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Discover a deep understanding of each social platform through hands-on approach in Bristol.

I believe that the knowledge I have can be adapted to work to improve your understanding of marketing and brand awareness. Through relaxed conversations and a goal-driven approach to making progress. I can help you get the most from your social media platforms and to develop the skills necessary to gain traction for yourself or for yours or someone else's brand.

São Paulo
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Creative writing classes for young adults. Learn quick techniques to write well!

We will learn creative and dynamic techniques to write better. With my help, you will learn to express yourself better through writing. Also, you will learn how to use these techniques in the social network and create a blog for you.

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Engineering professional offering blog creations/contents lessons up to any levels in and around Morden, London

ell defined topics, teach from basics, make sure students reverse back the teachings and practical work puts, group assignments, research methodology, open Q & A, and some more below Encouraging students to create website or blog covering the themes covered in the tutorial session Analyzing sources of information Introducing humor into the tutoring session Use of Multi-Media Tools Use of...

(4 reviews)
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Marketing expert willing to teach how to market your products on Facebook and other social media platforms

I am a UK based academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and consultant for academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

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1st lesson offered free !

Learn to grow on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.) with live projects and Internship.

Teaching Methodology would be more of practical than theory. We would be going practicals as we go on with the selection of modules. Every module has a separate base of power point presentations. You would also be given soft copy notes after we complete the module.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Facebook Ads From a Pro with Millions of Ad Spend Managed

My methodology is best described as Talk Through, Walk Through. I will explain and demonstrate before inviting you to try yourself whilst being on hand to offer support.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Facebook Advertising along with Other Digital Marketing Components and double your profits within 12-24 months!

I'll provide detailed explanation about FB ads making you understand all of it's essential components and how you can tackle algorithms to gain more results Along with that I'll keep a detailed session on various other topics such as SEO, Twitter marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Google Analytics, Insta Marketing & Much more!

Potts Hill
1st lesson offered free !

COmputer professional teaching all about facebook ads from basic to advanced features. Pixels,targeting etc

I believe in practical approach rather than theory. I will show you the Facebook ads creation, set-up, audience research live through screenshare, different types of ads, things you should avoid. I will show by creating few ads on my new ad account. what will be the cost, how ads get delivered, how do we fail etc.

Navi Mumbai
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced digital media professional with experience in digital media buying with several leading brands.

Practical & hands on - You work alongside me to get a hands on exposure (e.g. setting up campaign/ understanding targeting option etc.) Several contemporary examples from industry. Interactive and Questions & Answers based rather than lecture based. Pace of teaching varies according to your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer illiterate? Meet, Explore and take advantage of this new world of internet.

Learning is discovering and that is why my method is based on going from the basic concepts to the deepest ones in playful and intuitive sessions. A class is a personal journey with accompaniment. Teaching is learning. We can all give and receive knowledge.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson offered free !

UQ Postgrad Student with experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)

My teaching method is interactive and more proof based. I can introduce students to the basics of Digital Marketing first and later dwell into the specifics. The lesson plan will include Keyword research, Budget planning, Pareto analysis and other related things too.

1st lesson offered free !

A Deep Dive Into Facebook & Instagram Advertising By Experienced Marketer/ Trainer.

I teach with fun elements, making class fun not boring. I would want full participation from my students in terms of interaction as well as Q/A's My classes are for everyone who wants to learn about ads on Facebook as well Instagram be it business owners, students and even homemake ladies running or looking to run home based businesses.

1st lesson offered free !

Students who want to pursue a career in social media marketing can reach out.

I approach a particular topic by first getting you’ll to understand the problem it will be solving. If you understand that and have a vision for what is your goal, the path will be as clear as a sunny day.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to lead sales & Marketing in Digital age through Facebook ads.

My teaching method is very Interesting, I teach students through PPTs and Animations with respect to the topic. By giving real life examples and giving Live projects to students, Learnings becomes more FUN.

1st lesson offered free !

Degree student, Google certified in digital marketing gives Facebook ads Class for students in Karnataka

I will teach you through online class providing you various case study and different types of ads campaign which you need to know

1st lesson offered free !

Facebook add is most. To the social media Social media is the best plateform to connect with each other

My teaching method is i am prepare my notes and then after i teach to the student i prepare for it without any book and contain collects in net

1st lesson offered free !

Ads of your page, business help to reach your exact goal.In Facebook you can give ads for your business in a very cheapest cost.

I will provide you a very friendly circles to learn. You can get both theory and practical method. Because in Facebook ads or digital marketing you have to learn practical as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Facebook Ads Campaign, and Google AdWords, jobseeker can learn for career.

My Teaching method is Online and offline both, I Teach students with Practical on Live Projects and Live Website for Learning

Md shaquth
1st lesson offered free !

If anyone wants to run ads n low budget that this is the place to go forward

My teaching method id practical, as if anyone does anything and have some experience then he/she can make it easily without any problems in future.

1st lesson offered free !

Social Media expert who can teach you how to earn using Facebook,whatsapp,...

My teaching method's will be very simple and easy to follow using videos & images , and this this method every one learn the tricks & tips which can make you rich with using your free time , .

1st lesson offered free !

Runs a digital marketing agency with 3 years of experience. Here I'm going to teach about Facebook ads

My teaching method is very unique, with very simple manner where the person of no knowledge can understand my classes.

1st lesson offered free !
Kempton Park
Chane bianca
1st lesson offered free !
New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Student who wants to learns social media organic and paid tricks and want to learn Wikipedia article writing to get work and earn money at home. i can teach them tricks and will give them some effecti

my teaching method is in theory and practical both and will give you so many tools for social media marketing where you can earn so many tricks to earn more n more money at home. i will teach you step by step everything.

1st lesson offered free !

Savvy blog writer with high expressive and articulating skills. Masters from IIT

Understanding the message t be conveyed, building the context around the article, and maintaining a singular tone for the article are very much needed for a blog article to be successful. The need to have picture references and video references in blogs is also becoming prominent. I focus on all this things while I write and explain about blog writing.

1st lesson offered free !

Social Media Marketer of 3 years experience teaches - How to Blog in simple attractive English !

My teaching method is practical, onscreen displays of how to make posts for social media, how to write short content for social media, how to write compelling reviews and product description for websites! I show how to create visual and graphical content with words and pictures.

1st lesson offered free !

A digital marketer who not only teaches advertising for Facebook, but also has a background in mainline advertising.

My teaching method is based on the practicality of marketing and the different techniques in which Facebook can be used.

Mohd tauqeer
1st lesson offered free !

Students in computer science i gives tuttion on Facebook ads, ad words, Twitter ads, linkedin ads

I Teach topic by topic and i explain every topic in details i and provide our best skill in class room

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