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Physics Postdoctoral Fellowship in Germany/Physics Ph.D./Math B.S./offering online only High German lessons

The lessons are for any student of any age. I encourage the use of and personally use material spoken or written by Germans. All material I utilize must originate in Germany. This provides reliable material that encourages proper pronunciation and an ear tuned to German spoken by Germans.

1st lesson offered free !

Undergraduate student offering German lessons (in groups or individually) in Bellaire with 2 years experience

When I teach individually, I let the student tell me what they need help with and work from there. When I teach a class, I usually write on the whiteboard, and have a game prepared to get the whole class involved and willing to practice the new skill.

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MA in German Philology & Linguistics and university teaching experience, Beginners through advanced, Grammar, Conversation or Business, Denver, CO

MA from UW-Madison, Wisconsin - university experience, pronunciation expert; Deutsch für den Beruf (Business German) certificate; on-line and f-2-f; can provide upper-level materials; prefer serious, engaged students; I incorporate all teaching methodologies; I understand how to attain fluency as an adult learner; passion for European culture, (military) history and German dialects; I've taken man

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I will teach you how to enjoy your trip/stay in a German or French-speaking country.

I tailor my lessons to the student's needs, interests, and abilities. We may use a textbook or I may write the material myself. Usually it's a combination of both. The emphasis is always on the student. I am merely the tour guide. I emphasize oral communication, but don't neglect reading or writing.

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Harvard PhD Student in German Language and Literature with Multiple Years of Experience

I teach by engaging students not only in grammar exercises but also in conversations about life and literature. I can provide as much or as little structure as the student(s) want, and I am happy to tailor my lessons to individual needs.

St. Petersburg
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Native German tutor with tutoring experiences of over 10 years in St Petersburg, FL

I either use a conservative approach when it comes to language learning how you can find it in the most language learning books, but I rather prefer to find out more of the background why students want to learn a language and what are their motivations and interests, what gives a more effective way to approach to teach a language.

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German-American bilingual online tutor with 25+ years of experience in teaching for German or English!

My language lessons are positive learning experiences, based on these methodologies: 1- Total Physical Response (TPR) stresses the importance of aural comprehension. IT works by having the student respond to simple commands. It may include a bit of acting for both the learner and the teacher.

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Language instructor gives online lessons for German and Turkish, including their culture

Thorough preparation of material. Using variety of teaching methods with the aim to motivate students. Very successful coaching skills, thus demonstrating the value of learning a foreign language (specifically English). Excellent skills in assisting and motivating students to combine learning and studying with fun.

La Crosse
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Online German help from multilingual student! Wishing to help others succeed within their German career!

I would say my teaching method is fairly laided back. I feel if students picked to learn a language, they should mostly be driving themselves to learn. I myself learned with the help of worksheets, and educational articles written on German grammer. I have even written my own articles, in which I try to explain concepts by showing how similar German is to English.

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American Ex-Pat Living in and Loving HAMBURG, GERMANY for the last 10 Years! I worked in Information Technology and am currently studying art, philosophy and cultural studies at the HafenCity Univers

I started learning German in 7th grade. I graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi with a degree in Computer Studies and worked in I.T. in Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; Los Angeles, California; and Hamburg, Germany. I lived in Berlin for six months. While working in Los Angelos, I traveled 50% of the year for 3 years to Switzerland to work with a customer.

Pearl River
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Your language coach for reaching the next level: German native speaker and experienced teacher with degree in US law and content creator for learning German

Since we will work one-on-one (or in a very small group) the plan is tailor-made to fit your needs and aims. My number one asset is your motivation. People tell me that I motivate them so this will for sure be part of the plan. My method is predicated on - what level you want to reach in German - and which kind(s) of learner you are (cognitive, talkative, auditive...

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Graduate Student offering German tutoring. 5 years experience + 1 year experience teaching at IU

I enjoy teaching college and high school students. I focus heavily on getting students to speak German, while also drawing attention to grammar when needed. In addition, I incorporate German culture into lessons when possible, such as festivals, holidays, and sporting events.

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German Educator with 20 years experience in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area

Learning should be personal to the individual or individuals in a group. I believe in connecting myself and the content to the learner based on needs and interests. Over the last 20 years, I have proven that everyone can learn a different language and that new languages are doorways to new experiences and growth.

