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Biochemistry/Molec Bio junior student with 3 years teaching/tutoring experience offering tutoring sessions

I don't believe in one sort of teaching method-- my biggest focus as a teacher or tutor is learning how I can best suit my student. Exploring different studying and teaching methods and listening to/working WITH each student individually is the way to achieve academic success.

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Retired rocket scientist would like to help your studies reach into orbit

My teaching method is basic and consists of interacting with my student in preparing for tests, resolving homework questions and writing reports. I would be willing to work with elementary, junior high or high school students and would consider college students.

Mary jane
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Certified and highly qualified in middle school math and elementary school tutoring.

I am student centered. My lessons are for math students through Algebra 1 and elementary students in all subjects. My lessons are relaxed and focused on student need. I will do whatever it takes for my students to be successful.

Dr. shamim-ara
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I am Mrs. Pervin, Doctorate in Chemistry, offering chemistry lessons including physical/organic/polymer/inorganic, and other chemistry related courses in Kannapolis, NC

Good course materials with sufficient problems/examples and case study are very effective. I feel that "seeing is believing" and so audio-visual aids like using power-point slides for lectures, providing handouts, showing video clips to emphasize important points and Websites are effective learning tools with proven impacts.

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With my Master Degree in Biochemistry, I can make Chemistry easy for you

In my experiences and innovative teaching methods, I can give lessons for (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.). I have great skills in the latest PC and iPad Apps for presentations, webcam, teaching online by conferences rooms such as GoMeeting and others. I am good listener and have strong communicating with students, and friendly personality.

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My name is Alexus and I'm offering to tutor math online. Hire me!!

My teaching method is to teach it how you know it. If you do not understand how it is being taught just ask me to teach you a different way and I will try my best to help you understand.

San Antonio
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Bachelor of Science in Food Science giving math and science lessons to middle school, high school and college levels in San Antonio

My teaching method is very hands on and attentive. I want to know where my student is having issues and start at square one to reach our goal! I am a very visual person and enjoy drawing out pictures and graphs to better understand concepts.

East Lansing
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Learn Chemistry with Dr. Khan in a way that you would learn and enjoy this tough science.

I start my teaching with examples, mostly the examples based on our daily life and I end a topic in a way that I can feel the audience got it. I have a 5 year teaching experience of teaching chemistry to undergrads and at high school level.

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PhD student offering chemistry and maths lessons in wichita with 5 years of experience

My teaching method is based on the student basics and understanding skills. I will look in to the syllabus that is required for that class and make sure student to understand the concept of the topic with strong background knowledge.

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Lessons by Amy B.S. Biochemistry & Nutrition Minor: Biochem, Chem, Food Chemistry, Logic, & Organic Chem! Learn from a Nutraceutical Biochemical Analyst.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a Nutrition Minor Aspiring to save up for a PhD in physiology, pharmacology, or naturopathic medicine.

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Learn both chemistry and biology the simplest way possible, learning should be fun not a headache

I am a graduate student studying Nutrition and Food sciences. Previously, I did my undergrad in Biotechnology. Teaching is my passion and I have been engaged to it for almost a decade now. I have taught students both high school biology and chemistry. I feel chemistry and biology has a symbiotic relationship as both are deeply interrelated and interdependant on each other.

Idaho Falls
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College graduate gives chemistry lessons to any students in Southeastern Idaho regardless of age or education

I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and I'm currently seeking to attend medical school. I've been involved in a synthetic chemistry research project for the past 2 years and I have a 3.4 undergraduate GPA. I give lessons to any student of any age or education. I believe that every student learns differently and at different rates and therefore I move at a very flexible pace.

State College
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Chemistry Master offering the best tutoring in State College for all things chemistry

I approach chemistry problems with simple analogies and techniques that enhance understanding and make chemistry much simpler for students. I am a strong believer in visual aids and in providing a picture for chemistry in order for students to grasp difficult concepts and to succeed in whatever chemistry course they are taking.

Santa Clara
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Professor in chemistry with more than 8 years experience in chemistry teaching

The concepts of my teaching philosophy have been acquired from my own professional training and teaching experiences, and from those that have influenced me. In my opinion, the first goal in teaching chemistry is to have a solid curriculum and provide the students with the framework of knowledge.

