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From the violin of Ingres to the control of the illusion in painting in charente-maritime

History of techniques / Apprehension of forms by shadow and light / Laws of perspective / Fresnel theory on color / Rubens theory on glacis and aerial perspective / Small chemistry classes / Preparation of funds and raw materials / Maintenance of the material / Practical course of classification of colors and their realization etc .....

1st lesson offered free !

Student in engineering has a taste for drawing. Here I come to share my joy of drawing with others.

My basic style of teaching is to gain subject's interests by allowing to adore the type of art they are interested in by challenging them to the maximum limit they feel they have.

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I love drawing sketching and I would love to spread this to all.I think sketching everyday keeps dullness away and i have a couple of years of experience .

My teaching method is I'll start with basic stuffs filled with joys and fun ,colors then gradually will increase the step .

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All age students and art lovers are open to join the class

Will teach you the best in a best way you all can relate to and enjoy the time you spend here.

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Best teacher for the drowning Fun with drowning play with colors imagination the world in drowning

My teaching method is very simple I teach from basic thinks and easy to learn for kids and students and me also enjoying the teaching and students are learning

Aditya kumar
1st lesson offered free !

Student in arts and crafts college teaching children drawing and painting techniques

My methods are simple and easy to learn ... The techniques are interesting and strong ..

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U have talent and i have ways to make u better at it :))

Well i believe in doin and learning...

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#Pehchan ek aseem soch Work for identity of all in unity for the world

To work in unity with all and for all without discrimination on any ground or at any place, education is for all

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Student of engineering giving tuition and tutorials on art and drawings painting to great artistic student

My teaching method is depending upon students mentality and the way he understands better I'll catch his frequency and I will teach him.

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Art and Painting tuition by national level winning teacher. All art forms

My teaching method is to start with outlining, then sketching, perpectives, pen drawing, water colour, oil pastel, oil painting, then crafting some beautiful things

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Offering arts and crafts coaching to students from jr KG to high school by 7 years experience in coaching teacher

- Practical craft work - drawing - coloring - painting - best from waste - home decor - clay modelling - sketching - canvas painting - water coloring

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Giving art and craft interests in each learners to creative things live

With care and energy for all curious learners with creative ideas to full fill their dreams and all kind of enthu

1st lesson offered free !

I am a professional artist noida based i can teach each and every forte of Art with a fun techniques

Noida Delhi based Artist with 7 years of experience i teach Art and Craft to the EVERY AGE GROUP FROM KG to fine arts students. I have done masters in Fine Arts my forte is best out waste graffiti paintings and all.


Artist and Archaeological Designer gives classes in drawing, painting and other plastic arts in Toulouse

My teaching method is practical. I base my courses on what the student wants or seeks, if the student had no idea I can suggest an idea and we can work on it. I approach the subject in a free but structured way, reaching goals.

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Graduate student in Design and Marketing, I give courses in different fields of art and I also accompany you well in your school projects, professional or private.

Through my studies and experience in the design, I bring you my help and my knowledge in many artistic areas such as design projects, art, drawing, painting ... I'm versatile, flexible and I know to listen to the student and his demands.

1st lesson offered free !

Game Art and Design university student gives traditional and digital drawing lessons

My teaching method is not strict, as I wish to guide the student rather than enforce hard and fast rules that they should or should not do. Rules are, of course, meant to be broken, however the student must know the rules before they can break them. I will provide them with assistance and support them, and help to teach them skills they can use in their own art.

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Student from a Design college in Mumbai is willing to give a drawing class to beginners and intermediate level students.

Flexible methodology that includes proven tools that are taught and used in arts and design schools to improve and learn drawing. Apart from the basics of drawings I also have developing strong storyboard supporting it.

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Tradition Artist offering lessons in drawing and painting. Fine detail artists for many years with many Techniques to share.

My teaching method is demonstration followed by one-to-one assistance. I have been selling my artwork for a few decades now, through both galleries & shops & started tutoring a couple of decades ago. My method is for the student to watch how I do the technique, then for them to have a go with guidance from me.

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My English club to spread the word English to all winners y

I would define myself as a problem solver and team worker who is focussed and thrives on rising up to challenges. I believe that my personality and skills put me in the right position to help create a stimulating learning environment.

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Canberra freelance artist teaching and give advice on illustration, drawing and painting (Canberra ANU SOA graduate, CCS art teacher)

KIDS Class: Teach cartoon drawing and quick sketch for developing observational skills and imagination. I currently teach 4-8 years old students at CCS, one theme in each class and using pictures, videos and stories to inspire children's creativity, at the same time, teach basic drawing skills including mixing colour, building composition, drawing through observation.

