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German/Austrian - 'Basic' through 'Accent Reduction' by native speaker and College faculty

I am an Austrian-born native German speaker who lived many years in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and moved finally to the US. My teaching experience comes from years as full-time faculty at a private US University where I taught IT. I helped Austrian Mittelschullehrer (High School Teachers) preparing for their IT classes under the auspices of the Austrian Ministry of Education.

Lake Forest
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Professional German language teacher with 15 years experience gives classes individually and in groups

I base my classes on the communicative approach, using authentic materials and individual approach. I make my classes practical, using visual aids, audio, reading, and speaking.

Los Angeles
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German Tutor & homework helper in LA - native speaker with 5+ years of experience

I have taught younger students in middle school and high school as well as college students and adults. I approach each student's needs individually. I'm happy to help with homework, proof-read essays, practice German speaking and pronunciation and explain grammatical rules.

Sugar Land
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German learning with communication as goal and also acquiring international language certificates.

I am trained by the Goethe Institut as a German language instructor and I have been teaching the language to University students and corporate employees since 8 years. Have done till C2 Level at Goethe Institut, have a masters degree in German and presently pursuing PhD in German. I am also additionally trained by Goethe Institut as an online tutor for German language.

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Learning German by a German/American who spent 20 years in Germany in Chicago

My name is Nikolas Pulido, I've been living here in the United States in Chicago for almost a year now. Before that I lived in Germany for 20 straight years and ran a tutoring agency with 25 students. Back than I taught my students the proper way to articulate themselves in English and achieve high results in their exams.

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I am an experience German tutor from Austria, located in Portland, Oregon, USA. I teach children, students and adults learn with interactive activities to speak, write and comprehend German.

I have completed German Teacher Training and teach through reading texts and books, interactive games, creative tasks, Journaling practice and videos. My students are encouraged to complete homework between sessions and to keep a vocabulary journal or cards to extend their understanding and practice of German.

Rancho Santa Margarita
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Experienced German tutor with Bachelor degree in German Language and Literature gives German lessons in Orange County

I studied German since I was 4 years old in Kindergarten till HIgh School at Deutsche Schule der Borromaerinnen. We studied all subjects in German. I have a Bachelor degree in German Language and Literature. I am passion about teaching and German specially. I have a good method for teaching.

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Experienced language Tutor from Swizerland offering German and Swiss German lessons online

The lessons I offer are highly dependent on your level and goals. For beginners I offer classic grammar lessons and with advanced learners I often simply have conversations about casual things or very specific topics. Depending on your wishes, I will correct any errors directly in the conversation or via a real-time synchronized text document (e.g. GoogleDocs).

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Paraprofessional- English Literacy (Reading, writing, grammar, speaking, spelling, accent reduction) /Some German

My name is Bruce Miner. I have just begun as a tutor. My BA will be in English Literature; I am just seven credits short. If requested, I have references from both an English and a German professor, both at Metro State University of Denver. I have lived in Japan and Turkey, three years in each country. I have great people skills and communication skills. I have worked many years for the public.

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I can teach you speak and write German as quick as you learn a new game!

I am Melody and I can help you to learn German in a very fun way. I have spend most of my life in Koeln, Germany and moved to live in beautiful California three years ago. My Education was mostly in German. After achieving my Bachelor Degree in Genetics from Germany I have stated teaching German as second language. My methods are very innovative so they will not make you tired of learning.

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Kultur, Sprache, Menschen und wie Sie denken: vertiefe Dein Verstaendnis, erweitere Dein Horizont

I am a Swiss-US dual national educated in the US and in Switzerland. I am a business person accostomed to total cultural immersion through my background and professional career.

San Antonio
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Experienced Language tutor in and around San Antonio, offering customized, personal classes online or at home, public location in German advanced and anything below, French beginner, Spanish beginner

I have lived, worked and studied in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and the United States of America. I like to engage on student's level of interest and make it fun. Immersion is what I believe to be the most successful method in breaking down barriers in communication, especially when it involves a foreign language. Structure is the foundation of a language as laid down in its grammar.

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Do you want to speak German well? Let me tutor you today!

Hello, I am Issac Leal and I am a multilingual language tutor! German is my fourth language. I am mostly self-taught, but I have taken an online Berlitz class, and I have taken the AP German exam (and passed it). I have also informally studied linguistics.

Boca Raton
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Native German Kindergarten Teacher gives German lessons for Children and Teenagers in Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida

I am 29 years old, grew up in Germany and have over 10 Years working experience with children and teenagers with and without special needs. Depending on the age I use games, music, arts, crafts, exercise and other skills so that they can learn with fun and interaction.

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Bachelor Degree and Certified German Tutor Available in the Quad Cities Area

I recently graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Teaching German. I primarily give lessons to K-12 students, however, younger or older students could be excepted on a case by case basis. As a teacher, I am very activity oriented, especially with my younger students, and I rely on the communicative language teaching method which calls for constant speaking in the target language.

Sinking Spring
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Guten Tag....Good day, I would love to speak with you, auf Deutsch

I have taken 6 years of German, from 7th-12th grade and one in college. I spent one summer in Germany, and have had a number of opportunities to use the language. I am hoping I can help young people learn the basics. I give these lessons one-on-one, and practice repetition and practical exercises.

