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Virginia Beach
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Social Studies is bitter but the fruit is sweet. Witty, certified teacher available for tutoring in all social sciences subjects. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Master's in Secondary Education w

My teaching methodology is student centered. I believe a student learns best when he or she is performing an application. I use activities and resources that include primary and secondary sources, graphic organizers, games, sorts, music, video, political cartoons, and poetry.

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Entry level History Teacher with a particular passion for encouraging creativity and analytical thinking in education.

I am adept and conscientious in preparing lesson plans that are specifically catered towards the abilities of my students in order to both encourage and challenge them during their pursuit of knowledge. While I specialize in History lessons, I also know that writing and test taking skills are crucial to a students success.

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Early Grades and Special Education Student offering history, geography and sociology tutoring.

I approach each topic by giving the keywords to look for before doing a homework assignment or studying for any type of test.

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Recent History and Education graduate offering history tutoring in Jacksonville for students of any level

What works with some students might not work with another. Creating an individual success plan for each student is how you get the best results. Starting with a baseline assessment to evaluate what specifically is causing the difficulty in the class and then going from there.

Mission Viejo
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College Graduate Tutor Specializing in History to Help With Those Long Research Papers!

My teaching methodology is based on how I was taught through my studies at CSU Long Beach. I will approach the various historical topics on the theories that most influenced my work which I believe makes history more relevant to the students. This theory/approach is what is called cultural and subaltern history.

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History aficionado, desiring to educate and share a wide variety of topics!

My passion is educating others in a way that is relevant to them: helping students make connections and give them the skills and desire to understand how interconnected our collective history and geography are to us all! I like to make the ancient and obscure relevant to the present, it is the best way to understand the world around us!

West Palm Beach
(3 reviews)
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A current history teacher in Palm Beach gives tutoring in all social studies subjects!

My teaching methodology revolves around finding similarities in the past and applying it how it affects our lives today in a manner that is engaging to the student. In addition, my curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking as it is vital not only to the study of history but to living in an age of distraction and misinformation.

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Qualified Educator with 20 years experience teaching all subjects to students with Special Needs

I am very hands on when working with students. I make every effort to create lessons that will be engaging and fun for each of the students that I am working with. Whatever the subject areas that we are working on it is important to me that I am ensuring that my student feels safe, secure and knows that I am proud of the efforts that they are making and they are working toward mastery.

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Need Social Studies help? Massillon area teacher w/ a social studies background and special education.

I am a 16 year veteran teacher with a background in 7-12 Social Studies(government, US/World History, Sociology, Geography) as well as a background in Special Education(k-12). I like to have more of a background lecture that is short, then a discussion based on how it pertains to today's world. That connection makes history relevant.

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IB SPECIALIST - MYP 6-10 & DP Business Management - specific attention for your summative assessments, projects, and tests

I have ten years teaching experience in the International Baccalaureate Program, MYP Grades 6-10 (World History), and Grades 11 and 12 Business Management (Standard and Higher Level) Focus of lessons will be on simplification if content and how to connect the students content knowledge to the real world - through source analysis such as current events related to world history or business news...

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Certified teacher with 6 years experience offering History lessons in Houston, Texas.

My name is Jennifer Fayn. I am a certified teacher in the state of Texas offering History lessons to primary, middle, and high school students. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

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MEd. Social studies and History teacher. I am interested in tutoring in History and related subjects.

BA in History. MEd in Secondary Education. I have a passion for History and Civics. I give lessons in History, CIvics, and Social Science to Junior High and High school students. I work with students to evaluate historic events and connect them to today.

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College Professor with 10+ years experience tutors in all Social Science areas

I am a college History professor that has taught all social sciences ranging from 8th grade to graduate level courses. I have been tutoring as well for the last few years. I can tailor a lesson for you on a specific subject or series of events; or, I can provide tutoring over a wide range of material based on your specific needs.

La Quinta
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Geography Major with tutoring experience able to help with any Earth Science questions!

I have found that approaching studying techniques, different learning styles, and retention techniques is the MOST effective way to ensure success in tutoring, and it certainly shows in other subjects as well.

Eureka Springs
(2 reviews)
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Jacksonville Beach
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History & Social Studies teacher with passion for inspiring students in Jacksonville, FL

I am passionate about social studies and teaching, and bring to life the subjects that I teach or tutor. My best attribute is my adaptability- my ability to play to every student's strengths and interests to formulate a lesson that will inspire them to view and learn about their studies in a way they may not have previously.

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Middle School Social Studies Teacher in Tempe that will tutor all ages

I enjoy inquiry based learning. By posing the learner a question, analyzing facts and sources, the learner can better process the topic. I structure lessons with review/warm ups, then content, and wrapping up with a meaningful ending. I am a well organized teacher that will be sure to monitor progress and check for understanding.

