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Apprendre a s'exprimer en ecrit et a l'oral en francais...Art de l'amour

-J'ai enseigne a UAlbany et dans les lycees au Congo puis au Cameroune. -Ma methode est un style tres engage entre les etudiants et moi et entre les etudiants eux meme. -Mes devoirs d'evaluation sont bases sur les sujets etudies en classe.

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French tutor with the desire of teaching you to become fluent, as it is one of my native languages.

Fun and Focus is what I love basing my sessions on when it comes to learning. I like having fun when learning/teaching but that does not rule out being disciplined in the process. My teaching style varies on the grade levels (K-college), the subject, and the individual student.

New York
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French major who loves music and also thinks French is very musical would like to share her knowledge of the French language...

I believe its best to find out what the students interests are - whether its sports or art or music or swimming or if they have pets, and what foods interest them, and ask them about their friends, school experiences - things that animate them or what was the funniest thing that happened at school today.

San Jose
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French tutor, translator, editor, and writer with 16 years of experience living in Santa Clara, California

I am a French tutor, translator, editor, and writer. I give private lessons to all levels of French learners whether high school, college, undergraduate students or even casual speakers. I use communicative approach to help my students produce authentic language and communicate with others. I also use videos to help students watch and do the similar exercises.

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Living at Joplin Missouri, I enjoy tutoring French, and putting my French language experience and knowledge into practice. I also like assisting adults and kids, as well as help them to read, write an

Today’s the ideal teaching style is not an either/or proposition but more of a hybrid approach that blends the best of everything a teacher has to offer. My method is adjusting my approach depending on my students’ learning needs.

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French teacher with 12 years of experience. I offer French lessons online.

The teaching strategy is based on the learning preferences of the learner. The blended approach seems the best venue for teaching on a virtual platform. A differentiated teaching strategy supported by assistive technology and taking into account the multiple intelligences.

Los Angeles
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Learn French with fun and discover the culture of France and Switzerland with Yasmina!

Hello! My name is Yasmina, I am from the French-speaking part of Switzerland (it is the exact same French as the one spoken in France), I am half French and I love teaching French! I have been living in Los Angeles since August 2015, I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music as a clarinet player (I teach the clarinet too, by the way).

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French & Francophone Graduate, Paris, FRANCE, Refugee & Immigration Language Interpreter St. Louis MO, USA

I love engaging my students in the French subjects that they enjoy learning about. I want to help you learn what you desire to learn. Therefore, my lessons are built around your interests. I not only learned the French language, but I also learned and loved the culture and history of the France.

New York
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Dedicated French educator offers tutoring for all levels of language in NYC

I teach through conversation, books, current events, songs, and many other mediums. My teaching styles are always developed with the student in mind, and I am a lifelong learner of French. I look forward to developing future students, teachers, and followers of the language.

El Paso
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Hello I am a Public Administration Graduate student in the El Paso Tx area offering French lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and any subjects related to French language.

My teaching method is pretty simple I begin by asking my students what their goals are and do my best to help them achieve their goals. Also, my goal is for my students to learn something new every time I teach them. French is a pretty easy language but, patience is the key to achieve your goals.

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Teacher of French as a Foreign Language, with many years of experience, in Westlake, OH.

I hold a university diploma in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language from the reputed University of Lausanne, Switzerland. My teaching method is very learner-centred, and is designed to introduce the learner easefully to the subject matter and then take him/her gradually from the simplest to the more complex structures of language.

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French-Canadian Quebecer offering French Tutoring online either for conversation or functionality in French

my teaching style is one on one and my approach is to find out exactly what the student is looking to accomplish for just learning enough French to get by or to prepare for a trip abroad to a French Speaking country or to become fluent in French, my personal one on one approach is effective and the student can feel at ease to be themselves and not feel intimidated in a classroom setting.

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Former French Expat & La Sorbonne Alum Offering Private French Lessons in Pasadena

My teaching method is very grounded upon the needs of the individual student. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, looking to brush up on your conversation skills, or want to hit the grammar head-on, I will develop exercises to address your personal objectives.

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Friendly, attentive teacher with French degree offering personalized lessons in Kent, Ohio

I have a Bachelor's degree in French Language, Culture & Translation. I offer engaging lessons designed to motivate and challenge my students with fun activities and lots of exposure to the language. My methods focus on developing comprehension and communicative confidence.

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Recent graduate from City University of New York, and passed the DELF B2 exam this past July.

I like to learn about the student's interest to better organize teaching materials and resources to make an enriching learning experience. I love to encourage language learners to interact with those who speak in the language they are learning. I can recommend personal resources I find to be extremely useful.

San Diego
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French and Spanish tutor and translator in San Diego just returned from France

I can teach formal, planned lessons or engage in casual conversation to improve day-to-day vocabulary. I teach French words that French speakers actually use on a daily basis, and not outdated terms. My methods vary depending on each students' language level and preferred learning methodology.

1st lesson offered free !

French Native with tutoring experience will help you improve your french language skill in writing, reading speaking , all levels

My approach is always looking at the student motivation to learn, then we together put in place a plan to achieve a goal. Not my goal but your goal.If you are struggling in reading for example we can set up a plan together to achieve that goal in 3 months, 6 months or weeks. I provide a weekly feedback . Born and raised in France, i did all my school and university in France .

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Tutrice de Français avec 5 ans d'experience et diplômée de la Sorbonne.

