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DeFuniak Springs
(5 reviews)
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Online instructor and college student mentor with over seven years experience.

I provide students with a relaxed and professional setting in order to achieve their educational goals. Whether you are a Mom of three, trying to obtain your degree or 4 year old trying to learn a new language, I want you to feel comfortable and succeed.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering Student offering physics help including math based to those in Southeastern MA

I like to help students get to answers on their own, more than spoon-feeding them information. I informally test students as I go to help them on the path to success. I am willing to teach children from 2nd grade up to 12th.

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Forensic Anthropologist offering tutoring in Forensics, Anthropology, Biology, Archaeology, Spanish and English

I have taught at all age levels, though primarily at the undergraduate and graduate level. I taught English as a second language to primary school age children, and Spanish to adults and children.

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Criminal Justice major with a solid 4.0 GPA, able to teach any subject around, Talented trumpet player in marching and concert bands city-wide, I currently speak French, Spanish, Italian, American Sig

My teaching methods vary. I believe in engaging my students in every step of the learning process. I believe that the student and the teacher should be a team and I conduct my lessons in that same manner. I am very diligent and believe that success is key and fun should be incorporated into that success.

Bel Air
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Psychology major offering math and forensic lessons, currently enrolled at a Local College.

My method is to receive the material before our sessions and topics the student might be struggling into get a better understanding of where they are going wrong and what to mainly focus on that way I get a head start.

Fort Myers
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Teaching Assistant of 2 years, junior majoring in Forensic Science and Chemistry

The main way I like to teach is by having the students think out loud. This is prompted by asking them questions about how they would think to approach a question. I enjoy giving words of encouragement along the way, but then will help them understand the topic after they attempt to.

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Flexible!! Can accommodate anyone’s busy schedules. 5 years experience all ages

My teaching method is teaching a lesson and then having the children do a hands on to grasp all info. Each child learns at their own pace and this helps to get them thinking. Spending time with kids individually to help further understand.

New York
1st lesson offered free !

Mr. Nabwayo jack a tutor with 6 years experience teaching chemistry and forensics.

My teaching methodology is lecture method, practicals, notes giving and class participation approach. I am an amusing, goal-oriented and focused to ensure that students achieve if not 100%, 99% of the content. I am one guy who believes more in my students than any other person in this ecosystem because i do believe that youths and more so students are the future of any nation in this world.

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Law enforcement professional with over 26 years of police experience, including over 10 years of managerial experience leading high performance teams to meet all established objectives.

My teaching methodology is based from real world experiences and educational background. I have built a solid reputation for ensuring the effective planning and execution of daily operations, special events and policy development.

Beaver Falls
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Ph.D. Electroanalytical chemist with 8 years of research and teaching experience offering basic and advanced chemistry tutoring

I generally utilize a book-end style structure with emphasis on increasing understanding, confidence, and critical thinking in students. I aim to help students develop methods to solve their problems in chemistry, and become confident in themselves and their answers.

1st lesson offered free !

Organic chemistry or science tutor with 3years experience,based in Buea,cameroon but can teach you online as well

I beleive science never changes but keeeps getting better and so will all its quizes as goes the saying ''questions are neither created nor destroyed'' i am desiggning a very good platfrom which you can enjoy studying science atleast for once,WELCOME

1st lesson offered free !

University Student majoring in Chemistry tutoring from Knoxville with 3 years experience

I typically try to assess where the student is at and then I teach at the level they are on. I have worked with students that were failing and I have also worked with students that just wanted to increase their grade.

Long Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Have been classes involving criminal justice and forensics for the past our years.

I am able to help with anyone in need of help involving basic forensic science skills and topics. I can give lessons and help take notes on the subject as well as answer questions and clarify on a topic that needs to be improved or worked on.

Island Lake
1st lesson offered free !

All levels of chemistry tutor in Island Lake, IL. Professionally licensed Illinois teacher

My teaching method is guidance with high expectations. Hard work will be accomplished with me by your side continually. I will expect you to attempt the work provided. Chem-Is-Try. Mistakes are expected in science (in life) because that is how we learn.

