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Rochester Hills
(3 reviews)
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Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took French and Spanish all through school, with a double major in French and Spanish in College (Hunter). I received my M.A. in French from Stanford University, my M.A. in Spanish from Stanford University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Princeton University.

New York
(15 reviews)
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Native french giving french classes: to move fast in a funny and dynamic way!;)

My method depends on the level of each student. I like to know the person in front so I can adapt my lessons to his tastes and needs. For beginners I first approach the sounds of French to quickly begin to learn the different times of the language.

(4 reviews)
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Academic French tutor at Roxbury Community College with two years of experience.

I’ I’m an undergraduate student at Roxbury Community College; my method consist on:Reminding students about the around environment which I consider as the first step to conveyance and understanding; reviewing the details which Can help the student to make improvements.

San Francisco
(2 reviews)
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French classes in San Francisco by a Swiss native speaker, all levels

I am a French native speaker from Switzerland and I am fluent in English. I have always enjoyed learning new languages such as English, Italian and German. I would like to teach others my language (hearing, speaking, reading and writing). Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss what kind of help you need.

New York
(9 reviews)
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Online French Teacher Offering French Lessons To All Ages and All Levels

I offer online French lessons on Skype to all ages and all levels. The first tutoring session consists of understanding my student’s strengths and weaknesses and setting up a plan based on the student’s needs. I am patient and understanding, and I want my student to become skilled and successful. I have successfully helped students get high scores on TEFaQ, TEF and DELF.

Los Angeles
(1 review)
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French Tutor for all ages with 20 years of experience in your home or school

I like to teach in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I am very structure, so its easy for my students to understand the grammar. I am very meticulous about pronunciation. I like to use flash cards, games to learn the vocabulary.

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Experienced French teacher in seek of motivated learners. Be advised, Fun is a possible outcome.

Lots of talking and learning based on examples acquisition. In order to produce, you need to induce. Also I tend to let my learners walk by themselves, make mistakes but always watching their backs. I never let anyone down. However the key is the interest and motivation of the student. Everything else should come naturally.

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French tutor with Master's in French and five years of tutoring experience

My greatest strength as a French tutor is that I did not begin to learn French until I was 14 years old. Unlike a native speaker who knows French grammar intuitively, I understand what it's like to learn French from scratch. I had an excellent high school French teacher who emphasized grammar.

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College student in engineering who passed his french baccalaureate and is ready to help you fluently speak and write in French.

I graduated high school from a french private school in lebanon and passed my french Baccalaureate in sociology and economy. I would be happy to help in any level of french you're in until you can hopefully be able to speak and write fluently.

Fatima zahra
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Native French Tutor with over 7 years experience for all levels and ages!

I am very creative in my teaching methods including cultural immersion to help comprehend all aspects of the language. My classes are tailored to the student’s level, learning style and goals. I firmly in structure and pace to insure results; combined with my dedication and your commitment.

(6 reviews)
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Berklee College of Music graduate tutoring in all that is Music and Languages

I believe that a tutor is not a teacher, but a guide. I do not try to (re)teach my students the material as that is the responsibility of their teacher/professor. Instead, I clarify any questions they have or try to fill any gaps in their understanding by providing alternative examples and explanations.

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French woman (from France) giving french lessons in Orem at home or online

I like to first review the basics of French, such as spelling or grammar. I also focus on typical errors that students make like using correctly the feminine or masculine form, or verbs. I like to answer to any questions my students have even if it is not part of their assignments.

1st lesson offered free !

Scholar with 15 years' experience with French native speakers offering French lessons in Brandon, Florida

I begin by focusing on the basics of grammar and pronunciation, giving the information in short bites packaged to show their practical value. I teach practical basic expressions. I show how to find, understand, and use cognates. Thus I teach French both for immediate practical value and for deep understanding.

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Passionate and patient French tutor with more than 10 years experience NYC

Depending on the student needs, I can offer different styles of teaching to each student. There is nothing like proven methods of starting from the basics; building vocabulary; learning grammar; and a stress on pronunciation and real-life conversational situations.

(2 reviews)
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Aprende inglés hablando inglés, con mi metodo de alta experiencia en aprendizaje.

Trabajo con jóvenes y adultos. Me especializo en la conversación. Hace algunos años creé una metodología para darle clases a personas de habla hispana. Soy una persona muy jovial, muy afable y me gusta que mis alumnos aprendan. La docencia es mi pasión.

(8 reviews)
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"Retired" French teacher who has lived, studied and traveled throughout France and loves all things French! Now enjoying a "snowbird" lifestyle but hopeful to continue sharing my passion.

I am an enthusiastic, caring, and patient teacher who uses a variety of teaching methods based on each learner's style. I believe in differentiated education, giving options to students and allowing them input even as standards and benchmarks are made clear.

Medford Lakes
(2 reviews)
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Experienced French teacher offers group and private lessons in Burlington County, NJ.

I believe in learning for the sake of expanding the mind and opening doors to the possibilities offered by a larger world- something which I believe has been pushed to the wayside of modern public education. My educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that a teacher should be more than an authority figure who pushes students through the system in hopes that they pass an exam.

