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Webcomic Artist/Writer (Terminal Z, Memoir Comics) teaching comic book and manga essentials

I am a college student at Emerson College who has been drawing and making comics for over ten years. I can teach children ages 10 and higher and young adults to construct their own comics and stories based on either personal experience or narrative stories.

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I'm an experienced artist/sculptor/painter with over 5 years experience and 3 years of mentoring experience! I specialize in realistic illisttations of people, clay sculptures, and painting with every

I begin with the basic techniques of drawing/painting/sculpting etc. And then move through the lessons with other traditional techniques as well as some of my own little tips and tricks that help with making art easier. As well as help student develop individual art style.

Adam d
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Concept Artist with 3 years of Experience looking to share the magic of Art.

My teaching technique is to first meet the student at their level and then find a way of teaching that best fits and motivates them. Art is something that should be enjoyed, and even if it can be stressful sometimes to learn things, there is no better feeling than learning something new and working on mastering it.

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Maximize your art by learning how to create, use, and interpret art

For most students or classes I start by teaching the elements and principles, along with the materials that we have. As we continue to work I encourage students to work with what they have, as we expand what they know.

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NC Certified K-12 Art Teacher providing one-on-one lessons from her home studio

Each lesson is uniquely crafted to fit the individual student. The hourly price covers all materials that will be needed to complete the lesson - students do not have to purchase the materials separately to attend.

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Awarded Artist(Fine Art) and Musician(Pianist/Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter) offers comprehensive lessons in Mobile, AL

I use both verbal and visual teaching methods. I am very flexible with teaching styles and am willing to cater to different individual's preferred learning methods. I teach undergraduate students as well as students still in grade school. I am here to help you learn not memorize. I take the necessary time to show how to execute valuable techniques and show proper implementations.

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Traditional and Digital Artist of 10 years specializing in animals and monsters

I give drawing lessons to beginner artists! I teach the basics of shapes and shading while also providing information about anatomy to create a more realistic rendering. I like to being with drawing from life because it allows the student to worry less about coming up with a fantastic drawing idea and allows them to learn and really understand the physicality of the subject.

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Visual Artist with eight years of experience teaches in a vast variety of medias such as, chalk/oil pastels, acrylic/watercolor paints, oil/spray paints, conté, charcoal, ink, and pencil(graphite/lead

Graduated high school with honor cords as Vice President of National Honor Society, currently attending college. Characteristics consist of being open minded, free spirited, curious, entertaining, and chatty. Depending on students’ self-discipline, overall lesson structure may be lose or strict.

Panama City
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Fashion Designer with 6 years of experiences gives illustration lesson at home in Panamá

My lessons are more practice, because you have to feel and live the illustration, we will know different techniques then you can decide your illustration style. We will start with base forms for release our hands making different traces. Put color in our draw is not always easy, we will know about chromatic circle, complementary colors, triads of color and color scale.

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Traditional Drawing/Animation Teacher, with 20+ years experience, offers lessons and shares experience!

My lessons start with drawing fundamentals and developing character anatomy. The lessons move to creating an environment where the character lives and their story. Depending on the focus of each student animation fundamentals can be reviewed and completed.

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I love art and want to share constructive feedback on how to improve techniques and composition of your painting!

I base my classes on fun! I am informational and constructive and want to help you with what you need help with! Art is an amazing way to express yourself and I want to help you find the best way to do it! I am a talented painter who paints with acrylic, oil paint, water color etc..

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Oil-on-Canvas, Acrylic, Water- color painting on varied surfaces. Exhibited work in galleries.

I pick up stuff according to student choice and creativity pattern and guide and provide shape to project. I also teach my style of painting, handicraft and fine art. I enjoy working on art projects and add creativity/ ideas.

Santa Clarita
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Freelance Creative available for traditional media tutoring with 10+ years of experience

Given the endless possibilities with art, I will work one-on-one with students. Based on their needs and desires, tutoring may consist of the following: feedback/critique, recommendations, resources, explanations of methods concerning specific concepts, etc. For example, if a student needs assistance in building a portfolio for art school I would go over their current body of work.

Richmond Heights
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Youthful Artist offering private and group lessons in a variety of media

I approach teaching by first assessing the needs of my individuals students, and determining how to meet them where they are in their experience level. I like to keep things light, and remind that failure is part of learning.

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Explore uncertainty and find your personal style. Art is subjective and your art will be amazing! checkout my website ahmadyassir.com

Student centered education, focus on the movements that brought us out of classic painting, such as dadism, surrealism and the subjectivity of art. I implement having a sketchbooks and I provide reading materials. I have brought change to three educational institutions by implementing my educational philosophy. I can also teach in Arabic.

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Recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Studio Art

What's the point of learning if it's not enjoyable? My goal is to help my students with their personal projects and artistic goals. I'm here to help you develop your own artistic style using the techniques and tricks I learned in my years as an art student. I am mainly looking to teach those who are beginners in art, but I would love to share what I have learned with anyone.

