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Mathematical Physics researcher (NASA alum) with 20 years tutoring experience in algebra uses active learning (i.e. Socratic method) online and in Oakland, CA

I just moved here. So, I am starting cheap ($20/hr) to fill up my schedule. I'm pretty sure it is the cheapest rate around. I am a mathematical physics researcher (with degrees in both math and physics). I have been tutoring for 20 years. I tutor almost all undergraduate math and physics classes and some graduate courses.

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The "Wright" Tutor - Retired Engineer providing mathematical academic tutoring, and study management at any level.

I have the experience and passion for introducing new educational techniques and strategies that will empower students to think on one’s feet, make decisions on the fly, and react to every-changing situations I was born and raised in Robeson County. I have always helped to enhance and enrich those around me academically in mathematics at all levels.

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Experienced engineer with a passion for teaching science and advanced mathematics, offering sessions in the Orange County area.

I am a college graduate and I have had tutoring experience throughout my life. In addition to working with tutoring agencies, I have tutored my own two children from primary school through their undergraduate years. With this experience I am confident I will be to tutor children of all ages and all levels of experience.

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A Math major senior, fluent in three languages, have almost 7 years of tutoring Experience in Kent Ohio

First of all, I always get to know my students well; their strengths and weakness. I proceed after that with which method I should use to help them. I always make short cuts like songs or drawing or stories to help my students remember, and enjoy what they are doing.

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I hold a Masters Degree in Engineering. Expert in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and other engineering subjects. Knows how to teach in a better and a smart way.

My teaching methodology is to completely understand the concept first. Read and think about it, imagine it in your mind and see where you can apply in your day to day life or in your future. Whatever you learn, think of applying it in a practical life. Don't mug up textbooks, read and build your own world so that you remember it all your life.

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Retired teacher offering maths and physics lessons online to middle and high schoolers

My teaching methodology centers around the teaching of concepts. Every learning idea is made up of several concepts. I design each concept as a mini lesson, which when mastered, combine to help the student master an understanding of the big learning idea. I continually assess students’ learning in order to chart their progress.

New York
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Physics/Math BA with 5 years experience offering physics and math lessons in New York City

I teach/tutor at all levels from middle school to college undergrad at all levels of development. I follow a concept-based methodology -- your success at learning a topic isn't complete until you fluidly understand how to rebuild the topic yourself.

College Station
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Certified teacher offering math and science tutoring in Bryan and College Station

Although I specialize in middle grades math and science, I am comfortable tutoring through Calculus I as well as college freshman level sciences. I try to tailor my approach to the needs of my students, but prefer to base my lessons off of material the student provides.

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Environmental Science and Sociology university student providing online tutoring for various subjects

There is potential in every student I work with, no matter what they are struggling with. Every topic can be simplified in order to make things clear and easy to work with. I believe each student should have the option of being tutored from the comfort of their home, therefore online tutoring is my way to go.

Culver City
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Professional Tutor Offering Fun and Effective Lessons in All Levels of Mathematics, Science, and Music. In-person students in Los Angeles, and online students welcome!

My focus in tutoring is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step. I will tailor your lessons to your needs and your unique way of seeing the world. Above all, I approach every lesson with awareness, patience and respect.

West Dundee
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College Grad offering 8 years of experience in elementary, middle school, and high school math. Located in West Dundee.

I like to start things out with getting an understanding of the student's knowledge and what their goals are. Once I have a clear understanding of these I start to pave the way for each student to reach their goal. Since each student is different, they will all receive a tailored lesson plan.

Santa Clara
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K-8 Math teacher with 8 years+ experience in tutoring, STEAM camps, and classroom teaching

Teaching Methodology: California Common Core Standard For Math Curriculum Growth Mindset to teach students the importance of perseverance and love for problem-solving Active Learning to allow students to explore new concepts by doing activities, answering questions, and exploring one own's misunderstanding to achieve success.

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Highly Motivated and Experienced Math Instructor with a Masters Degree in math education in the Aventura , Miami Area

I am an experienced and knowledgeable math tutor, high school and college instructor. I earned my Masters Degree in math education from Nova Southeastern University.  I excel in cooperative learning activities, student participation, and distance learning.  My relationship with my students makes my classroom invigorating.  I am a team player.

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LSU Biochemistry Graduate teaching Math up to Calculus in the Lewisburg area

I am a Biochemistry and Philosophy graduate from LSU. I tutor math to students of all levels who either need help in a class or want to prep for the ACT. The subject areas I am proficient in include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. I teach using a few of my textbooks and many visual aids, which I think are central to learning math.

Palm Desert
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Mathematics student successfully taught all math subjects through single variable calculus for 4 years in Palm Desert

Most people would be very surprised by my more relaxed structure of teaching. I generally ask students to show up to a lesson with specific homework assignments, past tests, or a review sheet for a future test, and from there I will gauge how strong they are on every topic.

