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I am well versed in the making of architecture and building standards. Inasmuch, I have worked and collaborated with design teams to produce a variety of commercial and residential architectural proje

I am motivated driven by innovation. Moreover, I am about the making of architecture. I seek to be ever more involved with architecture. My teaching method is formed by understanding the design language found in the field of technology, construction, and design.

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MBA, M.COM, bilingual teacher covering students of all ages in & near Cupertino

I have recently earned my second Masters Degree in Business Administration ( Marketing & Finance). I can tutor for all grade levels through college. I am a friendly person and after understanding your needs and capabilities will design the structure and plan for tutoring you.

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Interior Designer with a specialty in Wicca 101. Beginners level course.

I am most able to teach Interior Design at the basic level and beyond if need be for the alternative lifestyle. For students of any back ground and or level of for this course. I have study at various colleges.

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College Student With Experience In Interior Design Giving Lessons in Design Presentation

I am a senior in college, majoring in interior design. I know all about drafting floor plans either by hand or in AutoCAD and/or Revit and creating 3D models using Sketchup. I can provide lessons to any level using the principles and elements of interior design. I am passionate about Interiors, making me a fun and energetic teacher.

San Antonio
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Hello! I teach Reading and creative writing for Elementary and middle school students.

- I have a high school diploma - Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies - Masters degree in Reading and Literacy with a Certification as a Reading Specialist I am very patient and positive. I want my students to feel safe and happy.

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I am an interior architect with three qualifications (diploma, batcholor, master in art design and architectur) from london England, can teach high school, college students. I am an international awar

I work with the students to develop their conceptual thinking and technical ability to deliver their vision to the world. I create a schedule of targets that help the student develop their assignment to a professional level and reach their potential.

Greater london
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Interior Design courses, Interior design Diploma, Interior design Tutor London one to one London

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm. Travel depending on my schedule.

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Lecturer at Istituto Massaua offers lessons for qualification as a surveyor and high school CAT

I teach as a lecturer since 2014. Currently I am the operational manager of the company Tilllate.world, based in Switzerland, the largest international community for nightlife photography, we cover more than 20 countries. I collaborate with Google Inc. as a Google certified photographer for the insertion of places and photographs in the Google Street View database.

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Interior Design tutor with 15 years experience in industry and 3 years teaching, Qualified with 1st class (hons)

My teaching method is to apply my practical past and present experiences to the given scenario. This will give you a strong overall picture of what you are trying to achieve and why it is applicable. This will provide you with a firm grounding once you fulfil your educational requirements.

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A fashion designer gives tuitions in designs of garments & home decor from students to houswives. There is no age limit.

My methods of teaching are very practical & theoretical. Concepts are very basic and clear and also deals with the personality development of students . Always ready to deal with queries even after class. Main motive is to satisfy students.

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Architect gives lessons about graphic design, architecture, layout and software. I also gives consults.

I'm an architect and urbanist, specialist at design think and colors study. I work with graphic design, representation, interior design, architectural design, urbanism, history of modern architecture in Brazil and also teach about ABNT in TCC jobs. I give lessons to beginner students about Autocad, Sketchup, Vray, Lumion, video maker with Premiere, classes of Photoshop and CorelDraw.

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Part 2 Qualified Architect **with 2 years university lecturing experience** offering advice and help on your portfolio for access to higher education in the arts. London based.

Sessions begin with a review of your current work / portfolio and a conversation about what you would like to get out of your time with me.

San carlo-condofuri marina
Maria lina
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Interior Designer & Decorator, offers lessons and courses in Design, History of Art and Architecture.

I deal with Interior Design, Decoration & Visual Design. Over time, I gained the expertise in organizing the technical-graphic work, thanks to the collaboration and management of the Family Technical Office for about 13 years.

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Girl recently graduated with 110 cum laude in architecture sciences gives private lessons !!

First of all it is fundamental for me to have a chat with the person I need to help and understand how he / she is reasoning and what was his / her method of study up to that moment. Only in this way I can understand how to set up lessons and how to approach him/herself.

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Patient Interior Designer gives lessons in AutoCAD 2D, SketchUp, Affinity Designer etc

My teaching methodology is to find out where my student is up to, and talk about what they need to know, so that through conversation I can develop specific training for each student. We then systematically work through it.

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Want to change a room or your house but don't know how!

I offer three practical, fun workshops for anyone who would like to know how to make changes to their home, no matter if it is as simple as giving a fresh look to single room or to the whole house.