Boca Raton
1st lesson offered free !

Passionate science tutor located in the Mobile/Pensacola region with a dual bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry.

My teaching methodology is based on the individual student themselves. I take the time to learn how each of my students learn best and base our sessions around this learning style. I include methods such as flash cards, weekly quizzes, and homework help.

Berkeley Springs
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Chemistry teacher with 13 years of pedagogical experience and industrial lab experience.

My teaching method includes student centered teaching. I incorporate various strategies into my pedagogy which include hands-on activities, labs, projects, scaffolded concept based questions, and formative and summative assessments. Students are also placed into groups during assessments and given problems that range from simple to challenging in order to expose them to team work.

1st lesson offered free !

Math, English, and Science tutoring offered in Texas with years of experience.

I work with elementary through high school students. I like to see what you know before we start tutoring, and then go back and reteach the things that you are currently struggling with in a way that can be better understood.

1st lesson offered free !

Soon to be college graduate; knowledgeable in general education prior to college.

One on one walkthroughs on processes and formulas prudent to the student's studies. Broadcasting generalized principles and then breaking them down one by one for better understanding. Engaging the student with practice problems and real-world examples that are interesting rather than boring.

1st lesson offered free !

Composite Science Certified Teacher with college teaching experience. Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Forensic Science and IPC.

I approach each topic by assessing an individual students need and then build from the education base they have using proven learn methods for the student individual learning type. I make it my mission to make sure students understand the subject and make learning easy and fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Polymer chemist and dogmom in Raleigh-Durham with a passion for science and mentoring!

My teaching method is to create a trusting environment, and to encourage lots of questions! I also find I am very effective in simplifying difficult topics. I have historically tutored and mentored high school students and younger who are interested in STEM disciplines.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced in 12+ years of math! Took college math in high school. Ready to teach!

I will approach teaching by first asking what you know, and asking what your strengths and weaknesses are in the subject you are studying. We will then go step by step to try and figure out the problem. We will then discuss why we did what we did so you will understand what happened.

West Haven
1st lesson offered free !

Forensic Science Student Offering Science and Math Lessons in West Haven with 3 Years of Experience.

I approach each topic using a step by step methodology and am open to various methods of teaching all to benefit the student. I believe that every student is a unique learner and therefore various methods of teaching should be used to get the point across.

1st lesson offered free !

Everybody grows at their own pace, and I’m here to help you!:)

My teaching method is to find what works for each individual person. We are all different, with all different brains & ways of thinking; that shouldn’t be something that is shunned.

Saint Paul
1st lesson offered free !

Chemical and chemistry sciences including all aspects of chemistry and pure science tutor with 6 yars of experience

my main methods of teaching are several, at online mods i do use projecters, videos and one on one e-tutoring.

Sun Valley
1st lesson offered free !

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My teaching method is to start off from the basics and to try different approaches to getting to the answer to find what works best for each individual student

Glenn Heights
1st lesson offered free !

High School Science Teacher with 5yrs experience can teach any science in Dallas

My teaching method is conventional. I approach each lesson on an individual bases catering my lessons to the needs of the student. I am patient and willing to work hard making sure every student can be successful.

1st lesson offered free !

Algebra, geometry, here for all your math needs. Top of my class in highschool.

I approach teaching by way of making sure the students are able to understand the curriculum, step-by-step. Answering questions as necessary, and tackling every detail.

1st lesson offered free !

Westside Highschool Alumi, earned 90% and above A’s all 4 years of school

I base my teaching on strength building and understanding, getting to connect with the material by relating it personal experiences or education styles can make the subject that much more graspable to the student

1st lesson offered free !

College Full-Time 4.0 GPA Student Majoring in Criminology and Forensic Science !

My teaching methods are simple. Repetition is key. I want to make sure my students get the basis of the topics discussed before moving on. It is important you learn, and not just memorize.

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