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Math tutor for Algebra to Calculus in Cambridge, MA with over ten years experience teaching and two years as a high school study hall teacher.

I typically teach by reinforcing the method that the student's teacher is teaching the students. I will use the student's notes and/or book to assist in teaching. If the student struggles to understand, then I will teach an alternate method if there is one that can be taught.

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Engineering student offering to tutor in math, physics, SAT prep in New York area

I'm an engineering major looking to tutor children and teenagers in need of help with SAT, ACT, entrance exam, and placement exam preparation or with everyday homework, assignments, and tests. I am an effective tutor by providing students with academic instruction in a safe and fun environment. I primarily tutor in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, physics, and English.

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Math tutor with over 20 years experience at all levels located in eastern PA

My teaching methodology centers around the idea that math can be fun and make sense for everyone. I am very flexible in how I teach, and try very hard to tailor my teaching to my students, their needs and their strengths.

San Jose
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School principal with 15 years of experience advancing and motivating all levels of learners (tk- graduate school)

I have tutored students as young as 5 and students taking graduate level exams (GRE, California Teaching Credential, etc.). I am excellent at tutoring in ALL academic areas, English Language Arts, Writing, Math, History, Science, etc. My first steps are to get to know the student, their likes, dislikes and interview parents or (for adult learners) discuss challenges they may face.

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Dedicated Raleigh Algebra Tutor With a Smile! :) Eager to expand student's skills

I am a firm believer that teaching requires patience. My worst fear is someone feeling too uncomfortable to ask me a question they have. I make it a priority to make students feel safe and comfortable during our sessions, and treat them like a best friend versus just a student.

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Mechanical Engineer and Physics Major looking to tutor all levels of math

My teaching method is to begin with homework exercises. The majority of the information seen on exams originates from their homework assignments. After this, I would move on to random book exercises. If a student is struggling with the foundations on a subject, I have no problem re-teaching it.

Santa Monica
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UCSD graduate with a BCLAD teaching credential looking to work with students again after Senior Project Management Career.

My teaching methodology is based on teaching and understanding the concepts behind the information being taught rather than just teaching them how to do something. In this way students are able to retain the information for life and build their own confidence regarding their personal intelligence and knowledge.

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Engineering student offering math and physics lessons in Saint Louis area with 4 years experience

My teaching method is based on understanding the material rather than just getting the answer right. Understanding often comes from repetition. I believe have the student teach the tutor, and explaining what they know in their own words. When you can teach the topic, that's when you understand it.

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An Asian home boy with a genius mind helping you folks out in maths. A for Asian A for Grade!

I am pursing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Business Informatics. I can teach to all someone coding along with some math trick if you like. See math is very important in your life or you will be counting cents not dollars. Idk what i just wrote. Haha.

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Medical program student offering math and chemistry lessons from home to all ages

I give lessons to all ages and am ready to help all kinds of students with concepts that they struggle with. I generally start by building up base concepts and relating many real world applications to the subjects the students are studying in order for them to further understand the subject.

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UCD computer science student provides math lesson in Denver with excellent background.

My teaching method is I like to provide conceptions linked to the problems. I love to ask students to think about the problems first then let them solve it. If they struggle, I will suggest they look at the concepts and at the end, I would like to provide them my best answer and I compare it to student's solution also I suggest to discuss the problem father.

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High School Biology Teacher currently teaching STEM subjects at an elementary school

I strongly believe in the inquiry-based method of teaching, which is that I encourage students in a way in which they begin to ask themselves relevant questions that encourage thinking and learning. When a teacher asks many (guiding) questions, she or he sets the tone for students.

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Student teacher with degrees in secondary math and special ed in upstate NY offering tutoring

I base my classes on the common core and am trained to differentiate the lessons depending on the student's way of learning and also any learning disabilities that they may have. I believe in student centered lessons that are designed to get the most out of the student.

North Miami Beach
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Associate's degree in physics with 5 years of math tutoring and computer building experience.

I am able to teach math ranging from basic arithmetic to differential and integral calculus. I go by an intuitive teaching approach because I feel that my students enjoy and absorb the information better that way. My techniques include starting small with basic math structures and ideas, and slowly increasing the difficulty and complexity of the structures until the student hits the wall.

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College Graduate, Former Math Teacher and Cheer Coach, YOUR Future Math Tutor

Students appreciate the effort I put towards their learning during and outside of lessons. I aim to teach the best way you learn and break down concepts as far as needed. I am a firm believer in re-teaching when necessary and always pre-teaching. To make our lessons run smoothly, I also guide note-taking and organization.

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Perfect! It's pleasure working with Ben! Ben is a dedicated tutor with a great experience & knowledge of math. He makes the lessons (math) fun & interesting; my son enjoys his class. We are looking forward to having Ben as a long-term math tutor.

Huma, student
11 months ago
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