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Tri-Lingual German camp counselor with 8 years of German Experience and experience abroad.

I structure my classes with a student focussed approach. I always have a base idea of the topics that need to be covered that day, but I let the students interests and questions guide how we learn that lesson. I am a very conversational tutor and think that the student should have a hand in their own learning.

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Pharmacy student offering german lessons from Vienna, Austria to help you acquire the language effortlessly

I always focus on teaching the core phrases and words to help you start speaking as soon as possible and build up your confidence while doing so.

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Art Historian with an MA, able and enthusiastic about teaching German! (And Japanese to boot).

I approach each topic by first ascertaining the level of familiarity the students have with the topic, and moving from there. I believe that in order to learn, we must be at least vaguely interested (if not wholly excited!), and to be interested we have to be able to relate somehow.

1st lesson offered free !

Recently returned from living in Germany for a year and a half

Everyone has a different interest in learning a language, I want to help you in the way you'd like to receive help! Practice makes perfect and repeated failure is the only way to master a new language! For those interested in studying in Germany, I would also be happy to help prepare you to take the Testdaf!

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Experienced teacher for German, Ukrainian and Russian for any level and age

I am native Russian and Ukrainian speaker. I have been learning German since I was small and still have passion for this language. I have experience in teaching foreign languages including German, Ukrainian and Russian. I see myself as a highly motivated and organized foreign language teacher with strong leadership skills and extensive tutoring experience.

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Dual German American national fluent in German and English ready to help you learn.

K-2 education in Germany. Lived in Germany until age 8. German was one of two languages spoke in my home all of my life. I tested out of all possible courses for German at Missouri State University and then took remaining courses to get a minor in German.

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Lessons in German (every level) with a German native speaker via skype

I'm teaching all levels of German. The methods and content of my lessons are suitend with the indivdual wishes and level of exciting knowledge of my students.

San Antonio
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German language confidence through competence - taught by an experienced native instructor

Education: 1998: PhD. in the field of Comparative Linguistics and Education, LaSalle University (USA) 1996: M.A.

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German native speaker, 8 years teaching experience, 4 years experience teaching in a bilingual classroom (German/English)

In my lessons I like my students to use the language as much as possible. In my experience you only learn a language properly by using it.

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German native speaker who just spent 3 years teaching German in Germany.

I am very student-centered and communicative. I enjoy partner and group work if possible and use a variety of media.

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PhD in German (Cornell University) offers individual lessons in the Ithaca area

I use the communicative method for language instruction. Put simply, we learn new languages by using them! Instead of rote grammar lessons, I emphasize learning by using language in real-world settings relevant to my students.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

English-German-Chinese polyglot offering online German classes from beginner to advanced (flexible times)

I adapt classes according to the students' needs. I am comfortable teaching with an emphasis on speaking/reading/writing/listening, as well as a wide range of topics.

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German tutor with 8 years of formal education and time spent in Germany. Very familiar with the best ways to learn German. In Lancaster area, happy to do in home tutoring.

I can tutot or teach any level of German. I prefer to be creative with my lessons and gear them towards the learning style of the student(s).

Newport Beach
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Polyglot linguist w years of experience will teach how to think & converse in French!

I Make the learning fun and enjoyable. Study each pupil and teach him/her based on each one’s capabilities and character.

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Native German Speaking Tutor makes learning enjoyable by mixing effort with fun facts and amusing cultural differences

Guten Tag! I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. I am fluent in German and English. I moved to the United over 30 years ago with my family. I worked as a chief flight attendant for Lufthansa Airlines for many years.

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Experienced and motivated Teacher/Tutor of German, Italian and Albanian Language in Boston Area.

I graduated in 2007 from University of Tirana (Albania) with a Bachelor's degree in the German Language with a Major in the German Language and Minor in the English Language. Later I gained a Post-graduate certificate in teaching the German Language from Goethe Institute. When I teach or tutor I emphasize the importance of the excellent communication and interaction with the students.

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Perfect! Anana is determined, flexible and gives you the necessary tools to learn German. You will not be bored with her methods. Her price per lesson is reasonable and will attract many lenders of German at all levels.

Michel, student
2 months ago
(1 review)