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El Sobrante
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Engineeering graduate with 20 years teaching experience offers MATH and EXCEL lessons. I help my students become self sufficient.

I teach the basic background and give examples. Then I help the student with the homework assignments, by giving hints on how to do them and then if necessary guiding the student to complete each assignment. I try to relate each assignment to past assignments already completed by the student.

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College Tutor: Virginia Tech Senior studying chemistry and materials science and engineering

I prefer in-person teachings for high school or college level students. I ask that students make me aware of trouble areas prior to us meeting so I am able to prepare a schedule for that session. I am a student myself, so I understand how hard it can be to grasp a subject, especially chemistry.

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Chemical Engineering student tutoring chemistry and calculus 1 to high school and first year college students.

I am a 2nd year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. Primarily give lessons to middle school and high school students, however, sometimes first year college students. I aim to explain concepts in the most simple way possible without confusing students, as I know how intimidating chemistry can be.

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Chemistry tutoring on various levels by a chemical engineer with a Master's degree. Greenwood-Anderson-Greenville area.

Hello everyone! I am available as a chemistry tutor to anyone who is in need, no matter the level of education (middle school, high school, college, etc.). I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in chemical engineering, and one year of PhD experience as well. I am specialized in analytical chemistry, but passed organic chemistry and biochemistry courses with flying colours too.

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Professional Chemist with 3 years of chemistry teaching experience at the University level

I have earned PhD in chemistry from Howard University. I have been privileged to teaching general chemistry and analytical chemistry as a Teaching Assistant and Chemistry Instructor at the University.

East Lansing
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A Chemistry graduate (PhD) with 2 years of teaching experience, offering home/group tuition to college students in Lansing

As a teacher, I view myself primarily as a facilitator of learning, rather than as an expert who simply delivers information to students. I love to bring a lot of energy to my class.

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BS in Chemistry, Math Minor, PhD student in CHEM Eng. I can help with almost all types of math and chemistry subjects.

I like to help students understand the underlying concept to broaden their knowledge beyond a single problem. I have a ton of experience in standardized testing and know how to approach problems. I can also help students recognize certain problems and teach them how to step-by-step solve a type of problem.

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PhD Chemistry tutor in Detroit with more than 8 years of teaching experience

I am an expert in general chemistry and I am well experienced in teaching general chemistry from high school to MCAT level. I teach chemistry through golden principles so that students do not have to memorize. Chemistry is a logical subject that does not involve memorization.

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UCLA Chemistry graduate with 3 years of teaching experience offering chemistry and math lessons in Blacksburg, VA.

I focus on simplifying the material and providing an understanding that makes problem-solving very intuitive for any student. If there is any difficulty with a kind of topic or question, I take the time necessary to iron it out so that future questions will resolve smoothly.

West Salem
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Laboratory Technician Will Teach You Chemistry; I hold a BS in Chemistry, 3 years tutoring experience.

I am currently working as a Research Assistant in the bio-analytical chemistry department of an international biomedical research firm. I have excelled in college in all math classes through Calculus II.

1st lesson offered free !

College graduate in both Chemistry and Philosophy giving lessons in any associated topics in the Bothell area

Graduated at the top of my major in two degrees and always looked for teachable moments I want to help you learn not just pass the class The best way we learn is from our mistakes so I encourage them! I will help you break down where you went wrong.

1st lesson offered free !

I am here to HELP ... Experienced Biology/Chemistry Tutor - Richardson, Texas

I hold Doctorate degree in Molecular Biology, Master's degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I think that there are endless benefits to working with me as a tutor, such as improved work and study habits, increased confidence and attitude, and improved social and behavioral skills.

Lawrence Township
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Chemistry tutor with 11 years experience, teaching in the Trenton Princeton area, all levels of chemistry

I have been a General Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry teacher since Autumn of 2007. I enjoy teaching and have made it a point to know and understand my students, and in doing so, I have helped connect Chemistry to their own lives.

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Chemistry Teacher with 10 years of experience offering tutoring for chemistry or math

My main goal for tutoring is to prepare students for college level chemistry, biology or mathematics. I can teach various areas of those subjects depending on what is needed. I have many letters of reference from prior students and tutees which have become very successful in science and the medical field.

