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Open and friendly professional ballet dancer that gives lessons from Milwaukee, WI or Madison, WI

I love to teach my students extensive knowledge about their own body so that they know and accept what they are working with. I stress the what,why,how,when,and where of each muscle to students so they not only are aware of their body at all times, but have a greater idea of where their real limit is and push beyond that.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance Mama with Dance degree offering supplemental beginning modern and ballet lessons in North Carolina.

My teaching method is one in which I assess a student's ability, and then work on areas that need the most improvement. I like to work on a beginning level with ballet technique in order to make students aware of proper body position.

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We all carry a vibe that comes out when we dance. A lot of us are just shy but wish we could learn from our own home. I am here to help you with just that. Learn how to dance in the comfort of your ow

I go with the students speed & let their body speak to me, not their words. I know dancing takes time but done consistently I know anyone that works with me will get it down.

(21 reviews)

Initiation to Latin dance, varied rhythms, salsa, bachata, kizomba with or without experience in dance.

I am a Marketing student and a contemporary dance dancer, I will show you the entrances and exits of the floor, coordination and simultaneous choreography, basic positions, resistance and flexibility. Progressive training, breathing and proper care of the joints is the most important !.

(3 reviews)

Dance Classes in Medellin. DISCOUNTS IN MAY. Salsa, bachata, contemporary, physical conditioning and stretching.

Always willing to listen to my students to develop personalized learning programs in order to achieve their goals efficiently. From the somatic approach the classes are varied, using resources such as: Imitation, voice-word, visual, imagination, among others. In addition to personalized classes, also learning programs for couples and groups.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
(17 reviews)
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Individual dance lessons or in small groups modern Jazz, Bachata, African dance, Burlesque Girly or any level and any age

Dancing lessons are all levels and all ages. Ideal for an initiation, playful fitness, preparing a big event or just for the fun of learning to dance like your favorite stars. The duration is usually 1:30 starting with a warm-up, then learning the basic steps and choreography. The burlesque classes are perfect to learn how to seduce for women of all ages.

(55 reviews)
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Kizomba Teacher at the Dance School Paris Salsa Academy, I give home classes to help people improve and gain confidence

You want to discover the Kizomba because everyone around you talk about it and curiosity begins to boil inside, you're a beginner, intermedium Dancer or confirmed, or you are passionate and you just want to improve your skills and learn new techniques, you've come to the right place ...

(12 reviews)
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Learn to Dance in any occasion (initiation to dance, parties, weddings ...) Cascais and Lisbon

Who is dancing is happier! I use a very creative methodology, using the imagination of my students, allowing, in addition to technique, to learn to dance by themselves. I love teaching and I pretend the classes to be always dynamic and fun, respecting students based on the philosophy of body and movement.

(4 reviews)

Enjoy dancing with art and compass in Seville professional teacher of Seville

Classes aimed at beginners and people who have been dancing for several years and want to perfect, so that the dance comes from the feeling, doing the dance with their technique and thus be able to improvise, set up choreography based on the beat, etc.

(7 reviews)

Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

(11 reviews)
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Teacher with 15 years of experience in Wedding Dance - Lisbon and Setúbal

Licensed professor at the School of Dance of Lisbon, she created and developed an effective and fast method especially for choreographies for opening of lane in weddings. Customized choreographies adapted to each couple with original elements. Classes can be at home or in a studio Rented: Setúbal, Montijo, Lisboa, Corroios.

(2 reviews)
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Flamenco Dance and Sevillanas. All levels. Teacher with a lot of experience and patience. Center of Seville.

My name is Clarisa and I dance flamenco more than 15 years ago in tablaos, and I travel frequently abroad to teach dance and singing classes. I give classes for all levels and I always try that each student will learn while having a good time. I complement classes with cante since I am also a cantaora. My studio is in the Corralones de la calle Castellar.

(8 reviews)
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Bellydancer and Latin dancer (salsa, bachata, etc) offers you to discover the bellydance through many Latin inspirations.

I start the class with a calm warm-up to connect to his body. During this warm-up, you wake up the different parts of your body. Thereafter, I begin with simple exercises based on the posture (essential for a beautiful poise), on the position of the hands, and on the walk. The details and finish of each movement is essential on stage.

(7 reviews)
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Professor of dance, in the discipline of Latin rhythms (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), with great experience in private classes, groups, choreographies, etc ... Great availability

Teacher and dancer with 15 years of experience in the area of ​​Latin rhythms (salsa, bachata and Kizomba). Classes directed to needs of any level, whether you want to start from scratch or want to dance at a high level. The work system is focused on technique, understanding and musical interpretation in a carefree environment.

Centro Histórico de Porto Alegre
(7 reviews)
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Graduated in Lic. Dance / Creative Dance Classes in Porto Alegre - Children and Adult / Help for teachers in the development of lesson plans for children

Graduated in Dance by Ulbra Canoas, as a focus in Creative Dance (consciousness and corporal expression), for children and adults. Development of lesson plans aimed at the playful one for works with children. Choreography for schools / groups. Experience with children and adolescents.

