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San Diego
(22 reviews)
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Online English Lessons for everyone from anywhere for breaking down the language barriers.

I have received a graduate diploma of National Oil Academy. Also, have numerous certificates of practical seminars, training courses which helped me to improve my professional skills. During my work, I use different methods and techniques for better understanding and high results of my students.

(5 reviews)
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Penetrate into the Magic World of English together with ESL teacher Natalie

Individual approach, speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, exercises, tests, adapted literature, essays, exam preparation, presentations, games, self esteem up, motivation, professionalism .

(5 reviews)
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¿Quieres aprender inglés con un profesor con Doctorado y experiencia de más de 15 años enseñando inglés? Personalizo todas mis clases y las adapto a las necesidades profesionales y personales, particu

I focus on conversational and oral expression but also can help improve your reading comprehension. I will help you loosen up and get rid of your shyness and start speaking, boosting your confidence. I believe in learning by doing, and there is no better way to learn a language than start speaking it since minute one.

(4 reviews)

Let's start studying today! We will work hard together for the IELTS.

French & ESL Tutor since 2015. I have students from Japan, France, Korea, India etc. The native language of my student play a very important role with the pronunciation depending on your native language. I provide all the material for my students. I recommend some free app to download as well, so they in between lessons they keep on practicing while having fun.

(7 reviews)
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TEFL Certified ESL Instructor with BA in English Literature in Boston gives student-focused engaging lessons.

My students are adult professionals who want to improve their spoken and written English. My lessons focus on the specific objectives of each student. As a result, they are interesting and my students become fully engaged in the lesson. My students gain the confidence that they seek with their English. Group rates considered. I have 60 hour Bridge TEFL Certificate.

(2 reviews)
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Retired English Teacher, Administrator,Businessman Certified in ESL provides online instruction for Intermediate and Adult Learners. Also certified in Business English

I am a retired Teacher of English and a Retired High School Principal. I completed my ESL Certification in July of 2015 for the purpose of continuing my teaching career after retirement. My goal is to move to Costa Rica and continue with my online students once I have relocated there. While living in Costa Rica I also plan to study Spanish.

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Bilingual Communication Studies graduate offering ESL and Spanish online lessons to all ages.

- I am an organize, driven and creative person who wants to teach English/Spanish lessons in a dynamic and innovative way to people of all ages. - My teaching methods will vary depending on each student. Customized lessons for each student will facilitate each of them to learn at their own pace.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

College student with high success rate giving ESL lessons: flexible meeting place

I tailor lessons to students' needs and do not believe that every person fits into a mold. Each person is an individual and has specific strengths and needs. I tutor children k-8 and also adults who desire to excel in English. I rely heavily on vocabulary and grammatical and phonetic instruction. (I am able to get anyone reading within months.

Hobe Sound
(8 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Brasileira with Masters Degree, living in United States gives English lessons online.

Hi, I'm Patty from Brazil. I did my graduation in Business Management in Brazil and I did study in Ireland, England, and China, now I'm living in U.S. I used to teach my students basic principles in second language acquisition, set up English speaking and special the listening. I'm more ESL teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Calling adults and children who want to learn English and those who know English but want to learn how to read and write better.

I use a variety of teaching methods depending upon my initial assessment of my student's English speaking, reading and writing ability. It also depends upon what the student tells me what they want to learn e.g. vocabulary, writing, comprehension etc. I use a student centric approach and believe that learning my doing is far superior to learning by memorization.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Masters Degree English Teacher with 5 years experience offering ESL for conversation, business, etc.

I think that the best way to learn English is through fun lessons based on your hobbies and conversation. Through my lessons we can work on vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation or any subject you desire. I usually like to begin with a little warm up, review, main lesson and exercise, questions, and closing.

1st lesson offered free !

Let's talk! Enjoyable lessons, excellent results. Call me. Let's begin planning your lessons.

I have been teaching in colleges, language centers and online since 2005. I design interesting, effective lessons for my students. We have fun learning. We can specialize in: - Listening (stories, news, job interviews, etc.) - Speaking (phones, small talk, business English, etc.) - Reading (news stories, job advertisements, etc.) - Writing (e-mail, job applications, Facebook, etc.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified English/ESOL Teacher offering personalized online ESL and reading tutoring for ages 4 to adult

I do a free evaluation with each student before creating lessons personalized specifically based on the evaluation. I create your lessons based on what you want to focus on, your level of English, and your preferred learning style. My main goal is to have the student produce as much language as possible. That means the student will be doing the most speaking, reading, and writing.

(6 reviews)
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Teaching ESL in Cambridge, ON Taught Japanese Students as a Teacher's Assisstant! Tutored many International students around the world!

Mainly 1-2 hour lessons Objectives: Review vocabulary: parts of body, where to go to find something (type of store, where in store) Review grammar: command forms of verbs (“Take two aspirin every morning”) New vocabulary: ways to describe illness and methods of remedying it New grammar: giving advice “I would recommend” + [verb+ing] Activities: Introduction: quick review of parts

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English teacher in SW Miami offering private ESL classes. Just retired from university with lots of hours available.

I have my own website for ESL with 8 levels (A-1 to C-1) and have also worked as a teacher trainer for many years. I am 24/7 online. Want to learn fast and with accuracy. You'll enjoy language games and learn faster. My MOTTO: Nothing should be read or written before it has been heard or spoken.

Marlboro Township
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

ESL lessons from Native English speaker with experience teaching English abroad to all ages

I approach lessons by examining the needs of the student. I want the student to be in control of setting goals and I focus on how to achieve those goals. For me, the most important thing is communication and confidence. As a language learner myself with experience living abroad, I understand the difficulties in language acquisition.

