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Illustrator gives courses in drawing, painting, illustration on Nantes. Bases for improvements, with any type of tools (pencil, pastel, oil, watercolor, gouache, pen tablet, mid-tei

Hello, I am a student illustrator to Pivaut school. I offer classes, drawing, painting, illustration and adapted to your level and your desires (needs and objectives). I propose to start, familiarize yourself with the tools of drawing and painting, and then evolve to the development and autonomy. You could thus for yourself your own images.

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we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment

Bonjour, Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 10ans, je propose mes services pour : design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, CAO, DAO, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design...

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Graduated in Technical and Artistic Design - classes of all kinds of drawing

I am Camila, my classes are aimed at all types of public, I teach workshops as well as classes in ages from 5 years to 50 years. I'm a tattoo artist, graduated and enrolled in Buenos Aires Tattoo. We begin by knowing the skills and tastes of each student and as a function of what they want / need to learn / advance in technique we develop it from the base.

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Student of Visual Arts teaches various techniques related to art and plastic

Face-to-face Practico / the student has the possibility of approaching art in a practical and proactive way, knowing different supports and materials to develop what he is looking for. I give classes for initial levels for children, teenagers and adults.

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Student of fine arts gives art Tuiton for every scale and for every class

My teaching method is doing art in practicality..and while using creativity.. i start it by first giving basic instructions and use..

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Offering arts and crafts coaching to students from jr KG to high school by 7 years experience in coaching teacher

- Practical craft work - drawing - coloring - painting - best from waste - home decor - clay modelling - sketching - canvas painting - water coloring

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Fine artist teaching digital and illustration with knowledge of classical drawing and sculpture

I am Esther, 24, graduated from fine arts and illustration, I have a classical and contemporary training description, I have the repertoire of art history and contemporary art reference, I use all kinds of media, from crayons to oil painting, to digital.

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Creative painting and Drawing classes at home and also classes for children

I completed degree in engineering and my passion is on drawing.i finished going drawing classes. so I decided to start drawing classes for children.i Will teach each and everyone to draw easily with simple techniques using alphabets, numbers and symbols.

New Addington
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Politics student providing humanities, art, science and math lessons to secondary school pupils in south-east and London areas.

Having recently completed my A-levels achieving A*AA and 6A*s, 3As at GCSE, I understand the current education system and can deliver lessons in a creative way. I believe the best way to learn a large amount of information is to make learning as fun as possible, from creating posters, powerpoints, flashcards, voice recordings etc... in order to immerse the student into the subject.

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'Artstogo' Art made easier for all levels, all media, online or one to one . I can come to you or you can come to me. I can travel within a 10 mile radius. Flexible hours are negotiable.

I am an artist, tutor,curator, exhibition organiser, and publicity officer for a gallery. I teach any level therefore I tailor my class to the person being taught. I can teach children from school age to adults of any age with any experience for most art subjects. If academic teaching is required I can do that also. I can concentrate on a particular requirement or teach a broader range.

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Collage drawing illustration artistic painting etc for everyone from internationally famous artist

I am an artist with around 27 years of creative experience. My classes are aimed at all at any level or age who like the arts. I adapt to the needs of each student. My delivery is 100%, showing all my knowledge.

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Here's Flatfoot_BABA for students of architecture. Perspective, Sketching & Architectural Drawing+Rendering by hand lessons for NATA(National Aptitude Test in Architecture) appearing students and 1st

Hello, I am a final year student of Architecture from Pune University. I'm here to help 1st to 3rd year Architecture students with free-hand Drawing, Sketching, Architectural renderings, Paintings. I can be a guide to NATA(National Aptitude Test in Architecture) appearing students for Perspectives, Logo design, 2D/3D compositions as well.

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Digital illustration classes: Learn the basics of drawing and digital illustration. On-site classes with online support. Barcelona.

In this course you will learn the basics of drawing and illustration in several blocks: Anatomy, perspective, composition, color and digital techniques. You will learn how to use various programs of drawing and editing images to create your artwork in 100% digital format, edit them and use them in various types of projects (print, web, video games).

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Uni student with GSCE in Fine Art gives lessons to any age pupils in London

My name is Maria, i'm a Classical Studies student (Archeology) and a part time artist. My speciality is in Fine art's and watercolour painting, i am more than happy to teach any ages the skills and methods i use and to be flexible with your current skills so that you may develop naturally and enjoy each lesson.

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French graphic designer graduated from ENSAAMA offers drawing classes for all new and support to students in applied arts and graphic design in Paris and the suburbs.

Knock Knock ! My name is Chloé, I'm 20 and I am graduated from ENSAAMA in graphic design. I love illustration and comics, I use a lot of different tools (pens, pastels, pencils ...) but also digital tools. So I can as well teach you the basics of drawing from observation, as help you to produce audiovisual projects.

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During Visual Arts workshop and space - Concept and Technique - a young artist graduated

Hello, After six years of artistic training between France and Belgium, I develop a practical and multidisciplinary artistic projects. The pedagogy keystone I propose is the exchange and discussion, so that education provides is in line with the aspirations and (s) project (s) of the student. Monitoring project on technical education (manual or computer).

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So many great artists are there.....but I only make good artist..feel the magic of water and colour..

I believe in outdoor paintings.. If u wana truly learn something then learn from the nature bcoz nature is the best guide...and I prefer to paint in nature..I have my own gallery...I used to go outdoor daily.. And I have painted 1000 paintings last yr..

