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Holistic Health Coach assisting those in their own journey in health and wellness.

I am a certified Holistic Health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I believe that almost anyone can reach their own special health and wellness goals with time and accountability.

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I will get you A in your classes in both chemistry and biology

I graduated from the University of Toledo with a pharmacology degree, and I just graduated from the university of Connecticut with a nutritional science degree. I have a very strong background in science especially in chemistry and biology. I had 3.8 in both my undergrad and my graduate school study.

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Experienced Nutritional Guidance for Your Fit & Happy lifestyle with a Healthy Dietchart

I Usually prefer to teach in point wise manner as it will get more understandable to readers as compare to lengthy processes. While teaching I specially focus on the basic concept and ask them to note down the concept in own words.

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Located around the Jackson area of Mississippi, Food Scientist and Personal Trainer available for advice, personalized programs or nutritional coaching!

I specialize in nutrition and exercise programs for individuals looking for a healthy lifestyle or who need a personalized program that can be monitored and adjusted as needed. I will work one on one either in person, by phone or however you wish to communicate.

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Functional Nutrition to help prevent disease and illness and create a Healthy You!

I hold a Masters in Nutrition. I teach an online college course on Sports Nutrition as well as a college level course at a High School on Basic Nutrition. The online course is strictly web based and is mostly lessons and tests with a given deadline. The in class course is a combination of lecture, group discussion and assessment.

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Master Nutrition and Wellness Expert (MS, Health Education / BS, Nutrition Science) offering Healthy Living Coaching via Skype

My teaching methodology is grounded, mainly, in andragogical models which emphasize self-reliance and self-guidance. I am here to serve as a source of motivation and structural knowledge with the ultimate goal of allowing my students to master core concepts which they can use to guide their every day behaviors.

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Nutritionist with the experience related to areas of food, wellness, education, community and medical. Eager to educate on wellness and nutrition.

I hold a degree in Dietetics, I've counseled, and education on the subject of nutrition. I always try to apply the most suitable methods in each lesson. I try to mix it up, so the students experience the unknown, and the lessons are not routine, or boring.

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Healthy Living Doesn't Mean "Restricting." Discover the Best YOU with My Help!

I approach each topic on an individual basis per student. I understand that every student is different, every body is different, and therefore I ask the students questions about who they are and what their goals are and I then will apply that information with my subjects in order for the student to have the best learning experience they can have.

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Pre-Med Student Offering Online Skype/Facetime Nutrition and Weightloss Coaching, group or individual

I like to teach once a week, starting our session with going over goals from last week and breaking those goals up into groups: Did we reach our goal? What held us back? What helped us improve? I also have a background in Psychology, so I want to look at the mental aspect of nutrition and healthy living as well! I love to talk about how our mental health is affecting our eating habits.

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I am a Master of Dietetics Student offering all types of Health related lessons

I will provide lessons for whomever is wanting to learn more about health and nutrition along with fitness. It can be as simple or in depth as the student would like. Also, it will be an individualized approach focusing on the students desires.

San Luis Obispo
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Educated nutritionist offering individual counseling and massage therapy in San Luis Obispo

One-on-one nutrition counseling, discussing everything from diet to exercise, stress levels, any and all aspects of lifestyle. We will cover everything about health from physical to emotional and mental status. Food journals will be analyzed, ESHA nutrition database will be used to calculate the exact macro and micronutrients the client needs.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer 4 Ur Health-San Francisco Bay

I will learn about your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and habits. Nutrition and exercise should be a fun part of a healthy lifestyle. More than likely, this will be different for different people. The more involved you are in the learning process, the faster and easier it will be for you to adopt healthy lifestyle practices.

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University of Florida educated in health/exercise science. My graduate degree is in special education.

My method of teaching truly depends on the student or students I am teaching. There are a multitude of teaching and learning styles, no one student is the same. In order to teach effectively, one must know/read their students.

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Registered Dietetic Technician, and recent Grad plus Certified Personal Trainer, Remote Tutor,

My teaching approach is specifically tailored to each particular student’s needs. If someone is looking for extra help in a subject, I will tailor it more to assist them in their current studies. If someone is looking to learn a whole new subject I will start from the bottom up and teach more in depth.

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Registered Dietitian with 15 years of experience in nutrition and study tips for the RD exam

I give lessons to students who are in school to become dietitians (BS, MS and PhD levels), to those applying to dietetic internships and to those who are taking the RD exam. I work with students one-on-one to come up with individualized plans that ensures success in the class and in the real world. My goal is to help you be a successful student and dietitian.

New York
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Healthy Lifestyle Coach ! Helping people to be in good shape and mood

Master degree in food industry (quality management in food industry ) 2008-2013 Master degree in biologie 2013-2014 (human genetic) Master degree in nutrition and health 2014-2016 (nutrition and food sciences) Phd degree in public health (toxicology) in ( progress) 2017

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RN with 17 years experience tutoring in the benefits of eating correctly to manage health issues.