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Middle and high school social studies teacher with 4 years of experience in Central Indiana

I base my classes and tutoring on what works best for my students. For example, I read my students' Individual Education Plans so I can effectively educate them. I also establish appropriate relationships with parents to get them involved in my classroom. I discuss teaching strategies with other teachers to get ideas about how to effectively teach every kind of learner and student.

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Experienced history, politics, and social studies tutor eager to help students in the LA area

As a tutor, I let my students lead the discussions and the direction of the lessons. Particularly in history and politics, students don't gain any knowledge or enjoyment from a teacher lecturing at them; instead, by leading students towards an understanding of historical and political forces by creating a personal connection to the past, I can help them both understand and enjoy history.

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High School Social Studies teacher available in Arlington/NoVA; knowledgeable in History, Government and Geography

My approach to teaching is to meet each student where he or she is within their understanding of both the content and the student's own understanding of the learning process. Understanding each student's learning processes is my starting point, followed by goal setting.

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Hello, I am currently teach Pre-k. I am a certified to teach Pre-k through 5th grade. I have a passion for helping children reach their potential.

As a teacher I try to make the subject interesting and exciting to the student. I like to find their strengths and use them to help them succeed. Every child is like a ball of clay just waiting to be molded by the right person.

Los Angeles
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English (certified with myTEFL), Math (Engineering degree), and History help in Los Angeles.

I try to use a conversational approach in teaching, to first see if there are any specific concepts that the student is having difficulty with. If the student has more general needs, I will begin with the most important concepts - or areas where students typically struggle - and progress from there.

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Future teacher of Elementary Ed PreK-4 and Special Ed K-8 with a passion for History

I approach each topic with caution since I may not know the students current knowledge on the topic; however, I still believe in helping the student learn and achieve their best even if it means starting from scratch when it comes to the topic being discussed

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly and patient teacher with over 4 years of experience with various ages

My teaching style includes a lot of collaboration. I want the students and I to find what's most beneficial and effective for learning.

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Cal State Fullerton History Bachelors graduate instructs lessons to guide students and go more in depth to have a greater understanding on historical concepts in Orange County

My plan is to become a teacher in the near future because I love education and see it as a key to success. My passion for teaching began in a martial arts class. When I received my black belt in karate, I became a instructor. It showed me how much I enjoyed teaching. My focus as a tutor is to help students achieve a passion for education to reach far and beyond their educational goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent college grad (BS Int'l Relations and Economics) living in Columbus, OH with a strong background in history.

I'm a recent college graduate from the Ohio State University with BS degrees in International Relations and Economics with a love for history. To me, history is a journey through the past, present and future that should be brought to life.

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College Student with One Already Completed Degree Offering Online Tutoring at Your Convenience

I am a college student with one degree and several medical technical certifications ready to help anyone where needed. I hold a two year degree in general studies, mainly biology, and physical science classes. I am also EMT-B, IV, ACLS, PALS, and CPR/BLS certified. I have taken classes in anatomy and physiology, as well as pharmacology and cardiology.

Bossier City
1st lesson offered free !

Geography teacher who has lived in Hawaii, Europe, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia

I completed a Master's degree in Human Resources because I love helping public school students and adults. You will find me to be a person who gets to know the student, their strengths,weaknesses, and goals for the future. My teaching experience has been 6-12 public school, plus all grades subbing, plus I was a human resources instructor in the Army for 18 years.

Round Rock
(1 review)
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Texas Certified Teacher seeking to teach and tutor from learning to read to government & economics.

I am a Texas state certified history and social studies teacher. I have a bachelor degree in History from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. I have four years experience as a classroom teacher. I am seeking to instruct and/or tutor students in all areas of history and social studies, as well as in reading and writing.

1st lesson offered free !

Philosophy and Creative Writing graduate in Austin wants to help you understand how the world works and to communicate that knowledge to others.

Socrates and Jesus are amazing teachers, and their methods are my inspiration. Stories and critical thinking are the keys to opening the door of lifelong education. We are wired to remember stories more than lists of facts, so the knowledge gained from them will stay with us forever.

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Geography is an interesting subject since it focuses on nature and its inhabitants. Well not everyone finds it interesting. You nay be struggling with this subject because of an attitude or cage you simply do not get it. At times, you may be having exam around the corner, and you are not prepared. This is where we chip in to help you. We have geography teachers who will take you through geography lessons to ensure that you are ready for your exams, or your attitude is completely changed. The lessons are offered online and so with a laptop and Internet connectivity you will be ready to learn and make improvements. The geography teachers ensure that they cover all that is needed in the geography lessons within a predetermined time. You may also be interested in political sciences and psychology lessons that we offer or know somebody who is interested. Our history tutor and general knowledge teachers are also available to help you improve your knowledge.