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1st lesson offered free !

Tutor willing to teach you how to get that victory royal with no stress.

It depends on the game. But I will start off with the basic concept of the game,once you get the hang of it I’ll will proceed with more advanced skills.

Holly Springs
1st lesson offered free !

Alpengeist's Heroes of The Storm Secret Tips, Tuts, & Builds for Beginners & Vets

I teach people in game and out of game and I show people how to improve/learn how to play the game I do this through a special mode that allows you to focus on the topic. I can also you draft for those with draft anxiety or just improve your draft in general.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn and or Improve your gaming, because Young or Old ANYONE can GAME

My method of teaching is relaxed friendly and go with the flow. Despite this, I will spend every moment teaching you something to help improve. But most importantly my goal in teaching is to teach you not just a specific skill for a specific game, but skills for multiple games. So you can pick up any game and have a solid base.

1st lesson offered free !

Hey there! I'm Ivonica, and I'm Semi-pro CS:GO player. I can help you to improve your skill, and become better player.

I will start off with the basic concept of the game, and go step by step depence how fast you learn things. Also I will repeat same stuff until you don't get and do perfect as me. (for example: hard smoke).

1st lesson offered free !

I've been gaming since I was kid in Richmond, Va now I want to spread my knowledge

I know games can have a lot of layers to them, any experienced gamer knows this, any RPG(Role Playing Game) has stats to take in, attack, defense, HP, skills, magic, and what to put your points into. I like to keep it simple, but first I like to know what type of gamer you are.

Apache Junction
1st lesson offered free !

Semi pro gamer with over 15 years in competitive gaming Fortnite,WoW etc

My teaching method will start out with some basic background knowledge followed by a deeper dive into what the student wishes to learn and gain from our time together. I will make sure each student is satisfied with the time spent with me and ensure progress.

1st lesson offered free !

15 years of gameing experience, expert in all gameing genres , makeing me one of the best gameing tutors in the inland valley.

My teaching methods are understanding that ever person is different and need to find what works best for for them. Start with the basics learning the controls, changing the settings to what works best. Next teaching the tricks of the trade everything you need to know to become better at the game of choice.

West Springfield
1st lesson offered free !

Gaming is a great way for both children and adults to get away from the stress in life

I have great patience and I would be happy to help you or your children grow their skills in gaming. I can start with anyone from a fresh gamer to someone with experience who is just trying to be the best they can whichever not to sound cliche but practice does make perfect with anything in life.

1st lesson offered free !

Gamer who gives Gaming lessons. (Call of Duty), (GTA Online). I am in the Gainesville fl area.

My name is Aaron McNeal. I am a online multiplayer gamer who gives lessons to gamer who want to become better. I teach lessons in games such as (Call Of Duty, GTA Online, and Halo 4 and Halo 5). I help students to have better awareness, and quicker reaction times as well as better precision aiming.

1st lesson offered free !

Self taught semi-pro gamer, in a clan known as K.S.I which stands for Knowledge, Strength, & Integrity.

I base my method of gaming as precise, strategic, and almost as a rushing push. I also may teach how to become a well marksman in most games, with my knowledge of distance and trajectory i can teach others how to align the students scope.

De Pere
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Destiny 2 crucible training by top 1000 player on xbox one console

My way of teacher will be depending on your skill level but we will mostly be in private matches and once you and I both feel confortable with your skills we will hop into a quickplay game and test the new skills that you have learned.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly Skilled FPS and Strategy game player in the Charlotte (NC) area for over 15 years to train you in more than just out aiming, but outhinking the enemy!

The players I look to teach the higher levels of games should know the basics, I can't teach you ingrate things like aiming, skills such as that are things you must learn, think of it like you must have the puzzle pieces before I can explain how the puzzle can be assembled, this does not require you to pull off trickshots across a map of course.

1st lesson offered free !

Hello there, I'm Sean and I offer gaming lessons, for beginners or pros, young and old. With over 25 years of gaming experience across almost every console ever, I love to share my experience.

My teaching method is to see what the student wants to learn, because its so much easier to teach a student with a desire to learn. After establishing what they want to improve on, I then observe them playing, to see not just their faults, but their strengths as well. After assessing this then the actual teaching can begin.

1st lesson offered free !

Veteran Gamer with 15 Years of Gaming Experience Teaches lessons in Miami,

I base my Lesson on Flanking, Accuracy, and quick thinking. If you cannot make decisions in less than one second, you won't succeed. I am here to improve your ability to think on the fly. No one is a bad gamer.

1st lesson offered free !

Competitive Call of Duty player for 7 years, I have experience playing and becoming a more proffesional player outside of the game located in Springfield Illinois

I believe that intensity is a key factor in a majority of video games and since call of duty is reaction based getting use to intensity is a must. I teach how to stay collected in extreme pressured situations and how to think of a proper next move.