I approach each person and each topic individually. All people require different help and different methods to accomplish their healthcare goals. So each and every person will receive individualized care and services geared to their needs. The approach will be holistic in nature.

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Registered Dietitian provides tutoring/lessons to beginner and intermediate dietetic students/those interested in nutrition

I am an RDN working in her second year as a dietitian. I can provide lessons with beginner/intermediate dietetic students or others interested in nutrition/wellness. Clinical nutrition is my specialty followed by foodservice. Community Nutrition is not my forte. I believe in providing lessons by leading and allowing the students to problem solve on their own. I like to help guide the way.

Allen Park
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Young martial artist who overcomes life struggles, and helps to guide others through theirs for prosperity also through martial arts and personal fitness training.

We look at every situation as a way of life and apply basic psychology, positivity, techniques as a way to strive.

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High school gad with high interests in health through physical fitness gives lesson on a health routine through a series of yoga, relaxation, and meditation at basic and intermediate levels. having wo

My name is Clayton and I want to help people to enhance their overall health through things that can benefit a person physically and mentally. I accept anyone who is 18 or older due to the fact that these techniques are unsafe for younger brains. It will be a week long course where we start out at the basics. The first day you will be Kind of introduced to everything.

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Ann Arbor
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ESL-Busines English -English Accent improvement-Dialogue enhancement-around the water cooler . The purpose is to improve your speaking so as to assume the native speaking position

ESL/TEFL 160 hour course . As well as preparing for American English Accent training to fine tune that intellectual position of Native English language stature.

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Public Health Educator with over 2 years of experience teaches Nutrition Education and Healthy Cooking

-My name is Soraya Fish. I am a Public Health Nutritionist. I teach Nutrition Education and Cooking classes in the local community to parents and children. -I don't have preference, I can teach elementary, high school, college level, and adults. The teaching technique I use is to incorporate blended teaching styles to provide the student options to learn the subject.

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Registered dietitian and nutrition support dietitian in the field for 25+ years. Has taught at colleges.

Bachelor of science degree in nutrition. Masters in business administration. Certified in nutrition support and registered dietitian. I have taught at colleges. I have 25 years experience as a registered dietitian. I have clinical and sales experience. I am able to teach all levels of nutrition: beginner, intermediate and/or advanced.

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OU graduate and Certified Holistic Health coach teaching Nutrition around Norman, OK

I give lessons on holistic health and nutrition to people with little to no nutritional training, to help them connect the dots and understand the complexity and importance of a wellness-focused lifestyle. We begin with macro-nutrients, then micro-nutrients, and so on.

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Traditional Health Coach for those looking to improve their well being through the means of a tradtional diet and natural whole food supplementation

I do not have any formal education as one one would see in a diploma. I have been ill for over a year and "cured" myself with the means of research, time, diet, and return to a natural and traditional lifestyle. I am here to help anyone with a need or a want to improve their health and well being.

Grover Beach
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Art therapy laced with encouragement for all subjects including life outside school.

I am an over comer who survived childhood dramas a child should not have to endure. This atmosphere of success lead me to painting my way through life. I love oils but teach with acrylics, pastels and /or water color etc... I would love the opportunity to be with the student for a hour and a half with a small snack in-between but one hour is do able.

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Nutritionist and Obesity Specialist with 4 years of experience on virtual nutrition counseling

I like to conduct personalized counseling. I enjoy building a therapeutic relationship based on mutual respect, trust and empathy to have a better understanding of my clients needs and come up with creative solutions. I believe this is very important in order to develop healthy lifestyle prescriptions and recommendations.

La Monte
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Self Care Educator Helping Others Find the Answers Within using Self Care and Self Love/Acceptance

I approach self care with the ideology that we are able to empower ourselves from what we already have. Self care gives us the tools to let out what we have stored away inside of us. Specializing in food freedom has shown me that the basis of a lot of external roadblocks are caused by what we are literally feeding into our bodies.

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Undergraduate student with years of health and wellness along with nutrition experience

My teaching methodology is to find everyones strength and weakness when it comes to food and working out.

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Do you find that you have an interest in diet and nutrition? Do you aspire to start a consultancy business where you give people advice on the same or work with patients in hospitals to help them get their diet right so they can improve their health? Then dietetics is the career for you. You would need to train to become a professional dietitian who assesses, diagnoses and treats health problems related to diet and nutrition. This would be done according to the latest scientific research into food as it relates to health and disease. The starting point is with getting the qualifications. Perhaps you have registered in a college but are finding it difficult to keep up with some of the course subject or you wish to gain higher qualifications. It is a problem that can be rectified by taking private lessons from qualified teachers. You might be wondering where you can find dietetics teachers offering private dietetics lessons. SuperPROF, a US-based website has a comprehensive listing of no less than 100,000 qualified teachers offering lessons in 250 subjects. You can also use the website to find tutors for other subjects you are interested in. You can find a chiromancy tutor, potery teachers, a jewelry design teacher and a tutor offering Genealogy lessons in your locality. Get those lessons and get on track to mastering the subject or skill you are keen on.