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Hyde Park
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English, French and Paralegal Studies in Hyde Park, New York B.A. and A.A.S.

I hold a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in French. I also hold an A.A.S. in Legal/Paralegal Studies, as well as a Paralegal Certificate. I have substituted, as well as taught privately. I teach by repetition and by example. I explain everything thoroughly and make sure all my students feel comfortable with both me and the lesson.

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Experienced NATIVE FRENCH Teacher. All levels. Learn French ONLINE from anywhere in the world!

Salut tout le monde! I'm Edouard, a native French online teacher, currently living in Brazil. I was born in Normandie and lived in London, UK, for 13 years, where I learned English.

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Fluent French speaker and Francophile. I have an ear for music, dialects/accents. I lived in Europe for 5 years, and still use French with my native speaking Francophone friends. I'm eager to share my

I'm enthusiastic, patient and pedantic. I help students by applying phonetic structure, mouth placement, using music to help in melodic pronunciation. Demonstrating grammatical rules that help to have a fuller knowledge, of voicings. Perfect for beginner and intermediate students.

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Native French 27 years old man with great experience in teaching/tutoring in California

I focus a lot on understanding the topics rather than just finishing the chapter without understanding it. I approach the student by motivating and giving him the hope that he can be the best of his class. I give him the chance to express himself on the topic and give him extra homework for practice at home.

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Native French will help you learn the baguette language in New York

I base my classes on YOU! You want to learn French? I will help you! I already have prepared classes for you but whatever you're interested in we can go through it! Ready to learn French in a funny and fancy way?

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French classes taught by a native English speaker. Multiple dialects are included.

My method of teaching is student involvement. Personally, I learn best when the teacher engages the class. For example, if I were teaching a group about Lewis Dot Structures, I would give each student an element to draw.

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Raised and born in France offering French Class from Hialeah FL .

My name is Pierre Massina, I was born in Reims, France (next to Paris), I am willing to give lessons to anyone no matter what is your level in French (French I, II, II, AP..). I am willing to take the time to make you understand what each word means, take care of your writing and correct you and, make you practice french by having a conversation which is the best way to learn a new language.

Dodge City
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High school French teacher with a passion for sharing the french language and culture to young minds.

I typically teach students who have never received any French instruction in the past. I believe in the communicative approach, meaning, all instruction is contextualized to make the learning of the language genuine.

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Current Student majoring in Nursing Anesthesiology. However, French is my Secondary language and I equally studied it at a higher level and have a tutoring experience of 2 years .

I teach French to all levels although I usually focus on high schoolers and tourist who just want to learn the basics. I have different teaching methods and because every student is different I structure my lessons based on the needs of each individual. I’m very patient and understanding. I work accordingly to the pace of my students and I don’t rush them.

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American offers French lessons after 4 years living and working in France

My teaching methods vary with the age, level, and interest of each student. One-on-one classes are based on discussion, various real life activities, and textual or video resources. With group lessons, I am able to incorporate more games or activities.

Aspen Hill
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Experienced tutor in Silver Sprind, MD, learn French culture & language with fun!

I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher, and I give lessons to all ages. I usually teach via Skype as it works best for my students and I, especially for adults who have a busy schedule and don't have time to meet in person. I make handouts but adapt them according to the student, as each individual is different.

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French tutoring by a native French speaker in ATL-Marietta-Sandy Springs-Roswell

For me, learning a language has to be fun and it's the reason why I take some time to discuss with my students about their passions, what they love... After that I bring training material and we can start working with fun subjects. I'm super creative! I love bringing new materials to work with...

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Native French Tutor, who likes interacting with students, ready to teach in DC Metro Area.

- I start by assessing the student level. - From there I use appropriate books for the student's level. - The books are divided in Grammar, Oral, reading comprehension, writting. - I focus a lot on practice e.g. talking only in French with the Children this will help - a lot. Unless the student ask to translate.

Agoura Hills
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Native fluent french tutor at your home or mine in Agoura Hills, CA

My tutoring style is based on strong listening skills on what the students need. I always want to make sure that my students get a clear understanding of what is expected from their teacher. It also goes by making it concise but also in a relaxed atmosphere.

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French Teacher with 5 years of experience gives interactive lessons on Skype

My teaching method is communicative. I base my classes on conversation and practical grammatical points. To observe our progress, we will have a series of books but I will also use extra class materials (and of course some surprises :)) to contribute to your progress in French.

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Self-taught French speaker with 3 years teaching experience offering French lessons in New York City

Language lover who loves to both understand the nuances in language and to teach them. I have been helping ones to learn French for about three years now. I offer lessons to students in middle school and above and of course to adults and to anyone having a keen interest in learning the language. Having learned French on my own I know the frustrations of learning the language.

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Philadelphians, I got a Ph.D. in French so you don't have to!

I help students learn by asking questions. Some questions lead to discussion, which provides opportunities for self-expression, and some questions lead to clarification, which creates opportunities for assessing the skills we've mastered and becoming aware of both the progress we are making and the areas in which we would still like to improve.

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French Tutor who loves the language and wants to share it with everyone!

I base my lessons on each client! I am try and make the complex nature of French grammar easy and fun. I try and be engaging as possible and not bore you too much during a lesson.

New York
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Learn French from an Expert, Master Teacher, based in New York, NY.