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Dance movement therapist & a Bharatanatyam dancer, spreading knowledge & movement awareness thought dance

I teach dance in a very unique method. as a therapist, i involve connectivity to self through dance. I teach bharatanatym in a discipline manner yet in a fun and self exploring way . as a movement therapist, my aim is to develop the person in physical, emotional, cognitive and social way.

Paris 18e
(4 reviews)
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Classical, contemporary and jazz dancer gives private bar class, up to three people in Paris in his apartment of the 18th or at home

During my classes I work posture, relaxation, tonicity, breathing and relaxation in music and mixing classical and contemporary technique. Degressive rates depending on the number of classes per week and the number of students, no more than three, to work in depth and make the necessary corrections to each to progress more quickly.

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Teacher and passionate of oriental dance offers online and face-to-face classes in for beginner and intermediate levels.

I try to adapt my methodology to the student since each person has a different rhythm of learning, interests and objectives. So I will teach you technique, expression and how to handled some elements used in oriental dance (or belly dance) depending on what you expect to get from it.

Maria clara
1st lesson offered free !

Classical dance initiation classes. With intermediate / advanced level dancer. Lessons with mixed techniques.

Student dance with 12 years of experience in classical ballet. First experience as a teacher. Dynamic classes, developing according to the student's limitations and their focus. Mixed techniques, trying to bring different contents to the maximum. Depending on the student's interest, there may also be a mix of practical and theoretical classes.

Nova Higienópolis (Jandira)
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Dance Hall, private or groups / Forró, Bolero, Zouk, Gafieira and others / Granja Viana, Jandira, Barueri, Cotia and region / Teacher who prioritizes the pleasure of dancing, uniting technique and sen

Classes designed for audiences of all ages and at all levels. Methodology of teaching that prioritizes the pleasure of dancing, sensations and technique, much beyond the step. Classes include stretching, separate movements to acquire dance body, studies of steps, technical exercises for body and near consciousness, dancing practices.

Quinta do Conde
Maria inês
1st lesson offered free !

Science student, I give dance initiation classes and Mathematics until 11th grade

I try to give my classes openly to suggestions and in a clear way that everyone realizes, I am currently in the 11th year and I intend to continue on the path of science. I try to find the best ways to realize what I explain in the best possible way. I am available for all subjects up to the 9th grade.

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COURSE SUITABLE FOR YOU! 2 dance teachers (Hiphop, House, contemporary) & DJ

We focus on improvisation, musicality and respect of body and mind. Because we are all different, we will adapt ourselves to your needs. Depending on your abilities and your desires, our goal is that you can have fun and progress.

(1 review)
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Is your passion the dance? Take the first step and join my Flamenco Dance classes (bulerías, tangos, soleá, rumba, etc.); Bowling School

I have the master in teacher training. My skill and experience with flamenco dancing and my knowledge as a teacher are the perfect combination. I always look for new ways of teaching, to transmit my knowledge in a personalized way and connecting with my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Dance student in Manchester I would like to bring you some of my creative world and give you some tips!

I would like to share with you what I like. it is with passion that I will give you classes. Depending on the student's requests, I will be good advice and try to help him in technique and creativity. Repetition, confidence and fun are key.

(3 reviews)
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Break dance classes! More than 9 years of experience in 5 countries. Kinesiologist and Personal trainer.

The Breakdance structure (top rock, footwork, freezes, tricks & powermoves) and its correspondence within the Hip Hop culture will be taught. Fundamentals, styles, vocabulary, rhythm, musicality. As the students progress and create their bases, we will add elements and complexity.

(12 reviews)
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Latin Dances Instructor (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Kizomba) teaches you to dance from scratch!

My classes are trully focused on the social dance, where I give my students all the tips and tools,so that they can defend themselves and enjoy themselves on a dance floor, be it a party, a romantic date with their couple, marriages or any celebration.

(6 reviews)
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Learn african dancing at top level and learn to be sure of yourself.

I always try to look at what level someone is when I warm up. Based on that I can start with those. I also find it important to know what you would like to learn, from there I can also continue working.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Fine arts student gives jazz / contemporary / hip-hop classes for beginners / intermediate

I would adapt my courses to the needs of the student and his request, in a rigorous but relaxed atmosphere Depending on the choice of the student we can work flexibility, technique or choreography. Heating included.

1st lesson offered free !

Gina Ramses, professional dancer, oriental dance teacher, oriental Zumba coaching and choreographer, at your disposal to wear a dream body!

My teaching method is a spiral method, I repeat and I add, I start with the repertoire 1 which is based on the ripples for the beginners, the repertoire 2, the arms and the hands for the intermediate level, the repertoire 3 , the instrumental, orchestral and vocal rules related to each movement of the body, the repertoire 4, it is the semi - professional level, the dancer presents a solo...

(3 reviews)
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Profe in Córdoba of Urban Dances (Breaking, Skills, Footwork,) individuals and academies.

Classes for children, youth and adults. Private and group classes. Theoretical and practical Hip Hop concepts as culture, its elements, values, and disciplines. Stretching exercises and development of strength and endurance. Personal and group choreographic sequences. Preparation for competitions o.

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