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Need History or Classical History Help? Tutor in Philadelphia Metro area online!

Currently, hold a BA History degree with a minor in Classical Civilizations with graduate coursework in History. Pursuing teaching certification and MA in History, and later MA in Ancient Mediterranian Studies. Classes: U.S History to 1877, U.S History after 1877, 20th Century U.S.

San Antonio
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Liberal Arts & Sciences graduate, former high school history instructor offering World History, US History and Social Studies Tutoring in San Antonio area

BS in Psychology, 2012, University of Florida. MS in Higher Education, 2016, Walden University. Additional college courses in French language, Greek History, Egyptian History, African American history, European art and architecture. Trained in CHAMPS educational theory. Trained in education development of young adults.

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General Undergraduate Studies - Business Administration & Secondary Education. Provides assistance in proofreading term papers, essays, etc.

I provide tutoring assistance, review papers, and provide necessary feedback as I love to write. Communication is important to me. Therefore, I ask that you be responsive whenever I send emails with questions, etc. I will always ask for your thoughts and will encourage you to participate. No, I will not do your homework for you. Lastly, I love to laugh.

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Recent History and Education graduate offering history tutoring in Jacksonville for students of any level

What works with some students might not work with another. Creating an individual success plan for each student is how you get the best results. Starting with a baseline assessment to evaluate what specifically is causing the difficulty in the class and then going from there.

North Bergen
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Responsive and creative math and SAT Prep tutor with 10+ years experience in Greater NYC area

I instruct students in grades 5-12 in math content classes and SAT Prep in reading, writing an math. I individualize my teaching strategies based on students' existing knowledge, needs and learning style. An initial assessment of relevant topics provides me with the information necessary to target specific content, skills and strategies.

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I teach U.S. history, global ethics and organizational leadership in Denver, Colorado.

My teaching philosophy is enthusiastic, positive and student-centered while steeped in transformational learning. I believe in the importance of creating an environment in the classroom where the student is the center of the learning experience. In designing my courses, I want students to make real connections from the material covered in class to their lives, current jobs and future careers.

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Experienced Learning Coach and Teaching Assistant: Middle School, High School, and College Students

In every situation a person encounters, they are either teaching a lesson or learning a lesson. In order to successfully teach, you must be able to learn. With my students, I always want to have an open door for learning. This increases the confidence in the students, and allows them to begin to understand and take responsiblity for learning and teaching.

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History aficionado, desiring to educate and share a wide variety of topics!

My passion is educating others in a way that is relevant to them: helping students make connections and give them the skills and desire to understand how interconnected our collective history and geography are to us all! I like to make the ancient and obscure relevant to the present, it is the best way to understand the world around us!

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Need Social Studies help? Massillon area teacher w/ a social studies background and special education.

I am a 16 year veteran teacher with a background in 7-12 Social Studies(government, US/World History, Sociology, Geography) as well as a background in Special Education(k-12). I like to have more of a background lecture that is short, then a discussion based on how it pertains to today's world. That connection makes history relevant.

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Political science teacher offering lessons in Chicago Illinois that will motivate your sense of civic duty

Are you ready to learn more about politics, civics, and history? Then you've come to the right place. I'll help you navigate the fascinating and sometimes confusing world that we currently live in. From the simplest to the hardest concepts surrounding politics, you'll leave my course feeling more connected to thepoliticians who represent us.

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Understanding the Social Sciences through theory, practicum, the scientific method, and application

As a state licensed teacher and Masters degree holder I have taught and tutored from Elementary to Graduate level students. I understand the obstacles learners may experience. Retention may hinge on being able to relate curriculum to students that not only meet the class needs but the individual needs.

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Fun English and History Tutor with 10 Years Experience in Cedar Park

I Graduated from Vista Ridge High School as a Texas Scholar in 2007. Graduated with 4 AP credits. Attending Austin Community College. Currently have 12 credits. Excelled in my English Composition classes, invited to enroll in Honors English at ACC.

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Professor of Psychology, Research, Emotional Intellgence, Sensation Seeking, Abnormal Behavior, Assessment Measurement

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Arts in Community Counseling, Certification in Research Assessment and Measurement and an EdD - ABD in Counseling Psychology paired with a license in Counseling. I have taught Psychology to Undergraduates, online.

San Diego
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Recent History PhD recipient offering history-related tutoring in San Diego and surrounding area

I am willing to tutor both high school and college-level students. In a one-on-one setting I will gladly tailor our sessions around the specific needs of the student. For group settings, I prefer to split time between lectures and group discussion.

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Teaching History and Politics and Making It FUN! 10+ years experience as a teacher!

