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A student that has passed with flying colors in middle school, Highschool, and college Biology! I would love to help you understand the world around you a little bit more.

I like to give examples and relate back to the real world to help drive home the topics and concepts. I use a lot of pictures and diagrams. I find quizzing helps understand where each student is and how well they understand. I also have the students try and teach me what they learned and ask questions.

Myrtle Beach
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Biology Teacher will give lessons to Middle School, High School, or College, in the Coastal South Carolina Area, Myrtle Beach

I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Penn State Behrend and a Masters of Education from Western Governors University. I additionally have 97 credits towards a Geology Degree at Mercyhurst University. I teach with enthusiasm and hands on learning to create interest on the student end.

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Experienced Physics, Algebra, Calculus, Geology, and French Tutor with more than 5 years experience tutoring at the University level offering virtual of in home tutoring

I have a BA in French and a BS in Geology. I have taught intermediate French at the University level and been a Science and Math tutor for more that 5 years. I am all about providing hands on experience to students and helping them learn. It has been my experience that students learn best when they understand why a topic is important and can find direct application of it to their life.

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Mizzou Geology graduate gives lessons in Geology, Physics, Environmental Sciences, and related fields in the greater Kansas City Area

I have received my Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia. In the course of my studies, I have had hands-on experience in surface mapping, interpreting surface data into vertical cross-sections, geophysical analysis, and many other methods in the American Southwest, the Dakotas, and the Spanish Pyrenees.

El Portal
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Environmental Science Educator tutors biology subjects for middle school and high school students

I graduated from McGill University in 2009 with a BSc in Applied Zoology and in 2012 with a MSc in Entomology. I am currently an environmental science educator and consistently receive feedback stating I build rapport quickly, am extremely patient and knowledgeable, and have a friendly, relaxed style of teaching. I modify how I deliver lessons to best match my students.

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Andrea is a passionate biology tutor here to support your education goals!

For me, I think a tutor should support and add to the knowledge the student already has meaning the tutor needs to assess where the student is at and their learning style, then make a plan going forward with the agreement that the two of us are a team. We can check and change along the way.

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Personally fascinated with Science. 90+ college credits in environmental sciences, botany, forestry, and biology. Lets learn!

My teaching method is learn, practice, reteach. I have found that the best way for me to be confident in what I have learned is to reteach it back to someone. Doing so allows us to not only know the information, but we can also focus on simplifying how we explain and understand things.

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Medical student at Baylor College of Medicine teaching biology and MCAT prep.

I can give lessons to college and high school students. I am a very visual person and will use diagrams. I also love coming up with mnemonics to help students remember things. I love using practice problems because practice makes perfect.

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Geology Master's graduate gives lessons in fundamental geologic principles in Missoula area

I have a B.S. and a M.Sc. in geology, and I am looking to give lessons in the basic principles of geology to High School, college, and/or adult education students. I believe that the best way to learn science is to understand how the scientific method of inquiry works, and I focus on asking and testing hypotheses.

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Geology Tutor with 10 years experience and a Masters Degree in Aurora

I am currently seeking an part time evening job and believe that with my current education and past experience tutoring I would be able to assist students in need of assistance with earth, physical, and environmental sciences. I worked part time as a peer tutor at the University of Akron for 1.5 years while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in geology.

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Meredith College junior in environmental sustainability, geoscience, and biology. Provide lessons in environmental and physical sciences in Raleigh, NC and surrounding towns

Associate's in Arts degree from Wake Tech Community College-- specialized in Geology and International Studies. Pursuing Bachelor's degree from Meredith College-- junior, studying environmental sustainability with two minors in biology and geoscience. I provide lessons for students who are willing to learn and advance in the given subject.

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When you forget to study, who do you call...Super professor, that's all.

Text books in Biology, Pearson,latest edition; video through khan Academy,Youtube.com and other pertinent worksheets through scientific video such as Curiosity Stream, History Channel, and National geographic. When you study hard, you should get your just rewards, a good score on your assessment. I help you to achieve that goal.

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Undergraduate Biomedical Engineer with 3+ years of teaching and wet lab experience in Biology.

My teaching method is to make sure every student learns the basic concepts of the topic being discussed and attempting questions because no science is perfect. Quizzes and tests will be held to test their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

Des Moines
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Rocks and rocks and rocks and rocks the rocks rocks rocks rocks

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College graduate in geology and a minor in geography. However, taken biology and anatomy in both college and high school. I am located in Woodstock, CT.

I do think that sometimes, note cards can help. Also writing out the information from classes can benefit to the learning student. I was a student myself and know some basic and easy techniques for students to learn. Although, school is not appealing to everyone, they should receive the basic help in courses they struggle in.

El Paso
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Geologist gives lessons in El Paso, TX. Middle School, High School, Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Mineralogy, and Petrology.

