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San Diego
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Senior Health Care & Admin, California. Over 22 yrs of experience providing health care and operation of a residential business for seniors. Education: Health Sciences, Nurse training, Residential Adm

My teaching method is lecture, visuals, student interaction, reading, question and answer. The content will be reading, topic presentation, group presentation, visuals, recommended field trip with prior confirmation. Additionally career information and a full assignment to target your ladder for your career.

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Licensed Masters Social Worker 36 years experience providing lessons in Health and Social Sciences with the Elderly Population.

My teaching method is Student Centered utilizing the Humanistic and Systems Approach. I instruct non degree, associate, bachelor, master, doctorate level, non-professional, professional and caregiver(family taking care of elderly love one) students. My classes are based on the students need and a lot of student participation. I approach each topic with an introduction, purpose and meaning.

Albert Lea
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Healthcare worker with over 40 years experience with the elderly population of today

I teach by the old fashion values, meaning is this how you would want to be treated and respected. I am open minded and very outspoken, this way you too will learn how to treat the baby boomers of today.

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RN over 27 years experience in Nursing areas of Education, ICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Management and NCLEX Review

NCLEX Review Books, Repetition of information and applying information in the aspects of care given to patients by the student. I use Quizzes, one on one communication, questions asked by students and information given in simple terms for student to understand.

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LPN in south Jersey offering assistance to nursing students needing assistance in the basic fields.

I strive to help my students understand the information their struggling with in a way that is simple and easy to recall while working in the field.

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Long Beach
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Experienced nurse offering tutoring assistance for nursing school exams and the NCLEX!

I give lessons to nursing students on topics spanning from Pathophysiology, Critical Care, Pharmacology and Medical-Surgical nursing. I also provide NCLEX review assistance. In addition, my teaching method incorporates comprehensive coursework to assist in understanding of must know nursing topics.

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Teaching others how to stay young, strong & healthy is what I live for!!!

My name is Minister Sylvia & I live my life according to the Book of Life (Holy Bible) and I teach others based on the fact that we now have eternal life.

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Nursing Professor with 20 years experience offering NCLEX and Nursing tutoring and coaching

My methodology is based on the individual or group. I use different resources and teaching strategies that include but are not limited to: concept based learning active/creative connection techniques , technology programs test bank questions, handouts, videos and more. I give continuous support in person, on the phone and via text......... which creates a comfort between the student and myself.

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Excel in Sciences, nursing, ACT/SAT and more ~ 9+ years of experience!

I am a tutor who uses various and new approaches to teach a subject matter. If I realize one method is not working, I will turn to others and to my colleagues. If I feel you would work better with a different person, I will tell you. I truly believe having a good tutor is about having a good match. I think that everything can somehow be made interesting or be made applicable to your life.

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Nursing Tutor with 8 years of clinical experience Weston, FL to all ages

My teaching method is student oriented. I coach undergraduate and graduate level of nursing students. Based on your learning style, we can achieve the score, pass the exam you need to move on one step closer to your goal! Below are just some of the examples of how I would help you to be successful.

1st lesson offered free !

Become a MDS Specialist in one week, learning the Medicare A and PPS process.

My teaching Methodology is Facilitator it promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. This style trains students to ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration; it is ideal for student engagement with structured lecturing.

St. George
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CNA & NCMA with 3 years experience CNA and 2 years experience NCMA

I like to use all methods because I myself use all methods to learn.

Fort Wayne
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Nursing Professor MEd, MSN-CM, RN, CHEP in med-surg nursing field since 2013

I use a variety of teaching methods depending on what the subject content involves. I have powerpoints, visuals, videos, handouts and more. I usually take a content title and break it down into simplify terms for student understanding.

Ellicott City
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Registered Pharmacist with years of experience in opportunities for pharmacists. I am in the Baltimore, MD rea.

I approach every situation a a new challenge. There re many avenues to getting the positive results.

College Station
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Masters Prepared RN with 34 years of clinical experience, College Station, TX

I have a Master's in Nursing Education. Our goal will be to keep our eyes on the prize. To reach the bedside must pass your classes and board exams. Together we'll figure out what the teacher is asking and how the tests are designed.

Toa Baja
1st lesson offered free !

