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East Windsor
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Sabre Fencer with almost 6 years of experience located in Hightstown, NJ

My teaching method is based on how experienced my student is. The more experienced they are the less they need to work on the basics. Practicing the basics helps solidify the foundation, so I focus on the basics if the basics need to be stronger. Footwork will come first before the blade work. After that, it is just practicing over and over again.

Grand Rapids
1st lesson offered free !

Advanced fencing student of almost ten years offering private fencing lessons online

I have only really taught my friends, family and fellow classmates, however I look forward to increasing the number of students that I will be teaching this amazing art to. I plan on demonstrating as much as I can in terms of warm ups, moves and exercises. While all of this will have to be online I do encourage watching fencing videos on YouTube and finding anyone else to practice with.

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The teaching is intended as well as directive in the exercises that participative in the exchanges. This one is adapted to the level of the practitioners and aims to lead them to explore aspects that they do not yet master. The best way is that which opens onto all the others, without ever closing in on itself ...

Santiago de Compostela
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«Kunst des Fechtens» - medieval martial art - training for individuals and groups in Compostela

The «Art of Combat» is the martial art of medieval chivalry: precise, efficient and highly technical. A centuries old fight system codified by fourteenth century masters in old manuscripts, once forgotten and now brought back to life.

1st lesson offered free !

Instructor of Kung Fu, Escrima Filipino style Latosa and Yoga T.N.G., Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu Therapist in Madrid

My personal approach is to provide concepts and techniques usefull for our daily use, teaching how to use the tools we have (breathing, eating, stretching, meditation, exercise ...) to transform our blockage`s (physical, emotional ...) into flowing energy and use it to improve our transformacion in all areas, keeping in mind that personal defense and our health and wellbeing work together.

1st lesson offered free !

I have been fencing competitively for over a decade. I have experience teaching épée and foil, and can help beginners with posture and blade positioning, actors with theatrical combat scenes, and more

I love to be active and to encourage others to explore less-middle-of-the-road sports - like fencing. I've choreographed actors who've never picked up a weapon before in Shakespearian fencing scenes, fenced in several different countries around Europe and competed in national competitions, both individually and representing my university's first team.

1st lesson offered free !

I will teach and coach fencing and martial arts to u students

First i teach a lesson with full of fun .without fun no physical education.

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