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Tutor Me Nick: Harvard Grad w/ 15 Years Experience - SAT, ACT, & College Application Prep. In-Person (NYC) or Online.

As stated above, the typical process is, as follows: Session 1: A Solid Foundation For Success Take a Proprietary Learning Styles & Interests Questionnaire. Relating subject matter to each student’s interests results in greater engagement throughout the learning process. "Nick’s Comprehensive Guide for Easy Points.

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University of Cambridge PhD will Tutor you for guaranteed success on the SAT/ACT

I teach SAT and ACT prep in classes and 1-to-1. I hsve uniques strategies that employ such that the students can see the recurring patterns in the SAT and ACT question snd answer them with comfort and ease. I work hard to make sure my students have the confidence to tackle the SAT and ACT by working with them initially and then gradually leaving them to show me what they can do independently.

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I am a creative writer and have been since childhood. Creative writing is my most loved writing style. The only thing that surpasses it is mentoring other creative writers. It is my life's work.

I meet my clients where they are - that means that a client's skill level is inconsequential. Whatever level of skill you are at is the correct level, and I will meet you there. Where we go from there is your choice. If you have humble expectations, we'll start with small steps and readily mastered goals.

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Published freelancer in Austin, TX with 7+ years experience in academic and popular writing

My teaching methodology is student-centered. I focus on inquiry-based learning where the "I dunno how" is re-generated into a strong, enthusiastic "Whaaat?! That's fascinating!" This approach encourages teachers and students to investigate why well-covered topics are relevant to our personal present.

Rocky River
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ACT - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages

I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available weekdays or weekends, days or nights, throughout the entire year. In addition to teaching in person, I also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, interactive whiteboards, attachments (PDF, Word, Excel), and Slack, a remote desktop program.

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Experienced university professor available to tutor students in English and the Humanities

Each student has unique needs and I try to focus my sessions on meeting those specific needs in a thorough yet encouraging manner. I teach a wide distribution of levels from Junior High through Graduate School. Over the years, I have taught a number of students for whom English was not their first language.

Redwood City
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PhD in Psychology offering academic writing support for undergrad to grad students online

I teach transformative education and experiential learning to young adults and professionals, as well as theories and practices related to phenomenology and hermeneutics. I edit and grade academic papers according to professionalism and academic formatting. I am fun and fair.

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Published author, editor, and poet teaches English, writing, test prep, and research papers.

I give exciting instruction in multiple disciplines with emphasis on English and language disciplines, to all who seek help: grade school, high school, and into undergraduate study. I can teach in any style from casual and friendly to more structured and formal. I am adaptable and flexible so I can modify my teaching style to your needs and to the way you learn.

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College professor with 50+ years experience in ESL--Academic English to Dissertation Guidance

I use a variety of teaching methods, depending on student's learning style, level of progress, and his/her preferred strategies and activities--most important are ways to motivate and inspire each student according to his/her special talents and interests. I have taught all levels from Middle School to Ph.D. students and adult lifelong learners.

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Want help honing critical reading and writing skills? PhD Candidate in Lawrence, KS who teaches undergraduates and has tutoring experience in the humanities.

I have experience teaching at the undergraduate level, but I am also able to work with high school students. My lessons about history are focused on larger ideas and questions rather than memorizing minute details. When tutoring, I encourage students to ask questions of the text and the material.

West Covina
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Got an essay due soon? Need help? I am here to help at an affordable price!

I approach every assignment with the instructor's rubric in mind, making sure the student attains a full understanding of the requirements and work with them to create an above-average product. I am patient, thorough, and committed. I have experience tutoring between the ages of 4 and 35. I am able to travel to student's home, meet with them in a public space, and tutor online.

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Retired college prof teaches French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese and English writing

My approach to teaching foreign languages is for my student and me to read a story in the target language, to learn the grammar deductively, and to discuss the text in the language we're studying. This works for any level.

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Bay Area Law Grad Teaching High Level Writing, Writing Prep, Test Prep, and Liberal Arts

There are three core elements to my teaching methodology. First, I ask strategic questions to help you see things from the perspectives you are being asked to address and wrestle with relevant concepts. This is a subtle, but critically important skill to develop. Second, I use visuals whenever I can.

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Math tutor with 5+ years experience. I can tutor all grade levels. Elementary students preferred

My teaching method is finding an easy way for students to understand by learning how to solve problems with more hands-on learning

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Advanced Writing Tutor with BA, English available for in person (Tucson) or skype sessions

My Name is Marla, and i teach writing skills from elementary to masters level. I offer the writing skills of brainstorming and web style organizing, thesis statement writing, outlining, researching, citing, public speaking in these kinds of writing styles: expository, persuasive, analytical,technical, research, comparative,public speaking.

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French Language and Literature (SAT, Ap, IB all levels, French Bac, all college levels

My general area of research is in teaching French and Francophone literature and grammar in a second language context to adults but I have also a four year experience in teaching French as a foreign language and a seven year experience in teaching techniques of expression including rhetoric and communication. No annoyance in the classroom, neither for the students, nor for the teacher.

