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Provides tutoring to Jr. High, High School, adult education, undergraduate level students. Provides assistance in proofreading term papers, essays, etc.

I provide tutoring assistance, review papers, and provide necessary feedback as I love to write. Communication is important to me. Therefore, I ask that you be responsive whenever I send emails with questions, etc. I will always ask for your thoughts and will encourage you to participate. No, I will not do your homework for you. Lastly, I love to laugh.

Kansas City
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Sociology (with Cultural Anthropology emphasis) Student offering cultural lessons in Kansas City, 2 years of teaching experience, 5 years of sociology experience.

I have always taught in a hands on manner. I typically use a lot of games, current events, and local experiences to help the students learn. I find it is best to forge a connection with my students and understand how to teach them based on their feedback.

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Philosophy B.A. graduate gives philosophy and history lessons with analysis of daily domestic/international news in Columbus

Have you ever wondering what philosophy is? Or are you simply curious about how philosophy can enhance people's lives and their values? Philosophy helps people understand themselves and their lives better.

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Professor of Psychology, Research, Emotional Intellgence, Sensation Seeking, Abnormal Behavior, Assessment Measurement

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Community Counseling, Certification in Research Assessment and Measurement and an EdD - ABD in Counseling Psychology paired with a license in Counseling. I have taught Psychology to Undergraduates, online.

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Post Graduate in Christian Studies with 10 months part time tutor in University

I taught M.A. Christian Studies Distance Education Students.

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Experienced Humanities Tutor With Advanced Degree Available In Person or Online Tutoring

I always prefer to teach using the Socratic method, that is, by asking questions in an attempt to prompt the student to reach an answer on their own accord. This method leads to better retention of information and the ability to deploy concepts in critical thinking exercises, as opposed to simply on tests.

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Teacher/Professor with 20 years of experience in the classroom and online tutoring

I am Rebecca Letellier, often referred to as Ms. L, by the majority of students, both young and adult. I give lessons to 3rd - adults on reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. My undergraduate degree is Business Management. I have an MBA and a Masters in Education. I am working on a PhD in Educational Psychology.

Los Angeles
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How to be human, where we come from, where we're going--History and Literature from an expert in differentiated learning in Los Angeles

Learning is an adventure. I guide students through a lot of information, but the real exploration is within. The goal is to learn how to express thoughts with confidence and clarity. I match my teaching technique to the student's learning method.

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Basic Psychology Tutoring in Columbia and surrounding area by LISW-CP with over 10 years experience

Learn by experience! I am a licensed social worker but have a bachelor's degree in social work and psychology. You may be surprised how much these two disciplines overlap. I am able to help explain basic terminology with real life examples and experience. I am able to provide case studies, power point presentations, and reading materials to individuals.

Sand Springs
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Professor Offering Philosophy and History Tutoring to Tulsa-Area Students of any Level

I am a 16-year Doctorate-holder, who has taught, on-line, on-ground, and everywhere in between, preparing easily digestible lessons for each student, on a wide swath of subjects within the several disciplines, and am prepared to walk you through each subject!

Grand Terrace
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Psychology student offering psychology and english lessons in California to all ages.

I approach topics by putting myself in a student's shoes and often start with the basics and go up from there, I also always make sure the student understands the material before continuing on. Everyone goes at different paces and that is something I would take into consideration.

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History and Philosophy Graduate Offering Writing and Content Tutoring with 4 Years Experience

My teaching method is very tailored to the student. I believe that students learn according to their natural tactic towards understanding the world, and by using their inherent strengths, can excel when entering uncharted territory.

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History/Philosophy major, MA in Education student, Social Studies educator in training

I am a firm believer in adopting a growth mentality. I believe that everybody can learn and that the goal of an education should be the cultivation of the individual. If an individual improves their ability to critically think, write, and speak, then they are prepared to succeed in any discipline and aspect of life.

Mayfield Heights
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Philosophy and English student offering Philosophy and English lessons in Cleveland to all ages

I approach each topic by looking at the foundations surrounding the subject. Should a subject require a lot of foundation, said foundation will be explained first, before being combined together during the conclusion. Should a topic be more simplistic, then foundation will be explained while the topic is explored naturally.

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Social Studies Tutor. Teach High School AP History in the Bronx. Certified Social Studies Teacher

Engaged students in meaningful learning through different historical scenarios or having students create question on their own. Developed and implemented a parallel curriculum, delivering Common Core standards in reading and writing. Built around inquiry-based research learning to meaningful learning.

East Wenatchee
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Future history teacher willing to help anyone who is need of help

I am a graduate from Wenatchee Valley College. I am currently attending central Washington univieristy. I am a history major/education major. I am half way done with my bachelors degree. I can't wait to be a teacher to help students and others.

