on our Indian culture and methodology . I start off from the basics of Bharathnatyam/ Kuchipudi/Mohiniyattam. After the basics are made thorough by the student ,I go to the higher levels.

(2 reviews)
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Learn to Salsa with Patient and Creative Bay Area Latin Dance Teacher

I am one of the best at learning how students learn within the first lesson, so I can devise a plan of action allowing my students to gain skills and confidence quickly in order to get out on the social dance floor sooner.

1st lesson offered free !

Build a better relationship with your body and boost your creativity through contemporary dance training

I base my classes on a holistic approach that connects my 15 years of experience into a training that strengthens the body and body-mind connection. Through short choreographic routines, awareness exercises and training that enhances the general mobility of the body we move together towards better connection with the body and more freedom of movement.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelance Dance Instructor Offering Privates in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Technique Advancement.

My teaching method incorporates a wide range of methods. In Jazz, I'm a bit of a purist and love to incorporate the stylings of Fosse and other greats into my own personal style. In Tap, I was raised on classical in that genre as well but as an adult have found so much appreciation and adoration for Rhythmic as well.

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Artist, Former Pro Ballerina, Trainer, w/2 Master's Degrees and Lots of Experience!

Compassion and individually tailored methodology. No one size fits everyone. For each subject there are hundreds of ways of viewing it, and the best way is to consider where the student comes from. A little humor doesn't hurt either--studying should be at least a little fun.

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Professional dancer and Spanish teacher offering classes to take you to the next level!

My teaching method is based on very practical lessons for Spanish giving you the chance to not jus only learn grammar but know the common expression which will make you be fluent when you travel to a Spanish country! With dance, my classes are based on movement in the body and mind making you connect with yourself in another way.

1st lesson offered free !

Dancer/performer/choreographer experienced with 4 years in advanced training in modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. I am based in West Covina, CA.

My teaching method prepares the student for collegiate and professional level dance. I range the dancer in skills on the first day and then we build off of their current skills until they are ready for intermediate or advanced level dance.

Lone Tree
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Dancer with 12 years of pre-professional experience beginner classes in both tap and ballet- Denver, CO

I have found that call and response, repetition, and constructive criticism are the main components used for learning in the world of dance. However, there is a point where repetition causes more harm than good. Most exercises work with multiple songs, which can help keep students from feeling "bored" and there are also multiple exercises to practice every step.

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Dance instructor with almost 8 years of teaching experience in Kennesaw/Marietta and Columbus, GA

My teaching method is based on the style of dance being approached. I am comfortable teaching a wide variety of ages as well as skill sets and I take great joy in both introducing beginners to the art of dance or helping advanced artists train and hone their craft.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Improve your dance and modern dance skills of any levels!

I just graduated Muhlenberg College with a dance and psychology double major. I have worked with different guest choreographers and studied dance abroad at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am currently in NYC pursuing a dance career. I believe my method of instruction is based upon the needs of each dancer although I will provide a structured lesson that builds in technique and style.

(1 review)
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Kuchipudi - Classical Indian dance. It's one of the 9 Indian classical dance styles

Depends on what the student is trying to achieve. If it's for health and fitness reasons, we will doing a rigorous class which which help you accomplish your results. If it's to explore the tradition and culture, the module will walk you through it. If you're planning to become a professional dancer, the lesson plan will take you through all the necessary technique.

1st lesson offered free !

Trained dancer with 20 yrs experience gives lessons in LA and the Inland Empire

My teaching method is very hands on and visual. It's important for students to be physically corrected to improve their technique. It's also important for students to visually see the correct and wrong way of moving through the body. Lastly it's important for students to learn the correct vocabulary so that they can have an understanding that they can apply anywhere they decide to take class.

1st lesson offered free !

Dancer/choreographer with 19 years of experience offering lessons (web/in person) in Michigan

My teaching method is fun but hardworking. Dance can have a bad reputation of the lowering self-esteem of students.

1st lesson offered free !

Trained Dancer with 10 years of Dance experience, gave choreography to high school students.

I teach different amounts of methods, my most important is slow and steady since young kids will have to understand the background/foundation of dance. Most importantly, the choreography will be based on the students quickness of choreography and the musicality.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance teacher with 16 years of competitive experience in a studio and 3 years of teaching.

My teaching method is very focused around technique, as that’s the most important skill to master. From there it would move on to the moves, extensions, making beautiful lines and movements. Beyond technique it’s extremely important to work on what each movement is supposed to express.

1st lesson offered free !

