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U.S. Army Medic, NREMT certified, offering EMT students tutoring for NREMT testing

My teaching method is learning through thouroughly answering my students questions, teaching them flash card methods, effective note taking, and teaching them how to pull key points out of readings.

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EMT since 2004, can help with classroom portion or skills that need work

I like to find out what are the weaknesses and strengths and proceed from there. It’s ok to have weaknesses we can build off of those and make them into strengths.

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Physician Assistant New Grad Available for Science Tutoring in Greater Los Angeles Area!

You can provide the materials that needs to be covered but if there is lacking information, I’ll help you find the best resources to use until we get the information down! I can cover the sciences and EMT/Healthcare courses!

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Recent Stanford grad with B.A. & M.S. degrees -- passionate about teaching

My own academic background has emphasized an understanding of general pedagogy, but I also believe that every learner is different. I strive to include multiple media within my lesson plans so that visual, auditory, and reading/writing based learners all have an opportunity to gain knowledge from the lesson. I like highly interactive lessons and believe that practice is essential to comprehension.

Paris 5e
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PhD in Science helps you in writing your research / scientific article memory

Young researcher in biology and psychology, science journalist (Le Monde, Science & Vie magazine) and teacher-lecturer, I offers courses in primary, secondary and higher to perfect your knowledge and biology methodology. My courses are for high school and university students (up to Bac +8).

(3 reviews)

Doctor / Engineer, 5 years of teaching experience. Math tutoring for college and high school.

I offer tutoring in mathematics. College and high school level. I identify the difficulties, review the concepts seen in class, then work the exercises. I help the student to understand the exercise, the questions asked and how to succeed.

(5 reviews)
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Biology teacher with PhD in Neurosciences gives private classes in Narbonne and surroundings

I teach biology and neuroscience at all levels. My classes are for children and adults. My teaching methods are extremely effective. I can adapt to the level of the student and their learning pace. I am very patient and encouraging.

(5 reviews)
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Experienced nurse with a master in nursing sciences teaches health care, nursing and scientific research

I teach at every level of social skills, scientific research and health or nursing related issues. Educational techniques and methods are determined on the basis of learning style and preferences (online or 1-to-1). My motto is that you can achieve anything as long as you are prepared to work for it. I charge a reimbursement of travel expenses on the basis of the costs incurred.

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Neuro Physiotherapist with 6 years of teaching experience helps to enhance physiotherapy skills

My teaching method is based on practical skills and knowledge. I emphasize on clear knowledge of basic and I give personal inputs for the same. I can teach all Basic subjects of Physiotherapy including Human Anatomy, Physiology along with neuro physiotherapy.

(2 reviews)
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I am a paramedical student as I have completed bachelor of medical laboratory technology (MLT) which is a paramedical course from Mumbai University

My teaching method is simple and easy as well as providing students with practical knowledge of concepts. Clearing doubts if they arise. My method is based on Conceptual learning and problem solving.

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Qualified Clinician within NHS ambulance service offering an insight into practical wisdom for graduates

My teahing method is to use real life situations to test your knowledge, I will give you the information I was presented with and you make your decisions in that situation. We will discuss the options and best treatment plans then move on to human factors. Throughout my lessons it is an open discussion. Also I work towards your interests.

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Students in pharmacy and biotechnology home tuition in vijayawada andhra pradesh around areas

my teaching method should be more appropriate and result oriented one. I will cover all engineering biotechnology students and pharmacy students.

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Medicinal chemistry, Analysis,Organic chemistry- currently i am in Tiruppattur, i can teach Both B.Pharm and D.Pharm

My way of teaching always different, i am not praising myself. this feedback's came from all my students who are all settled there life in well position.my voice is very bold and crystal clear. initially i will explain both religion language and English too.

Dr. sonam
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Health Sciences for science students, and students with any background requiring science.

i can explain concepts and try to make the understanding easy.This could be done on an interactive basis and with the help of diagrams , mneumonics and hints. But for this the student must be prepared with the previous classes taught by me, so as to make the learning easy.

Rudra narayan
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Students in Pharmaceutical or Health Sciences(Nursing, Physiotherapy etc) should know about the Pharmacology

My teaching style is nothing as an extraordinary, but I focused on the mentality of a student to receive how much and the way of delivering the knowledge to them. Several times I have found many students with poor in the study but when I try to teach as that of they know in the topic and from there front I managed my teaching that to reach in there mind.

1st lesson offered free !

