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I am a creative writer and have been since childhood. Creative writing is my most loved writing style. The only thing that surpasses it is mentoring other creative writers. It is my life's work.

I meet my clients where they are - that means that a client's skill level is inconsequential. Whatever level of skill you are at is the correct level, and I will meet you there. Where we go from there is your choice. If you have humble expectations, we'll start with small steps and readily mastered goals.

Redwood City
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PhD in Psychology offering academic writing support for undergrad to grad students online

I teach transformative education and experiential learning to young adults and professionals, as well as theories and practices related to phenomenology and hermeneutics. I edit and grade academic papers according to professionalism and academic formatting. I am fun and fair.

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College professor with 50+ years experience in ESL--Academic English to Dissertation Guidance

I use a variety of teaching methods, depending on student's learning style, level of progress, and his/her preferred strategies and activities--most important are ways to motivate and inspire each student according to his/her special talents and interests. I have taught all levels from Middle School to Ph.D. students and adult lifelong learners.

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Veteran Teacher Looking to help others be successful in school and life

My teaching method is hands on. We learn more by doing than by just listening. Everyone is capable of learning. I prefer to get to know my students and how they learn.

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College applications or dissertation writing getting you down? Let me help with my 7+ years of writing experience!

I am happy to give lessons to all age levels in English and essay writing. I have worked with international students who are writing an essay or dissertation in English as their second language. I can work with individuals from all countries, languages, and academic backgrounds, as long as their primary focus is to better their English writing and speaking abilities.

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Experienced ESL Instructor Offering Private Lessons Online and in the Tucson Area

I teach ESL, academic writing, and Portuguese. I also teach an online translation course. My teaching is student-centered and needs-based. I carry out an assessment to find out what the student's needs are, then tailor my classes accordingly. Communication and active participation are key to learning. I also learn a lot in this process.

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When I am an editor for a professional student, I am detail-oriented and alert to sentence problems, grammar, spelling, etc. When I am teaching high school or college students, I am equally vigilant and was, in China, considered to be strict.

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Opera Singer with Excellent Editorial Skills Tutoring English in Central New Jersey

I am “old school” in my editorial philosophy, believing that skillful writing is accomplished, not by inventive personal whims, but through following established rules of grammar and syntax. My interest in tutoring stems from a desire to foster traditional standards of sound composition and style.

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Doctoral level help with IR and HLS thesis and dissertation in Albuquerque, NM and throughout US via webcam

I listen to my students and work with them to create lesson plans that work for them and achieve their academic goals. I believe that we can learn from each other. I am very interactive. I am not a one sided teacher.

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Experienced in thesis development, dissertation preparation, qualitative design & analysis, and editing services

I subscribe to a multimodal platform that combines the use of technology, video conferencing, media, lectures, and reading materials to engage learner participants. My approach is active and discovery learning whereby I engage students to connect, research, curate and share their prior and new knowledge.

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The Study of Life, K. Reese, PhD, Macon, GA, 17 Years of teaching experience!

I obtained my bio degree in 2000. I graduated magna cum laude. I obtained my Master's in 2003. I obtained my doctoral degree in 2015. I have always been a life long learner and believe instilling that in my students.

Santa Fe
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College professor in Santa Fe, NM with 30 years experience teaching and mentoring students of all ages in a range of subjects in the humanities, including writing and public speaking.

The most important thing any teacher or tutor can do to be effective is to meet students where they are. An effective teacher or tutor understands that all students are unique and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to any subject. Students are starting with different levels of proficiency and process information differently. Their challenges and strengths differ.

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I am an experienced surgical writer in the community of academic scholar.

My teaching philosophy is a student centered one. I strongly relate to the adage of serving as the “guide on the side,” rather than the “sage on the state,” as is the case in teacher centered philosophies. I believe in focusing on individual needs and involving students in the process of their learning.

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English--Academic, Business or Creative, grow with Dr. Martin as hundreds have around the world!

My teaching method is quite simple: begin with listening: what do the students bring--strengths and struggles--tailor and individual plan for each which allows them to really enjoy learning and growing; continue to encourage and support, adding new challenges as they develop; share their delight in achieving more than they had thought possible.