Weeki Wachee
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Dual Enrollment Student with High Honors in High School and State College

I am currently a Junior in High School trying to educate others. I try to provide relatable examples and tips to help out students with their classes. I am patient, relaxed, and caring for my students while staying very focused.

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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the Chicagoland Area Offers Academic Guidance and Subject Expertise

I provide tutorials, coaching, and individualized instruction or consultations for all kinds of academic assignments with an emphasis in the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, I provide customized time management and study skills Success Plans for students at all levels.

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Motivating, inspiring, and compassionate tutor for ACT prep, brainstorming, and editing. I work well with learners across age levels.

I completed my PhD in 2006 in Social Studies and Global Education at The Ohio State University. Between 2006 and 2009, I taught in the College of Education at Winona State University and successfully served on multiple department, College, University, community, and state-wide committees. During the 2009-10AY I taught Introduction to Chicano Studies and Introduction to Ethnic Studies at St.

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English graduate offering lessons in composition, creative writing, classic and modern literature in Savannah, GA

I can offer lessons at the high school and undergraduate level. I ensure that I understand the student I am tutoring (their prior knowledge of a subject, and their academic level) in order to offer a lesson that fits each individual student.

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PhD Student (Dance Studies) at UC-Riverside helps your make writing jump off the page

As a graduate student with my eyes on a career in academia, I work with undergraduates and graduate students on essays for their coursework, graduate and professional school applications, fellowship applications, and professional documents such as CVs, resumes, and cover letters.

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Madison, WI-based freelance writer hopes to teach eager word enthusiasts how to make the most of their words

I like to keep it conversational when teaching. I may do most of the talking, sure, but making sure that you're on the same page as a student is very important to me. I keep it loose and fun but without losing the seriousness that education requires. I value knowledge intensely, but I also love Star Wars so maybe we can find some common ground.

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Published writer and university professor with PhD in English to give writing tutorials online

I teach English and writing to students from around the world ages 8-88! My teaching method is upbeat, student-centered, constructive, and generative. I ask questions and always let each student's ideas be the guide for our discussion. I provide concrete ideas for development in a positive encouraging atmosphere.

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Lead online students to academic success through direct instruction, timely feedback, ethical practices, resource management, positive class culture, organization, integrity, and vision.

Some teachers teach one year thirty times. I am NOT that teacher. I am not that teacher who pulls out the same lesson plan book and follows year after year. Rather, I am the teacher who constructs new ways to teach the same material to new groups of students each year.

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Traveling freelance writer excited about sharing skills with students around the world

I am an enthusiastic and detail-oriented writing tutor with an academic background in science communication and cognitive studies. I will draw on my wide range of experience as a student and professional to engage my clients. We will discuss revision strategies, the writing process, and specific skills to improve your writing confidence.

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Adjunct Instructor with 10+ years experience in PR/Marketing/Public Speaking. BA & MA in Communications.

I have 10+ years experience teaching college and adult education classes in many areas including business communication, public speaking and public relations and marketing. I have also taugh courses on resume and interview preparation as well as use of microsoft excel in addition to extensive experience writing and editing essays, research papers and dissertations.

Broken Arrow
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Let's conquer that writing project or English test. PhD Education candidate with 15 years of teaching experience at University and high school level is available!

I have taught students in English courses from junior high through college juniors. What works best is going over assignments with my students first to assess the needs and determining the best method from there. The first thing I do in any class or lesson is help take away fear and blocks students may have from previous experiences or difficulties.

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20+ years Master Teacher offers reading, writing and literature coaching to students of all ages around the world.

Master of Science, Science of Instruction Master Teacher offers: •Mentoring to new teachers, •Strategic planning to graduate students, •Test prep and writing critique to high school, •Study skills for middle school and •Fundamental reading and writing to primary and elementary students All lessons are tailored to individual student needs.

San Jose
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ELA teacher, writer, curriculum designer with 15 years experience with college, high school, and elementary students

After graduating from Chico State in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a minor in psychology, he earned a multiple-subject credential from Sacramento State and a Master of Arts in Education Leadership in 2009. Mr. Marcus has recently worked with several private schools in the Bay Area to learn about various educational philosophies.

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Perfect! Jacqueline is awesome. She went above and beyond to assist me with my capstone project for my Masters. She is very knowledgeable but most of all she cares and strives to provide excellent quality work. She ensures you understand the lesson before...

Lupe, student
1 month ago

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School is tough and challenging. However, education and schooling is vital for the academic growth and success of every individual. Part of the challenge in academic life is the completion of the lesson requirements for teachers from different subjects. The Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation is part of every student’s life. With the help of Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation teachers, they aid students in finishing their requirements fast and easy through the Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation lessons. They can serve as English tutors and Dissertation and thesis writing preparation teachers as well that can contribute greatly to the success of every student’s Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparations satisfying the requirements of the lessons given by their teachers. The Dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation lessons would equip them with all the necessary steps needed to complete their tasks. There is also other student assistance offered that includes resume - cover letter’s writing prep lessons, and other supports such as Classics teachers for Ancient Greek.