Thirteen Years of Experience Performing in tap, ballet, and contemporary dance (two years teaching)

My teachings are based on your skill and ability. If I feel like you are holding yourself back I will push you to think better of your ability. Also if you are a beginner in dancing I will go at your pace. I am very patient and kind.

San Bernardino
1st lesson offered free !

Dancer/Choreographer from the I.E. with 10 plus years of training

I base my classes on what the student needs the most. If the student needs to start with basics I can help them with that. My focus is on helping the dancer in front of me.

Franklin Township
1st lesson offered free !

Im an amazing dancer and I am also a teen. Have fun

The culture rings me to move my body even though i may think i can't do it i still try Once you dance from your heart you feel what the music is trying to get from you.

Hanover Park
1st lesson offered free !

Dance coach with 17 years of experience from class environment, to football games, to team competitions giving personal lessons.

My teaching method is to make a clear goal with my students then to make small goals to achieve that bigger one. We will make it fun and exciting. Keeping track of the progress my students make.

1st lesson offered free !

Accomplished dancer and choreographer teaches technique and creative movement to students in Raleigh, NC

I teach each student to find the strengths in her/his own ability and passion for dance. Dance is the art of communicating with the moving body and successful dancers learn to draw on their own imagination and the inspiration of the gesture of movement. My goal is help facilitate that knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

Get up,Get out, and move. Join me in african, hip-hop, and Jazz dancing with a twist of the out doors. Catch this train of a new wave inspired by becoming centered with oneself both emotional an physi

My teaching methodology is to put one foot out then another till they both began to move like the river. My goal is to show people that Rhythm isnt hard to accomplish, you just have to feel it then go from there. Dont consentrate on the 123, intead go on bum bum bum. Music is medicine for the soul.

Leila parello
1st lesson offered free !

Professional Ballet teacher Santee with own studio gives classes (private, or group)

The School of Ballet Arts offers a complete ballet curriculum for children, teens, and adults. My method is individualized classes with personal attention. I offer a unique opportunity to learn ballet technique, pointe, stretch, jazz/tap, creative dance for Toddlers through Pre-Ballet. Our focus is dance as education, training, and fitness. Private classes welcome.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance instructor searching for beginner students that want to learn east coast swing, blues, or fusion dancing.

I focus on safety and consent in social dancing as both are underutilized in the community.

Dea' ja
1st lesson offered free !

Movement of art

I am still in high school, a junior, without a car, and is only 16 years old, but I am very talented and smart. My goal is to help those who wants to learn about what I am capable of doing and finding new ways to help them understand. I am talented in art, dance, singing, and modeling. I also do sports as well. Right now I'm in the process of getting better in basketball.

1st lesson offered free !

Salsa and Urban dancer with 6+ years teaching, performing and choreography experience.

Methodical, I don't just teach a step, I want you to understand how your doing the step. There is a huge difference between doing movement and understanding it.

1st lesson offered free !

I have danced for 7 years and I can help with various subjects such as math, science, and history.

My goal is to help you learn the subject you need without giving everything to you, just enough for you to grasp the subject and grow.

1st lesson offered free !

Open and friendly professional ballet dancer that gives lessons from Milwaukee, WI or Madison, WI

I love to teach my students extensive knowledge about their own body so that they know and accept what they are working with. I stress the what,why,how,when,and where of each muscle to students so they not only are aware of their body at all times, but have a greater idea of where their real limit is and push beyond that.

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Perfect! She's a very enthu teacher. Teaches very well, communicates very well, keeps a track of how student is grasping her lessons. I would love to recommend her to any individual of any age group and most of all she does not commercialize her work. She...

Sasi, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ms. Léna is a wonderful teacher! She gives very clear advice and is a kind person. I not only felt like I was getting quality teaching from someone who really knows her technique, but also like I was spending time with a friend I could laugh with....

Gabrielle, student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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There are all sorts of different dance styles out there. If someone is interested in learning different forms of dance or one particular one, they are going to need to seek out instruction from quality dance teachers. With most forms of dance, it is all about the footwork. Once footwork is understood the rest of the body can follow through. With the help of the dance teachers through individual dance lessons, individuals are able to learn about these different styles of dance and also how to perform dance on their own. With these instructions, it is possible for any student to learn the proper way to dance, all on their own pace. Beyond just dance lessons, students can learn all sorts of different skills and activities. These include volleyball and boxing lessons. Swimming teachers can help individuals learn how to swim while a scuba diving tutor is able to take it one step further and show students how to swim underwater and use the proper equipment.