Im an MBBS graduate,currently preparing for USMLE, love helping fellow students with concepts.Trust me ,im friendly enough and would enjoy teaching YOU basic sciences( Anatomy,Physiology etcetc).

I first would want to know what books you prefer and how you have been learning. Its better to set up my methodology based on your requirements but I prefer quizzing You before we start class and periodic quizzing . I'm open to your ideas.Lets discuss thoroughly before we commit.

1st lesson offered free !

Am working in a pharmacy college, and teach any subject related to pharmaceutical biotechnology

chalk talk in some cases power point presentation, using virtual aids demonstrating theory with practicals (hands on training), discussions and current updates in the field, question based classes made more creative thinking, the research works and data interpretation, troubleshooting...

Paramjit singh
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Teacher in Pharmaceutics with 18 years experience for Students Studying Degree /Diploma in PHARMACY

The teaching techniques used by me are-LECTURE METHOD and THE DISCUSSION METHOD. First during the lecture I explain the topic and then go for the Discussion which involves two-way communication between participants.THE DEMONSTRATION LESSON gives me the idea of the people whom I have to communicate with and accordingly I shape my lectures .

Amwala Tarala
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A Senior Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry may give tutions in Organic Chemistry, analytical Chemistry, chemistry of Natural Products and Medicinal chemistry.

My teaching methodology consists of lecturing using PPTs as well as chalk board at times. Students are advised not to take notes and focus on lectures. The soft copy of lectufre is provided in the form of ppt. The courses shall be given to degree level students.

1st lesson offered free !

Educate Yourself And Be Blessed As Nursing Person That Chrerish and Love

Assess previous Knowledge Give An Intro Develop Interest Among Group Go Through The Topic ,Sideways Feedback Clear doubts, Summarise, Recaptualise and evaluate Power Point Presentations, Images, Animations, Notes my personal notes to help u clear your doubts and updated plus valid information

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Qualified professional with master,s degree in surgery and teach medical subjects .

My teaching method is too understand the students mind set ,rather than putting my way i like to read their mind and try explain the subject in simplest possible way and that make things easy for them and they understand it well .

1st lesson offered free !

A Professional Maven Searching for Potential Students to to Teach and Enhance Knowledge at it's Best

I impart knowledge based on what a student should know and seek, for better understanding in the practical world to grow and contribute in the respective field .Most of my method is based on digital or e-learning and notes are also provided for better understanding of the subject matter.

New Delhi
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Ready to provide all the knowledge you need of Medicine- With intellect of a teacher, spoken like a friend The topics covered will be regularly discussed and revised to enhance the memory and gain the

My teaching is mainly based on what the student wants to learn, in a very unconventional way- throwing facts about the topic, making it fun along with bizzarre mneumonics

Dr priyank
1st lesson offered free !

I am a Specialist family Doctor, i can teach all medical clinical subjects and emergencies, i am in Bhopal madhya pradesh india

methodology is depend on subjects and age group of people, but i believe to get not only theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge too. i am taking lectures with ppt, with several examples, to make understand the meaning of talk. witch can apply in practice.

M. jeba ranjani
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Students in schools of elementary, secondary, paramedics. Like Medical laboratory technologist, anatomy n physiology of all beings.social science too. English too.

Well my methodology is preparation first and take notes of lesson and ready to explain .After teaching ask the question wheather they understood or not. Then keep test after a week. model exams before real exams three times. According to their performance I send them for the real exam.

1st lesson offered free !

Students in pharmacy college can teach pharmaceutical engineering,pharmaceutics,biopharmacetics as well as biology in school and college students

My teaching method is chalk and board .but if more diagramatic presentation then can prefer powerpoint presentation ,but again depends on interest of students .I can teach for degree and post graduate students.For biology subject school students and even NEET appeared students also refer.

Pallavi murali
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Usually housewives with the kids having good knowledge will give good tuitions

My teaching method is very good I can say ...Before and after every class i used to ask questions ..so that i can assure whether the students have understood the subject or not.. It helps in imprvoising my teaching skills too ..

1st lesson offered free !

Student in professional nursing school ready for research, bio-statistic, psychiatry and all other subjects specialised teaching and tution available.

lecturer cum discussion or depending on the topic selected. For clinical teaching demonstration provided. Still some classes need project method of teaching.

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Antomy & physiology, medicine, surgery, microbiology rajkot gujarat msc. nursing (post graduation (research scholar )

Usually, i use lecture cum discussion for teaching with white board. class structure should be small means it should contain not more than 20 students. i have command at all medical subject thoroughly.

New Delhi
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