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Harvard student with 3 years experience as an english tutor for all ages.

I spend the first session getting to know my students in order to grasp what they're struggling in, what they hope to achieve academically, and what resources they need to do it. I then gather worksheets and cultivate a lesson plan that is individually crafted for them. Whether it be test prep, reading help, or writing tips, I have resources on hand from my grassroots tutoring program.

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SAT math subject tests 1&2 and SAT and ACT (math part) prep in Chicago

I have no unique approach to all students. My first session consists of 'getting know of each other' and 'determining the right approach'. Each student is different and I has different needs, so I always try to find the best 'teaching style' for each of them.

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SAT/ACT test prep tutor experienced in all sections of exams, higher scores guaranteed

For test prep, I start by having the student take a practice exam. This can be done on their own time or during one of our sessions. Based on the exam results I will develop a plan of action for the student based on his or her needs.

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Raleigh, NC elementary and adult educator with eight years of experience.

My teaching method is to personalized every lesson for my student. During our first session I give my student an academic assessment to see where they currently are, but I also give a multiple intelligence test, which allows me and the student to understand how they learn best.

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Patient tutor offering assistance in Reading, Language Arts, English Composition, and Spanish.

I'm very calm and patient by nature. I go over the material with students to see how well they understand it. I explain and clarify any misunderstandings they might have, I ask and answer their questions, and assist them when needed.

Richmond Hill
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Adult Educator, Technical and Grant Writing Instructor & Experienced Political Campaign Consultant

As an adult educator (M.Ed.), I have a great deal of experience instructing teens and adult, as well as individuals with barriers to employment. I have tutored learners on various topics, specialized testing and research methods. I have more than six million dollars in grant writing success. I can help you write, research or just learn the basics of grant writing.

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Be a Reading Star! Reading and ESL Teacher with over 10 Years Experience will Help You Achieve Your Reading Goals!

I adapt instruction to the learning style and needs of each individual. I incorporate fun games and activities to keep learning engaging and fun. I also keep learning meaningful and help students make connections during instruction by building on their prior knowledge and skills.

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Youth Reading Tutor with over 40 years experience in Portland, OR...Give me 1 month and waah-Laa

My online teaching method is via Hangout, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope . You may witness some examples on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live and Periscope. My methodology can witnessed on any Social Media if you type in mzjanis or theWORDreader.

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I am an English Teacher who wants to help you become a better writer

I approach each lesson with one thing in mind: student success. In our first session, we will spend time getting to know one another and setting out some academic goals. Once I have a clear idea of who you are as a student and what you want to achieve, I'll be able to tailor our sessions to your individual needs.

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44 Years teaching offering help in English: test prep, literature, speech, et al.

My teaching method adapts to the learning style of the student. It is based on subject matter competence in which I identify the area(s) of learning the student needs to work on in order to be able to pass tests, write essays, read literature, and prepare for SAT, ACT, GED tests.

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Former MENSA member with 4.0 GPA in high school and college offers SAT, ACT, GED, and test preparation tutoring.

As high school valedictorian with 4.0 GPA and awards in math, English, science, French, and music, and summa cum laude college graduate with 4.0 GPA and a B.S. with highest honors in Human Resources Management, with a minor in psychology, I was a National Merit Scholar and member of MENSA. I utilize only official SAT/ACT questions from the makers of the tests, the most realistic available.

Traverse City
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College Graduate with 4 years experience in ACT prep offers one-on-one lessons

I have a bachelor's degree in English and am skilled at math as well. I create my lesson plans based on my student's specific needs so we can focus on the areas where you need the most assistance. Then, we integrate those areas into the test as a whole so you are prepared to identify different types of questions and be successful in answering them correctly.

Broken Arrow
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Let's conquer that writing project or English test. PhD Education candidate with 15 years of teaching experience at University and high school level is available!

I have taught students in English courses from junior high through college juniors. What works best is going over assignments with my students first to assess the needs and determining the best method from there. The first thing I do in any class or lesson is help take away fear and blocks students may have from previous experiences or difficulties.

Charles City
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Joe Hill tried and true tutoring for elementary school students 5 through 13, Let's do this together.

I have an Associates Degree in Early childhood education and 8 years in the classroom as a Para educator and Teachers Aid. my experience is tried and true and backed by my personal and professional experience and have earned my wings in the classrooms as well as academically.

Lee's Summit
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Professional Tutor with 11 years of experience helps you beat the ACT.

I live and teach by the old proverb; they don't care what you know until they know you care. I have a Masters in Education. I created a curriculum for students to practice and learn the strategies for the ACT. My focus as a teacher is to help students obtain what they want.

