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Need help with sports? Look no further. Experienced in coaching and playing. Visalia, CA

I base my teaching of sports on the knowledge I learned as a kid being coached by my dad and several other coaches and playing organized sports. Everyone is different, so adapting to each person is important. Please contact me if interested.

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Varsity football, basketball, and lacrosse player offering one on one help in Minneapolis

game like situations. I find it easier to learn when applying to real life situations instead of "by the books" kind of drills. I apply what I have learned from previous coaches, as well as what I personally found most helpful on my own.

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Experienced coach of many sports at many levels; 4 conference championships, 5 state tournament wins

I believe you get what you give, and strive to push my athletes to become the best they can be. I have coached under 3 state coaches of the year, as well as experience with a very successful college program. Like any solid structure, quality is built from the very basics and working toward the best product possible.

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Football Players of Any Age in Charlotte, North Carolina Looking to Dominate and Take Over the Field

My teaching methods are very relaxed, but I take my time very seriously. I want to make sure you get it right above all else. You can go 100% hard all the time, but if you go 100% doing the wrong thing, then it does you no good. There will be a lot of cardio involved, but technique is most important. As an athlete, control is your greatest asset. I'll teach you to use it. Coordination is also key.

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Big Sports fan and former athlete to help you understand and improve in sports

Lots of education and experience in many sports activities.Very broad knowledge on a multitude of subjects. I know almost anything about Sports!!! If you choose me, i will help you get the best Knowledge and I hope my tips will give you the inside edge on becoming a better player oin your event or sport.

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Certified baseball coach with seven years experience. When you train with me, you will feel like your family. I am here to coach and train you but also to help you with the curve balls in life and to

We will start with stretching and warm ups and then move into drills. Training will vary from focusing on technique and mechanics one session to focusing on drills that will strengthen certain skills and develop tools. I believe it is useless doing multiple different things that target different areas in one session.

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Played Baseball (1B, 3B, outfield) through the High School level and WR for high school Football team

I approach each topic with an I do, we do, you do mentality. We will walk through the steps together before looking at you doing it yourself. In addition, when conducting the practice yourself, I will help to positively connect technique and give notes and instructions for improvement and what to work on moving forward.

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22 years of Football Experience that allows you to learn in a safe and positive environment

16 years as a Physical Education Teacher working with General and Special Needs Students 22 years as a High School Football Coach 13 years as a Head High School Football Coach California Coaching Certification Up to date on all new Strength, Conditioning, Speed, and Flexibility Training I am able to adjust my lessons and my drills at that moment to best benefit the student I am patient,...

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Young ambitious coach that has played at the collegiate level. Come get better with someone who’s been where you want to go.

I base my classes on the experience of the group/player. The more knowledge he already knows the more advanced we can jumpstart to. Usually our first meeting will shows where the athlete is at and with analysis of his game I’ll be able to make a regimen for what he needs to do.

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Football coach with 12 years of football playing experience. Highest level played was professionally.

My teaching method is to help each individual by asking them good questions that helps them apply what they have learned. Also to teach them to visual themselves in a situation on the field, that way the training will translate to field.

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Former college athletes (Football, Baseball, Lacrosse) offering lessons in these sports for all ages and experience groups. Looking to develop young talent and work on skills with those that already

Ohio Wesleyan University, Grand Canyon University. Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. I can work with beginners all the way through to high school athletes looking to make the jump to the next level. Having experience in the top levels of competition I know what coaches look for and I will help you develop all the skills necessary to get to that next step in your athletic career.

Costa Mesa
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simple rules and techniques of playing football and safty of the game

I played football all my life in high school i made first team all state mval team i got player of the week for my position which was defensive end i had 18 sacks broke the record for my county and i did it all at 155 you can be as big as you want to be if you dont have fundamental aspic of the game you are hurting your team more then helping

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Former major college starter explains the game...rules, strategy, preparation. Ideal for newcomers to America, Perfect for women

I am a former major college starter who knows and loves the game. My lessons are especially valuable to women who want to understand what the fuss is all about, and to newcomers whose prior exposure to "football" means soccer.

Castle Rock
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Dual Sport College Athlete Giving Lessons Near and Around the Area Denver

My teaching method is very self driven within my pupils. If the player doesn't want to be good, they wont try to the best they can be. This comes from instilling self confidence within the player as a person first, then following that up with sports training. My teaching is very motivating and positive, always pushing to be the best they can be.

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3 year varsity starter in high school, football technique and scheme enthusiast.