I use the Communicative Method when teaching all World Languages, offering practice and expertise in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. I am the Author of "Paris is a Jigsaw Puzzle", a French reader and practice manual for intermediate level students.

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A college student from the Ivory Coast is offering French tutoring in Waxahachie Texas 18 years of experience because it is my native language.

My method d of teaching is breaking down the lesson into small parts to keep it simple. I use actions and relatable situations to make sounds and pronunciation comprehensive. My point is not only to teach the lesson but make it applicable or at least toleratable.

Forest Grove
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French Major offering lessons in oral and written French in Forest Grove

My teaching method is a hybrid of demonstrating and facilitating, where learners are given a model and then challenged to try and apply it. I tend to structure classes around a specific subject or idea, ranging from a set of vocab to different verb tenses.

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French Studies graduate offering French tutoring in Des Moines metro area, IA

My teaching method depends on the students I am working with. If a slower pace is required, then I have no issue. With that being said, I am capable of working with my rigor. I have taken courses while studying abroad in France and I have taken courses outside of vocabulary and grammar here in the United States. I can help with writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills.

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Yosr Gives lessons in French in WDC by Skype It’s amazing to learn English face to face

My method is simple and effective learn french with methodolgy, doing exercises and listening to prononciations. I can help you to improve your French and to have more facility with this language. It’s not difficult to learn French because when you translate sometimes it’s the same sens.

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International Baccalaureate graduate with french higher level. Student at Suffolk university boston

I am a native french speaker from Senegal in West Africa . I am an international Baccalaureate graduate with French Literature A in Higher level and I have experience as a tutor. I provide lessons: grammar, communication, writing or any basic language task that needs help with. I am open minded, patient and very easy going as a teacher.

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I am french native speaker from the Congo who has been tutoring officially college students since 2017

I am a tutor, so first of all, I look at what the student did in class and start reviewing with him/her the lesson. Then, I ask if he/she he has any concerns about it. If yes, I explain to her using textbook. If the answer is no, I am going to small test him/her by asking simple questions.

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French native person with a 20 year experience in tutoring french and spanish.

One of my goals while tutoring is to give my students what they need to get better. I always make sure they have sufficient homework to practice every thing they've learn without overwhelming them. The best way to learn a language is to speak and think in that language. In order to do it you need self confidence.

Moreno Valley
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French student offering tutoring in the french language located in the riverside county

My teaching method is to target the necessity of the student by really finding their best way of learning. Every student is different, therefore different methods for everyone. I think the best thing is to find a good way to help based on individual needs.

Sandy Springs
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Are you living in Sandy Spring, Dunwoody areas and you are wondering where you can get the coaching that you need in order to rock the romantic language that passionates you the most? Stop here and m

My teaching structure consists of emphasizing on grammar at first as i believe it's the base and it's more complex due to different variations in verbs conjugation. Next is sentences structure learning, followed by vocabulary supported by illustrations, pronunciation and finaly verbal conversation.

(2 reviews)
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Native French tutor all levels help you reach your goals in Philadlphia

I am a native French speaker with two Master's degrees and a diverse professional background. I have worked as a journalist and as a cultural advisor in France as well as a French tutor. I tailor the lessons to help the students reach their academic or personal goals in a comfortable and trustful learning environment. .

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Je suis ici pour vous! Come to me and I’ll help you succeed

I am from Mauritius. I have always spoken French and I am really good at writing it with the grammar.

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Perfect! Karima is a great teacher. I started from zero French and was able to explain myself in France just after 2 months of classes with her. She is fun, full of energy and has this French flair about her. Made me want to be fluent in French! Definitely...

Elena , student
2 days ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! It has been a great learning experience with Natalia so far. I really appreciate that she emphasizes on accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation in French and would certainly recommend others French learners to get trained from her as...

Harsh, student
2 weeks ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Patricia is a wonderful tutor and person. My daughter has learned a lot, and she likes Patricia very much. I highly recommend Patricia!!

Beverly, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I’ve had three lessons with Sandra. Her intelligent and thoughtful approach to teaching will definitely improve your French.

Jon, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Noe is a fantastic teacher, very positive, friendly, and most importantly, he goes above and beyond preparing for the lessons. I've learned so much from him just in one month. I can now pronounce most of the French words, without looking them up,...

Wendy, student
4 months ago
(16 reviews)

Perfect! Noe is an awesome teacher. I'm so blessed to find someone who is full of energy and very patient to teach my kids. He is currently teaching my 3 daughters; 11,12, and 16. The two youngest didn't know any French prior to this year, and my 16 year...

Kristine, student
5 months ago
(16 reviews)

TPL_NB_PROFS_FORMATE@ great French tutors near you!

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, with around 140 million native speakers worldwide, and 77 million in Europe alone. It is a widely spoken language, native to populations on most continents, with a number of different dialects and regional accents. It is one of the official languages of the European Union, as well as the United Nations, and has sparked the establishment of a thriving, worldwide community known as La Francophonie. Why not try your hand at learning the original 'language of love'? SuperPROF offers private French lessons from highly qualified French teachers for students of all levels. Through tailor-made private lessons, students can learn French at an individual pace and level that is appropriate for their learning situation. SuperPROF offers lessons and tutoring in over 250 subject areas, including a wide array of language lessons, from Chinese lessons to German tutoring to Armenian lessons. Visit www.SuperPROF.us and find a Sanskrit tutor, Tamul teachers, American sign language tutors and more!