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Let me introduce myself, I’m a fantastic Teacher, I know how to reach the most difficult student and teach just about any grade level. I know many different methods and have a natural teaching ability

My teaching methods are to first know what a student’s level is, I then start a plan for each student, I use a number of books and other aids. It also depends on his or her locations and their requirements, and also the grade level, I also teach ADD and ADHD students.

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Sr. Network Engineer with 24 plus years of experience will to help and teach.

The way I would teach you would give you the hands on version of the class , I have trained 5 of my personal family members and they hare all making 100k plus in there new career. I can teach you how to protect yourself from security threats and how not to get hacked.

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Hawaii PC/Network geek wishes to give back and help. If I went from straight F's to 3.8GPA , you can too. Not super duper expert, but can help with Networking concepts, TCP/IP, basic Cisco command lin

We all have different styles of learning. I'm not your typical bookworm-ish who can read Table of contents to end and absorb. I touch, I feel, I ask and I experiment. When we make content fun, relevant, when students leave wanting to "try that at home" I know I'm on the right track.

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Retired computer science teacher taught all levels of college and high school

I am 3 college degrees two in computer science and one in accounting and taught in high school and colleges for 27 years. I also have 11 years experience in related computer work. I have written in 15 different programning languages.

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1st lesson offered free !

Python: Do not have any coding experience? well, do not worry, python is best to begin programming with Python.

Since I want you all to understand the most basic concept of programming and gradually develop to the advanced topics, I will be teaching you all from the beginning and repeating the similar topic until you understand fully then only move to next topic.

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Become a web designing professional with lessons in HTML, CSS, Javascript and any CMS (Joomla or Wordpress)

Web designing is a hands on skill hence i aim to make this course as practical as possible. Everything will be taught practically so you are guaranteed to see everything working which is a major confidence booster in this field.

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Tuition for High School,Intermediate,Graduate Students for beginner or intermediate students individually and separate

Give class room notes Focus on Maximum 10 students in each class Gives knowledge for beginner and intermediate level of students • 3.5 Years of Experience in software development as a Software Engineer • Good experience with “.NET technologies (3.5 and 4.0) like C#, WinForms,ADO.

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UTAS Alumni and programming enthusiast based in Hobart looking to share knowledge with interested students

I have a very simple teaching strategy. I believe that whatever I am am teaching it is always significant to focus on the basics. Sometimes we take basics very casually, but with a strong foundation even the most complex issues become easy to handle. I like to teach on individual topics on different days, going granular.

Sabab ali
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Students who want to learn programming Skills in C,C++,Java, and C# in Varanasi

I have 10 years of Experience in teaching Java,C,C++ and C#, i can teach Java,C++ of ICSE class 9 10 11 and 12 ,MCA,BCA,PGDCA,BSc.cs,Msc.cs. I have also taken classes of summer training program of HP/HCL . I can also prepare students for making projects.

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High school Computing Studies teacher with 20 years IT experience providing computer tutoring in Sydney

I have experience in I.T. (Windows,DOS,Unix), programming (Assembly, Pascal, C/C++/C#), smartphones, and tutoring, and can provide assistance with understanding computer-related concepts, as well as help with specific issues (depending on which area it is in), such as how to diagnose what is wrong, etc.

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CCC Computer Basic for Competitive Exam tutions with 10 years of experience

my teaching method as per student knowledge and student grievance basic to high ms office knowledge degree level for BCA, MCA, DIPLOMA, CCC, CCC in Service, CCC GTU, CCC BAOU etc any student must try at leat on time .

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Make you Increase typing speed and conceptual knowledge of pc and dos

My Methodology is highly interactive so I teach as you learn with clarity and perfection. The structure of the class is dynamic and flexible according to learners satisfaction. And the classes are for everyone who covets to learn something perfect.

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Student For PGDCA and BCA Education Computer At Home C, HTML, CSS and Computer Funda

i am an teacher , i am giving teaching since 1998 in computer field, i am teach c, c++, html, css, wordpress, windows, ms office, tally, and many more programmer in computer field also teaching hindi and gujarati easy language

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Software Engineer in Bangalore Can help in Java MS-Office Basic-Computers School-Maths IIB/WMB/ESQL

I will observe the receiver's mindset and goes on. As a recent student I know how a student will expect from a teacher and so I can teach in that way. And I explain with real time examples so one can understand easily.

