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San Francisco
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Ballet lessons in San Francisco for children of all levels and adults beginners

I am a 21 year-old and have been studying dance for more than 15 years (ballet, modern and contemporary). I have been a ballet teacher in Switzerland and Santa Barbara and I am currently teaching in the Bay Area. Usually, my ballet classes are given in a studio. They start with a warm up on the floor, which is followed by exercises at the barre, and end with exercices in the center.

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Latin dances like Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Zumba, Kizomba, Dancehall, and Zumba, also Hiphop, Urban, Kpop, House. I hold a Dance diploma from australia. I’m South American with the best energy to mot

First we start the class with a quick dance so I can test your ability to follow and your rhythm as well as your weaknesses, then I give you feedback and show you some steps and work with you. Always giving you tips so you can improve your level. I’m always positive with the great energy and transparency to help you grow and most importantly to have fun.

(2 reviews)
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Learn to Salsa with Patient and Creative Bay Area Latin Dance Teacher

I am one of the best at learning how students learn within the first lesson, so I can devise a plan of action allowing my students to gain skills and confidence quickly in order to get out on the social dance floor sooner.

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Dance Professional offering expertise in the dance, theatre, and career building for 12 years.

My teaching method is based upon the individual needs of the student or students attending my class. I give lessons to students ages 3 - adult with any level of previous dance experience. My methods on instruction include all ways of learning. I always give my students verbal instruction, demonstration, and a physical copy of the steps/techniques learned the day of the lesson.

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Dance instructor with almost 8 years of teaching experience in Kennesaw/Marietta and Columbus, GA

My teaching method is based on the style of dance being approached. I am comfortable teaching a wide variety of ages as well as skill sets and I take great joy in both introducing beginners to the art of dance or helping advanced artists train and hone their craft.

New York
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Improve your dance and modern dance skills of any levels!

I just graduated Muhlenberg College with a dance and psychology double major. I have worked with different guest choreographers and studied dance abroad at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. I am currently in NYC pursuing a dance career. I believe my method of instruction is based upon the needs of each dancer although I will provide a structured lesson that builds in technique and style.

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Kuchipudi - Classical Indian dance. It's one of the 9 Indian classical dance styles

Depends on what the student is trying to achieve. If it's for health and fitness reasons, we will doing a rigorous class which which help you accomplish your results. If it's to explore the tradition and culture, the module will walk you through it. If you're planning to become a professional dancer, the lesson plan will take you through all the necessary technique.

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Dancer with 8 years experience looking to help dancers with anything they need help with.

I can do both individual and group classes to work on any skills needed. If you know of a studio or gym we can practice at please let me know otherwise we can work wherever you would feel most comfortable. All I want is for you to be the best dancer you can be.

1st lesson offered free !

Trained Dancer with 10 years of Dance experience, gave choreography to high school students.

I teach different amounts of methods, my most important is slow and steady since young kids will have to understand the background/foundation of dance. Most importantly, the choreography will be based on the students quickness of choreography and the musicality.

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Thirteen Years of Experience Performing in tap, ballet, and contemporary dance (two years teaching)

My teachings are based on your skill and ability. If I feel like you are holding yourself back I will push you to think better of your ability. Also if you are a beginner in dancing I will go at your pace. I am very patient and kind.

Marina del Rey
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Ballerina with 15 years of experience is giving group ans privite lessons in West LA.

A Ballet class will consist of warm-up/ stretching, followed by a Ballet Bar and center work. Ages 3 and up.

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Get up,Get out, and move. Join me in african, hip-hop, and Jazz dancing with a twist of the out doors. Catch this train of a new wave inspired by becoming centered with oneself both emotional an physi

My teaching methodology is to put one foot out then another till they both began to move like the river. My goal is to show people that Rhythm isnt hard to accomplish, you just have to feel it then go from there. Dont consentrate on the 123, intead go on bum bum bum. Music is medicine for the soul.

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Dance instructor searching for beginner students that want to learn east coast swing, blues, or fusion dancing.

I focus on safety and consent in social dancing as both are underutilized in the community.

New York
(1 review)
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Master in dance gives dance and mandarine lessons to all ages with all levels in NYC

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, received my MFA in dance degree. I teach dance and mandarine. I think the most important point of teaching is to know my student; to comprehend what information is the best suit for them. I am patient and spontaneous, I love to discover each of my students by talking and teaching them, and help them realize their potentials.

Dea' ja
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Movement of art

I am still in high school, a junior, without a car, and is only 16 years old, but I am very talented and smart. My goal is to help those who wants to learn about what I am capable of doing and finding new ways to help them understand. I am talented in art, dance, singing, and modeling. I also do sports as well. Right now I'm in the process of getting better in basketball.

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Salsa and Urban dancer with 6+ years teaching, performing and choreography experience.

Methodical, I don't just teach a step, I want you to understand how your doing the step. There is a huge difference between doing movement and understanding it.

1st lesson offered free !

I have danced for 7 years and I can help with various subjects such as math, science, and history.

My goal is to help you learn the subject you need without giving everything to you, just enough for you to grasp the subject and grow.

Los Angeles
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Pianist with over 20 years of concert experience, and teaching for over 10 years

I start with and introduction to the music world, then we start studying each piece in details technically. I have my students practice scales and technique exercises to improve their. speed and virtuosity. Each student is different anyway, so I work with everyone individually according to their own pase.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

I'm a Choreographer/Dance teacher. I introduce different styles of dance in a multiple pace environment.