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8 years design experience- International/Australian Senior Interior Designer and Design Teacher

I feel the most important strength I can offer is my passion and enthusiasm to motivate my students helps them to discover their potential in what can often be a competitive industry.

Rio de Janeiro
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Architect and interior design teacher for more than 5 years, experience in projects and, perspective designs and computerized drawings - AutoCAD, Sketchup

I am a graduate of architecture and urban planning and at the moment working as a freelancer. I have been more than 5 years in the teaching of interior design, computer-aided drawings such as AutoCAD and Sketchup. My areas of interest are residential, commercial projects.

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Studying a degree course by investing 4-5 years or learning froman interior designer having practical experience..."your choice"

it is same for all, sometimes it vary according persons experience, starts with some concept, perspectives,sketches,views on colours,layout designing,brainstorming,group discussions.visiting shops and showrooms related to interior.discussionof material,fabric,type of company, cost effective things.best from low cost things,budjet making.practicing on autocad .

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Architecture Master's Degree & Ex Studio professor in USA, now tutoring in London

I Apply my enthusiastic and growth-minded approach to empowering students. I firmly believe in maximising the student's potential in order to achieve goals and preferences. With design and architecture it's all about working SMARTLY. I have graduated first and never done all-nighters, so my methodology really works.

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Masters degree holder Architect (IIT) with 10 years experience giving tuition in Bangalore for Architecture and Planning

Subjects such as histories, construction technology, project management, structural engineering, estimation and valuation, housing and planning as well as conservation, environment and sustainability are all important aspects of the course.

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Promob + Render Up + Real Scene Classes | Interior Design acting in the market since 2009!

To reach the excellence of the projects, it is necessary initially to know the software tools and their functions.

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Interior Design professor with 20 years of experience gives online lectures on Interior Design and Building Science at home

TULIKA ROHATGI - DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE PROFESSOR RPS SAVANA TOWER B8 FARIDABAD 1. Analytical, critical, and creative thinking. The students are asked to list assumptions, problems, errors, or ethical dilemmas in a case study or design; explain a technical concept in jargon-free terms.

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Working as a freelancer, designer, architect, interior designer, product designer, mentor for software's.

I like to approach every student individually at personal level, as I have always considered every person as an individual with a different set of pros and cons. In a world following a trend of software's I personally feel and like to take my design concepts to its final stage with hand sketches while working with 3D models to understand the real composition as well as working of the problem.

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B.arch ,Designer, Music with architecture,experience in teaching,NASA design trophy,Bangalore,lets make it fun

My teaching method is simple and straight. Approaching to one's deed is important.I have my own type of teaching with fun. I have my own set of pace to give understanding.A practical strategy for managing design studios is also determined.

Vila Sobrinho
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Architect and urbanist gives classes related to architecture, design and interiors in Campo Grande / MS

I base my classes on the knowledge acquired in undergraduate, graduate and professional experience, as well as books, and the knowledge that the student needs to learn.

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As designers we are driven to understand what connects different people with the built form around them, what stimulates them and what ultimately gives them meaning.

I approach education by looking to help foster creativity in individuals through teaching and a mutual goal in pursuit of knowledge. There are many ways to approach a subject, I find the most successful endeavours to come from an individuals curiosity and interests, from there you can delve deep into a subject.

Darwin River
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I have extensive experience of teaching architecture in top colleges in India.

Giving practical examples of construction as I had spent numerous years with a consultant also hence my methods are a combination of both theoretical followed by practical implication of the studio learning.• Innovative teacher devoted to learning and achieving global competence.

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Students those who have interest in interior design arround chennai and all over world i will teach

One of my teaching method is give an suitable example to the students and group of student ,my structure of class is Architecture interior designing,Model making, like i can do anything as a model with the different materials, so having lots of ideas, kindly use it , interested people no age and gender limit children's included

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Some people are born with the knowledge of interior design. They know exactly the best way a room should look as soon as they enter. For other people, this is a skill that is acquired over time. Now, with the help of private teachers, a student can learn the ways of interior design. With these interior design lessons, the student will learn how to decorate a space to make it look its best. What the best colors would be or how a room can be placed to look the best. Time with interior design teachers will exclusively show the student the ways of design and how to expand their skills. There are other sorts of topics that could also help with interior design classes. Learning chess or taking knitting lessons can help expand a student's creativity and help them with their designing. They could also learn skills from a dietetics teacher or first aid teachers. Whether it's for the student themselves or for the student to pass onto others, what is learned in these lessons will help them in their future.