Medical Student offering Science, Physiology, Anatomy lessons in Puerto Rico Area!! Lets go to make study fun!! :)

I like to individualized the study method!! But I always say this: You and your friends can have the same materials for study....the difference is HOW each one use those materials! I will help you to use your time properly and techniques that help to retain more information during the study process. Sometimes simple things like: sleep deprivation make the difference.

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Qualified and experienced Health and Social Care NVQ Assessor and Training Consultant

My teaching method is mainly Instructor-Led Training for individuals or group. Although I prefer face to face sessions because of its personal interaction and flexibility, I also do remote training sessions via skype, google hangouts or any other online platform convenient to the learner.

1st lesson offered free !

Nutritionist with extensive experience in the field of nursing and care support up to level 6

My support is delivered online (no face to face meetings). My sessions involve steering students to find the answers themselves through essay plans, spider diagrams, stretching questions, as the students understanding of the topic is essential to achieve the high grades.

1st lesson offered free !

Skype/Zoom sessions. Tutoring since 2013. Nursing students! Undergraduate and postgraduate tutoring

Online tutoring specializing in busy mature students and those juggling family and work commitments. I focus on strengthening students study approaches, exam preparation, writing and higher level scholarship skills. After hours sessions not a problem.

Glen Iris
1st lesson offered free !

Graduate nurse tutors human biology and nursing studies to high school and university students

The way I teach, I break it down into the most simplest form until they understand the concept. I also relate it to their life experiences to make the learning more fun and easier to deal with.

1st lesson offered free !

Student nurse! I'm offering help for exams and practical work in Scotland

I will happily read over and give examples and research tips for essays, help with layout of answers in exams and for practical parts of courses I offer quizzes on situations that may occur and how you would handle them. I will personalise lessons to your learning style for example, visual, audio or kinesthetic.

1st lesson offered free !

Medical Doctor and Bilingual tutor in health sciences in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

My classes and tutor style is based on the requirements and needs of the students. I always rely on the scientific method and support the content with current scientific articles as well as literary sources. My strategy is personalized and make my best effort to teach understandable information (I emphasize to leave never the slightest doubt and to dominate the subject).

East Side
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Nursing Educator provides tutoring, exam preparation and essay writing assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students

As a narrative and experiential educator I embrace the philosophy that learning environments should be authentic, flexible, evidence based and target specific. I strive to motivate students to be the best they can in the situations they find themselves in.

Leonardo daniel
1st lesson offered free !

Student of Medicine gives support in Pharmacology, Physiology, Pathology, Sexuality, Alternative Medicine

I really like to share everything I've learned and try to be the simplest explanations or the way you can best understand, if something has not been clear, I will not give up until you understand it well I am focused, direct, always try to give true arguments and have scientific validity, you can be sure that it is correct information and good sources.

Newton Abbot
1st lesson offered free !

I have been an assessor of health and social care since 2007 and have teaching qualifications to deliver the subjects and functional skills in Maths and English.

My method of teaching is to ensure that all my learners acquire the knowledge of the subjects they have chosen to undertake as I have experience of many subjects in the field of social care and can do this by interactive methods or face to face support.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior Doctoral student in Public Health in Canada with a Masters Degree in Public Health

My teaching methods are evidence-based research and field experience over 20 years. I can teach all students up to doctoral level. My typical class will consist of Masters students who are passionate about public health and want to learn from an expert experienced instructor.

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Qualified assessor and trainer, with qualifications and expertise in Dementia, COPD , stroke and cerebral palsy.

I use a student- centred approach to learning, I check prior learning with all my students and I measure the process of learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment , including group projects and student portfolios.

1st lesson offered free !

Quality Officer and Assessor offering NVQ, SATs, GCSE, A-Level lectures in London.

I use a person-centred approach in the way I teach therefore I strive to meet the needs of my students using various approaches such as auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. I use a thorough lesson plan for each lecture and follow my scheme of work throughout the academic year.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced senior healthcare worker offering Health and Social Care lessons in Northamptonshire

We will talk about what areas of this subject you find most difficult and create a plan to most benefit your study needs. I will create acivities to be completed during and inbetween lessons, we will have discussions and presentations.

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