Federal Way
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experimented, dynamic, funny tutor offering french lesson in Seattle and around ! Don't worry about your progress. I'm here to help you to improve your skills!

my methodology is as follows: determination of the level of student preparation of course content student evaluation the lessons taught are vocabulary, conjugation, spelling and grammar. the didactic means used are: books, slideshows, videos, applications. Free discussions and lectures are organized during class.

(2 reviews)
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Friendly Language Coach and former Neuroscientist teaching French, Portuguese, English, or Mandarin from home in Beverly, MA.

I teach students how to teach themselves. My lessons focus on each student's personal interests, emphasizing conversation-building from the first day. Typically, students tell me about their interests, and I supply the vocabulary and grammar to help them express whatever they wish to say.

(3 reviews)
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French in San Diego, is looking to teach beginners or advanced students, how easy it can be to master the French language.

I use visuals and easy-to-memorize concepts to help students remember words and their meanings. I have taught students from third grade, to college levels. Whether you are looking to learn French conversations or write a paper in French, I can give you the tools, and the knowledge you need to do so.

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French teaching since two years, provide lessons for beginners , at home, outside or online.

My teaching methods are very simple, we start with a test to valuate the student’s level, than we start with the basics, grammar and vocabulary...

1st lesson offered free !

University student with 9 years of experience in French, offering teaching in CT.

My teaching method is dedication to each individual student. My number one priority is that the person I am teaching is understanding and improving. I want people to feel comfortable enough with what they learn, that they can use it confidently both inside and outside a classroom setting.

1st lesson offered free !

Professionnel de la communication prêt à vous aider à améliorer votre français

My teaching technique is based on exchanges and free reflection on different subjects. For me, the most important thing is not to add knowledge to each other, but to learn about it and know how and when to use it.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate in French Language and Literature providing French tutoring in Richmond, VA

With French, I prefer immersive learning and try to avoid using English as much as possible. I believe that repetitive exercises are effective for foreign language acquisition. For this reason, I believe it is incredibly important that each student use a workbook of some sort--and I can certainly recommend some great options.

1st lesson offered free !

French Language tutor with 2 years of experience. Based in Orange County, CA.

I like to use task based teaching in the classroom which is an approach to second language acquisition that allows students to complete meaningful tasks in the language being taught. Examples of these activities include writing dialogues to read in front of the class and discussion based activities such as how rags to riches is perceived in different cultures.

Fabien y
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Native professor from Reims, in France, I offer french lessons to all level students.

New on this platform, but Professor since 2016, I teach online and in the Alliance française of Salvador de Bahia. I am native from Reims, in France but I am living as an expatriate in Brazil. The advantage of having a private professor is to have exactly what you need and how you need it. I build my lessons to give you exactly that.

Fort Lauderdale
French & spanish teacher raquel
1st lesson offered free !

Effective, Certified and Experienced French and Spanish Teacher. Action-oriented approach based teaching. Master Degree/ 13 years of experience.

I really enjoy teaching and I love foreign languages. I will be happy to help you learning/reviewing Spanish and French. I follow a flexible methodology and I am very accomodating. I am highly focused on the latest communicative aspects(action-oriented approach, project-based learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Credentialed and experienced teacher provides French language lessons to any interested student

I am an experienced French teacher with a professional clear single subject teaching credential to teach French in California. I live in Murrieta, California. I have studied in Belgium, and have earned my Bachelor's degree in Education from a French speaking University: The Catholic University of Louvain/ Belgium.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Native University Professor offering tutoring class in French Language and culture, civilization

PhD in French Literature from University of CT Master in Art in French Studies Master in Family Therapy Master in Education (Aggregation) Master in Theology Diploma in Professional Photography Taught French and all kind of subject at every level of education Currently head and Professor of French Studies Customized lessons according to the level seek.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

French mentor with 10 years of experience learning and speaking French academically

I teach based off of the students needs if I see they are a visual learner I will incorporate more visuals or if their kinetic learner I will incorporate movement or touch. I take a very one on one approach with every student.

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Perfect! It has been a great learning experience with Natalia so far. I really appreciate that she emphasizes on accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation in French and would certainly recommend others French learners to get trained from her as...

Harsh, student
4 days ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Patricia is a wonderful tutor and person. My daughter has learned a lot, and she likes Patricia very much. I highly recommend Patricia!!

Beverly, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I’ve had three lessons with Sandra. Her intelligent and thoughtful approach to teaching will definitely improve your French.

Jon, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Noe is a fantastic teacher, very positive, friendly, and most importantly, he goes above and beyond preparing for the lessons. I've learned so much from him just in one month. I can now pronounce most of the French words, without looking them up,...

Wendy, student
4 months ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Noe is an awesome teacher. I'm so blessed to find someone who is full of energy and very patient to teach my kids. He is currently teaching my 3 daughters; 11,12, and 16. The two youngest didn't know any French prior to this year, and my 16 year...

Kristine, student
5 months ago
(15 reviews)

Perfect! Chase is a gifted polyglot. He works hard to tailor the session to the particular needs of the individual. He is also a great source of motivation so I feel very inspired to begin our work together.

Blair, student
6 months ago
Chase emery
(1 review)

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