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North Lauderdale
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Reading and writing is everything I have Masters 30 years in, Florida.

I am an educator who enjoys teaching reading and writing through jingles to help with memorization. I give lessons to learners of all ages. I teach in small chunks at a time for better comprehension, not to overwhelm my learner.

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TEFL English Teacher in Boston, MA American Dream Making Peace in the Middle East with my Smile

North Central University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Psychology, B.S.

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Learn to speak conversational American English, and Afro American slang and phrases.

I'm a College educated Grammy nominated artist, educator I attended Parsons School of Design, New York 1996-1999 New School for Social Research, New York 1973-1977 electronic music composition and music design Karl Berger: music improvisation Sam Rivers and Jimmy Guiffre: jazz improvisation Center for Creative Music, New York 1975-1977 Karl Berger: composition & improvisation Julliard...

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Bilingual teacher gives virtual online Spanish lessons using advanced language acquisition techniques.

I am fascinated by language acquisition. My native language is English but I also speak Spanish, Haitian Creole and am currently learning Albanian. I have taught English and Spanish to people of all ages and education levels. No matter who I teach, I love making the learning process fun and adapting to your particular learning style.

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Experienced U.S. ESL teacher will help you with mastery of English speaking and writing

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's Degree in English, and a minor in German Culture. I have worked for Redbook Magazine and Money Magazine, and also taught in public schools for over 20 years, mostly ESL and History.

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English Teacher Nashville, TN, USA, Ph.D., learning by doing, individual attention, contact

Ph.D., and four other degrees in English and Journalism. 30 years of college-level teaching. Fulbright Scholar and twice Fulbright Specialist in Macedonia, Ukraine and Indonesia. More than 200 publications of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. President of the Musicians Aid Society. Numerous writing residencies. Japan Exchange and Teaching program.

Mary lou
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Licensed ESL teacher gives English Lessons to students or adults locally or over the Internet

Learn English from an experienced teacher with an Iowa ELL endorsement. I am interested in helping you develop your ability in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through conversation, literature, movies, and personal writing. I enjoy working with all ages and prefer to work with women and girls or families.

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American TESOL English Teacher - I can help you achieve your language learning goals!

I have completed a Master's degree in Social Administration and Bachelor's degree in Sociology, both from American universities. I am a TESOL certified teacher with nearly four years' experience teaching English as a foreign language, with a focus on Spanish speakers. I also have experience working with learners from China, Japan, France, Portugal, and Mexico.

Kings County
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French Tutor Université Paris-Sorbonne IV in Brooklyn, offering lessons for all levels

Education - Licence en Lettres Classiques Université Paris-Sorbonne IV Master Littérature Anglaise Université de Genève (Automne 2017) My background is in French, Latin, and Greek language.

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High School English teacher with 4 years of ESL experience can help increase English proficiency in the four domains of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Pedagogy (Secondary Education); certified in ESL and English Language Arts and Reading (8-12); Master of Education in School Counseling; teaching at the high school level for four years; currently classroom based in the high school setting

(1 review)
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College student (Linguistics & Spanish major) in Oswego, NY looking to tutor Spanish

I will be graduating from SUNY Oswego in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Spanish. I will be attending graduate school beginning in August in Monterey, CA with a focus on International Education Management. My goal is to run language immersion programs for college students.

Mountain View
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A professional with MA in Linguistics. Teaching Russian, English (ESL) and beginner Italian.

Hi All, My name is Gala. I was born and raised in Russia, studied and lived in Russia, United Kingdom, Israel and the United States. I have a BA and MA in Linguistics, Teaching and translation and a BA in Communications. I'm teaching Russian, English and Italian for beginners. I have been teaching now and then for about 6 years now my methods of teaching vary depending on students needs.

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Experienced language teacher gives Spanish, English and French lessons to all levels in Miami

I am a Language Teacher skilled in motivating and mentoring students of all ages and learning levels. Enthusiastic and dedicated to creating an enjoyable, inviting and dynamic learning atmosphere, implementing traditional and innovative methods to motivate students to learn a language while focusing on their individual needs.

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Accent Reduction Spanish and English Speaker who learned how to speak English at age 15.

I learned English at a late age but went to school in America, but was raised on the border of Mexico where everyone speaks Spanish. When I was 15, I moved up 6 hours North close to San Antonio, Texas where I had to learn English. I learned a way to sound like I don't know Spanish and have greatly reduced my accent when I speak English.

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Seasoned teacher, with a compassionate heart, providing ESL lessons to adults at all levels

I have a BS in Elementary Education and an MA in Early Childhood Education. I have taught at all levels from pre-K and elementary through college and adult education. I have a true love for teaching and have been a teacher my entire life. Learning from my students is the most rewarding part of my job, and my positive attitude is my most outstanding attribute.

Los Angeles
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College English Professor with 15 years of experience gives English and Literature lessons in the San Fernando Valley.

My degrees are M.A. in Teaching English As A Second Language and A. B. in Comparative Literature with a second major in Development Journalism. I use activities, exercises, and stories to give English and Literature lessons to high school, college, and adult students. I am very friendly and nice.

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Native Spanish speaker can teach you Spanish. For kids or adults. I don't bite =)

I'm an artist and business professional with a passion for teaching and helping others achieve success. I always look forward to seeing people smile when "they've got it." I use traditional methods of teaching such as lists, quizzes, exercises, and written tests. I also enjoy using non-traditional methods that incorporate music, art, games, and other tools that stimulate the mind.

