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An experienced registered architect and a professor of Architecture and Urban Design

I have a bachelor degree in architecture. I also have master degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. I practiced architecture internationally and I am a registered architect in the US. I am proficient in the use of Auto CAD.

New York
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Learn How To Develop and Eye for Great Photos / Incorporating Design

Hi, Richard here. I am an internationally published photographer studied at NYU / NYC, SVA / NYC, Art Institute / Pittsburgh, PA. In my lessons you will develop an eye of the photographer using composition and design using studio and natural lighting.

Dr. damayanthie
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1st lesson offered free !

Interior Designer with a specialty in Wicca 101. Beginners level course.

I am most able to teach Interior Design at the basic level and beyond if need be for the alternative lifestyle. For students of any back ground and or level of for this course. I have study at various colleges.

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Unique Fashion Design Director with 25 years exprience, Home Decor, Apparel, Textiles

I'm a seasoned apparel designer and graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. I have a MBA from the University of Phoenix. I have taught students at the Middle School, High school and College levels. I'm currently an Adjunct Professor at Wayne County Community College, Detroit, Michigan.

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Need help with you art skills...Degreed Art teacher for hire in Richmond VA

Hello, my name is Noelle Loving and I am a certified art teacher giving lessons to beginners and intermediate students. I hold degrees in both art education and interior design. I work currently as an art teacher and previously as an interior designer. If you would like to improve your drawing, painting, or design skills, contact me for more information.

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I am an interior architect with three qualifications (diploma, batcholor, master in art design and architectur) from london England, can teach high school, college students. I am an international awar

I work with the students to develop their conceptual thinking and technical ability to deliver their vision to the world. I create a schedule of targets that help the student develop their assignment to a professional level and reach their potential.

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Do you want to learn the basics of Design, create your own fashion collections and all the graphic design behind your brand? You are in the right place!

Hi, I am Monica, a Peruvian Fashion, and Graphic Designer. I have worked for clothing brands in Peru, taught Fashion Design and Styling workshops, and worked as an in-house Graphic Designer at a well-known school in Peru for the last four years.

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I can teach art from drawing, painting, design, typography and the history

I focused on Fine Arts in High School and continued my education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where I major in graphic design and advertising. At SVA, I was able to further my talents and gain knowledge in the history of art, design and typography. I also took classical and jazz classes so I like to introduce music depending on the lesson.

South Brunswick Township
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Ever wanted to learn to decorate cakes like one of the pros?

I run a small business bakery called Sugar Rush Cakes and Bakes, where I create all kinds of tasty treats from scratch, breads, and decorate cakes and royal icing cookies. I specialize in wedding cakes, and themed cakes. If you are someone who always wanted to learn to make cakes like the star chefs you've seen on T.V.

Sioux City
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College Graduate gives Art and English Lessons as well as Writing for K-12 Students

Hello! My name is Angelica and I give lessons to K-12 students on the following topics: Art History Writing Research English Spanish I am open to lesson structures as each student learns differently. I am also available for Bilingual sessions upon request. I have experience working on these topics and the credentials to teach in the following areas that I enjoy.

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College Student With Experience In Interior Design Giving Lessons in Design Presentation

I am a senior in college, majoring in interior design. I know all about drafting floor plans either by hand or in AutoCAD and/or Revit and creating 3D models using Sketchup. I can provide lessons to any level using the principles and elements of interior design. I am passionate about Interiors, making me a fun and energetic teacher.

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Photographer from Shanghai China who can really teach you how to use your camera

I am a photographer from Shanghai China who loves to do hiking in the mountains and take pictures. I have the heart to share with you the way to find and capture all those beautiful seconds in your life in a professional way.

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Art Designer in Lincoln, Ne sharing color theory, design and drawing techniques

The creative process to a finished product can be a life time journey of learning. What inspires you? I like supporting different styles and techniques and will be a positive force, analyzing light, color and design with you.

New Fairfield
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Theatrical Set Designer and constructor, Scenic Backdrop Artist, prop and set piece creator

My vast experience in Professional Theaters and Public High Schools and Middle Schools, has been a privilege and honored role as an educator. My ability to conduct highly successful Crew Student and Parent learning sessions are highly rewarding...paying forward always creates a learning model of excellence!! Mr.

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Architecture, Design, Art History

Bachelor of Advertising Art and Design: Architecture, Design, Art & Architecture History Master of Science: Education, Curriculum Design, Leadership in Education Doctor of Education: Educational Leadership, Curriculum Development, Community College Teaching 32 years of teaching in high school and higher education, Assistant to Dean

Santa Barbara
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Art Teaching, Professor of Studio Art and European Art History, Renaissance and Baroque

I am a Professor of Art, Emeritus and have taught art subjects for many years. My methods of teaching center on the student(s) and I give assignments based upon their level of knowledge and then proceed to assist them in developing their own abilities and interests. I believe in the insight of each individual and her/his own personal characteristics and potential.

