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I am an Under grad student with German Proficiency. I have finished B2 level in german

I will start with the basics and teach you the vocabulary as well. Will take it slow and simple and easy for you to understand. I can help you with guides and study material, if that is necessary or you could just learn from what I teach.

1st lesson offered free !

Explanation of German and English of all levels (A1-C2), in person or through Skype

I have experience teaching in German and English. I work with all age groups, in groups and / or individually. I also have experience teaching business in the area of ​​Aveiro. I make individual teaching plans of each class, to meet each student.

New Delhi
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!! Lesen, hören, sprechen, schreiben !! Come lets learn german language. B1 certified from goethe institut (Max Mueller Bhavan) . Awarded a scholarship worth rs 11000/-

I don't focus on RATTA-fication method. just clear the basics. I teach everything with patience and make sure that the student has got the concepts clear before going further. Enjoy the language.

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Tutoring for German language. Completed certified language course from Goethe institute, Mumbai.

I generally approach a topic by having a discussion about the same .

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Architecture student from Germany with qualification in German and English literature tutoring my native language.

I mainly focus on speaking and improvements in pronunciation. With my past students I have often discussed the problems they face with their subject in school and worked on areas they felt unsure about during their GCSE's, which I finished at A*.

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German language certified Student in Germany providing German language lessons online to students in India

We shall be following the same course material as done by the Goethe Institute, hence providing you with a great preparation for the Goethe Zertifikat Exams. Learning, conversation, even doubt solving shall be in German, and such intensive German listening and speaking would lead you to a stage wherein you shall be able to not just talk but think in German.

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German classes with a native of Berlin, gain fluency, comprehension, pass exams.

I want to help you understand German without having to translate it in your head, to come to you naturally and spontaneously. This is achieved with methods of visualization of mental images and association of topics.

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German language Teacher. C1 from Mainz University, Germany. C2 from Max Müller Bhawan, New Delhi. Translation Course from Germersheim, Germany.

I teach as per the lesson requirements, which is also based on activities related to language grammar and vocabulary. .

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German native speaker with 7 years of experience as a German tutor

My classes are always tailored to my students' specific needs. They are highly interactive as a language can only really be learned by using it. A language can come alive when you start looking at the culture it is embedded in which is why I also like to include this aspect in my classes whenever possible.

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Uni student from Germany looking to help you with your German in Bristol

I am a very flexible tutor, and am willing to adjust to your needs and situation. I have taught both English (to German speakers) and German (to English speakers) at different levels i.e. from total beginner to basically fluent. I have experience with teaching children between the ages of 7-15, but am comfortable with older students as well.

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German Language Expert trains school students and job seekers in German comprehension.

My Teaching methods are communicative. I believe the essence of learning the Language is to be able to communicate properly. I spend hours on developing student friendly communicative exercises for every topic that include not only Grammar but also Vocabulary.

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Student fluent in German due to family keen to help others learn

Am half German as it is my mothers native language so can speak fluently with no accent. Have achieved an A* at GCSE a year early with the AQA exam board. Can teach the speaking aspect of it to any level and just for enjoyment rather than exam focused. Can teach basic writing and reading up to GCSE level or slightly beyond if learning out of enjoyment.

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A friendly and enthusiastic modern languages student offering German language (oral, written and vocabulary) support for GCSE through to A level

My teaching method is learning german as naturally as possible, through casual conversation, games, using the students own interests to engage them and give them a motivation to learn the language.

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Advisory Engineer provides knowledge regarding German language, business language, etiquette, history, life style. Can provide German lessons on all levels (school kids up to higher management)

I use the SGLL methodology (Situational German Language Lessons). This methodology provides knowledge (language, behaviour, and culture) of a pre-defined situation by doing role playing games / imaginative play with the participants. By doing so students will loose there hesitation to use the language and will be able to communicate in no time using the German language.

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German native speaker gives private lessons in German within the Pickering area.

I base my teaching methods on the best way to succeed at and master a second language. Having a second language is beneficial within any job market. It's important that the student is able to comprehend the language but also speak it as if it was their own native language. I also give weekly take home exercises to keep the student engaged within the language.

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Qualified German expert with 12 years experience teaches German lessons privately in Brisbane

I believe that many English speakers misunderstand German; it's a romantic, cool language which isn't that different from English once you understand some of its logic.

Jefferson st.
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German classes for different levels in Bogotá offered by a student of last semester of German Philology of the National University of Colombia.

My methodology varies depending on the type of need that the student requires, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. I always look for a balance between all the competences of the language and the application in each class with the corresponding themes.

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Polish graduate gives maths, german or polish lessons to secondary or primary school in Norwich.

