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Native danish tutor with previous tutoring experience and strong interpersonal skills. You will learn Danish.

I usually base my class on a conversational study book, but I firmly believe that the key to learning Danish is the amount of time the student is talking and being immersed in the Danish language and culture. So I also have the student write a diary of their day in Danish and we also do language games to encourage a more playful approach to the Danish language.

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Vi skal bare snakke. Let's start talking. Det er det beste. That is the best way to learn

My style of teaching involves a lot of conversation. I want to teach my students with in 4 areas: Wants/needs Directions Descriptions Question asking All vocab and tense exercises will be bases in there categories so that my students can feel comfortable using and communicating the the language.

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College Student, native English speaker that is fluent in Danish offering Danish lessons for all purposes

I have been speaking Danish for 4 years now, when I got my start in the language and the culture through my boyfriend, who was a Danish exchange student. Since then, I have managed to reach C1 level, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching people my favourite language.

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Germanic and Scandinavian Languages, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Ny Norsk, Old Norse, Faroese,

Resident for more than 30 years in Germany and Sweden. Studied at the University of Heidelberg and Darmstadt Technische Hochschule, Volkshochschule Heidelberg, and Hermods (Sweden). Professional translator of scientific and engineering projects at the Nordic Translation Service and other professional translation agencies.

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Spanish tutor with 7+ years of teaching experience tutoring individual and group sessions

I have been tutoring for more than 7 years to middle and high school students as well as to adults.

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A friendly and enthusiastic native Danish speaker giving Danish lessons in Toronto

I, myself, enjoy demonstration as part of my teaching but I'm always open to hear what people's preferred way of learning is. I'm also open to teaching anyone whether you are a beginner or not. As a person, I'm very patient and understand learning a new language can be difficult, I can offer to incorporate design and video as part of my teaching that students can keep to practice.

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Vet med student with teaching experience offering Danish, English and biology lessons

I believe it is very important to approach each student individually. Every person is different and everyone will have a different way in which they learn best, and I think it is important to be able to explain the same thing in more than one way. It is also important to celebrate the victories and focus on progress.

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Native Danish speaker give lessons to anyone interested in learning the Danish language

I have been speaking Danish for 15 years, and am fluent in English, and learning French. Depending on the level of Danish that the students have, we would start off with basics, and move on to food, animals, colors ect, conversation.

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Native Danish speaker offering online one to one Danish language lessons (Written and spoken)

The lessons will always be focused on a certain theme/subject you help me pick out - depending on your level the lesson will then be focused on training key nouns and verbs, or just getting comfortable speaking about the subject. Depending on what you feel the need to practise, I can help you with your pronounciation, writing (language and grammer) and holding natural conversations.

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I am native Danish and offer Danish language and Scandinavian culture lessons in Manchester.

I was born and bread in Denmark and have worked for Danish fashion and interior brands for over 7 years, most recently in Shanghai before I decided to settle down in Manchester.

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Do you want to learn Danish? This young native Dane got your back and gives home lessions in the areas in/around Battersea.

I have never tried to teach like this before, however I have during my Master's degree been a tutor several times where I helped new students with professional and social aspects in their new university life. I am really interesting in giving private lessions maybe a few hours per week. London has given me much, so I feel really motivated to give something back.

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I went to a local high school in Denmark. It can share not only the language but also the life of Denmark.

From a phrase that you can use on your trip to everyday conversation, you can respond to a wide range of levels. I'm going to use the grammar I used before I studied abroad. Because I love talking with people, I would appreciate it if you could talk a lot and let more people know the wonderfulness of Denmark.

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Native Dane will teach you Danish and help you loosing the fear of speaking in public.

Have you learned Danish but have a hard time remembering it because you're not around it and talking it daily? You want gain more confidence in your danish? Or you know the basics but would like to learn some more? Either way let me help you. I will teach you to loose the fear of speaking in public and making mistakes. Learn that the only way to get better is by consistency.

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Danish speaker gives lessons to learners of any level in Melbourne and elsewhere

I'm a very casual and laid back person and my lessons will be like this as well. I understand that learning a language is difficult and can make some people anxious, and I want to do my best to ease this stress. I'd like to focus my lessons on Danish exposure and the classes will have a week by week plan of topics.

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Danish Molecular biology student at UCL teaching Danish, maths and biosciences in greater London

I am a very goal oriented person and my teaching reflects that. What I advice is that the first time we meet we go over what you want to achieve, how much time we have and how you prefer to learn. Based on these factors I will develop a plan that describes how each future lesson will lead to this goal.

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Danish & German mothertongue offers language lessons for children and adults, either official scholastic lessons or speaking/reading (or for kids: playing/speaking)

In my opinion every student needs a different methodology; age-dependent, pre-knowledge and the reason and goal to learn the language. For children the best way is often to let them know - and above all love - the language by playing and talking about daily interests and activities. Many adults prefer to follow a school book, do homework or conversations and read texts together.

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Engineering student with knowledge of English and Danish in Venezuela raring to teach

Hello everyone, I'm Ernesto Aguilar and I love teaching of English. My classes are to any type of person who wants to get to know English better, and together we can master the language.

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Native Danish speaker looking for students, who wants to learn Danish. Learn new words

My teaching method is based on stories, photos, videos and much more.

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Private tuition for English, Spanish for foreigners, Danish, translation and interpreter..

Degree in International Business Communication, serious, patient and responsible. I offer to tutor levels of Danish primary and secondary school. In addition I prepare official exams or travel abroad, and even Danish for professional sectors (hospitality, business.) Teaching practice grammar, vocabulary, phonetic correction and improvement of pronunciation. interactive methods.

Greater London
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Native Danish speaker offering one to one language sessions in Central London!

My method of teaching is to let the student lead the class and the pace. I prefer teaching in a way that allows the student to find his/her own answer with guidance from myself. My teaching is engaging with lots of communication and a hands-on approach, allowing students to see their personal growth and gain confidence in their own ability.

Greater London
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Young danish language tutor offers online tutoring in written and spoken Danish

I'm a young danish woman, that always have had a major interest in languages and grammar. I base my classes on curiosity, trying to expand the students knowledge from where there are. I focus on vocabulary, colloquial communication - having a fluent ongoing conversation- and correct use of grammar and pronunciation.

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Perfect! Trine is a fantastic tutor. My daughter is enjoying lessons and her pronunciation has already improve enormously. Very happy, highly recommended!

Annamaria, student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

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Danish is a language that is spoken extensively in Denmark. In case you are a student there, or you are seeking to work in that country, it will be good if you knew some basic Danish. At superPROF, we offer Danish lessons at reasonable rates. The experienced Danish teachers take you through the basic grammar and pronunciation step by step until you are familiarised with the language. In addition, the teachers take you through the lessons either online or by visiting your home. These lessons target both beginners and those with knowledge of the Danish language. Students can utilize this opportunity to reach great levels of Danish proficiency or just as a supplement to a language education they are already pursuing. You can also take Russian lessons as well as learn other languages taught by Estonian Tutor, Hindi teachers and Luxembourgish tutors. Learning from professionals will always give you an edge over the other people.