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Mission Viejo
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College Graduate Tutor Specializing in History to Help With Those Long Research Papers!

My teaching methodology is based on how I was taught through my studies at CSU Long Beach. I will approach the various historical topics on the theories that most influenced my work which I believe makes history more relevant to the students. This theory/approach is what is called cultural and subaltern history.

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Teacher with a BA in Sociology; 3 years experience in social work and 2 years experience in education.

I approach teaching based on the learner. First I like to do pre-assessments to figure out how much the student knows. Based on this, I tailor my lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. After the lesson, I like to do a post-assessment to see the students' progress and tailor following lessons as necessary.

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Post Graduate in Christian Studies with 10 months part time tutor in University

I taught M.A. Christian Studies Distance Education Students.

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Teacher/Professor with 20 years of experience in the classroom and online tutoring

I am Rebecca Letellier, often referred to as Ms. L, by the majority of students, both young and adult. I give lessons to 3rd - adults on reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. My undergraduate degree is Business Management. I have an MBA and a Masters in Education. I am working on a PhD in Educational Psychology.

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Sociology Grad with Social Issues Background, active in Community and Current Events

My teaching method is a healthy mixture of lecture, collaboration and discussion. I feel that students learn best when they can apply what they are trying to learn to every day life. If you can relate to it, you can learn it.

Cherry Hill
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University Undergraduate Student offering psychology lessons online with 2 years of experience

I approach each class by seeing what the students need from me in terms of lessons as well as structure. I make sure to adapt to best accommodate the student. I have worked with high school students, though also tutor friends on an university level.

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College student in Boston area with experience in Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

I give powerpoint lectures that are full of information and that are vibrant and comprehensive. My lessons are lecture based, and I appreciate communication and questions that challenge me. I believe in helping the student without giving all the answers. Encouragement is key.

Fort Gibson
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Nationally certified counselor with a masters degree in mental health counseling in Oklahoma

I relate every topic back to accessible topics, making the information relatable and simple. If I have to spend an hour reverse engineering a subject, I will do it. I teach teens and young adults, varying from high school to undergraduate.

Little Rock
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History/Government/Geography/Reading tutor in Little Rock, AR. 15 years' experience. (Just please don't ask me to do math.)

I have a history degree and teach like I was taught: relate history to current events. Show how history is important because it repeats itself. I try to make it as interesting/relevant as possible.

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Second-year Philosophy student with a Sociology minor offering tutoring in Southampton for these and similar subjects

My teaching method is breaking each topic down as simply as possible in the beginning while simultaneously working to assure that my students practice critical thinking. In my personal opinion, critical thinking is one of the most important parts of human life and society and therefore I base my methods off of it.

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Liberal Arts Graduate tutoring in Chicago with 6 years of experience for all ages

My teaching method is patient and relatable. There are challenges true but everything can be broken down into simpler parts or more understandable Relating biology to modern life and ancient wars to daily struggles.

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Portland based Education and Social Studies student with 9 years of experience

I tend to approach my classes using lectures, discussions, and project-based learning so that all of my students feel comfortable learning. My students range from children in kindergarten to university students, however, most of my students tend to be in High School.

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UCLA Sociology graduate offering lessons in social & behavioral sciences, in addition to college prep.

When working with students, I first like to get a complete understanding of what their academic struggles are. Before fully diving into the subject, I like to do a warm-up activity to help get the student focused. This can include a simple review of what was covered in a previous lesson or a fun game to get the student's mind eased into the subject.

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Anthropologist with M.A. & teaching experience offers tutoring in anthropology and related subjects; also available for writing assistance

I enjoy all opportunities to share knowledge and the pleasure of learning. When teaching larger groups I use lecturing, discussion, and visual aids to communicate concepts to individuals. I encourage conversation and questions throughout all my teaching. When tutoring and mentoring individually, I work collaboratively with the student to understand their own goals and how best to accomplish them.

Winter Park
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Current college student looking to educate Elementary through High school students everywhere!

I generally begin by getting to know the student's interests. It is easier to explain confusing topics by comparing it to topics of interest. I like to use visual aid and other ways to reconstruct a lesson so that the student may better understand it; for example, I may use a timeline or an outline or a Venn-diagram.