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Professor of Psychology/ Sociology/Criminal Justice with 10+ years of online teaching experience in IA and OH

I specialize in Psychology and Criminal Justice instruction relating to mental health and policy. I provide consultation in social psychology in the areas of counseling, remediation, sports psychology, and I/O psychology. My teaching experience includes diverse learning designs of virtual, blended, and campus-oriented learning.

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Research and Reference assistance. Assist with gathering resources, bibliography, and editing research papers.

I will provide instructional videos for how to access information resources, then coach you through the process alongside you. Your instruction will be personalized and tailored to your academic needs and I will customize your instruction to where you are now.

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Ed.D. with 14 years of institute experience with tutoring degree candidates on their theses, statistics, and preparation.

I have a student centered teaching philosophy which guides my lectures and tutoring. It is tailored to the students' backgrounds and interests. In other words, my teaching philosophy is a student-centered approach to education. This approach includes individualized instruction. I believe in a hands-on approach to education. This is founded on Dewey’s and Piaget’s teaching philosophy.

Liberty Lake
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Life, business and leadership coach, all in English, for your greatest benefit

My goal is to create the greatest value for my students with every minute we have together. I prefer to work with professional adults but I also have several teenager students. Every session contains discussion (speaking) with coaching in diction, pronunciation and presentation.

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Essay and research consultant i teach from Canada and i give quality papers on all academic fields.

i use on line writing to teach m students. i am Versatile, creative, experienced, and voraciously curious writer with a dedication to excellence creates interesting and unique pieces for a wide range of project Rush delivery available by request and agreed upon compensation.

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Critic and Writer Teaching Online English, Cincinnati OH. Write Like A Scholar

My teaching methodology is based on positive reinforcement and support. I believe that a good teacher focuses on the holistic well-being of students. I connect lessons from a particular subject to broader lessons that will help the student in all aspects of life.

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English/Writing tutor & doctoral candidate near Pittsburgh, PA looking to help you improve your writing!

I understand that each student learns differently, and I match my teaching style to how he or she learns best. I'm passionate about helping people communicate better, from teaching proper grammar and mechanics to providing feedback on dissertation drafts and everything in between.

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3rd year PhD student in social sciences available for writing services, translation services, and application preparations

My teaching method is based on each learner's progress and skill capacity. I have tailored lessons for each individual child, to match their needs and promote their understanding of a topic. I like to apply lessons interactively and in real-world experiences.

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In Baltimoreme Maryland, I will solve all your writing needs from Dissertation writing, college prep writing, reading, oral presentation, and English language to elementary, middle and high school stu

I am a world class successful teacher/coach with a doctorate degree in education. I specialize in coaching students at all levels of education from university/college to high school and elementary levels. I employ a flexible approach to teaching/learning because my students have diverse learning styles.

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Colorado Springs
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Providing Coaching for Innovative Research Design, Careful Analysis of Results and Beauthfully Written Doctoral Dissertations

I teach using a method that allows students to think the way exam item-writers think by writing questions. In addition, I use scenario-based teaching. One of my strongest most effective strategies is to identify gaps in knowledge and fill them in with a spiral learning/testing format so nothing is lost.

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Writing consultant with more than 4 years of experience in college writing centers.

I would like to help others express their ideas through writing more efficiently, accurately, and succinctly. Unfortunately, sometimes the individual words can block the flow of ideas and a second set of eyes can be a huge help.

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Political Science Professor and Expert with more than 7 years teaching experience

I encourage positive reinforcement. I am interested in student success and development. I am very patient, and encourage my students to achieve to the highest of their ability.

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All learners!! I teach English Language Arts, Writing and math. Atlanta teacher.

I want my students to relax and know that every question has relevance. I have 19 years experience and have taught grades 6-8 reading, math, English Language Arts and writing. I enjoy class discussions and collaborative learning.

Valley Stream
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Ph.D. in Psychology and early learning offering lessons in SAT preparation, psychology, writing

I seek to engage students in their own learning and increase their test scoring ability as well as their ownership of the material to be learned. Overall, I gear a course towards students' individual learning styles as much as is allowable, with an emphasis on task completion within different formats.

Cherry Hill
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Oxford graduate and university lecturer helps you improve your dissertation or essay

Are you looking for someone who can help you write and/or edit your dissertation or essay? My daily job is to help students write their dissertations and essays, so I know what I'm talking about.

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