1st lesson offered free !

Easy going video game Master, has expert exercises and tips to get you going to victory.

I approach each topic of knowledge with a personalized approach coming from trouble shooting i've done with my student. I can go from someone looking to break into the professional circle to the casual player looking to elevate his game.

1st lesson offered free !

Competitive Gamer, Leader of a Big Fortnite Clan. Been gaming since I was 7 years old. Went semi pro in Halo, now focus on Fortnite & Rainbow Six Siege

My teaching method is to first run some games with you & basically get a feel on how you play. Once I get a general idea of your skill level I will show you tips & tricks that I have learned in my 17 years of gaming.

1st lesson offered free !

20 years gaming experience across multiple platforms, currently specializing in helping individuals in Fortnite wins. (ps4/pc)

First, I'll examine player(s) strengths and weakness. Discuss their goals they are interested in reaching. Then, I'll work with individuals or teams, to form a synergistic and competitive team. I'll help promote a more calm, calculating, and communicating team. My goal is to get the player(s) comfortable to land anywhere and produce a win. Likewise, able to enjoy casual play and confidence to win.

1st lesson offered free !

I am passionate League of Legends player that loves the game and wants to share that experience with others. I've been playing for five years and it never gets old. There is so much to learn each day

I base my teachings mainly off of questions you have. I also look at replays and previous games you've played to analyse your gameplay. But really I can teach you how you prefer. If you want me to review replays, I'd love to do that.

1st lesson offered free !

PS4 Gamer with 7 years Experience! Offering lessons in World of Tanks and Dreadnought

I will give lessons to anyone who is interested to learn! If you need help with the basic such as moving, looking, and shooting? I am the Tutor for you! If you're a gamer trying to raise his/her skills to the next level then I am your Tutor! Its the little things that excel your gameplay to the next level!

1st lesson offered free !

Gamer who’s has been playing on PS4 and pc for 15 years now I live south of Boston, ma and fortnite Is currently my favorite game because the creativity and strategic gameplay it brings

My teaching method is to play with my students for a couple of games and watch how they play and handle certain situations and then I will ask what they feel they need work on and I will give my input on what needs to be worked on and we will go from there I have great communications and can talk with anyone

1st lesson offered free !

I Have Been Playing Video Games Of All Types Since 1994. Lessons can be given to players around the globe.

I am Erik, I am here to provide a service to learn and understand video games of different genres, the approach to each game. Playstyles for different maps for a FPS game for example. Spawning Cycles. When to rush, sprint, jump, crawl, etc, is covered.

Floral Park
1st lesson offered free !

Competitive Gamer with 10 years of experience across Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow Six and Battlefield.

I have had over 6 years of teaching experience across multiple FPS franchises. My lessons primary focus on developing the pupils strategy on how to play the game then perfecting his combat skills to amplify the effectives of the strategy.

Sault Ste. Marie
1st lesson offered free !

Fortnite Tutor - Build Teacher. Become a pro Fortnite player in no time.

You will learn with hands on training in both Playground and Duo/Squad game modes. Leasons are layed back and you getting better is always my first priority. You will see an improvement after your first lesson. I will also work with you to complete challanges and achieve wins.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn any game, or have a co-op partner. even for games no one plays any more

In the first lesson we will discuss what games and where you want to focus in them and we will go from there. I will focus on the time invested vs the results such as maximizing gear set up, leveling up and farming techniques I am also open to new games although there may not be many. I am also available for co-op play and farming or grinding in many games.

Silver Springs
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Lifelong competitive gamer on console and PC with deep knowledge of professional eSports level play and tactics. I've killed Shroud and Friends in COD

Lessons vary depending on skill level and game, while basic understanding of mouse and keyboard controls, or console controls is recommended for competitive games. Methods vary, but generally take place in playground, private, or other practice areas within a particular game before going into a real match to apply the lesson(s) against other players.

1st lesson offered free !

Advanced gamer with over 15 years of playing video games. Located in Olive Branch, MS.

I'm a gamer who has been playing video games since I was four and I'm willing to teach anyone who wants to learn. A technique I would use to teach would be to see where the student needs help at and then improve their skills from there.

1st lesson offered free !

Life-long FPS gamer with the skill and tactics to make you the best amongst your friends or provide the next steps to make you a pro player.

My teaching method is based on improving situational awareness and tactics. I also emphasize reaction time and overall gun-play/skill in my sessions.

Cocoa Beach
1st lesson offered free !

Playing cs from 1.5 version professional scene, i am offering to you same capacity of lessions

If you choose me for your lessions, i will provide you unique kind of that, example : We will watch your personals demos together, discuss together about all your situations [ what is good/wrong], show you best tricks, all kinds of bombs and many other stuff.

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Perfect! Thomas is an awesome teacher and taught me so much about spawns and general map knowledge on Call of Duty! 5 stars!

Hunter, student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

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