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Friendly ESL teacher with 10 years of experience teaches customized ESL lessons

I teach in line with the students' ability, applying the most appropriate method for the student's specific objective, learning style and context. I apply the eclectic approach in my teaching, choosing the techniques and activities that are appropriate for each particular task, context and learner, with a focus on motivation and helping my students become independent and inspired to learn more.

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Have you ever been so lonely in the Oceans of Love earth and rhythm

Approach to the student is the basic vital of everything my approach will be psychological evaluation of the students and then I forward with basics of subjects that are engraved in minds of the pupil

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A trainer for those who aspire to learn English language from high school to undergraduate level.

I conduct interactive classes, using PPT. My methodology is traditional, situational, and functional approach in training students to pick up the language.

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Christ University student tutors students of standard 10 and 11 in Bangalore.

I like to approach a topic with the help of examples and various analogies to help the students understand clearly.

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Experienced ESL teacher gives private lessons for adult learners in Toronto cafe

I base my lessons on music, games and storytelling. I want to make sure my lessons are as real as possible so learners can apply them to real life situations. These classes are meant for those who want to learn and apply English.

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Teacher for Language,Mass Communication and Media. Handles English Proficiency and Developmental Skills.

I teach the students by engaging them in different activities that suit their age and Learning Preferences. The students are also provided to interact with the society as that is the ultimate goal. Further research are also given if required.

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ENGLISH BHUBANESWAR(ODISHA). Ma B Ed, PGCTE(CIEFL), P hd 37 years as an English teacher Coordinator of a leading School.

I base my class on the standard of the students and the question asked. Each class depends upon the mental ability of the students. I normally base my class on the answers or response I get from my students...that is the reason why I have always been put in charge of the NI group...

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Soft Skills & Communicative English Classes by Trained & 14 year Experienced D Litt Holder

My teaching is with maximum practical oriented with creating enthusiasm in the learners or the trainees, which attracts the interest of the learners. English is a language which has to be used in the correct accent and grammatical usage.

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Students from Nursery to 4th standard from English medium from Pune .

My teaching method is simple / easy to understand with lots of practice to grasp the things easily. I give more efforts on mastering the lessons and make it more interactive. I am more interested in teaching Nursery & Primary students ... so that their base is made strong.

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Experienced private school Media and Computing teacher who also tutors in English.

My teaching methodology is explicit and scaffolded, focussing on the needs of my students.

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I will help you practice English. I have experience as an English tutor.

I am flexible based on how a student wants to learn. Or I can offer options. We will decide together.

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Early Childhood Educator available to provide tutoring services for ESL and Arts

My teaching methods make me a flexible educator. I do not like to rush any child, therefore, i take it one lesson at a time and work according to the child's needs and understanding of the lesson. I take the time to understand each of the children and provide a caring and positive learning environment.

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Learn English with FUN and improve carrier profile for achieve your goal.

I used to teach through active learning process. Newspaper and Articles are used to create interest in the language. Good stories and novels are explained to further ones interest .

Milsons Point
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Experienced English language teacher helps students master language proficiency in a creative way

My teaching method is communicative and individualistic. I treat my students with respect and try to encourage them to develop their linguistic hobbies through reading, listening, writing and speaking activities directed to enrich their vocabulary and linguistic competence.

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Make your English vocabulary great with me and all the very best.

I prefer individual should not study to pass in the exams but to pass in the life exams, this is my methodology.

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I am a perfect teacher for English language because I have studied many languages with grammar(including English), so it's easy for me to explain English grammatically correct.

I teach my fellows the very important parts of grammar with latest examples and make them solve the sentences grammatically both from English to others and vice versa that makes them very perfect in understanding the language.

K m narayanan
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Bring English at your home and be an expert in Spoken English.

I cover right from the alphabets.new words, grammar in full,vocabularies, translations of sentencesfom your language to English.

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Learn to speak English in a short period for the life ahead.

I teach by making my students talk in English.

Tp mohanan
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Students who are in 8th standards to 10th Standards in Calicut, district Kerala

An open approach to utilise and identify the strength of each student in such a way to in calculate the need of knowledge to find new horizon to explore the complexities of such practises with a view to gaining new perspectives and attitude of enquiry.

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Highly Experienced ESL teacher with overseas experience offering IELTS lessons in Nottingham

I am pretty much a task based teacher who believes that practice makes perfect. I try to create a safe learning environment where you will be willing to take risks.

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Post graduate in a construction management having a flair for English language and teaching

I like to start with the basics. If the basics are not clear you cannot move forward. I like to make everyone understand the concept.

Narendra Nagar
Mrs. neeta
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Everything in English. Wonders in English. I can do everything in English.

I teach them in a simple way which will be easy to understand. Textbooks and Grammee is to be explained.

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All about finance rbi senior faculty with 40 years experience 40 years experience

My way of teaching is through caselets, actual case studies and fundamentals. IMPROVE STUDENT'S KSA LEVEL and sharing of knowledge. Teaching in an environment where students feel comfortable and try to enter the student's profile and make user friendly.

Mary jasmine
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English Teacher in a regional technical school waiting for u,i can definitely help u .

My objective in teaching eng language is to identify the real need of a learner and guide the student to attain the goal.

Parramatta Park
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English conversation lessons for students in Cairns, or international students via Skype

I base my classes on active and practical conversation skills. Each student is different and by having a lot of conversation I can understand clearly which areas students need to work on. It also allows me to use examples and situations based on the students' experiences and interests.

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Indian Accounting student provides English coaching to all students and whoever requires.

I teach by giving realistic examples while teaching inorder to collabrate the book knowledge in practical and that makes learning more fun and pretty easy.

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English learning aspirants (language/literature, and written/spoken) are supported with personal online coaching at their pace.

I mix different student centric methods to appropriate my teaching to passionate students who really wanted to improve their language skills

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The management student preaches english to his passion to enlighten world around

My teaching method would be based on practical ,real life examples and substitutional simpler words for better understanding on concepts

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An international student offering English lessons for non- native and native speakers

I am Baya, am preparing my PhD for the moment. My teaching method differs depending on students needs, level, and number in the classroom.

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10+ years of experience teaching English language, new language opens New horizons

After consolidating a language issue, I put a lot of emphasis on performance and what is to be done with the learnt issue

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Perfect! I am French and I moved to NYC at the beginning of October 2018. I have been taking one-on-one English lessons with Emily since my arrival. She is an amazing person and teacher: patient, extremely helpful and encouraging. She is great at...

Mélodie, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Didn't have the lesson with her due to requirements that were discussed after contact, but she was professional in rejecting the project. We hope to work with her on a different project in the future

Ivy mariecor, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nancy is a fantastic tutor! She's really knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about the English language. My lesson with her was very enjoyable and full of useful content. Definitely recommended!

Enrico, student
2 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! She is an excellent teacher and I learned English with her.

Motluk, student
1 month ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Jordana truly cares about her students by trying to get to know the student through notetaking. She is fun to learn from and she has her own strategy to coach the pronunciation. She is very familiar with and knows how to correct the common...

Zoe, student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! My girlfriend and I had about 13 lessons. We worked especially on conversation skills. She prepared me perfectly for an important business meeting. Ruby was very flexible regarding the timing and location of the our sessions. I definitely recommend...

Stefan, student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

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