I like to demonstrate a move or an action first and let the kids try and imitate then once they see it done and try it for themselves it’s easier to correct what parts they are doing wrong along with telling them what they are doing properly

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High Level regional id camp player with professional soccer experience. see you

I start from the bottom to the top. I have many drills for your child. I will start with the basic fundamental drills such as passing the ball and dribbling. Then I will practice on first touch and shooting. After that we will be learning skill moves. Once in a while I will have the kid do some physical training such as a run or a arm workout.

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I teach all aspects of Baseball and football skills from beginner to advanced and all ages. I have 20 years of experience in both and have had several of my students make it to the professional level.

I evaluate each person individually and improve on their weaknesses. I have several different methods of teaching designed for each individual because not everyone learns from the same methods.

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Football coach and tutor. I'm a former Division 1 Football player with over 15 years of experience.

My teaching method is one of motivation and praise. I want to give the confidence to feel like an expect.

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I was a kicker and punter semi-professionally for five years and can not wait to teach my skill to others!

Repetition is my way of teaching my skill. I have found it is the most effective approach to the fine art of kicking.

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Former Collegiate Player/Youth Coach- Teaching respect of the game and delivering fundamental instruction and development to the player.

Patience, teach the correct fundamentals. Make it fun for the player. Improvement is easy when the player is having fun and see's their own improvements. My job is to make sure they improve and make sure they enjoy playing the game. You can NOT play baseball scared or nervous.

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Collegieate Athlete with Extensive Knowledge on Particular Sports Including Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer

I am a graduate from the University of Colorado. I studied Economics and was part of various clubs throughout my college days. I also volunteer with the local theater in my town and am playing the part of Renfield in the show Dracula. I help with set construction and design and thoroughly enjoy it.

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Amateur athlete with over 20 years of experience of coaching and officating looking to teach the the fundamentals of youth sports.

I grew up playing soccer, baseball and basketball. I played both basketball and soccer in high school continuing to play after graduating from high school. I also played men's and coed softball working as the coach for the team setting the line-up and working as a base coach.

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University of Dayton Student in Glenview, IL Sport's Trainer and/or Academic Tutor

I am a young, and easy-going college student who is studying Psychology at the University of Dayton. I am currently the Boy's Head Counselor at Valley Lo Club, and I am very good with kids. I am also very good at teaching and leading kids to be better people, whether it is in the classroom or on the sports field. I can be a role model, and give lessons in a tough, but fun way.

San Antonio
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Graduate and student athlete giving lessons to all level athletes wanting to improve upon their skills. I specialize in all skill position exercises and also am qualified in sprint teaching as well. D

2015 graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio. 4 year starter at Wide Receiver and 2 year athlete of the Track and Field team. I provide lessons for all level athletes and aspiring athletes and would be honored to have YOU join. I am very detail oriented and involved when it comes to interacting with my athletes.

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A former college basketball player that is passionate about the game of basketball and loves to teach

> Former "walk-on" division 1 basketball player at Ball State University > Have coached youth basketball for the past seven years > Excel at running 1-1 sessions with both boys and girls > Passionate about players reaching their goals > I believe in modern techniques and approaches

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College Graduate who gives sports and fitness lessons (football, basketball, soccer, training) to middle school and high school students wanting to better themselves as athletes and people.

I am a recent college graduate from Pacific University who gives lessons to students in high school (or even middle school) wanting to better themselves as athletes to prepare for the next level. We would discuss what your passions and goals are not just in sports but in life, then we would talk about what you want to focus on athletically (speed, skills, techniques, etc.

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Hoops, Flag Football and Tennis Coach in the Lehigh Valley/Philly PA area.

I'm 41 years old from the Lehigh Valley. I am a head coach and ref for flag football and basketball. I have also played tennis for many years. Everything starts from the ground up, to build a foundation. Without the foundation of the basic skills, its impossible to succeed at any sport. I break everything down as needed per player/student.

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High school varsity athlete who loves to teach younger players the game and how to be a better player.

I will go over the techniques in a step by step then half speed then let them go in full speed. Then if they need more practice we will keep gong over it multiple times. I will also put in disapline if they get out of conduct and if they are doing it good and mess up they have to do either push ups or up downs.

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A coach of many sports both youth and at the high school level for going on 10 years now.

I try to reach everyone with the way I teach. It is important to remember that not all students learn the same way. Coming up with different ways to present the information to the students is always optimal for their learning. I believe in inclusion and try to make all my students feel important and build their self confidence. I can follow curriculum given or create my own given enough time.

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