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Ph.D. student that specializes in Forensic Psychology with a background in sociology and addiction specialty

The students that I have tutored were fellow doctorate students, however, I teach in a way where the student would be able to understand. I prefer to teach online, however it depends on the needs of the student, I can also call and talk them through the issue.

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Psychology major offering tutoring in Psychology/social sciences Online- AP Psych, etc

Hi, I am a 21 year old senior in college and a psychology major. I am passionate about psychology as a field and am knowledgeable in a range of topics such as abnormal psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral pharmacology, clinical psychology, analysis of psychological data and psych research methods, and more.

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Psychology student in Greeley offering general knowledge and communications lessons with two years experience.

I give lessons to students k-12, as well as early university. My methods follow a conversational type approach that is primarily student lead as I believe that is the best way to create deeper comprehension of material. As a tutor I will guide students through questions they have as well as posing new ones for them to answer so they can further their understanding.

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Communications Major with humanities/social sciences background for teen and college students in Seattle.

My approach to teaching is creating a tailored and personal approach to each student. I take into account all aspects of personality, learning style, and life circumstances. I aim to empower students to feel proud and own their knowledge confidently.

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Psychology, education, and anthropology student in Atlanta & Toronto with experience tutoring children

My teaching methodology involves lecture style and discussion style, depending on the type of class. For content-heavy classes, there are more lectures, but I try to cater to students and increase student engagement through interactive activities. Experiential learning, in my opinion, is essential to one's learning.

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A college student with a History BA degree at IUP working on Cultural Anthropology Masters

I approach each topic depending on what time period in History you are struggling with by showing a timeline of events, and going into detail about what caused these events, the initial cause, the cause and effect, outcomes, and solutions.

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Analytic Philosopher specializing in Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Feminist Philosophy, and Social Political Philosophy.

My teaching style is primarily derived from the Socratic Method. I utilize flipped classroom activities and discussion to develop student understanding of a topic. With groups I prefer starting the conversation with think-pair-share exercises, which I then use to develop discussion and debate among students.

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I am a Ph.D. candidate that is interested in tutoring students in Anthropology, social sciences, and writing.

I would be happy to tutor college students of all levels and would be able to apply my expertise in the social sciences. My methods of instruction are to pay attention to the unique student and their unique needs. I think learning is different for everyone and so I would take it by a case by case basis and learn from the student-to best asses their needs.

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Stay at home mother with a flexible schedule that has a love for history and wants to share her knowledge.

I don't have or use a specific method, I just try to familiarize myself with the student so I can assist them. Essentially I work is to ensure that the student remembers the material or can study on their own.

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Undergraduate KU Student with strong philosophical training, open to groups or private

Ultimately I want to make sure the students understand whatever concept they are struggling with in the classroom or elsewhere. Generally, my teaching methodology involves my own self personally studying the reading beforehand rigorously, and then one-on-one conversations concerning the best interpretations and application methods.

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U.S history major, with hopes of becoming a college professor, based out of Downey, California

My teaching method is based on how the student learns. That being a visual learner, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. I have experience in tutoring younger aged kids but I want to further my abilities in teaching older students.

Laguna Woods
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History PhD with 10 Years Teaching Experience-Subjects include History, Writing, Feminism, Current Events

Engaging students in studying the past means appealing to and accommodating the different learning styles of my students. For smaller classes, I diversify class activities by having small group discussion for approximately one third of the class time.

Ocean Springs
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Experienced historian offering writing and general liberal arts tutoring on Mississippi Gulf Coast

I usually work with secondary and collegiate level students. I find I try to get an understanding of what they know and build from there. Usually, by getting that basis it is also easy to figure out HOW they learn as well, which is crucial to truly help a student.

Cave Spring
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Recent college graduate with focus on Social Justice, History, Philosophy and Geography

I believe in teaching through visual and auditory example and using practical and tested methods of tutoring. I am very patient and work hard to organize my classes in ways that cater to each students abilities and learning styles.

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Comm student in Westford tutoring all ages in iMovie, Photoshop, and theory

I would like to focus on wherever your interest lies, and work to develop it further! We will take each area piece by piece, drawing connections as we go. Theoretical or practical, the knowledge and skills you'll gain are current and important.

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