University of Texas at El Paso, BS in Geological Sciences, Class of 2016. Willing to tutor all the way from Middle School level to Petrology level. Lessons will be interactive, field trips are optional, but recommended. I have book available for your use.

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Experienced Earth Science Tutor for High School in Western New York area

I am a 30 year veteran teacher who has taught several science subject areas to high school and middle school students in the public schools and private schools in the Buffalo NY area. I believe strongly in one on one instruction that is based on the students needs and abilities and works to make them understand and apply the concepts with real world examples and applications.

White Plains
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Earth Science rocks in Westchester county. Biology lives there too. Personal success in all areas.

Well qualified in most sciences. State certified in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Health, Physical Education. I'm also a personal finance coach and can teach you to succeed with money. Author of Millionaire, You Can Be One. People of all ages can benefit.

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B.S. in geology A.S. in Biology recent grad of Texas A&M now living in Durango, Colorado knowledge over many science and math disciplines

We all find barriers in our learning that we feel can not be crossed. By first listening to your issues or questions on the subject matter we can work together to find methods that work best for you as an individual.

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Certified High School Teacher gives lessons in Biology and related subjects in Raleigh/Durham area

I graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh NC with a BS in Biology and a 9-12 Teaching License in Comprehensive Science. I have taught for 4 years in NC Public Schools at the high school level teaching Biology, Earth Science, AP Earth Science and Marine Ecology.

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Geology graduate gives Biology,Geology and other selected lessons to students in Nigeria.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Geology with two Diploma qualifications in Science Laboratory Technology and Computer Studies respectively. I have taught various subjects at the primary and secondary school levels.These subjects include Biology, Geography, Mathematical Development, History, English Language, Social Studies, Integrated Science, History etc.

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Neuroscience and Biology Bachelor's - specialties include: Science, English (reading & writing), sports/fitness, psychology

I like to be hands on with a lot of communication. I like to be asked questions and I will quiz the student. I utilize multiple teaching methodologies in order for the student(s) to fully comprehend and apply the material.

Shaker Heights
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Geological Society Member and Fossil Databaser gives Science and Reading Lessons in Cleveland, OH

I approach teaching through storytelling, as I have found the best teachers do. As a tutor, I will work with what lessons each student brings to me asking for help with, and I will ask about the goal of the lesson or assignment, and then work to assemble a structured story-like conversation with the student(s) addressing the topic in an engaging way.

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Wildlife biologist and graduate student with rich research, field, and writing experience

Engagement is my priority when I teach. My students learn well, because I learn about who they are and adjust how I interact and teach to better support them. Whether it's using anecdotes, drawing out concepts, or running through scenarios I am an adaptable educator and have taught broad age ranges from elementary schoolers to adults.

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Substitute Science Teacher offering tutoring for all subjects near Scappoose and St. Helens

My tutoring would be tailored to each individual based on prior knowledge, ability, and interest. I firmly believe that seeing connections between students and their world increases their desire to learn and ability to retain knowledge. I stress the importance of finding good sources for information and recognizing bias in that source.

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Master geologist gives geoscience lessons to middle school, high school and university level and math and science lessons to middle and high school students near Fayetteville, NC

MS geologist available for online discussion and one on one training in geology, mathematics, and german language. My lessons can be in person, via skype or in powerpoint format. I can teach specific topics per request or provide real life examples and step by step problem solving.

Castle Rock
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Recent UCDenver BA Science Degree Graduate in Castle Rock available for Tutoring

BA in Geography with a minor in Biology, Geology and Education. I have studied physics and chemistry. I can help you understand your homework and what your teacher is covering in class in a non rushed manner. I can help you learn better study habits and get better grades. I also had a second BA in Secondary Science Teacher.

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I have a degree in Earth Science. I live in Bozeman, MT. I have a Bachelor of Science degree.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth science from the State University of Oneonta, in Oneonta, NY. I enjoy many types of science and am very knowledgeable in them. I also enjoy teaching math and English as well.

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Well-rounded college graduate in Watertown/Syracuse NY with education experience and knowledge in the math/sciences (biology, chemistry, geology) as well as sports (hockey, soccer, lacrosse) and music

I am passionate about teaching and knowledge and have always naturally fell into the roll of an educator, mainly in younger students. My approach is simple - listen to the children and figure out what drives them. Education to me is about enhancing the passions, while giving them the necessary information to do so. I am patient, understanding, and inclined to be in this field.

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Senior Biology Major Lab Assitant in Atlanta with experience in teaching different learning types

As a senior biology student, I give my understanding to anyone who needs it! My teaching method is more hands-on, using multiple worksheets and idioms to help understand more difficult concepts. I believe that practice is key so do expect homework.

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