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Daytona Beach
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Recording Artist Teaches What You Want and Need To Know : Learn Fast Now

*** Lesson Details *** Most students want to play the Guitar to play their favorite songs and I'm the same way. Music is something we carry with us in our hearts and minds. Students will learn what they wish to learn and work at a pace that is comfortable to them.

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Skype Guitar Teacher - Berklee Alumni with 8 years of teaching experience From Argentina - JAZZ, Blues, ROCK, Tango, Folk

My teaching method is focused on all the instruments since I apply the musical theory from the harmony and ear training on the instrument. The classes are based on the interests that the student wants to study and from that the curriculum is built.

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Berklee College of Music graduate with over 16 years of teaching experience is offering guitar lessons to guitarists of all levels.

I'm an open-minded and optimistic person. Over the years I have developed a lot of my own teaching materials. I'm very flexible in the way I teach and I always try to find out what type of learners my students are so that I can design a personalized practice plan. The best musicians are not always the best teachers and the cheapest teachers are rarely the best teachers.

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Musician by choice and software developer by chance: I don't have any formal education in music but I've been playing guitar for almost 15+ years now. Played with many bands and many venues.

All students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way. I use multiple methods of teaching (linguistic, visual, auditory) to reach students, so that no one is left behind. I also try to expose students to different types of music to keep them motivated.

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Nashville based, Australian Fingerstyle Guitarist with Candyrat Records offering private and online lessons

My classes are personalised to each students needs with focus on progression and fun! I can teach from beginner to advanced levels, and usually structure my lessons like this: Warm up/Scales - Chords and theory knowledge - Song of choice My chosen discipline is 'Fingerstyle Guitar' which includes techniques like two-hand tapping, artificial harmonics played melodically, guitar percussion,...

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Professional guitar/uke instructor. Lessons tailored to fit your musical interest. Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

My teaching method is based on your musical interests, so you get to learn what you love. I use internet sites, youtube,some basic books to get you started and your own ideas. We both create your lessons with fun easy techniques.

Los Angeles
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Experienced guitar player of 12 years offering private instruction in Los Angeles

My main idea of teaching guitar and music is that is should be fun for the student learn, we can focus on specific songs, technique, chords, music theory, whatever you feel like doing during that class.

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Proggy metal head looking to spread out some knowledge to help you express yourself.

My main focus in my courses are for beginners and intermediate guitarists. Im going to teach you how intervals work together, how to play in scales and patterns that come with them, modes and much more! This is a course for those that can play guitar but want to really understand their instrument to the maximum level.

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Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Guitarist in Eugene, Oregon with 5 years experience can teach all audio and music related subjects

My method first is knowing all the abilities the person have to guide him/her to the right path. Knowing the level of the student is essential, that way I can teach the things that are missing. I'm a very patient guy and I will work until you learn what you want.

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Lucid Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Accoustic, Electric or Classical: Music of All Styles

Just like my profile photo indicates, my name is Scott and I am a degreed guitar performer, composer and a singer/songwriter who's played various styles and types of guitars for 25+ years. I offer private guitar lessons to beginners and some intermediate level players between grades 2-8. Lessons are customized to meet the needs of each student.

Dana Point
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Learn Guitar In Your Home in Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano

I use a holistic approach, teaching complete songs, the chord structure, lead patterns, riffs, bass runs and the lyrics. Learn the song, all the parts, then on to the next one. If you already know your basic chords, we can progress very quickly. I have over 500 songs in my repertoire. I can teach you how to play rock ‘n roll, blues, soul, jazz, and folk.

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Online Private Guitar Lessons from a Musician with 17 Years of Experience Playing, Studying, and Writing Music!

My teaching lessons are based upon the individual or individual's understanding of certain topics in Music. If there is no understanding, I'll start from the ground up. I can teach beginner-advanced level guitar, and being 21, my audience could be anyone young or old looking to learn more about the guitar.

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Professional guitarist offering music lessons online or in home in Atlanta, GA

I believe anyone can learn to play music! I did not grow up in a musical household but have adopted techniques through my years of education and touring to make music accessible to beginners and advanced students.

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Guitar and Bass private lessons for any level of experience! New York City

I always want to ask students what their goals are for learning an instrument. Whether that be learning new songs of music theory, I custom tailer lesson plans to ensure students will have a wide variety of abilities on their instrument.

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Guitarist with 6 years experience from CT. I came out on top of my guitar class at Woodstock Academy and have successfully helped friends learn easier methods to playing advanced songs. I love to work

I have been told I am a pretty good guitarist, and I know a lot of the logistics and music theory around playing instruments. I like to start from the basic chords and rock and roll riffs and move on to more advanced things like improvising solos.

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Music Theory and Adv. Guitar Techniques, Learn to teach yourself; Asheville, NC and Worldwide Online

Touring and recording artist available for online tutoring; Concentration on Music Theory, Analysis, Techniques, Improvisation, Composition; Most importantly you will learn how to teach yourself and others with the knowledge you will gain. Learn whatever you want to at a pace that is right for you from a patient and dedicated teacher.