New Delhi
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Architecture final year student: can teach basic and advanced drawing skills for all ages and requirements

This subject requires a lot if patience, it is a slow process. My method would involve a mix of imparting skills with a certain amount of individualistic freedom.

Greater London
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College student in art giving drawing and painting lessons to secondary school pupils in London

My technique is sweet and simple that is to do it the easier and attractive way. Just try to get the feel of learning the better way. If not satisfied no fee will be charged at all. Thank you very much.

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Professional artist from Thane, sharing his knowledge in Painting and Sculpting with art seekers.

Natural flair for and ease of drawing, Painting, Sculpting translates, abstract thoughts/concepts to appealing visuals. Created master copies of great artists, worked on giant size hand painted posters, Paintings and Sculptures. Is adept at both in manual and digital rendering.

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Goldsmiths university student gives online tutoring and discussion about your art practice

I am currently studying for my BA Fine Art degree at Goldsmiths, mostly specialising in sculpture however encorpirating a range of techniques. Here to discuss and give guidance to any age. I can help with both practical solutions and backing up your work with research and discussion.

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Learn to develop graphic narratives (comic) effectively. Learn how to translate your ideas into paper

These classes and consultancies are addressed to anyone who is interested in learning to translate their stories into sequential drawings. "You will learn the power of perspective. -The importance of a color palette. - The need to use the environment to tell your story - Intelligently design your character - How to structure a story from beginning to end.

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Hobbiest Puneit Sculpture specialised in Ganesha Idols and decorative forms ready for the lessons. Sculptures are forms through nothingness of clay! and delicate form of expression and they talk to re

The most important thing about sculpture is the Clay. It has to be Solid enough for strength and fluid enough for durabilitya and mouldeability. Making a clay is the important aspect to learn in first lesson.

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Illustration and aesthetics of graphic, editorial , branding and printing making design

I take up the challenge of giving classes to everyone who is interested in the illustration and graphic aspect of design. Teaching through the history of art movements and its evolvement into the design. I follow a very traditional aspect of the teaching which I learnt during my studies which involve in both the theory and practice.

Lyon 7e
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Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), I give art classes for beginners Hi, My name Vianney, I'm 24 and I'm studying music in preparation of a Master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover I acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

Kingston upon Thames
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MA fine art student available for one on one art classes ASAP

I am an MA student who is doing an MA in filmmaking and my BA was in Fine Art Painting and Art History. I already have experience as an assistant art teacher with adults and am willing to help people with various craft/art projects or guidance they might need.

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Cambridge based multi-disciplinary Artist give lessons on technique but also the thinking behind art and its composition.

Lessons are based around a series of exercises, occasionally timed, to teach ways of seeing and thinking about a drawn subject. A critical discussion of the work will happen afterwards to see isee what has been made. Depending on the needs and desires of the student, we can expand this in the direction the student wishes to go.

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Art is everywhere and we are!, every location, by non commercial artist

Hi, I am currently studying fine art in Goldsmiths university on Second year. I am international, bilingual, worldwide, and I travel quite much. I like philosophy, film and performance. Even acting, I have a certification of an acting class from Central saint martins as well. We will work through your life, thoughts, mind and feelings emotions whatever you want to go through.

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Drawing / painting / crafts / art history classes with a professional artist

MFA in Painting: ENSAV-La Cambre (Brussels, BE) Bachelor in Arts and History of Art: University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, USA) I offer highly personalized art classes to individuals and small groups: - drawings (charcoal, crayons, pastel, collage ...

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Graphic designer teaches drawing, digital illustration and comic in Guadalajara, Jalisco

I'm Dalia Gonzalez, a senior semester Graphic Design and author of the book under the pillow found in bookstores porrua. I teach illustration with various techniques (watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and digital). Also basics cartoon and comics, in addition to its classic development with ink or directly in digital.

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Perfect! I needed an art teacher to give me some accountability for a personal practice in drawing, and to help push my art to another level. My main goal in working with Erika was to learn how to draw faces and, more importantly, to learn *how to learn*...

Samuel, student
2 weeks ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Tatiana was truly amazing! She motivated me to learn and helped me see I can do anything if I really want to! Too bad she had to move from Cincinnati =(

Ellen, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! "Rusana is such a great drawing teacher that I have met before. Not only are her skills in the drawing but her other for other language skills like the English wonderful. When I look for a drawing teacher for my daughter, I needed to find someone...

Sungtae, student
8 months ago
(3 reviews)

Be accompanied by the best teachers for your drawing lessons

The artistics definition of drawing is that it is using different drawings instruments to create images and patterns on a paper , canvas or other two-dimensional medium. There is no hard and fast definition or agreement about whether an artist is made or born. However, if you, your child, sibling or someone that you know shows promise with the drawings that they can put down on paper or other medium, then it does no harm to develop this gift and passion. This gift can be refined and shaped for one to become an architect, sketch artist, canvas painter, graphic designer, interior designer or other career where a keen eye and natural inclination towards shapes, dimensions and creating effects is needed. The challenge might be how to get this natural talent honed. The best way would be with private lessons. The challenge with that might be finding one in your area. SuperPROF already went ahead and did that for you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a listing of 100,000 selected qualified teachers who offer private lessons all around the US. Collectively, they cover 250 subjects. You can find drawing teachers offering private drawing lessons in your area as well as an architecture tutor, cinema teacher, improvisational theater teachers and others offering acting lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and hone your skills.