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Patient Experienced American English Teacher - Test Prep and Interview Prep (BA and TESOL Cert)

- I help students improve their English speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension skills. - I design lessons that include information relevant to each individual student's needs. - I can help you prepare for interviews, exams, and US citizenship. - I offer engaging lessons and give the student every opportunity to ask questions and speak as much as possible.

San Mateo
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Master in English Teaching in Bay Area according to your needs and purposes

I am a Languages graduate with a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics and English Teaching with 15 years experience. I teach every level and according to your specific need. I'm a patient and creative teacher with great planning and methodological choices.

Delray Beach
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English as Second Language Tutor - ESL - Reading, Writing and Speaking English

I have a degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. I teach English as a Second Language - ESL for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Both Adult and Children - one on one or group lessons. Learn how to read, write and how to speak English! Classes can be in person and/or online.

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College student that is majoring in Spanish and 7 years of experience

I am in college majoring in Spanish. I've taught Spanish online to teenager and college students. I used google docs for homework and whatsapp for lessons. I even had a native speaker helping with speaking skills for students.

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Instructor English as a Second Language (ESL), English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and Spanish

Recent graduate studied in Communicative Teaching, specializing in English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, as well as Beginning and Intermediate levels of Spanish. Incorporating technology, I make the content of lessons relevant to the lives of students.

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Native Speaker of American English ESL/SLA Tutor and Accent Modification Instructor for Beginner to Advanced Levels

TEFL certified teacher of English as a Second or Other Language. My lesson plans are designed specifically for the student and their particular needs, native language. I've studied Compton Method and American Accent training. Both use speech pathology as a method to reduce accent and to make the American accent understandable.

Kings County
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Improve your child chances of learning and moving them on to success

My name is Oneica Benn and I am an educator who aspires to move children on from being mere humans to innovative thinkers. I believe if educators provide children with the necessary tools for learning, they would be geniuses ready to take over the world.

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Experienced ESL teacher from Greece. Taught there for 12 years and looking forward to continuing career in Texas. Could also teach Greek although I have only been certified to teach English. I am a fl

Name: Stamatia Katerina Zouboulikos Phone number:(concealed information) Address: 6803 Sharon Ln, Hitchcock T.X. 77563 I have been teaching it seems like my whole life. Unfortunately, my certificate does not apply in Texas USA, so I must find alternative solutions to continue practising my work. I started teaching in 2003 up until 2014 when I had my daughter.

1st lesson offered free !

GED student gives English and German language lessons to middle school and High School levels online

I am a student who teaches other students German and English as secondary languages, but mostly English. I will and can teach everybody and anybody. My technique of instruction will be very, VERY thorough and I will be as slow or fast paced as needed. I will explain everything and anything in depth detail as needed.

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Improve your English with ESL lessons from the heart of the American desert!

I have a Masters in European history, but I grew up with a love of learning languages. I've studied four languages formally, as well as taught ESL formally in Korea. I also tutor reading comprehension to small children in my local area who are struggling with their schoolwork.

San Diego
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College student who lived in a french speaking country for 15 years and who is also fluent in Malagasy. I also had to take ESL classes my first two years of high school. Willing to give lessons to any

I am a college student currently majoring in french. I lived in a french and malagasy speaking country for 15 years. When I moved to the United States, I had to take ESL classes to catch up on my English for my first two years of high school. I am willing to give lessons to middle schoolers, high schoolers and freshman and sophomores in college.

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Experienced teacher of multiple languages, Spanish, French, Italian and English Second Language. This teacher studied at The Carnegie Conservatory of Music at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

This instructor is a member of the Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Association and is an excellent and experienced private tutor and also teacher for large groups of students all at one time for multiple subjects. She can give you the best,professional academic guidance and assistance that you need to go forward with your education.

1st lesson offered free !

MA holding English teacher with 17 years of experience teaches English, ESL, and other languages in Sacramento

As an MA holder and a teacher with 17 years of experience, I offer practical experience and updated theoretical knowledge. I have worked with students of different ages and levels to achieve their academic goals. I always try to make the learning experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. I regard student success as my own success.

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Perfect! I am French and I moved to NYC at the beginning of October 2018. I have been taking one-on-one English lessons with Emily since my arrival. She is an amazing person and teacher: patient, extremely helpful and encouraging. She is great at...

Mélodie, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Didn't have the lesson with her due to requirements that were discussed after contact, but she was professional in rejecting the project. We hope to work with her on a different project in the future

Ivy mariecor, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nancy is a fantastic tutor! She's really knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about the English language. My lesson with her was very enjoyable and full of useful content. Definitely recommended!

Enrico, student
2 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! She is an excellent teacher and I learned English with her.

Motluk, student
1 month ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Jordana truly cares about her students by trying to get to know the student through notetaking. She is fun to learn from and she has her own strategy to coach the pronunciation. She is very familiar with and knows how to correct the common...

Zoe, student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! My girlfriend and I had about 13 lessons. We worked especially on conversation skills. She prepared me perfectly for an important business meeting. Ruby was very flexible regarding the timing and location of the our sessions. I definitely recommend...

Stefan, student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

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