I am Ms. Danyelle Pini, a competition Coach for an Allstar cheer and dance team. I also coach Cheerleading at Enoch's high school. I started coaching 4 years ago at the youth level. Being that it was youth I was very hard on my athletes because I expect nothing but 110%. The younger a child learns how to be on a team, the better grasp they have on the sport itself, and LIFE.

1st lesson offered free !

A trained Indian classical dancer offering dance lessons (10 years of training)

No prior knowledge is required. The lesson structure would open with the basics of this wonderful dance form and its different elements like rhythm, footwork, expressions and many more. The unique postures in kathak would be discussed and demonstrated.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance Teacher wanting to teach dance to students in Rexburg Idaho area

Hello my name is Kat Walsh and I am a dance teacher. I am working on earning my degree. I teach Ballet, Jazz, contemporary, modern and Musical theater. I love teaching students of all levels and sharing our passions about dance. One day I hope to own a dance studio and teach from there but currently since I am a broke college student I teach from my dance studio on the BYU-I campus.

Los Angeles
Kenneth jordan
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All Styles Hip-Hop Dance/Choreography to find the BEST VERSION of YOU!!!

10 Years Experience in Hip-Hop Dance. Dance-a-holic. Taught 100+ students. ●Worked with artists such as Chris Brown, Zhu, Ray J, Kinah, Freddie Spacer, Preston Scales and many more upcoming artist.

1st lesson offered free !

Hip Hop & Breakdancing Instructor. Dancing 16 yrs & Teaching 10 years (Phila. PA)

I teach and educate in Hip Hop history as well as physical movement. Assisting in rhythm in counts or grooves. Educating in Hip Hop, House, Popping, locking, breaking, and other styles. Teaching culture and confidence. I am a very passionate teacher that values the meaning of art and confidence. I teach movement as well as self empowerment... Having more confidence in expression.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

Dance teacher and choreographer specializing in ballet, jazz, contemporary and bellydance styles

Trained professional dancer in ballet, jazz, contemporary and bellydance style dancing. I was trained on the east coast in Pennsylvania and New York. I have a degree from New York University's Tisch School for the Performing Arts. I have 5 years experience teaching dance from ages 3 to adult. All levels. I want the student to have fun while still learning proper technique.

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I'm Jason I'm 21 finishing high school and love dancing and making music I also take a passion with helping my students with homework and transportation and food and water

1st lesson offered free !

Challenge yourself to be beautiful: Dance Tango! More than just a dance.

Born in Argentina. Through his family and the community that saw his upbringing, He have been intimately involved with Tango all his life. An Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and instructor for over 25 years. He's love for Tango dancing and tango music, particularly from the 1930’s through the 1940’s, is undeniable when you meet him. Marcelo is a milonguero.

1st lesson offered free !

Ballet, tap, jazz, choreography - All levels, Masters degree and Professional experience.

My name is Gil McNaughton, and I offer classes in tap, jazz, and ballet, as well as Dance History to students of all ages and levels. Teaching styles include: Ballet - classical, Jazz - modern/Broadway, Tap - classical tap from the 1930s -'70s (emphasizing the use of arms).

1st lesson offered free !

Dancer with 17 years of experience in many styles of dance in Kutztown

My name is Lexi Colon and I teach many styles of dance. I start with the basic positions(first, second, third, etc.) and will teach proper terminology to all dancers. Regardless of what style I am teaching, I will always teach basic ballet because I believe that is the starting ground to all dance styles. I teach mostly those at levels of beginner and intermediate.

1st lesson offered free !

Interested in fusing hip hop, sensual, African and Caribbean Dance Styles or learning separately? Let me help you out! I was part of a hip hop dance group in Virginia and started an Afro-Caribbean dan

Dancing does not end once the lessons do. My students are typically at a beginner and/or intermediate level. My teaching technique? Practice and dance like you are performing tomorrow. Come in your most comfortable clothes and shoes.

1st lesson offered free !

Creative Choreographer- A place for people off all types to come enjoy dance

I have been dancing my whole life, numerous styles. I have done ballet, jazz, clog, hip hop, contemporary, modern, burlesque, and belly dance. I have been teaching for about two years now, and love every second! I am in school for my degree in Dance Movement Therapy, and love providing a creative outlet for people of all ages.

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Perfect! She's a very enthu teacher. Teaches very well, communicates very well, keeps a track of how student is grasping her lessons. I would love to recommend her to any individual of any age group and most of all she does not commercialize her work. She...

Sasi, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ms. Léna is a wonderful teacher! She gives very clear advice and is a kind person. I not only felt like I was getting quality teaching from someone who really knows her technique, but also like I was spending time with a friend I could laugh with....

Gabrielle, student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your dance lessons

There are all sorts of different dance styles out there. If someone is interested in learning different forms of dance or one particular one, they are going to need to seek out instruction from quality dance teachers. With most forms of dance, it is all about the footwork. Once footwork is understood the rest of the body can follow through. With the help of the dance teachers through individual dance lessons, individuals are able to learn about these different styles of dance and also how to perform dance on their own. With these instructions, it is possible for any student to learn the proper way to dance, all on their own pace. Beyond just dance lessons, students can learn all sorts of different skills and activities. These include volleyball and boxing lessons. Swimming teachers can help individuals learn how to swim while a scuba diving tutor is able to take it one step further and show students how to swim underwater and use the proper equipment.