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Sioux Falls
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Artist with over 30 years of experience in fine arts and teaching up and coming artists

I teach students key skills, enabling them to draw accurately what they see, and design creatively what they imagine. I interact easily with students, from age 15 through adults. I help those students who have natural artistic ability to enhance and broaden their skills, and those who feel they have no artistic talent to successfully develop skills in drawing, painting.

Royal mark
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Proven but radically different system of drawing education taught by experienced artist.

I base my classes on the idea of stopping the brain of the student from symbolizing something they see in favor of drawing what they are seeing. After that, study of Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters provides basic forms which are carefully copied and understood by the student. Then the student begins copying drawings of high quality by historic masters of the craft.

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I'm a fine artist with 5 years of teaching experience in Austin, Texas

I think the most important thing as a teacher is being abled to adapt to my students and understand that we are all different, have different talents, and are abled to learn at out own individual pace. I am very discipline and expect students to be discipline enough for their age, but I also want them to have fun and enjoy their lessons.

New York
(1 review)
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20 years teaching painting, drawing, spanish and ️loving it, located in New York City

Letting my students have a voice on what interests them is very important. Encouraging them to create and seek what they like. I try to be as open minded as posible to help my students and always respect their style and decisions. I raised 5 children and two of my boys love to paint even studied art.

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Self-taught artist offering art lessons in Houston with 3 years of experience.

I like to start out my lessons with black and white drawings/paintings. I teach individuals what you can do with only two colors. After that, I add a color a time. I also allow students to choose what they would like to learn, any topics they're struggling with, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

College Painter who gives love and enjoyment for every stroke of each brush to create beautiful masterpieces.

My teaching method is to get the young adults/ or children to express their inner creativity and embrace their emotions. Creating peace within themselves, confidence and passion for what may potentially inspire them to do in life and become.

1st lesson offered free !

Quirky art teacher with a DBS, training for PGCE. Artist by trade.

I like to find out why the student might be struggling first. This is often due to the fact that the teachers in the educational establishment are not spending the time with the student to understand why they may be struggling. I then build upon this.

1st lesson offered free !

Art Rules Us All.........Without It, The Entire World Would Truly Stop Turning!

Have you ever imagined the world without any artwork? If not, try to do so. How would you feel? How do you think the world would fare without artwork? Do you think we as a whole would be just as progressive or regressive? Art is extremely important when it comes to our daily lives. Therefore, it is imperative that all students learn the wonderful world of artwork.

1st lesson offered free !

Visual Arts Graduate from San Bernardino with a focus on painting offering lessons in Fine Art

My teaching method is to start with a small activity as an opener. The opener is related to the lesson and it is just a fun way to introduce them to the lesson. From there I introduce the lesson and provide a visual aid to introduce them to an artist and different art styles.

Bronx County
1st lesson offered free !

Love drawing? Want to learn how to draw and have fun doing it? Tune in and learn from home

My teaching style is a simple and step by step process. I start with a written lesson, present you with the finished art and guide you from start to finish on how to draw it step by step.

1st lesson offered free !

Business Administrative with years of experience willing to teach online classes in Ga

I have worked in the school system for about 10 years as Assistant. I received my MBA in 2015. I am willing to assign particular assignments to complete along with the reading portion. I enjoy helping others to learn achieve and grow.

1st lesson offered free !

Animation student offering and lessons on layouts and different ways of drawing with 7 years experience

I am a motivated ambitious teacher and learner, with experience with the different techniques and layouts on drawing, with the passion to learn and teach others about what I am capable of doing.

1st lesson offered free !

Textile designer and Visual artist giving fine art lessons to all ages. A 3 year experience as a graphic artist for social mobile games and a 2 year experience as a textile designer.

I have an MFA in Visual Communication from University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. A BFA in Textile design from National College of Arts, Lahore. I have been studying art since my O-levels and Al-levels. I am available to teach all ages and help art student including elementary, high school, undergraduates and graduates with their art portfolio, development of new skills and art assignments.

