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10 years experience with home canning, learn the basics of water bath and pressure canning food preservation techniques.

I offer lessons to all skill levels, starting with the basics of water bath canning to more precise pressure canning. Lessons are informal and fun while giving you the confidence to tackle the task on your own at home later.

1st lesson offered free !

I am from india i am here to teach you the cooking subject

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Greater london
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Emma - Greater London - Food Technology

Arty Classes was set up for worldwide students studying in art, fashion and textiles. Invest in a creative 'Super Tutor' with Arty Classes and you can be the best. Lets be CREATIVE and make 2018 a brilliant year for you! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Arty Classes is a one stop shop for creative students in Art, fashion and Textiles.

South Perth
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I have great experience in Food science and Technology and hands-on skills to guide you to be successful in understanding and mastering elaborated and healthy dishes at your convenience.

I am open to any type of teaching method that will help achieve your objectives. I can prepare notes and send you by mail or we can have our classes via video calls. But I prefer face-to-face session and I am free for some practical cooking classes as well.

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Food technology Student wants to teach and make aware of food handling, cooking as well dealing with food safety

I am a basic learner so my starts goes from basic which like kindergarten type. The structure starts as to make aware to know your basic requirement that you are going to deal with. The teaching is like that the learner can also express his/her experiences. Welcome, to my first kind of teaching..

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Experienced food technologist, ex-CFTRI and UGC NET qualified, who can teach food technology subjects like, food chemistry, food processing, nutrition etc. I can also teach Chemistry and Biology.

I can teach using flow charts, PPT, real life examples, application based study. I am open to answer any doubts and ready to teach entry level students as well as professionals. Will also help in guiding students w.r.t study material, references etc.

Aikaranad North
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Masters in Food Science and Technology with UGC NET from Kochi, Kerala

I want my students to study the subject in-depth. I am comfortable in using most modern methods of classes.

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1st lesson offered free !

Food technology is science related to Food processing and preservation. To study every aspect of Farm to Table concept

My teaching includes deep knowledge of every topic with all cross questions clear with valid reason and authentication for proper understand

1st lesson offered free !

Have doubts in Food Technology?? Get clarified with your Tutor.. And be a Master in your field.

I'll take the role of demonstrator by showing students what they need to know. I strongly facilitate my students to do their work, promote self-learning and retain knowledge that leads to self - actualization. You can ask questions and helps develop skills to find answers and solutions through exploration.

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Teaching Food Technology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for DFP Almarai candidates

Technical Training Specialist with Almarai Company , Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Upper Coomera
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My qualifications and experience provided me with excellent hospitality skills in commercial cookery, implementation of food safety procedure and work place hygiene procedure and knowledge in a number

I acquired a Certificate IV in TAE as well as Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery from TAFE Queensland. and Certificate III patisseries I was working as a commercial cookery trainer since from February 2010 at Spencer College in Brisbane .

1st lesson offered free !

I will be more than happy to share the knowledge I have got being in the hotel industry . Contact me for continental cuisine

My cooking method is what your taste is, my methods are simple and easy to use I teach with each and every details needed and will give a brief information regarding nutrition management as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Food Science & Nutrition graduate, working within the Food Industry offering Food Technology tutoring at GCSE/A level/Bsc

I am able to tutor food technology/food science/nutrition at GCSE level, A level and degree level. I can also give support in microbiology with my strength being food microbiology. I like to make learning interactive, using visual aids and diagrams to aid understanding and can give support on revision techniques.

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I have several years at a senior chef position and have a great in depth knowledge of food. I am a fully qualified chef and have a food technology qualification.

I like to demonstrate and explain the process behind everything. My teaching is slow and I ensure that all pupils/colleagues understand the process before continuing.

1st lesson offered free !

Food technology student offers help and guidance up to GCSE level with some knowledge of AS Level Food Technology

I’ll try and keep my lessons and interesting as possible to keep students engaged and overall to have fun while learning.

1st lesson offered free !

BTEC, N.V.Q.3 trained. Over twenty-two years of experience running kitchens in restaurants, cafes, schools.

Whatever you need to help you improve your skills in the kitchen for a healthier you, I'm here to guide you. I have taught hundreds of chefs over the years and I'm kind and patient. I want you to be healthier and happier.

Weedon Bec
1st lesson offered free !

Simplistic and enjoyable lessons, leaning how to cook tasty meals in Northampton

my teaching methodology is appealing to kids of a young age as i make cooking fun and easy to remember, in lessons my students will be able to create complete dishes and at the same time learn more about the precautions necessary when operating in a kitchen

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give cooking lessons.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

Corfe Mullen
1st lesson offered free !

Professional chef , GCSE , A-level and NVQ levels 2 & 3 Calm and conductive , just want to help people grow in there creativity and helping with the little things when starting in a kitchen that you w

My teaching method is to discuss what your levels you are at and what you know , then to see work you have done before discuss recipes and improve your recipes for specific dietary guidelines and discuss work to standards that are exceptable by the Enviromental health department . Then work from there to help you improve.

1st lesson offered free !

Food technology tutoring by a trained student with a food hygiene award

I teach in a understandable and reasonable way and just want to help people achieve and that is it all I want to help people to get what they need to get a good job or grade that they want

Birmingham Gardens
1st lesson offered free !

A Doctoral Candidate providing lessons to school and Uni students (Subjects related to Food Technology/Engineering/Science)

My teaching method is to explain the concepts with analogies and layman terms. Allow the time to student to grasp the content and come back with queries.

Kamala kanthi
1st lesson offered free !

Eat to live healthy and happy, make cooking your passion the evergreen business you can be in

my teaching methods are PPt's short and simple notes up-to the point with some tips and tricks

1st lesson offered free !

Catering lecturer/tutor offering to teach up to and beyond nvq level 3

Each topic I teach, I try to break it down to its most simple form and tailor the teaching to the learner.

1st lesson offered free !

Contact me anybody want to polished your Food and beverage knowledge and fit for hotel industry ...

My class base on theory includes with practical example related with present industry also best practice questioner .

1st lesson offered free !

A certified Health Care Aide who has a passion and love for cooking and baking at Edmonton, AB.

My passion as a cook is like an art that has a full of passion and love. Been a Product manager in the Philippines for more than 14 years makes me expert in developing new products with quality and expertise.

1st lesson offered free !

How to process food by using any local raw materials to process food from the scratch and also preserving them either in liquid, dried or soild forms.

Method of cooking if required, drying, fridges/freezer for longer shelf life. Taking out moisture content from foods to deny spoilages.

1st lesson offered free !

I want to give the best of my knowledge to shapeup future of our nation!

Oral lecture,try to provide material,reference of relevant books for particular topics,by coding instances,by coding or justify by appropriate work done

1st lesson offered free !

Come and be part of science to know more about Food .

Learning by doing beacuse food technology is more practical based and moreover labs or making stuff in your kitchen will help alot

1st lesson offered free !

Students in Food or Dairy Technology gives tution in Food and Dairy Technology and Food and Dairy Microbiology from 6th to college in Agra

My teaching method is very simple can be easily understand by the student. I used to give examples for better understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

BA Hons Food Design and Technology graduate, currently Food Technologist for healthy eating food brand

Practical learning, I am dyslexic and use a pragmatic approach to my teaching, ensuring my students come away from my lesson feeling fulfilled

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