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Vera is studying nursing in America and also doing a foreign language

I teach to let my students understand the basis of the topic like for example I start with the history of the topic,types,characteristics

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Canadian college student who loves to teach others about my native French!

I base my tutoring off what I learned as a teacher’s aide in high school. I like to use texts and books while also being vocal and speaking the language around my “students” as much as possible.

1st lesson offered free !

College student tutoring in French in Houston. I speak French fluently, and I have been tutoring that language for years

I really like to use interactions and also when it is about young people ,I like. Using drawing to help them understand better. But for me communication and listening are very important.

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French lessons by a French teacher! I recently arrived in the US and am ready to spread some knowledge!

Everyone is different so I think everyone needs them custom methodology. I feel like the key is to always stay entertaining and leave pressure out of the way.

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Criminal Justice offering French lessons in NH with years of experience to all ages needed

Inverting my class- assessing critical thinking Design Thinking through worksheet Self-learning- through homework Gamification-applying the different elements Social Media-real life example

Forest Hill
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P.E has 5 years experiences in French tutoring in Africa and Europe at home .

P.E appreciate yo teach children by playing and daily , . Very professional French tutor,P.E teach children from 2 to 6 years old , and her students are always the bests .

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French teacher with 9 years of experience ready to work in Phoenix AZ

my methodology is to focus on every student as an individual and try to give him the information in a manner for it to be compatible with his own level

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French tutor with 2 years 1 month of good experience as needed

My teaching method is, Alphabet comprehension,pronunciation and sentence formation.I base my teaching on these three Methods especially for new learners.

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Offering French tutoring in Bakersfield California with 8 years of teaching experience.

My goal is to help the student feel more comfortable (speaking, reading and writing) in the French language. Languages, especially French, can be intimidating and the fear of looking or feeling silly can hinder learning.

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New Jersey certified French teacher is looking for students to tutor. Morris county.

I use a lot of online materials as well as my own text books and workbooks. I use conversation from day one as main method of learning.

East Finchley
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A bilingual English/French teacher from a french speaking country dedicated to help you be fluent in the French language.

I believe that languages teaching should be focused on speaking rather than on boring grammar and much writing.

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Native French speaker willing to teach this beautiful language to anyone who is interested.

My teaching methods will be based on my client needs. I believe that everyone has a specific reason for learning a new language.

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Parma Heights
1st lesson offered free !

The best tutor one could ever have. Very fluent in French, both spoken and written.

Baby steps are indispensable in learning a foreign language. Only through this methodology can things be remembered systematically.

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1st lesson offered free !

Current French instructor holding a Masters in Education, passionate about developing students proficiency through enagaging instructional conversations, fun activities and making silly mistakes. Join

I love to teach through conversation, stories and fun activities. Depending on what your desired level will be for the lesson, I use technology in my classroom to engage my students. I believe there is an important balance between practice and conversation that is necessary to communicate well.

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Cours de français / French lessons Offered by a business student from Paris, currently studying at UNF

It depends on your French level, and on what you would like to improve (accent, writing skills...). We can work together to find the methodology that suits you.

Virginia Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Certified bilingual student with 5 years of French speaking, listening, and writing experience. Currently in college

My teaching method differs per student, as everyone learns differently. I try to adapt my lessons to each student, allowing them to work on what they really need to improve.

Punta Gorda
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French teacher and school counselor with 20+ years experience offers individual and group instruction

I believe that practicing conversation is important, and language learning should be fun and interactive. I gear lessons to student needs and interests.

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L'élégance, l'éloquence et l'excellence du français pour la jeunesse nord et sud américaine.

I Will use classic method To teach my stridents. More pratique les sons to help them understand and speak easily.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to learn and communicate in the French language, you come to the right person?

Communicative and task based teaching methods are my most simple ways to introduce a foreign language to any language learners.

1st lesson offered free !

You will speak french in a very short period with me.from orlando, FL.

With my experience, I used to work a lot on vocabulary with my students and practice a lot of communication.

1st lesson offered free !

A undergraduate student looking to assist others with the French language in her free time.

My teaching method is trying to see where your weak points, along with your strong points, and try to mesh everything together in a more simpler way.

1st lesson offered free !

French teacher from Ireland with 3 years experience teaching with Dept of Education

I base my classes on the communicative approach to learning. Differentiation of learning is applied by placing an emphasis on different methods such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Understanding what you learn is vital.

Yorba Linda
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Beginner- to intermediate-level French tutor in Yorba Linda with 10 years of French-speaking experience

I base my lessons on the necessary foundational spelling, grammar, and pronunciation French skills and can elaborate from that level upward

1st lesson offered free !

Four languages speaking interior designer, teaching French to beginners, including kids and adults.

My teaching method is one on one lessons or small groups. Learning a new language can be frustrating for some people so it is very important to be consistent in the teaching process.

Great Falls
1st lesson offered free !

Native French speaker and experienced school teacher for engaging online video lessons

I am fond of the communicative method of language learning, specializing in language acquisition via music, film and group conversation.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate French teacher with over 10 years experience as an educator and tutor.

I have experience and background in teaching a proficiency based curriculum. I believe in using 90% + in the Target language.

Newport News
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Recent college graduate with 8 years of experience tutoring French language and literature.

My teaching methodology is based around the needs of the student, and focuses on appropriate grammatical and linguistic concepts which will most benefit each individual.

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Perfect! Karima is a great teacher. I started from zero French and was able to explain myself in France just after 2 months of classes with her. She is fun, full of energy and has this French flair about her. Made me want to be fluent in French! Definitely...

Elena , student
2 days ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! It has been a great learning experience with Natalia so far. I really appreciate that she emphasizes on accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation in French and would certainly recommend others French learners to get trained from her as...

Harsh, student
2 weeks ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Patricia is a wonderful tutor and person. My daughter has learned a lot, and she likes Patricia very much. I highly recommend Patricia!!

Beverly, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I’ve had three lessons with Sandra. Her intelligent and thoughtful approach to teaching will definitely improve your French.

Jon, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Noe is a fantastic teacher, very positive, friendly, and most importantly, he goes above and beyond preparing for the lessons. I've learned so much from him just in one month. I can now pronounce most of the French words, without looking them up,...

Wendy, student
4 months ago
(16 reviews)

Perfect! Noe is an awesome teacher. I'm so blessed to find someone who is full of energy and very patient to teach my kids. He is currently teaching my 3 daughters; 11,12, and 16. The two youngest didn't know any French prior to this year, and my 16 year...

Kristine, student
5 months ago
(16 reviews)

TPL_NB_PROFS_FORMATE@ great French tutors near you!

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, with around 140 million native speakers worldwide, and 77 million in Europe alone. It is a widely spoken language, native to populations on most continents, with a number of different dialects and regional accents. It is one of the official languages of the European Union, as well as the United Nations, and has sparked the establishment of a thriving, worldwide community known as La Francophonie. Why not try your hand at learning the original 'language of love'? SuperPROF offers private French lessons from highly qualified French teachers for students of all levels. Through tailor-made private lessons, students can learn French at an individual pace and level that is appropriate for their learning situation. SuperPROF offers lessons and tutoring in over 250 subject areas, including a wide array of language lessons, from Chinese lessons to German tutoring to Armenian lessons. Visit www.SuperPROF.us and find a Sanskrit tutor, Tamul teachers, American sign language tutors and more!