1st lesson offered free !

Interested in learning hands on? I am located in Camden, Maine and willing to travel within 50 miles. I am a former firefighter and am looking to help others succeed.

I have my High School Diploma, I went to college for 2 years and afterwards could not financially afford it. The degree I was studying was for Fire Science- Associates Degree. I work hard, I am motivated to help others be successful and to teach them that it really isn't as hard as you think it may be.

New Haven
1st lesson offered free !

Individual artist in the Fort Wayne area, I love to teach children. I think you can have fun while learning so I combine games into my teaching and tutoring.

My teaching method is based on engaging the student (s) with a fun hands on approach, there is no reason for teaching a student and art class if they are unable to actually create the art themselves and have fun while doing it!

1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to learn on how to express your self well I am the the one who can give you beginners sketch

My teaching methods are to be step by step with also a little add in for art History’s. When a child is stuck on a level then it means the lesson should be breaking down more to a more easy level.

1st lesson offered free !

Art student offering art lessons in Oklahoma City with 3 years of experience

My method of teaching is using examples of bad and good art for the topic of teaching to compare the two, let my students practice drawing the topic of teaching for the timespan of how long we’ll be doing so, and letting them ask questions if they have any.

1st lesson offered free !

Lifelong artist gives amazing drawing lessons in Colorado that have you making masterpieces in no time!

My teaching method is based off student personal passion as central theme for creativity to create a long lasting enthusiasm for artistic appreciation and achievement.

1st lesson offered free !

Chalk pastel, pencil sketch and watercolor specialist! Recieved multiple awards in Honolulu, Hawaii for perspective landscapes and layered pastel portraits.

My teaching method is unique to every student. I hone in on your strengths to build them up and strategically create exercises to improve your shortcomings. Every pupil is unique and I can help you to find ways to become your best.

1st lesson offered free !

Award winning professional artist and art educator with over 20 years experience.

My teaching method is to begin at my student's level of understanding and to further develop their skill set through my demonstrations, their hands-on application of that information, and by providing them with course hand-outs for practice and remediation.

Terre Haute
1st lesson offered free !

I am WIL your willing instructor in all things art and design after all "where there's a WIL there's a WAY" Since I am WIL let me show you the WAY to being the greatest artist you can be I guarantee.

One on one, or in groups focused on developing the artists eye, projects and hands on crafts to inspire even the timid of heart I believe the difference between a Master artist and a beginner is not in how many mistakes you make, but in what you do with them when you make them for one man's catastrophe is another man's greatest triumph of artistic genius.

1st lesson offered free !

Parsons the new school for design, fashion design graduate and freelancing designer/illustrator

My teaching method would depend on the student and see where there starting from, talk about what they wish to improve on. I would demonstrate, have them follow and then give advice on how to improve.

1st lesson offered free !

• Mandala Drawings lover and teacher • Instagram influencer (sistexts & chaylinchanaga) • Venezuelan living in the US

I like to teach people based on how they are personally and their own way of learning, I don't like to have a specific way of teaching because everyone is different.

1st lesson offered free !

High school senior with lifetime of art experience willing to teach drawing.

I prefer interactive teaching and hands on learning. I'm willing to make this tutoring a well earn of your money and most importantly an experience you will not regret. I'm also a nerd so I'll try tying other pop culture into the learning to make it more pleasing to different age groups.

1st lesson offered free !