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Art and Architectural Design, ANTIOCH, BRENTWOOD, PhD, MSc, BSc, University Ass, Professor

PhD in Architecture and Panning, Strathclyde University UK, MSc in Transportation Planning and Engineering, Southampton University UK, MSc (Urban Design)and BSc (Architecture) Cairo University. I have been teaching in Universities in Scotland, Bahrain ,and Egypt. Student centered teaching methodology. Teaching all levels of Art Subjects and Architectural Design.

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Interior Architectural Designer can teach you to draw and design in color

I am an interior design educator well versed in all phases of design, art, history, color theory, etc. I have taught as a college professor for 22 years. I can teach to all levels of learning styles and students' experience.

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10 years experienced professional career Architect & Urban Designer gives Private Lessons

I have worked professionally for 10 years in Architecture and Urban design for Projects in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. My role was on designing, meeting with clients, create project briefs and meet deadlines. For the last 3 years I give private lessons to Undergraduate & post graduate students covering all their modules, essays and design projects.

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Creativity as a tool to build a possible and desired scenario. May we never miss ideas.

It is always good to have an action plan that includes, even, the space for improvisation. There are no tasks but reflections. The rest comes talking and understanding. I share tools that facilitate the learning and implementation of everything learned so far.

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PhD student offering lessons in product design, AutoCAD to university and college students in Glasgow

I am specialized in teaching undergraduate and Master level students. I cаn teаch аll secоndаry schооl level cоurses but I аm pаrticulаrly speciаlised in teаching grаduаtes аnd undergrаduаtes аnd I hаve spent а lоt оf time tutоring pupils оf this аge аnd level.

Jose luis
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I give assistance in Autocad, SolidWorks, Mechanical Design, Technical Standards, compression classes.

I give assistance in mechanical design, autocad 2D 3D, SolidWorks, more than 10 years of experience in mechanical design, understanding of design standards, interpretation and design of plans. Assembly of machinery, plans, coordination of manufacture, I can give you the bases for the execution of mechanical parts, with tolerances in machining, etc.

Casalnuovo di Napoli
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Hello my name is Salvo, I am 27 years old and from Naples. I have a degree in Architecture and if you need someone who can support you in the study of subjects such as: art and architectural history,

Hello my name is Salvo I am 27 years old and live in Naples. I graduated with honors in archiettonica design and are specialized nell'archiettura interior.

New Delhi
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Design Methodology ? Design-preneurship? User Experience? lets learn about the new technological and design methodologies to make products that perform well in terms of range, responsiveness, and user

"Form Follows Function" You can sell anything, (ever heard of that "sell me this pen" line?) only if you know how to? What all do you need to know to do that? What all does affect you product research, ideation, design and development? And over all, how to know whether you product/idea/concept is market feasible, i.e.

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Architect and Interior Designer with international experience offers private lessons in Design in Florence (and online)

I am a passionate architect and interior designer who has been teaching architecture and interior design at an international school for 5 years. I work in an international and multicultural environment so I can teach in English, Italian and Serbian. As a private tutor I offer help in exam preparation and learning softwares like AutoCAD, SketchUP and V-ray.

Greater London
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Freelance architect and designer with several years practical experience and IB Design Technology certificate

I believe that being a good architect and designer has a lot to do with paying attention to one's natural curiosities. Honing an ability to see the world with eyes that are able to detect and create opportunities where others might not see them is essential.

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Construction Engineer offers repetitions of Statics, Construction Science, Mathematics, Geometry and Lighting. Understanding and guaranteed goals. I've been doing reps for 8 years, and I've ha

I am a Construction Engineer, I have a Specialization in Building Systems at the Polytechnic of Milan. My lessons include a small theoretical part and a large practical part. My teaching method includes the effective storage of formulas and procedures through the use of mind maps.

Greater London
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Interior Design courses, Interior design Diploma, Interior design Tutor London one to one London

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm We charge 30 to 33 Pounds Per/hr We have already trained student from Many Major Universities in UK we help in all university assignments please email us or call us for assistance in help in making plans, sections, elevation Construction and CAD detailing and 3d visualization...

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Want to change a room or your house but don't know how!

I offer three practical, fun workshops for anyone who would like to know how to make changes to their home, no matter if it is as simple as giving a fresh look to single room or to the whole house.

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It is said that success is 10% talent and 90% perspiration. This means that even the most talented person needs to apply themselves to perfect their skills. This is particularly true when it comes to artistic skills like design. One gets good and increasingly better by challenging oneself to create different designs. What might be a challenge is finding someone who can guide you in exploring different types of designs, creating them and perhaps which career path to choose later on which could as a fashion designer, interior designer, graphic designer and other such design fields. It is a hurdle that SuperPROF smoothly removes for you. The SuperPROF website has a national database of 100,000 teachers in every part of the US offering private lessons in 250 areas. You can use SuperPROF to find design teachers offering private design lessons in your area. You can also find painting and architecture teachers, a cinema teacher and even one offering drawing lessons if you are interested in those too. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and make the most of your design skills.