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Award-winning journalist teaching English, writing, reading, and journalism to all levels of students in Central Colorado.

I give one-on-one lessons and sessions to all students interested in improving their writing, reading, or journalistic abilities. I assess the student's goals and create an individual plan to not only meet those goals, but exceed them. Every student is not the same. I will find the strengths and weaknesses of each student and propel them to success.

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When hard working persons' efforts of their great determination then success happens

Dear students, I am a passionate lecturer with extensive knowledge in Philosophical studies and Anthropological Sciences. I hold Licentiate and Masters Degrees in Philosophy. My academic dissertation was on the works of John Ralws in view of Social systems of justice and fairness in socio-economic and political spheres. I believe that knowing to do right thing is the highest level of justice.

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Doctoral Psychology Student Offering Tutoring Psychology from TX Home. Here to HELP

In this field I like to get a feel for the perspective of the learner. In psychology you can have a variety of thought and opinions and perspectives.. I like to hear someone out before I take an approach to anything. I feel like as a tutor I am not here to judge I am here to assist my learner in understanding and guiding them.

Virginia Beach
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Experienced counselor and psychology instructor offering lessons in the Hampton Roads area.

My teaching and tutoring experience revolves around young adults and continuing students who wish to improve their lives by completing a college program. My teaching technique is student-focused and I make it my priority that every individual enjoys what they learn.

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Retired philosophy instructor offering lessons in Seattle with 10 years teaching experience

The Socratic method is effective in engaging students to develop a reasoned approach to everyday questions. Through this dialogue, a connection can be made between historical origins as they relate to the present. Therefore, readings and questions that relate to them are crucial to understanding, and form the basis for evaluating mastery of the instructional material.

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Social Studies teacher with 11 years of experience in Philosophy, History, and Language Arts serving the North Atlanta area.

My teaching method is based on discussion and promotes understanding through questioning on the part of both student and teacher. I also work extensively to prepare students for written assessments, mainly through practice essays which I score using official rubrics and then review with students with the goal of continuous improvement and increasing comfort.

1st lesson offered free !

Neuroscientist with 25 years of experience offering simple to complex Psychology tutoring

It will depend upon what your goal is for tutoring help and we will decide together whether we need a textbook, a set of readings from the Internet or a set of films or popular books which give one impression of what happens after a stroke or other brain injury and how the real world patients are different.

Coral Springs
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Experienced tutor offers help with Social Sciences, History, Literature, Spanish and Student Skills

I am a clear communicator, mastering two languages, English and Spanish. I am a strong believer in the capacity of individuals to be successful. I use data and needs assessment to understand the progress of students or trainees, which in turn helps inform the next steps in the learning process.

Elmer rodell
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Dr. Rodell Bledsoe, Opened up ministerial communications in homeless, provided counseling for drug and alcohol groups

I endeavor to understand the subject and the purpose. If I have understood the material, correctly then to a certain I have ben self taught. I like a face to face method if possible. I can usually tell by facial expressions if the student is grasping what is taught.

Los Angeles
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A Scientologist with comprehensive studies in communication and Ethics teaches related subjects

I will be able to explain and relay my knowledge in communication and Ethics to my students in order for them to be able to communicate with others on any subject and be prosperous in life. I will also be able to teach what ethics really is and when a person understands the concept , he or she will be able to survive much much better by becoming ethical.

San Antonio
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Post grad counselor intern looking to pass on knowledge, experience, and insight!

I approach teaching from an individual needs framework. My teaching style adjusts to the student's learning style. I have three degrees (AAS medical transcription, BS psychology, MS clinical mental health counseling), which are all helpful in various areas of study.

Red Bud
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Online teaching for anyone interested in behavioral psychology (applied behavior analysis) Winchester, VA

Fun, practical, functional, relevant, informative, and reinforcing! Always use a positive approach. This comes from my expertise in behavioral psychology. You will remember the material and make personal connections with the material to remember and apply it.

1st lesson offered free !

Senior Master Teacher with a PhD and 30 years of teaching experience in history and philosophy.

I have always taught via the Socratic Method. That is, I teach by engaging my students in a question & answer dynamic. That can be quite challenging...and thus I have always balanced that challenge with humor, often directed at myself.

North East
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Learn about yourself! I teach Psychology, English, and personal growth studies.

I provide instruction to individuals or groups to those interested interested in understanding the word in which we live. We focus on theory and how it related to today's changing values. We read, we research the net, we discuss, we share opinions and personal stories.

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Perfect! Giovanni is a tremendous and talented teacher. He guided my study of philosophy, starting with the ancient Greek philosophers. He's thoughtful and well versed in philosophy, languages, and literature. He will accelerate and deepen your grasp of...

Wendy, student
9 months ago
(5 reviews)

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