I love to teach students through great discussion and Socratic questioning. History is much more than dates. I emphasize themes, cause and effect, and question students predispositions as we work together. Once a student can tell me what they think, then I push them to learn how to write what they believe.

Ogden Dunes
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Former university student with extensive knowledge in social studies, history, and anthropology

My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that students know the best way to learn material, whether it be from lecturing, presentations, or trial-and-error. With that in mind I asses each student and create a lesson plan based on how they learn; this means that at every step of the way the student will be giving me input on how the lessons should be structure.

La Quinta
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Geography Major with tutoring experience able to help with any Earth Science questions!

I have found that approaching studying techniques, different learning styles, and retention techniques is the MOST effective way to ensure success in tutoring, and it certainly shows in other subjects as well.

Eureka Springs
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1st lesson offered free !

A psychology student offering to teach in psychology, health and wellness, and public speaking.

I approach teaching by making it relaxing, inquisitive, and, informative for the student. The student should not feel overwhelmed by all the information being pilled on them but rather be able to stop, think, and, ask questions along the way.

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Future teacher of Elementary Ed PreK-4 and Special Ed K-8 with a passion for History

I approach each topic with caution since I may not know the students current knowledge on the topic; however, I still believe in helping the student learn and achieve their best even if it means starting from scratch when it comes to the topic being discussed

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Sociology Grad with Social Issues Background, active in Community and Current Events

My teaching method is a healthy mixture of lecture, collaboration and discussion. I feel that students learn best when they can apply what they are trying to learn to every day life. If you can relate to it, you can learn it.

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Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

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Current Events & Politics Nerd with a MSc Sociology/Social Policy loves tutoring!

Masters of Science in Sociology specializing in Social Policy & Social Problems. I have 15+ years of childcare, educational instruction, and tutoring experience. I am great at developing a plan for your assignments or test prep.

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Teacher with her M.Ed. and 20 years experience helps elementary and middle school students master reading and math and discover a love for science and experiments! Uses her enthusiasm for teaching an

A retired educator with 20 years of experience, I have a B.A. in Biology and an M.Ed. I love kids and teaching and am a life-long learner myself. Two underlying elements form the basis of my educational philosophy. Leadership is strongest when displayed by example, and enthusiasm is contagious! I believe instruction needs to be relevant and rigorous.

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Elementary Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Certified Teacher with 16 Years of Experience

I am a 16 year veteran teacher ranging in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. I offer engaging, hands-on and 'real life content in my lessons, My desire is to make students develop a lifelong love of learning. I am confident that y working one-on-one in an individualized program tailored to your learning style, I can and will help you achieve beyond your goals.

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College graduate gives History lessons to middle and high school students Denver

I give lessons to students, middle school through college, looking for help in various history related subjects. Lessons will be based off of current learning material. I seek to ask students questions that will lead them to deeper reflection on the historical content and its context in the time period. This will lead to a growth in critical thinking abilities.

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College student at Armstrong State University majoring in Secondary History Education. Gives lessons in social studies and other historical areas on the middle and high school levels in the Savannah/R

I'm a Secondary History Education major. I'm willing to give lessons on the middle, high, and secondary school levels. I'm a good communicator with very good listening skills. I try to create a safe learning environment and welcome feedback from students.

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Applied historical studies for a contemporary world understanding applicable to interdisciplinary study

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Public History from American Military University. I have worked over a decade in special government projects. All of this experience has taught me the value of utilizing a variety of methods to teach lessons which are understood and contextualized for the individual student.

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Graduate student in History gives history, social studies, geography, anthropology, and archaeology lessons to all ages in any location online

I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology/Geography. I am currently finishing up a Masters degree in History at the American Public University in Virginia. I have a passion for learning and all things pertaining to history, geography, anthropology, and archaeology. I can provide lessons to all elementary and secondary level students.

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Basic Psychology Tutoring in Columbia and surrounding area by LISW-CP with over 10 years experience

Learn by experience! I am a licensed social worker but have a bachelor's degree in social work and psychology. You may be surprised how much these two disciplines overlap. I am able to help explain basic terminology with real life examples and experience. I am able to provide case studies, power point presentations, and reading materials to individuals.

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The world nowadays is such that when you lack the knowledge of certain basic things and subject matters, you become so backward. There are certain basic things that everyone ought to know, and that is why we offer general knowledge lessons. These lessons are offered exclusively on-line, but it depends on the general knowledge teachers you get. Some will organize with you to visit your house more so if you reside in the same country.The general knowledge lessons are normally divided into smaller parts depending on the subject matter you want to specialize in. In addition, the general knowledge teachers available also have different specialties, and so you are assured of getting the right teacher for the specific subject matter you want to learn. At superPROF, you will also be able to learn geography lessons and sociology as well as learn respective subjects taught by archeology tutor and history teachers.