New Orleans
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Music Industry graduate with 10+ years of guitar experience offering lessons in guitar basics, technique, theory, songwriting, and more in New Orleans

I base my courses entirely off of the student's main goals. I can tackle more classical approaches, modern curriculum, learning for hobby's sake and everything in between. That's not to mention that I will bring in outside knowledge to broaden their horizons as well to make them a more well-rounded player.

Moss Beach
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Professional guitarist of 17+ years - Guitar Lessons in all styles for any experience level

I teach all skill levels, and I cover a broad scope of disciplines, depending on the skill level of the student, from technique intensive guitar-specific things (basic technique to specialized, i.e. arpeggios, fingerstyle) to music theory application, songwriting/composition aid, improvisation, reading etc.

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Guitarist of Memphis, Tn band Mobius Pieces gives guitar lessons to all ages and in all styles.

I base my lessons on the individual student. If the student wants to know minimal music theory to get by or none at all;I don't force them to learn the theory. Same thing goes for reading music, it is a great skill to have but if the student just wants to learn how to play, that's what I teach them.

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Professional guitar player offering lessons on guitar, including electric and acoustic Blues, Rock, and Funk

My teaching method varies from student to student, and can include varying amounts of music theory, performance theory, or just plain old learning song by song if that is what the student wishes. My goal is to inspire confidence and proficiency.

Los Angeles
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LIFEHOUSE GUITARIST - 1 ON 1 Private Lessons! - Talk Technique, Tone, Songwriting and more!!

Hey there! My name is Steve and I am the Lead Guitarist for rock band Lifehouse, 50% of the creative force behind the band Lost Beach and a freelance Producer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer.

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I always customize my lessons for the individual student and their musical tastes!

My name is Chris and I've been playing music for most of my life. The best lesson that I've personally learned is that a musician is never done learning. Once you start believing that you know everything there is to know about your instrument then you've stopped growing musically.

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Private beginner guitar lessons in Philadelphia, acoustic and electric! Learn chords or melodies!

My name is Connor, I've been learning and playing guitar since 2009. I began my studies with private lessons from local rock/jazz guitarist Joe Wagner. His method of teaching catered to the songs and type of genres his students wanted to know. Since I was passionate about Led Zeppelin, he taught me "Heartbreaker" my first lesson.

Chester Springs
(1 review)
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Accomplished guitarist and experienced teacher in Chester Springs gives lessons to all skill levels! Will come to your home. Guaranteed to get you proficient on the guitar! Free custom videos come wit

I have an MBA and am used to teaching. I have played guitar for almost 30 years in solo performance and in bands you can check out my website at (concealed information) I teach rhythym, theory, chords, picking, and song learning. gotta have fun to really be a proficient musician...

San Antonio
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10+ years of guitar experience helping beginners and more in San Antonio Texas

I'm a completely self-taught guitar player. I am very laid back and easy going. I enjoy teaching beginners and less advanced players. I love playing music more than anything and love to share that experience and feeling with anyone who wants to have it. Starting with the basics and moving on from there depending on what style or kind of music/guitar playing that each student enjoys.

Round Rock
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The easiest guitar lessons are here! Come and join the fun with Christian Thornton!

My name is Christian Thornton! I am 18 years old, I have graduated high school(4.

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"Guitar Simplicity"- There is the right teacher for everybody.. Guitar Simplicity is for you! Guitar Essentials broken down into it's simplest. Beginer and Intermediate level Acoustic and Electric Gu

Hi, my name is Corey Fluhrer, I am a High School Graduate , have 4+ years of music training, and have been an avid player for 30 years. Tons of knowledge an experience, currently working to complete Bachelors Degree. I offer lessons to beginners and intermediate players.

(1 review)
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Christian Guitarist Offering Beginner and Intermediate Lessons in Belmont, Cramerton, and Mount Holly

Primarily self taught, I have performed as a soloist and band member for about ten years. I focus on Christian worship and contemporary popular styles, in both acoustic and electric instrumentation. Beginners will appreciate my patience and support, paired with graduated technical challenge. Intermediate players will gain exposure to different styles of play to augment their primary techniques.

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College trained Jazz/Blues musician with extensive experience performing, composing, and teaching over the past decade.

My goal as a teacher is to make you a better musician and not just a better guitar player. I believe the most essential aspect of teaching music is to give students the ability to feel comfortable in any style the wish both through understanding the music by ear and through notation.

1st lesson offered free !

10 years of guitar experience playing music from hard rock to contemporary Christian. Giving lessons from my home in Clovis, Ca.

My teaching method is very relaxed, I teach guitar basics which keeps students free to learn the songs they love in any genre. You will learn how to play chords and basic scales. But you will also learn how chords are made, how to read chord charts and different forms of chords. This allows students to develop skills used in all music.

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Perfect! Javier is an excellent teacher and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am understanding and practicing the right rhythm of each new part of the song I am learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica, student
6 months ago
(26 reviews)

Perfect! Inigo is very knowledgeable. He is punctal and comes prepared for the lesson. My son is always looking forward to have the guitar lesson with Inigo. Very happy to have him as a teacher.

Kamal, student
2 years ago
(4 reviews)

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