West University Place
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Dynamic ESL Instructor with 17 years of experience offering engaging and effective English lessons

My motto as an educator is, “If they’re not learning, you’re not teaching.” This idea is at the core of my teaching philosophy. I am most interested in the teaching and learning process and how the traditional limits of these pursuits can be challenged.

Elm Grove
1st lesson offered free !

English as Second Language (ESL) teacher with 8 years of experience and CELTA certified in Brookfield, WI.

When I teach, I use mind mapping, cooperative learning, as well as word building skills. I assess my students and tailor the lessons to their level, needs, and priorities. I love what I do, and I am quite resourceful to make sure my students love it as well.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Writing/Speaking Tutor wants to help you! 15 years experience. Message me.

I have a M.A. of Liberal Arts and graduate hours in History and Humanities, but I'm a Jill of all trades! I have degrees in Criminal Justice and have a passion for public speaking, theater and musical performance. I have thousands of hours in stage performance as well as public speaking. My style of teaching is flexible to what you need.

San Antonio
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

English student with 2 years experience offering professional and creative writing lessons with emphasis on student development in San Antonio.

I tend to focus on the student as a whole and how they can reach their goals in a reasonable time frame. Within my lessons as a tutor, I emphasize methods the students can learn in order to successfully develop. This helps the student learn the content at a quicker rate with less stress.

1st lesson offered free !

Traveling, Engaging and Energetic English tutor for ESL, ACT, SAT, K through 12 students and Adults

I take notice of every student's individual nuances: their attitude, their energy, their likes and their dislikes. I use this information to better assist them in meeting the goals that they or their parents have. When it comes to tutoring I simply prefer a more individualized approach.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic English teacher with over 20 years of experience in the US and abroad

I am an adjunct community college professor of ESOL and Spanish. I have taught middle school though college level students and tailor my lessons to individual student's needs. I always start with a warm up, structured exercises and progress to more open ended features of a lesson. Each lesson has a closure which recaps the objectives of the class and sets the student up for the next lesson.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

A happy ESL Teacher who really gets it! I too study languages.

Hello, I'm excited at the prospect of helping you with your English because I love seeing my students progress. I've taught children as young as two years old and adults well into their seventies. We all learn differently, and my technique is to use whatever methods you respond to the most.

1st lesson offered free !

Twenty years of professional tutoring experience. Elementary through advanced ESL. Multiple subjects in grades 1-12.

I modify the pace and content of my tutoring to fit the distinct personality and learning style of each student. My primary goal is the quality of my tutoring, not the quantity of subjects covered. I simplify my lessons to ease the learning process for my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn English from a native speaker in the United States with a passion for students!

I base my classes on learner-based outcomes, which means I pay attention to the unique aspects of each class that I teach. I encourage discussion and peer-to-peer interaction and practice. That is the best way to understand and learn any language--practicing with those who understand what you are going through. I encourage students to not be afraid to make a mistake.

1st lesson offered free !

A dedicated and experienced English Language teacher with TEFL / TESOL / TEYL /CTBE/ IELTS teaching Certificates

My teaching philosophy is patience, guidance, encouragement, and respect are the ways to achieve academic success. As an educator, my goal is to ensure that every student has a learning environment where they feel optimistic, enthusiastic and supported. Also, I believe in keeping each tutoring session professional and confidential with mutual respect and collaboration between tutor and the student.

Des Plaines
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

A college student studying Associates in arts and is willing to teach english and math to primary, middle and high school levels in Des Plaines, Illinois

My teaching method depends on a student. I would figure out a way that is more easy for them to learn and understand and I can teach students over web cams, face to face, or if they can come to my house.

1st lesson offered free !

Writing tutor and coach in Charlotte with 8 years of helping students and professionals communicate their ideas and beliefs clearly and effectively

My teaching methodology is inquiry based. As an educator I understand that the very root of the word education is 'educare' which means to bring up. So as an educator my approach is to provide instruction by asking questions that trigger curiousity and thinking about their own ideas, writing, and language acquisition.

1st lesson offered free !

ESL and French tutor available to tutor via Skype. Reasonable rates available.

I have a B.A. in French Literature from Loyola University of Chicago. I give lessons in English and French to middle school, high school and college level students. As for my methodology, I teach students proper pronunciation of words, correct grammar and correct sentence structure. I assist them in actually thinking in English and French.

1st lesson offered free !

Canadian teacher and lawyer living in Phoenix offering English, ESL and French lessons.

My preferred teaching methodology is a theme based student-centered approach that builds on prior knowledge and skills. I adapt my approach based on the needs of the learner and have successfully taught elementary students through project based learning and themes of interest and practical use for adult students.

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Perfect! Jordana helped me reduce my accent and correctly pronounce sounds and words I've had trouble with for years.

Vlad, student
2 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Amazing and very professional teacher. She takes time to prepare every lesson, she provides you with the material. Overall, an excellent tutor!

Fern andez, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Victoria is a very good teacher, intelligent and very patient. She has a good methodology and high flexibility. The lessons with her were effective and opened the door and Victoria helped me to walk through. See you again in November

Bernd, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Hayley is the most thoughtful and caring teacher I could ask for. I feel like I have learned so much with just a few classes already. It does require dedication and practice, but she is giving me all the resources and motivation I need. Worth every...

Igor, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Willie is an excellent teacher and truly seems to enjoy teaching. He has been extremely helpful and I look forward to working with him for a long time hopefully

Tammie, student
9 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Just had my the second class, Lynda is passionate and well-prepared to fit my needs. She understands my goal and works out the best approach for me. I'm positive about my progress with the help of Lynda!

Angel, student
9 months ago
(7 reviews)

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