Redondo Beach
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Best Reading Tutor. MA Columbia University. Experienced. Credentialed. Otron- Gillingham Certified!Caring Tutor.

I tailor each lesson to the individual student that I am working with at the time. I get results! I use smiles as rewards. I use a multi - sensory approach to learning. I am responsible and have good adaptability.

1st lesson offered free !

Master of Education and over 5 years of teaching IB economics, IELTS and TOEFL

My teaching methods are results oriented, with a student center focus, where student learning and educational psychology are an emphasis. Thus results and improvement are expected in each lesson. This is a result of understanding what students want and expect.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced adult and teacher by education offering reading, literacy, test prep and GED test prep in Lebanon, IN and surrounding areal.

I approach each topic based on the needs of the individual. Not everyone learns the same way and I try to customize lessons based on what will work best for the individual. Additionally, I have determined through experience that learning is much more enjoyable and valuable when it can be applied in a way that is purposeful to our daily lives.

Cañon City
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Professional educator and tutor with over a decade of experience and four Masters degrees.

I have experience teaching large groups and single learners, both online and in the classroom. In my experience, no two students learn the same way. As a result, I believe in adapting my teaching style to meet the needs of each particular learner.

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Experienced Native English speaker, editor, and tutor in Southeast Denver Metro Area

My teaching method is based on student need. Students come with an idea of what they would like to learn. The focus starts with this and then branches as I recognize deeper needs. I use a hands-on method where the student is always the primary doer.

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English Student offering tutoring in Academic English, Essay writing, and Resume Editing.

Hello, my name is Chris and I will be tutoring in academic English, Essay peer review, and Resume Editing. Much of academic English is about expressing the relationship between ideas. Although the language may be more complex than in everyday English, good academic writers aim to be as clear, precise, and simple as possible.

New Port Richey
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Certified Teacher Tutor. Pasco County, FL. 20+years experience. Grades K-8. Certified, Basic Education, E.S.E and ESOL.

Barbara has over twenty years of education, obtaining an Education Specialist Degree (also known as A.B.D.) in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University, including a Master's Degree in Curriculum/Instruction with an emphasis in reading from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Florida.

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Junior year college student who loves to learn and discuss academics.

I learn through making material relevant. I connect material with themes and categories. I have found finding a passion in a subject makes retention better. I have found test taking strategies that are very helpful. I would also help with keeping track of time while taking the test.

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English instructor with 16 years of experience offering tutoring in South Carolina

My teaching philosophy revolves around making learning meaningful and relevant for students. My goal is to probe my student's thinking to allow them to become self-directed, motivated life-long learners. I enjoy working with students who are looking to receive additional support to reach their academic goals.

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Final year graduate student in business administration/information technology with a BS in criminal justice/human services.

I use Student-Centered Methods of Instruction Differentiated instruction is the teaching practice of tailoring instruction to meet individual student needs so that students can move onto the next standards or topics when they’ve mastered what they’re currently working on.

Spring Hill
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English Literature connoisseur with an avid appetite for the written word and academia in the sunny state of FL.

My teaching method is mostly interactive. I find people learn much easier when they are doing rather than being preached to. I never liked a teacher to open the text book and proceed to read the content to me. I base my classes on ways to interact with the students and thus keep them engaged.

Lee's Summit
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Experienced Elementry Reading Tutor in Lees Summit Mo, 20 Years Experience Tutoring.

Homework can be challenging, it takes patience, understanding, and beginning with the first steps to seek out the correct way to find the answers, it is important no matter what lesson you are learning that as a teacher I will help you understand and get excellent grades.

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Reading Specialist with Harvard degree and 12 US patents wants to help LD and Struggling Readers.

I adjust my teaching to each student. I usually begin by having the student read text out loud, specially formatted a phrase at a time. This is read out loud before hearing it spoken. This is ideal for correcting bad reading habits. Then we progress to reading a punctuation interval at a time; this is ideal for improving comprehension and improving fluency.

Virginia Beach
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English and Writing lover from LA to VA! with 8 years experience

I am very patient and will take every loop hole I can in order for you to understand what you are doing. I prefer to talk to my students before we start to get an understanding of how they learn effectively.

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English teacher offering reading and test prep in Reading with 10 years experience.

I have a BS in English Education and a Masters degree. I give lessons to students in middle school to college level. I teach practical English lessons such as GED prep, SAT prep, resume writing, and test prep. I also teach specific subject areas such as literature, reading, writing of all types, and grammar.

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