Notre Dame
Sai shradha reddy
1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry PhD student at University of Notre Dame giving online Chemistry and Science lessons at any level

I follow a specific mantra for studying as well as if I am explaining something to somebody. I make sure the student knows the basics of a topic before going to higher levels or applications involving that topic. I try to explain things by asking questions, such that the students reach to the answers by themselves.

Dr. shamim-ara
1st lesson offered free !

I am Mrs. Pervin, Doctorate in Chemistry, offering chemistry lessons including physical/organic/polymer/inorganic, and other chemistry related courses in Kannapolis, NC

Good course materials with sufficient problems/examples and case study are very effective. I feel that "seeing is believing" and so audio-visual aids like using power-point slides for lectures, providing handouts, showing video clips to emphasize important points and Websites are effective learning tools with proven impacts.

San Francisco
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Yale grad, pre-medical school, and biomed researcher in San Fran offering HS/undergrad level bio/chem/physics!

My teaching style is to first help students find what method and structure of studying helps them learn the best and build a regiment around their own learning style. Then, I help to show students place subject material in the context of relevant applications, to show why coursework can help them.

1st lesson offered free !

Patient pre-med student offering Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Calculus lessons catered to the way you learn

When it comes to teaching, I'm very patient and can understand the perspectives of my students. Because I know my subjects well I can explain the answers with whatever media is best for the student, whether they are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

San Francisco
1st lesson offered free !

Chemist PhD with international experience offering chemistry lessons in São Carlos and São José do Rio Preto to all ages.

I approach each topic depending on the level of the student. With patience and care, is possible to teach all ages. I start talking about the subject to evaluate the knowledge of the student and, after, I can start teaching.

Cottage Grove
1st lesson offered free !

Recent college graduate with a B.S. in Chemistry, 2 years of tutoring experience in all levels of Chemistry

Hi! My name is Meri. I am 22, graduated this May with a B.S. in Chemistry and a Minor in Mathematics.

Fort Collins
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I teach Chemistry in Fort Collins, CO. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Colorado State University

I prefer students to have the most firm understanding possible and especially in the context of their learning goals. If a student simply wants to pass a class with a good grade, we will aim at that. If a student seeks a deeper understanding of the subject matter (which I hope they all do) we will do that.

New York
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Chemistry teacher(tutor) as well as natural sciences teacher for 9 years up to K12.

As a science teacher, I have a dynamic approach to the delivery of lessons to engage the students in the learning process be it at middle school all the way , through to K12. Furthermore, I am fascinated about adapting lessons to different learning styles and I think that to deliver an engaging lesson, you must have a variety of learning activities .

1st lesson offered free !
East Lansing
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Chemistry with Dr. Khan in a way that you would learn and enjoy this tough science.

I start my teaching with examples, mostly the examples based on our daily life and I end a topic in a way that I can feel the audience got it. I have a 5 year teaching experience of teaching chemistry to undergrads and at high school level.

1st lesson offered free !

Physic, Chemistry, Algebra tutor at Killeen and Fort Hood area lets feed our mental curiosity together

My teaching method will be in person teaching or online depending on the student convenience.Classes will be contacted in the evening during weekdays and at any time on weekends.I prefer meeting place to library or Barnes and nobles but I will be flexible.I will engage students in a deep thinking approach to a problem. I will use the board to demonstrate on how to go about to solve a problem.

Fairview Park
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Certified teacher using real world examples from engineering career to help students acquire mastery in math & science for middle/high school in Cleveland, ohio. Any subject can be learned with proper

Any subject can be mastered with proper guidance and determination. I have brought real world examples from my 20+ years career in chemistry and engineering into my classroom and private tutoring for the last 17 years of teaching at-risk students with sometimes severe academic deficiences.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry teacher with PhD and 15 years experience - tutors online high school - university

My teaching philosophy is: leave no student behind! I will not abandon a student who has an incomplete or vague understanding of a topic or subject matter. In my humble opinion, that is tantamount to academic larceny and breach of trust.

Santa Clara
1st lesson offered free !

Professor in chemistry with more than 8 years experience in chemistry teaching

The concepts of my teaching philosophy have been acquired from my own professional training and teaching experiences, and from those that have influenced me. In my opinion, the first goal in teaching chemistry is to have a solid curriculum and provide the students with the framework of knowledge.

San Antonio
1st lesson offered free !

An accomplished chemist with over 20 years of experience teaching general and organic chemistry

My goals as a teacher are to guide and motivate my students to be the best chemists they can be, capable of competing with their peers from any institution in the world.

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