Myrtle Beach
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Food Scientist offering chemistry and math lessons in Myrtle Beach with experience tutoring

When tutoring a student, I prefer to know in advance what topic(s) I will be covering in each session. That way, I can be sure I am fully prepared. A typical session will consist of a concept review and a practice session, where the student will complete practice questions to ensure that they fully understand the concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Have been tutoring kids I since I was a kid #math tutor

My name is Jessica and I am originally from the Central Valley. I tutor K-10th-grade Math English Science and Spanish. I am very approachable and adaptable to different learning styles. I also make the material as engaging as possible.

Beaver Falls
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Ph.D. Electroanalytical chemist with 8 years of research and teaching experience offering basic and advanced chemistry tutoring

I generally utilize a book-end style structure with emphasis on increasing understanding, confidence, and critical thinking in students. I aim to help students develop methods to solve their problems in chemistry, and become confident in themselves and their answers.

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Chemistry and biology teachers with many years of practical and theoretical experience

First is to asses level where the student is in. From that point slowly introduce new material. After introducing with the new material student has the time to get familiar with the new material by doing some exercises. Then feedback by asking student a few questions.

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WashU economics graduate offering math and science lessons in Dallas with multiple years of experience

I am a big fan on demonstrable learning. I believe the students learn best by actively practicing the area they're trying to learn. As a result, I endeavor to create activities to make the learning process more interactive and engaging.

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Hi! My name is Emily Cafolla. I love learning, I hope that I can help you develop ways to make new subjects easier for you. I have had a long road with my education; however, I have teachers and tutor

My teaching methodology would be I would show the children the overall problem, and I would then start breaking down the problem. I believe that each child has their own learning way and I would try my hardest to help them pust for the stars.

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Experienced Prof. with many years of experienced to tutor Basic General Chemistry level...

A specific method according to basic of every student based on individual evaluation of his or her weakness and strength of the practical subject in question, to tutor and teach. Every student is unique and different , hence every student should be special.

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General Education Teacher from Rochester New York gives lessons in Most subjects.

I have a College Degree In History and Education. I utilize various approaches to teaching based on the student and his or her ability to learn and master the subject matter. I always present a diagnostic assessment to check to what level the student is at.

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Hesperia homeschooling mom with 5+ years experience in teaching math, science and general education.. looking to be the solution to your chemistry problems

My teaching method differs from student to student based on their academic needs and their learning style. As I mentioned, I have a son with ADHD and have to turn his learning experiences into games and have to read the information from text he may need to know to him instead of allowing him to get off on a million different tangents by having him read it.

Glen Burnie
Ngonla bertrand
1st lesson offered free !

Trained teacher in chemistry with a teaching experience of more than 9years

My teaching method is the Competency Based Approach (CBA). I prepare my lesson plan according to the age, topic and basic knowledge of the student in question.

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Chemist Ph.D Tutor: General, Organic, Inorganic. Bay area: Marin, Berkeley, San Francisco

I will teach anyone who seeks to bolster their chemical knowledge and problem solving abilities from high school and college chemistry students in core classes, biochemistry graduate students seeking chemical expertise, to business owners who wish to gain industry-relevant chemistry insight.

St. Louis
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Love teaching Chemistry in Saint Louis, Missouri. Join in knowing the field.

My teaching method is going through different topics each time and reviewing the topic that was discussed before. Regular quizzes are provided by me. I encourage students to ask doubts and I try my best to provide in depth knowledge of the field.

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Teaching is my passion. Chemistry is just understanding. Connect and learn.

Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Ashfaq, Master in Chemistry and Scholar in education teaching is my passion. so cone and join to understand the word chemistry in very easy way. Not only by words instead practical.

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Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Arkansas Freshman Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

My teaching method is more like a tutor than a teacher. If the students do not feel comfortable, they will not learn as effectively.

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All Grade Level Math Expert with 4 Years Experience in All Ages

My teaching method is primarily based around self-learning, where I am not teaching the student, but leading discussion and encouraging a session of all around help. I encourage a very relaxed atmosphere where the student can feel comfortable seeking assistance.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemistry Is Definitely All Around Us. . . .Let Me Show You Why!

My teaching approach is holistic. I want my students to learn key concepts, problem solving techniques (applications linked to chemistry), and understand how chemistry relates to our existence and daily lives. I worked as a chemist for fifteen years. I made a career change about twelve years ago and began teaching chemistry, physics, environmental science, and biology.

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