Artist w/ Knowledge in Multiple Art Fields and Portfolio Prep For Admission

I can give lessons to anyone of any age. The basics for art can be easily understood by anyone and even younger children can be taught easily. I begin with evaluations to see what the students already know and can do. Then from there I ask what they want and where they want to get to. We work on those things and I'll even critique their work like universities do.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine art instructor, can teach in acrylic paint or drawing in pencil and chalk, in and around County Orange area. Twenty years experience with all ages.

my teaching method depends on what the students want to learn. Of course most of the time that means a lot more because of what they don't know.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced High School Drawing and Painting Teacher looking to tutor in free time

I prefer to teach in person as it's important to be drawing from life and I have lots of great still life materials to practice with. I am most used to a classroom setting with 15-25 students and would love to give group lessons. I have recently started teaching more using online resources for my students and have enjoyed exploring this option.

1st lesson offered free !

Animation student offering school advice as well as lessons to all online

I'm willing to teach anyone from Freshman to High School Seniors looking for the next big step. Subjects I am strongest to teach are portraits, color theory, anatomy, and character building. I strive to teach how to successfully make a presence online, how to choose the right school (for any interested art subject), as well as what to expect from your academic experience.

1st lesson offered free !

I will welcome each child with a smile and greet them to my class.

I'm a friendly person I am very hands-on I love getting to know each child

Ypsilanti Charter Township
(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Stylistart Art Teacher of painting Drawing portraiture drawindYpsilsnti Michigan,professional certification to teach grades k-12 and adult lessons in drawing,painting

I am a professional Artist retired from teaching Art in AA Arbor Public Schools for 28 years.I specialize in drawing and painting.I sell my work especially portraits all over the world. I have an Associates Degree in Art from Delta College,and Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration form Saginaw Valley State College,professional license to teach Art from Eastern Michigan University.

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Perfect! David is a lot of fun to work with, and is very flexible. I originally hired him to help me get a head start on art classes. We covered a lot of core concepts like gesture drawing, shape and form. As classes have started recently, we've moved into...

Scott, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Scarlett taught my 16 y/o niece how to draw her own cartoon strip from start to finish in a 1 week crash course of 10 hours spread over 5 2-hour lessons. My niece is working on finishing the strip right now, she had a great time and got the skills...

Martin, student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Juliana has been my oil painting art tutor for a few months, giving me in-home lessons. She’s terrific! I am a chaotic painter with not a lot of technical background and she’s been helping me to strengthen my technique, challenging me to make...

Jocelyn, student
3 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Julianna is a gift to anyone who wants to learn how to draw. She’s a wonderful teacher for people of any ages. She is on time, completely reliable. She offers feedback in an encouraging way. She makes you feel comfortable right away. In addition,...

Barbara, student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Nazia is a very knowledgeable teacher, and is clearly very passionate about art and teaching art. She is extremely accommodating and always eager to help. She makes sure that I am learning and understanding the fundamentals of drawing and art. I am...

Greg, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My son has been drawing comics and cartoons with Rafael for almost a year now and he made a huge progress! What I like about the lessons is that Rafael is systematic and patient. He is a real tutor, not just an artist who is trying to teach. Rafael...

Elena , student
5 months ago
(21 reviews)

Be supported by the best tutors in your drawing lessons

The artistics definition of drawing is that it is using different drawings instruments to create images and patterns on a paper , canvas or other two-dimensional medium. There is no hard and fast definition or agreement about whether an artist is made or born. However, if you, your child, sibling or someone that you know shows promise with the drawings that they can put down on paper or other medium, then it does no harm to develop this gift and passion. This gift can be refined and shaped for one to become an architect, sketch artist, canvas painter, graphic designer, interior designer or other career where a keen eye and natural inclination towards shapes, dimensions and creating effects is needed. The challenge might be how to get this natural talent honed. The best way would be with private lessons. The challenge with that might be finding one in your area. SuperPROF already went ahead and did that for you. SuperPROF is a US-based website with a listing of 100,000 selected qualified teachers who offer private lessons all around the US. Collectively, they cover 250 subjects. You can find drawing teachers offering private drawing lessons in your area as well as an architecture tutor, cinema teacher, improvisational theater teachers and others offering acting lessons. Get onto SuperPROF, find your tutor and hone your skills.