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College communications instructor with over 15 years experience in news media gives journalism, civics, and government lessons in the greater Nashville area.

I am an experienced educator with a master's degree in Communication Arts. I believe in instructing students about current events and how government and media works by immersing themselves in the various types of traditional and new media, and by using classroom and online methods to explore, identify, and understand the world around us.

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Social Science Instructor with experience teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago

I dismiss my students by saying "go make mistakes". I believe that students are taught to adhere to social norms thus causing them to suppress their voice. Making mistakes provides opportunities for self-exploration and growth. During my time as a teaching assistant and public speaking instructor, I have found that students are typically driven by grades.

Chapel Hill
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Very easy-going tutor who can help you grow in your subject area, Raleigh to Chapel Hill is my area of assisting. Book with me today!

Whatever learning technique works for you, I can accommodate you for sure! I prefer using visual aids and real-life examples to help you understand what's being taught. I also believe that it is possible to learn together, I'm not brighter than you.

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Sociology Grad with Social Issues Background, active in Community and Current Events

My teaching method is a healthy mixture of lecture, collaboration and discussion. I feel that students learn best when they can apply what they are trying to learn to every day life. If you can relate to it, you can learn it.

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Social Psychologist with experience in lie detection online tutoring for university students

My teaching method is intended to be pragmatic, having conversations and using many examples / real cases. Often conversations can turn into a "debate form" or "asking questions" to help others critically think about other perspectives and theories.

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Anthropology PhD student with 5 years of teaching experience tutoring online only

I believe that the key for students to understand the material is to have them full engage with the material. That means bridging their personal lives with the topic. I do this through either having the students find similarities and/or differences between their world view and the one we are talking about or through hands on assignments.

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Intelligence is the ability to learn from your mistakes, Wisdom is the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.

I don't look at tutoring as just helping an individual with a particular subject, I look for the opportunity of being their mentor, helping them and guiding them to push forward in life.

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I am a graphic designer who wants to help those who are just getting started

I teach by showing you how to do something. I will also use lists, vocabulary, and videos. Youtube tutorials can teach a lot when you view the right ones.

San Antonio
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I am a communications professor at a university in San Antonio offering lessons in the humanities field of all areas.

My teaching method is straightforward; I expect participation. I base my classes off of the environment of the classroom. I stress that communication is the key to creating an active learning environment. When there is a conversation between others in the classroom, relationships are building, and the students are interacting with each other.

West Windsor Township
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Media Specialist particularly music and social media related English and History Buff Loves to teach others

My teaching method is to look over the materials with students and depending on their learning style, I would adjust the tutoring lesson. For instance, if a student is a visual learner then I can make flashcards to better assist with their success.

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History Ph.D. student in Farmington, UT with MA and BA in History/English

I believe in a casual classroom environment with lots of question and answer-type interactions. My tutoring style is similar. I encourage students to focus on primary sources as a way to (1) learn the material and (2) gather sources for future papers/exams.

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Philosophy and psychology student offering tutoring sessions in the Charlotte regional area in philosophy, sociology, psychology, digital communications, college prep, and ethics.

My teaching method does not fit one standard. Each student I tutor learns a little bit differently, but I believe that connections to the real world is the easiest way to learn. I use a mix of visual, aural, and verbal learning to assist students in grasping concepts and ideas. I structure each lesson around the problem areas of the student, as discussed in the scheduling of the tutoring session.

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I graduated from UT Martin with My B.A. in Communications production Mgt.

My teaching method varies for each student .I like to use real life examples and for things to be hands on. I feel that books are great for allowing the student to review but should never be the only example a student has.

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“When I talk to other stroke survivors, I make sure they know that they have to take control of their rehabilitation, and that there are therapies and new devices out there that might help them. Next, I tell them to never give up working on themselves, because you never know what will develop in the future. I know firsthand that it takes time to heal.

Saint Petersburg
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A Educator with over ten years of experience teaching Technology and History

My teaching is hands on with the use of Technology. I use several web-based platforms for engagement. In Social Sciences classes, I am a project-based educator so students learn with lecture but also with projects which they can be involved.