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Professional art teacher give drawing training to all age students in Melbourne

The lessons are about how to use right tool and material to paint,including oil painting and sketch.Painting skills training. *Theory of painting *Sketch training(from copy to create) *Oil painting training(from copy to create, it needs longer time in relative terms) *Paint with different materials.

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Drawing class with 10 year of experience give my dream come true

Start by having your students practice holding a pencil. ... Show your students how to sketch. ... Have your students sketch a simple object. ... Ask your students to harden and define the lines of their sketch. ... Finish the exercise by having your students add detail to their drawing.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustrator gives abstract art, painting classes, fashion illustration and mix media art classes as well.

I base my class taking into consideration the student's preferences and existing skill levels, introducing new techniques every class and pushing boundaries to enable the student to explore his or her hidden potentials. I am a fashion designer and an illustrator, I believe that everyone can paint and I look forward to teaching anyone who wants to learn.

South Brisbane
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DeviantArtist gives private digital and traditional art lessons to middle school students and upper

you will be taught the basics of digital art and traditional art. Learn color theory, how colors affect moods and how to use colors effectively. Learn to use various types of brush and create ones yourself. Learn techniques varying from basic to advanced. personalized lessons.

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With Arts And Crafts Lets Recreate From Waste Paint It To Life And Colour It And Come Alive..

working with the student in his/her comfort zone level.. slow steady.. with fun and enjoyment with all patience trying get his fear out is its a special case or to make him learn in a better form if its a normal case.. to achieve either way the goals we want to reach for..

New Delhi
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Always wanted to learn calligraphy ?? Here's the solution ....Get the best and most affordable classes here...

My only aim while teaching is that teach the way students want to learn and not the way I want to teach.

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Freelance artist , working and studying in Bangalore , with b.des (industrial design ) qualification . I'm capable of teaching art, design, painting and craft .

Each field of knowledge has different strategic methodology, it always results in efficiency and success at the same time , approaching the aim by procedure helps to understand better in planned time period . Consistency is the main criteria for buildung up.

1st lesson offered free !

Art is sn wonderful thing, If you want to learn that, contact me.

I have a very unique teaching method that students wont feel that they are here to study . . .

Dehu Road
1st lesson offered free !

The sub-headline here gets into the nitty-gritty of the offer, but does it flawlessly in a single sentence. Sim ple, straightforward and to the point.

If a researcher wants to know what people do under certain circumstances, the most straightforward way to get this information is sometimes simply to watch them under those circumstances

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Perfect! Scarlett taught my 16 y/o niece how to draw her own cartoon strip from start to finish in a 1 week crash course of 10 hours spread over 5 2-hour lessons. My niece is working on finishing the strip right now, she had a great time and got the skills...

Martin, student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Juliana has been my oil painting art tutor for a few months, giving me in-home lessons. She’s terrific! I am a chaotic painter with not a lot of technical background and she’s been helping me to strengthen my technique, challenging me to make...

Jocelyn, student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Julianna is a gift to anyone who wants to learn how to draw. She’s a wonderful teacher for people of any ages. She is on time, completely reliable. She offers feedback in an encouraging way. She makes you feel comfortable right away. In addition,...

Barbara, student
3 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Nazia is a very knowledgeable teacher, and is clearly very passionate about art and teaching art. She is extremely accommodating and always eager to help. She makes sure that I am learning and understanding the fundamentals of drawing and art. I am...

Greg, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My son has been drawing comics and cartoons with Rafael for almost a year now and he made a huge progress! What I like about the lessons is that Rafael is systematic and patient. He is a real tutor, not just an artist who is trying to teach. Rafael...

Elena , student
4 months ago
(21 reviews)

Perfect! Rafael was a great teacher. Each week he prepped the next step in a drawing fundamentals overview and walked through it with plenty of patience and good humor. In addition, his feedback on my works-in-progress was invaluable, and he took the time...

Samuel, student
8 months ago
(21 reviews)

Be supported by the best tutors in your drawing lessons

The artistics definition of drawing is that it is using different drawings instruments to create images and patterns on a paper , canvas or other two-dimensional medium. There is no hard and fast definition or agreement about whether an artist is made or born. However, if you, your child, sibling or someone that you know shows promise with the drawings that they can put down on paper or other medium, then it does no harm to develop this gift and passion. This gift can be refined and shaped for one to become an architect, sketch artist, canvas painter, graphic designer, interior designer or other career where a keen eye and natural inclination towards shapes, dimensions and creating effects is needed. The challenge might be how to get this natural talent honed. The best way would be with private lessons. The challenge with that might be finding one in your area. SuperPROF already went ahead and did that for you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a listing of 100,000 selected qualified teachers who offer private lessons all around the US. Collectively, they cover 250 subjects. You can find drawing teachers offering private drawing lessons in your area as well as an architecture tutor, cinema teacher, improvisational theater teachers and others offering acting lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and hone your skills.