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DeFuniak Springs
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Online instructor and college student mentor with over seven years experience.

I provide students with a relaxed and professional setting in order to achieve their educational goals. Whether you are a Mom of three, trying to obtain your degree or 4 year old trying to learn a new language, I want you to feel comfortable and succeed.

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Math lessons from an honors student tutor giving video chat lessons from home.

My method of teaching is student involvement. Personally, I learn best when the teacher engages the class. For example, if I were teaching a group about Lewis Dot Structures, I would give each student an element to draw.

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Forensic Anthropologist offering tutoring in Forensics, Anthropology, Biology, Archaeology, Spanish and English

I have taught at all age levels, though primarily at the undergraduate and graduate level. I taught English as a second language to primary school age children, and Spanish to adults and children.

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Almost completed my bachelors degree in criminal justice, high school gpa-3.6 sat-1640

My teaching methodology is structured and step by step. I like to break things down as to help you understand on a simple level and increase the difficulty of the problems with having practice and knowledge of how to properly do them.

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Criminal Justice major with a solid 4.0 GPA, able to teach any subject around, Talented trumpet player in marching and concert bands city-wide, I currently speak French, Spanish, Italian, American Sig

My teaching methods vary. I believe in engaging my students in every step of the learning process. I believe that the student and the teacher should be a team and I conduct my lessons in that same manner. I am very diligent and believe that success is key and fun should be incorporated into that success.

Fort Myers
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1st lesson offered free !

Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice Master in Watertown with 13 years experience

As someone who enjoys communicating interesting topics. My method of teaching is discussing the topic and interacting as a group to learn the information. Since the age group of high school and college would most likely be taking a psychology or law class these would be the groups I would work with.

New York
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Mr. Nabwayo jack a tutor with 6 years experience teaching chemistry and forensics.

My teaching methodology is lecture method, practicals, notes giving and class participation approach. I am an amusing, goal-oriented and focused to ensure that students achieve if not 100%, 99% of the content. I am one guy who believes more in my students than any other person in this ecosystem because i do believe that youths and more so students are the future of any nation in this world.

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Law enforcement professional with over 26 years of police experience, including over 10 years of managerial experience leading high performance teams to meet all established objectives.

My teaching methodology is based from real world experiences and educational background. I have built a solid reputation for ensuring the effective planning and execution of daily operations, special events and policy development.

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Certificated Teacher offering Math Tutoring Lessons! Get them while they are available!

I have worked with Primary Grades and also with Elementary 4-6th grades. I am available for secondary grades in Junior High and High school as well if needed. I like to help work through the problem with the students and teach the method, letting you work through the problem and if wrong, you explain to me your thinking as to why you solved it how you did.

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Professor of Psychology/ Sociology/Criminal Justice with 10+ years of online teaching experience in IA and OH

I specialize in Psychology and Criminal Justice instruction relating to mental health and policy. I provide consultation in social psychology in the areas of counseling, remediation, sports psychology, and I/O psychology. My teaching experience includes diverse learning designs of virtual, blended, and campus-oriented learning.

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Chemistry graduate offering Chemistry, Science, Math K12, and ESL lessons 5yrs. experience

My teaching method is to model-demonstrate, we do together-guide, and then student practice. I believe in active learning with student interaction. I give lessons to mostly children age 5-18. But i can tutor adults as well.

Gig Harbor
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Experienced Psychological-Law and Statistics researcher offering lessons to all ages in the Puyallap area

My teaching methodology so far has been to boil down the concepts to their most basic application. A lot of psychological, sociological and statistics courses offer very basic ideas that are made more complex by the reality of academic language and technical jargon. The core lessons tend to get left behind, as a result.

Long Beach
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Have been classes involving criminal justice and forensics for the past our years.

I am able to help with anyone in need of help involving basic forensic science skills and topics. I can give lessons and help take notes on the subject as well as answer questions and clarify on a topic that needs to be improved or worked on.

Island Lake
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All levels of chemistry tutor in Island Lake, IL. Professionally licensed Illinois teacher

My teaching method is guidance with high expectations. Hard work will be accomplished with me by your side continually. I will expect you to attempt the work provided. Chem-Is-Try. Mistakes are expected in science (in life) because that is how we learn.

(1 review)
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Math tutor of three years of experience. Certified through Trio Student Support Services.

Methods are based on needs of the student. Focus on the areas that the student needs help the most and try to improve them areas to make them a more solid math student.

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Engineering student offering chemistry, math, and criminal justice lessons in Lafayette, Louisiana

I am a college student who typically tutors high school and college students in STEM and criminal justice subjects. My teaching style is laid back, I try to bring fun and excitement to the learning. I try to incorporate games, and real world applications into my lessons.

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Lively & brainy graduate student specializing in Math, Criminal Justice, Natural Sciences, Arabic, & Travel catering to all ages.

My teaching methodology is catering to the student's needs, once I acquire the way my student is best at receiving information, I'm able to craft the best learning environment for them. I have books from my past classes that I have stored that will serve as assistance to teaching my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Math, English, and Science tutoring offered in Texas with years of experience.

I work with elementary through high school students. I like to see what you know before we start tutoring, and then go back and reteach the things that you are currently struggling with in a way that can be better understood.

Saint Marys
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Former military veteran with an aspiration to mix experience with knowledge to provide the best understanding

My teaching method is to listen and understand how you learn as a student and determine how to best provide you with the knowledge to be successful

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced in 12+ years of math! Took college math in high school. Ready to teach!

I will approach teaching by first asking what you know, and asking what your strengths and weaknesses are in the subject you are studying. We will then go step by step to try and figure out the problem. We will then discuss why we did what we did so you will understand what happened.

West Haven
1st lesson offered free !

Forensic Science Student Offering Science and Math Lessons in West Haven with 3 Years of Experience.

I approach each topic using a step by step methodology and am open to various methods of teaching all to benefit the student. I believe that every student is a unique learner and therefore various methods of teaching should be used to get the point across.

1st lesson offered free !

Math honors student yearning to teach student who need a helping hand.

My teaching method is to make things easier to understand by explaining them in multiple ways and relating it back to the real world.

1st lesson offered free !

Retired Chief of Police with 29 years of Experience looking for students wanting to explore the law enforcement field.

My teaching method tends to be more geared towards the student-centered approach to learning. I find that this allows the student to take a more active role in the instruction process.

1st lesson offered free !

Science teacher with a master of science, who loves to teach topics to what students can relate to.

My teaching methodology is to differentiate to the student at hand. I love doing both hands on and formal teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching major with a focus on history / took advanced honor math classes from 5th grade to college / Peoria, AZ

My teaching method is based on how the student learns best, hands on and explaining every step of the way I currently in a teaching program to better those skills

Chapel Hill
1st lesson offered free !

UNC graduate and law student looking to help with all academic needs!

I’m flexible on methodology! I personally learn by doing, but recognize all learning styles are different.

1st lesson offered free !

Law enforcement Detective with 5 years of experience and a Masters Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

My teaching methodology is based off of hands on learning, power point visual presentations for individual learning, and real life applicability to encourage investment from students.

Land O' Lakes
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Medical Profession and Researcher for ~8 years and I want to help you succeed!

My teaching methodology is based on the individual needs for the student. I like to have the first tutoring session start off with 20 minutes of getting an idea of how the student studies, retains information, organizes themselves, and see where they believe they are the weakest at. The remaining hour is when the paid tutoring session starts so that we can achieve the best results.

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