Saint Clairsville
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Spanish and English teacher for middle school and high school levels in Belmont County, Ohio

Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a Master’s degree in ESOL, along with two years plus teaching experience. Seeking an opportunity in a corporate environment utilizing the skills acquired in my academic training and professional experience.

New York
Luna antonia
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Actress from Germany - learn German through an artistic and creative approach and enjoy speaking a new language

I have been learning new languages myself and understand the process and difficulties of adapting to a new language. I will be patient but efficient and hope to help you enjoy learning a new language. We will learn through an artistic and creative approach and I will help you to be able to understand the German culture and find ways to express yourself freely.

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Native speaker and college professor offering German language tutoring in Harrisburg,PA area

I have lived in Germany all throughout my childhood until the end of my college years. I have a master's in international business and worked in many different countries and used to converse in 5 different languages. I teach German in a very interactive way.

Jersey City
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Professional interactive german language classes with university-educated teacher via Skype !

Hello! I am philologist and linguist with Masters degree in German language and translation(National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine) offer enjoyble classes via Skype. During this intensive course you learn basic grammar, lexic, correct pronounciation. Lessons are organized to stimulate the curiosity and interaction with the student.

Old Bridge Township
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German tutor residing in Old Bridge NJ teachers German at all levels and for all ages, online, one-on-one , groups , has a Master's in German

I am a German adjunct who teaches at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey I can teach anyone , I use the communicative approach - Lesson structure Pronunciation - Alphabet, Greetings Listening - German music Reading - German essays, books, textbooks Writing - answering questions , by repeating and writing down , I am calm , explain everything in detail, provide all...

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German Tutor (native speaker) for all levels ready to help you succeed, in or around Woodbridge, Va

I would love to help you improve your grades in school, german reading, writing and conversational problems or help you prepare for a relocation. Whatever your need would be, I will adjust every session to your learn success. No matter what level or age, I am ready to help you as soon as possible.

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Polyglot linguist offers fun lessons to get you speaking German in no time

Speak, speak, speak: That is how you learn a language. Don't worry so much about the grammar; that will come with practice. I stress conversational practice for everyday German so that you can learn to speak the language very quickly. I'm easy-going and I have a great sense of humor.

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Pittsburgh Area German teacher with 9 years experience teaching high school helps students practice language skills and prepare for AP exam

I'm a high school/middle school teacher who likes to work one on one with students to improve their language skills. That could involve immersion to practice speaking, guided language practice, and in depth grammar review, depending on the student's needs and goals.

Los Gatos
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Native speaker Ph.D. available for all levels of German lessons in the Bay Area

Ph.D., Literature from the University of California. Masters in English from California State University. I have worked comparatively in German and English with a focus on the 19th century. My dissertation project was a German to English translation of a novel.

Richmond County
Sadik evren
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Foreign language teacher : French, German, Turkish all levels for adults and K-12 students,

I'm an american citizen and I lived abroad many years. Turkish is my mother language. I learned French in french highschool Saint-Benoit and I studied four years in France (Toulouse and Paris): In 2007 I learned German in Berlin. Actualy I'm able to teach these languages. My technique is always interactive. 10 minutes of each class is reserved to check my students.

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College Student in German DSD I/II Certified providing lessons to any ages

Hello! My name is Phipps. I am a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in German studies. I have dedicated the last 12 years of my life to studying the German language and am extremely passionate about helping others in their quest towards second language acquisition. I am a friendly, outgoing individual who has experienced the difficulties of learning German.

Ann Arbor
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Specialist in Business German and cross cultural communication for high level executives

About to take on an international assignment with a German company? Have little understand of the culture and need to have a insight into the business culture and nuances of succeeding in German corporate business culture? As an international business executive with over 20 years experience working for German companies in the automotive industry, I can help you! Assimilate quickly, learn the...

Dana theresa
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Professional translator with Masters degree gives German lessons at your home in Murfreesboro

I am a professional translator and I give private lessons to beginners as well as advanced students of any level. In the course of my education I have taken several courses of foreign language teaching and I offer lesson plans tailored to your needs, be it help with homework, papers or simply improving your conversation skills.

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German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world which over 200 million people in the world speaking the language. Apart from being spoken at home in Germany, it is also spoken in neighboring countries including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. It is recognized as a minority language in several other countries including as far away as South Africa. Also, there is a good number of German speakers in Peru, US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and other Asian and European countries. Whether you are visiting or settling into one of these countries as a student or resident, it would be advisable to learn the language. Perhaps your challenge lies in finding someone who can give you lessons around your work or study schedule. If this is your dilemma, SuperPROF is at your rescue with an online directory of qualified, active or retired teachers who offer private lessons. You will find more than 100,000 private tutors offering German lessons, Lao lessons as well as 250 other subjects. Apart from German teachers, you can also find a Polish tutor, Tcheck teachers and learn Finnish if this is what you want. Key in your areas of interest and your area and you will be linked to tutors in the area. Choose one and start taking your lessons directly and at no cost.