Mon domaine de prédilection est d'enseigner aux enfants de niveau élémentaire. Expérimentée avec les programmes français (Cours Saint Anne, CNED, Legendre), j'ai une méthode interactive et pleine d'énergie! Je travaille sur les envies, motivations et capacités de chaque enfant. Je suis centrée sur lui pour le développer et surtout lui donner envie d'apprendre.

Los Angeles
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Native French teacher with over 30 years of experience. Expert in Advanced Placement French Language and Culture.

My teaching methodology is based on an immersion approach to teaching French. Most of the lessons are based on communication, culture and cultural comparison . Lessons are based on encouragement and letting the student communicate in the target language. Oral, written, reading skills are all included.

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French teacher in Miami give private or group classes from all levels.

When working with younger kids i do more interactive teaching such as playing games,teaching numbers,colors and listening French songs.For older as a French teacher i integrates the French culture into my way of teaching and also i start to include French history and Geography.

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The Best French Tutor!!! Greater Birmingham Area in Alabama. Over 13 years in the classroom.

Project- based learning. It's ok to make mistakes. Games and music in the target language. Practice, Practice, Practice! Maximizing use of target language & making it applicable.

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Mathematics student who is fluent in English, French and Japanese who lives in New York

I am a very outgoing and enthusiastic teacher is capable of teaching in a very concise and comprehensible way. I would first make the students do an assignment and then once they're done we would all read the assignment together so that everyone understands what is written on the sheet.

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Togolese American with 21 years of experience with the French language and culture!

I graduated in May of 2018 with a bachelor in French but have been studying French for much longer. I have been able to teach French to middle and high schoolers as well as college level students. I have had the opportunity to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of French.

Los Fresnos
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French Tutoring , online classes all over the globe. I have 18 years of experience teaching.

My classes are for all ages, so I try to teach my lessons in a fun yet serious manner. During a lesson I relate real life events to help the student understand and remember the topic.

1st lesson offered free !

Easy learning of the French language for everyone today and for the future.

My teaching methodology is essentially the way in which I choose to explain or teach material to students so they can learn the material. There are many different methodologies that can be utilized by a teacher, and the methods chosen.

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French native teacher with 20 years of experience gives lessons at home or by Skype

My teaching method is a student- centered modeled engaging students actively in the learning process. My approach is based on teacher coaching role that involves students in the four aspects of a language learning that are Speaking, Writing, Listening & Reading Comprehension.

Agoura Hills
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Swarthmore College graduate tutoring for all levels of French with experience living abroad in Morocco

I teach students of all ages and levels, but the one thing that is constant through my teaching method is the use of authentic materials and vocabulary. When reading or listening to native speakers use French, one can begin to understand the language better and with a better vocabulary.

West Palm Beach
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Native language speaker gives French classes in West Palm Beach, Try his classes out.

I base my classes on basics, first with the pronunciation, then the grammar and conjugation of words then I run an assessment quiz to see what the students have learned and see if there are any questions from their behalf.

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Wisconsin-based French Tutor specializing in advanced French conversation, intercultural French/US business, and pronunciation!

After 8 years of having learned French at school, I arrived in Paris to study abroad and realized I was struggling to communicate and understand. I actually gave an entire 10-minute presentation and used the word for "butthole" rather than "neck." I've got some skin in the game.

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French Tutor and Coach offering French conversational lessons and more with experience.

I first make sure that I understand the needs of my learner and I adapt my lessons to his/her needs. I have learners who want to prepare a trip to France or need conversational proficiency. I also tutor middle and high school students who need help with grammar and home works. I also have homeschooled students learning French and some need to complete an online course (e.g Keystone, Missouri, etc..

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Perfect! Karima is a great teacher. I started from zero French and was able to explain myself in France just after 2 months of classes with her. She is fun, full of energy and has this French flair about her. Made me want to be fluent in French! Definitely...

Elena , student
2 days ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! It has been a great learning experience with Natalia so far. I really appreciate that she emphasizes on accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation in French and would certainly recommend others French learners to get trained from her as...

Harsh, student
2 weeks ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Patricia is a wonderful tutor and person. My daughter has learned a lot, and she likes Patricia very much. I highly recommend Patricia!!

Beverly, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I’ve had three lessons with Sandra. Her intelligent and thoughtful approach to teaching will definitely improve your French.

Jon, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Noe is a fantastic teacher, very positive, friendly, and most importantly, he goes above and beyond preparing for the lessons. I've learned so much from him just in one month. I can now pronounce most of the French words, without looking them up,...

Wendy, student
4 months ago
(16 reviews)

Perfect! Noe is an awesome teacher. I'm so blessed to find someone who is full of energy and very patient to teach my kids. He is currently teaching my 3 daughters; 11,12, and 16. The two youngest didn't know any French prior to this year, and my 16 year...

Kristine, student
5 months ago
(16 reviews)

TPL_NB_PROFS_FORMATE@ great French tutors near you!

French is one of the most popular languages in the world, with around 140 million native speakers worldwide, and 77 million in Europe alone. It is a widely spoken language, native to populations on most continents, with a number of different dialects and regional accents. It is one of the official languages of the European Union, as well as the United Nations, and has sparked the establishment of a thriving, worldwide community known as La Francophonie. Why not try your hand at learning the original 'language of love'? SuperPROF offers private French lessons from highly qualified French teachers for students of all levels. Through tailor-made private lessons, students can learn French at an individual pace and level that is appropriate for their learning situation. SuperPROF offers lessons and tutoring in over 250 subject areas, including a wide array of language lessons, from Chinese lessons to German tutoring to Armenian lessons. Visit www.SuperPROF.us and find a Sanskrit tutor, Tamul teachers, American sign language tutors and more!