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Expert Geographic Information Scientist providing lessons and insight to the world of Geography and applications.

I tend to provide the materials, unless they're already provided and let the student digest the information. Then as a group or individually, I will go through the document noting any specific remarks or important pieces to the solution. Then once we read through, I let students come up with their own answers and we can discuss the different options and why those may or may not be correct.

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Comm student in Westford tutoring all ages in iMovie, Photoshop, and theory

I would like to focus on wherever your interest lies, and work to develop it further! We will take each area piece by piece, drawing connections as we go. Theoretical or practical, the knowledge and skills you'll gain are current and important.

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Communications Fanatic From Southern California With A Passion For Talking And Education

My teaching method is storytelling and relating to the student. Knowing where someone has come from and where they are going helps to build a firm foundation on which education can thrive. I think still being in college myself helps me to empathize with the struggles of the education system.

Los Angeles
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Artist manager/Road manager with 7 years experience offering music business insight and education.

My teaching method is explaining my experiences and preparing students to enter the music business industry. I hope to create a platform where students are comfortable asking questions and I can prepare them for a career that is extremely difficult to gain legitimacy in.

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Investigative Journalist, award-winning sports reporter & veteran editor available in NY area

My classes are aimed at aspiring journalists and those with a few years of experience. I'm passionate about teaching people how to find the real story and how to keep readers' attention. But you can't become a great reporter without first sharpening your writing skills. So I will teach you what words and phrases to use that breathe life into your articles.

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Experience Journalist offering tutoring services to students with interests in writing and communications.

Teaches from text and work books and newspaper articles of current events. Reading assignments leaves room for question and answer sessions. Logic, reasoning, reading comprehension and discourse and analysis and integral parts of the study and learning processes.

Fort Worth
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Freelance Producer and Instructional Aide with over 12 years of experience.

I approach each topic by bringing all subjects to current events and implementing the subjects to our current lives.

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Master's level in psychology with a specialty in cinema and digital communication

I take an interactive approach to teaching, providing a short presentation before taking questions.

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Hello I’m Asia. I’m a 20 year old living in Chicago majoring in Media Studies with a minor in public relations. I was a writing tutor for 2 years helping students with grammar/getting started/ and flo

I believe in assisting with various different techniques that fit each tutees needs some may need examples based on real world examples. I beleive we are all lifetime learners.

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Psychology lover and Social Studies tutor from Central, South Carolina with conduct research studies experiences.

My previous students come from a variety of groups including elementary to high school students, college students, graduate students, adults, etc.., The majority of my lessons was conducted online. Sometimes, I do tutor in person if the travel radius allowed me to go. In my opinion, when it comes to studying or learning something, understanding is extremely important.

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Account manager for a large multi media coorperation located in tri cities

Show and tell, basically I like to show someone how to do something with pictures/videos and actual events. I also would strongly encourage someone to bring all the questions they have and examples.

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Prepare for College in the Technology and Communications and Business Areas by learning strategies and study skills.

College Educator in the Business, Technology, and Communications fields gives lessons in technology and communications to adult learners whom are college bound. Learn study skills and strategies for the courses offered at colleges and universities in the USA.

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Online help with basic to College Level Classes - Sign up today!

I believe in teaching with patience. I structure classes around your best learning method. I keep updating my teaching to help you learn better! Lastly, I believe everyone needs a little help to succeed.

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Professional reporter and editor available to tutor writing, journalism and media skills will come to you

My goal is for every one of my students to leave each session feeling more comfortable about their skills than when we started. I don't want to be your personal editor, just giving you all the answers. I want you to feel like after we meet, you know how to find all the answers.

Marseille 6e
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Professional coaching, preparation for jobs interviews, resume writing and cover letters, english

I lecture to students of primary and secondary school since the beginning of my university studies. The course should be a time of learning in which the student has time to understand the topic that interests or on which he will work. Develop his fluency in written and oral expression (in French and English), to be autonomous and self-confidence.

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