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Talented artist with over 8 years of experience illustrating and using other mediums

We would begin by finding out where you are as an artist, And what you want the lessons for.

San Marcos
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Artist wanting to share her gift with the creative kids out there!

I base my classes on what I have learned and what I have taught myself throughout the years.

Charter Township of Clinton
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Artist that can teach you how to draw, illustrate and paint in Macomb,MI

I'm a laid back instructor who loves to help beginning artists build confidence in art step by step. We would start out with a basic foundation of drawing basic shapes, shading and skeletal line drawing for the human figure. With painting we would first by learning to mixing colors, then coloring basic shapes with various brush techniques.

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Drawing & Illustration student with 3 years of college experience excited to help other art students!

In the past when I have been asked to show somebody how to execute a certain technique, I always go ahead and demonstrate visually, and explain my process or way of thinking as I am doing this.

El Paso
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Ceramics and Drawing University student offer drawing lessons in El Paso with advanced experience

I enjoy teaching students, focusing on creativity first and technique second. While technique is an important part in my lessons my focus is to not let it snuff out my students ability to creatively problem solve. Creative problem solving is the core to the art field and will take the student further no matter their skill level.

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Multi-Talented Art Teacher of 33 years tutors for portfolio prep, personal exploration and creativity.

I believe in the personal unique artistic voice of each student developed through technical mastery and work. Although each student has a different skill set and level, each student can harness their creativity through their own personal experience.

Wake Forest
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Comission Artist gives lessons using a variety of mediums on different subjects.

I start each lesson off teaching the techniques necessary for the subject matter. Then, I progress to how to create an effective sketch for the framework of the piece. After that, I continue to the shading and filling in the piece. Finally, I go over adding details to the art.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Art Student with two years experience teaching drawing, calligraphy, painting, and technical theatre, currently working in Washington, DC.

I approach each class by teaching practical and technical knowledge in a low pressure environment mean to foster growth and experimentation with various mediums. I also encourage special projects focused on the development of one's own conceptual and artistic style.

Elmwood Park
1st lesson offered free !

Junior illustration major at the American Academy of Art offering art lessons for first timers!

For first time artists I would love to give a basic overview of the fundamentals of art and the very basics of whatever medium you're interested in! For more experienced artists, my method would be more critique based to help guide you through your personalized art journey.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustrator and designer offers art and design to all levels lessons from Minneapolis

I teach people of all ages who are looking to hone their skills in a particular medium. Our lessons will be project-based and geared toward either learning the fundamentals of a medium or learning tips and tricks to sharpen your craft for more advanced students.

Los Angeles
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Freelance Professional Artist with over 10 years of experience gives 1 on 1 and group lessons from LA

My teaching method is to show students ways they can improve their art by example and by giving friendly advice. I can show you step by step how to draw or paint any subject you would like. Students can help plan their own lessons by talking to me with what they would like to work on, or my plan is to have an example of what to create and to help you create it.

Port Angeles
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Student who offers fun drawing and art lessons 3 years of experience.

My teaching method is having confidence in your work can make a great improvement, never be afraid to start off messy. Even though I am not a very advanced artist, I improve my weakness by doing them with bold confidence.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelance Artist and CCAD grad teaching digital and traditional drawing in the Columbus area.

My teaching approach is very visual and adaptable. Just as every work of art is unique, so is the way we learn as individuals. There's value in repetitive teaching of fundamentals. Great artists always remind you: "Draw what you see.

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Perfect! David is a lot of fun to work with, and is very flexible. I originally hired him to help me get a head start on art classes. We covered a lot of core concepts like gesture drawing, shape and form. As classes have started recently, we've moved into...

Scott, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Scarlett taught my 16 y/o niece how to draw her own cartoon strip from start to finish in a 1 week crash course of 10 hours spread over 5 2-hour lessons. My niece is working on finishing the strip right now, she had a great time and got the skills...

Martin, student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Juliana has been my oil painting art tutor for a few months, giving me in-home lessons. She’s terrific! I am a chaotic painter with not a lot of technical background and she’s been helping me to strengthen my technique, challenging me to make...

Jocelyn, student
3 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Julianna is a gift to anyone who wants to learn how to draw. She’s a wonderful teacher for people of any ages. She is on time, completely reliable. She offers feedback in an encouraging way. She makes you feel comfortable right away. In addition,...

Barbara, student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Nazia is a very knowledgeable teacher, and is clearly very passionate about art and teaching art. She is extremely accommodating and always eager to help. She makes sure that I am learning and understanding the fundamentals of drawing and art. I am...

Greg, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My son has been drawing comics and cartoons with Rafael for almost a year now and he made a huge progress! What I like about the lessons is that Rafael is systematic and patient. He is a real tutor, not just an artist who is trying to teach. Rafael...

Elena , student
5 months ago
(21 reviews)