Iza, the graduate of High School in Poland with Goethe Certificate level B2 in Geman. I learn by play without stress. Any exams aren't difficult after my lessons. I can play viollin, what have teached me to be very patient. I use music to learn German. Gramatic is easier, when student starts from speaking not from excercises. I can learn Polish too.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn German from a student living in Germany (telc C1 Hochschule Zertifikat with 2 scholarships from Goethe Institute)

My teaching methods are a mix of both traditional pedagogy and a more interactive approach, which can again be redesigned to suit the student. The structure of my class is strictly learning based, I do not believe in blindly sticking to a syllabus, which makes the teaching plan very flexible.

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University student teaches four languages ​​Catalan, Spanish, English and German in Barcelona

I am a college student of Applied Linguistics Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, ​​so becoming a professional of languages ​​is my main ambition. I have always liked teaching. My classes are characterized by the fact that the student is the center of attention: they basically think for themselves.

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Private individual classes of German (native) and English (TEFL) in Huelva capital

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I offer English (TEFL) and German (native) classes. My classes are individual or in groups of max. 3 students and adapted to the needs of the students (age and level). Classes are active and deepen receptive and productive skills.

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Enlish , german and russian teacher wich 17 years of experience gives lessons for children.students and adults at home.

I teach German , English, Spanish and Russian , I have finished the faculty of foreign languages at University and Goethe-Institute .I have acquired C2-Certificate of Goethe-Institute.My Experience is more than 17 years at schools of Granada and Russia. My lessons are fun , difficult things with mnemonic.

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Experienced tutor and trainee teacher offering German tuition for all levels in Glasgow

I have experience teaching/tutoring students from 6 to 25 years old. I believe in a student centered approach and have a very flexible teaching style. When it comes to learning languages, I believe oral communication to be the most important element and enjoy focusing on conversational development, whilst covering grammar points in an accessible way.

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Online lessons for DaF & English up to B1. -Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin / Übersetzerin- Only with fun and joy you learn best :)

I design my lessons individually, adapted to my students. Depending on the type of learning, I adapt myself and think of simple exercises that are fun and effective. A relaxed and relaxed work, I find important, because who likes to learn what he has no desire? :) Wishes and goals are of course taken into account.

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University of Oxford student specializing in German and Latin online and in Oxford

My teaching method is relaxed yet attentive, and I like to move at the student's pace while pushing them to achieve their potential in whatever we are working through together. I strongly believe that being passionate and motivated affects one's performance and quality of learning, and do my best to share my passion for languages with my students.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Student in 1st class in Reims gives courses in German, English, French

I am student in 1st ES Abibac that is to say that I do the bac French and German at the same time. After the bac I would like to do a master's degree in journalism. For the method techniques for the courses I adapt myself according to the student and what he has to learn to help him understand what he is doing.

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Experienced teacher with state exam offers online tutoring in many subjects from elementary school curriculum to grade 7

My lessons are aimed at primary school pupils or pupils up to grade 7, who want to deepen their knowledge through a little tutoring from home. In addition, I already have extensive experience in teaching the subject "german as a foreign or second language". That's why I'm also pleased about learners of all ages, who want to learn the language german. "From the strengths of each individual ...

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German Trainer with C2 proficiency and Extensive experience in the field of German language

Hi, As a graduate in the field of German language and having learned other foreign languages I know what it is like to learn a language as an adult and as a kid. That is why I structure my classes differently for different age groups and also for different purposes of learning the language.

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Incoming Economics and German student offering German lessons in North and North-West London

I am an 18 year old student, currently studying Maths, Economics, German and Financial Studies for A levels. I'm giving lessons in German (though also offer maths lessons) up to GCSE level, though I can cover AS level content, should it be required.

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Perfect! Anana is determined, flexible and gives you the necessary tools to learn German. You will not be bored with her methods. Her price per lesson is reasonable and will attract many lenders of German at all levels.

Michel, student
1 week ago
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Be accompanied by the best teachers for your german lessons

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world which over 200 million people in the world speaking the language. Apart from being spoken at home in Germany, it is also spoken in neighboring countries including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. It is recognized as a minority language in several other countries including as far away as South Africa. Also, there is a good number of German speakers in Peru, US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and other Asian and European countries. Whether you are visiting or settling into one of these countries as a student or resident, it would be advisable to learn the language. Perhaps your challenge lies in finding someone who can give you lessons around your work or study schedule. If this is your dilemma, SuperPROF is at your rescue with an online directory of qualified, active or retired teachers who offer private lessons. You will find more than 100,000 private tutors offering German lessons, Lao lessons as well as 250 other subjects. Apart from German teachers, you can also find a Polish tutor, Tcheck teachers and learn Finnish if this is what you want. Key in your areas of interest and your area and you will be linked to tutors in the area. Choose one and start taking your lessons directly and at no cost.