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Computer Engineer(IT Professional). I can teach basic computer fundamentals to Computer programming in C, C++,Java, Javascript,Sql and database for any degree and classes

I design my teaching methodology based upon the requirement of the student. Your strengths and weaknesses are the deciding factors, how I'm going to help you with the subject Basic Structure of My Class: 1. Overview: This is the part I feel like the most important part. Based upon all the possible WH-word, I try to build the concept where my student know why this (subject or topic) is required. 2.

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Software Developer in MNC tutoring computer science theories,algorithms and related basics .

I take topics from basic and reach to the maximum that is required by the student or its course. I have taken class in high schools and for degree students. My process include doubt sessions and one to one interaction with students.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior Software Professional with 7+ years experience gives Basic Computer and C++ Concepts Online Training

Teaching is the art of understanding things and explain the same to the participants in their appropriate manner. Explain things with examples and illustrate the concepts to the listener will be covered in brief manner. Will split the daily topics to be covered and revise the previous topics covered before, which will make the listeners in the sync.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer trainer from last 5 years learn it from scratch and become expert in it at end

I am available to teach any subject & lab that is related to computer theory as well as labs(DBMS,Basic Computer Skillls Lab,C lab,DSC LAb,HTML Lab etc) Through examples I prefer teaching. I can teach you C,C++,Java,HTML programming languages by providing you pdf file.

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POST graduate worked in good shepherd international school ooty GIVING TUITION TO XI CLASS

my teaching method is personal and i give each child enough time to learn. I use very informal ways and don't pressurize the child into learning my way of teaching is very effective as the student or child learns in a very informal way and does not forget his or her lessons. self paced learning is the best as per me.

Vineesh kumar
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Ready to share and impart the knowledge which I have with me to anyone who desires

Providing the knowledge to any one is an art. The audience or spectators should not feel it like something supressing or pressurizing. Make it easy with fine and convincing examples.

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Quality Professional in Pune, Maharashtra with experience of 30+ years is looking to share the knowledge

I approach the topic by elaborating real life experiences and going deep by usage of new technologies available around us. I encourage the students by exploring new methodologies for adoption of technologies and create interest in learning and adopting new technologies.

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I am a Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with 1st class honours with over 20 Years experience. I have provided one on one training to staff and students at the UNSW Canberra

I can tailor training from the most basic fundamentals for raw beginners to specialised knowledge for experienced experts. I like to share tricks of the trade and provide overviews of what is possible with directions for self learning. I believe in practical learning by demonstration and hands on.

1st lesson offered free !

Any programming languages(Also Web Development) and some engineering subjects(Ethical Hacking) Mumbai(depends on Location)

I approach topic by topic and for crash courses consider smart preparation as per exams and for rest of the practice is necessary.

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Learn Entry level or advanced C Programming Language from an experienced teacher

I am a teacher at an engineering college in computer science, I teach DOS/UNIX, Shell Script and C programming language, my experience is more than 15 years in this field, I can offer online tution also all over the world

Santosh kumar
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10 Years experience in IT gives Computer Fundamental, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, AJAX, Operating Systems, Basic C Language, MS Office Lessons to School or College Students through online at very

I am Santosh Kumar Padhy, a 10 years experienced IT candidate residing in Hyderabad. I do like to give online coaching to Kids or College students about Computer Fundamental, Computer Hardware and complete web developing technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, PHP ....

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Real time embedded firmware programming using Linux and real time operating system

I have real time embedded programming experience with many IT companies and I am expert in embedded c programming, device drive programming, hardware debugging, Linux and embedded Linux programming. I can guide beginners as well as experts through the above mentioned area.

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Learn programming in easy way ( programming is a fun) kanpur class

I will answer all your problems, with a very easy manner, Here you can learn your programming or basics of computer easly, Computer programming is a fun if you really want to learn it, the students who are intrested are most welcome here..

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All Type Computer study Solution by a teacher having 20 years .

guide and direct the students through the learning process which is made with the consent of the students.. That is what process or way of behavior in teaching they feel easy. My aim is learning at easy with lots of example.

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Excellent Virtual Tuition s by Prof. A.Chandrasekhar from BITS Pilani.

I use my laptop with inter net, I complete the whole syllabus in total, I conduct the simple tests to get feed back from the students. I refer latest topics on the subject for the better knowledge on the subject.

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Perfect! He was great! Very straight forward and easy to work with.

Kimme, student
2 months ago
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