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Certified Science instructor with a Masters degree in Biochemistry/Biotechnology gives lessons in Biology, Chemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics

I love teaching and Biology is my favorite subject. I taught undergraduate Biotechnology students for 2 years and after I got my teaching license, I switched on to teaching High School Biology and Chemistry. I have a 13 year old son who has issues with attention span and focusing.

New York
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Online tutor with 3 years of experience in Medicine, Biology, English and Environmental science. Currently tutoring at Chegg.

I am a self employed individual, I teach Online....I normally provide a comprehensive guide to a question so that my students understand how the solution was reached. Thorough research is what makes my tutorials unique and understandable to my students.

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A PhD in Medical Sciences, giving Science lessons to students from Jr. High to University level.

I teach with illustration on power point slides, and hand outs with explanations along the way. I encourage questions within the lessons, which means, lots of talking, discussions and teasing of ideas from the learners.

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I am a biochemistry student offering biology and chemistry lessons in Nottingham

I am open to giving lessons in biology and chemistry for qualifications like GCSE's, A levels, International baccalaureate, and advanced placement classes. If you would like me to teach you a different qualification let me know, and we can discuss it further. My methods of instructions are generally tailored to what the student would like to cover.

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pursuing Ph.D. in (Neuropharmacology) offering Biomedical and biotechnology up to university level in Leicester

I approach each topic or chapter so make sure student understand. I teach undergrad and school students. I teach especially subjects cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, bioinformatics, fermentation, molecular biology and animal and plant tissue culture.

Nossa Senhora Medianeira
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I'm a biochemical pharmacist which can teaches biochemistry, biology and chemistry classes for reinforcement of pharmacist and medical/physician students, and for preparatory enrollment test in basic

I prefer to approach the subjects in a structured way. In order to structure a private lesson, the student should request the topics/subjects of his/her interest within 48 hours in advance and will set up a personalized lesson, usually using a slideshow and exercises, depending on each case, in order to meet the individual needs of each student.

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A post graduate in science hoping to bring you closer to life!

I am quite young myself and believe that the kids need to understand it at their level without the 'jargon' interference.

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Hi! If you want to learn in the best and most effective way, do not hesitate to contact me !!

High school student with honors in Biology and Science. I speak Catalan and Spanish perfectly, I also have the First Certificate in English, although I am taking the Advanced. As a student I have seen the methodology applied by the teachers, where the teacher explains and the students take notes, they memorize everything for the exam and there they let go.

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Pursuing Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda and provide Biology tutions

I prefer on board teaching methods. And I like individual tuition. I have basic knowledge about Biology and sometimes do even clear concepts of my classmates also. Till now I have not given the class to anyone, but if I will get the opportunity, then definitely I will prove myself.

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IIT JAM Biotechnology, CSIR NET Life Science, GATE Biotechnology, GATE Life Science

I start with the basic. I try to develop the conceptual part followed by practice questions. I conduct mock test periodically. I trace more onto text book. The role of faculty comes into action in shaping your career in ultimate way. I will assist you all the times to clear your fundamentals. I am quite experienced with knowledge and teaching over the last seven years.

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Explore to the world of biological sciences & chemical sciences in your dna at namma bengaluru

Basic motto is to teach students through online and make their learning easy. Design and create online learning tools and communities. Students centered discussions. making connection to the discussion. Provide a very good materials and notes with precise topics. provide appropriate links and videos related to concepts. Demonstrate wherever required.

New Delhi
Jai kumar
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Deep knowledge of biotechnology concepts: Talent feeds Talent - PhD from ICGEB - New Delhi

I teach my students step by step, staring from basics to deep details. I have strong command in biochemistry, biotechnology, protein biology, bio-energy. I teach students at every level from 1st class to graduate students. I also give coaching from NET - JRF exams.

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Attention to all lifescience entrance exams aspirants!! Get your concepts cleared and be prepared to get the best of ranks...

I would explain each of the concepts topic wise and would make sure that the students understamd the core concept of the topic. At the end of each section relevant mcqs would be solved for thorough practice and building concepts.

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I am able to teach GCSE Biology and A-Level biology to an excellent standard

Hello , my name is Sam Williamson and my lessons are mainly targeted at GCSE level but I can also teach A-level also, my lesson structure will be as fun as possible (which i can empathise with being a student myself also at the moment very rarely are lessons actually attention grabbing) whilst also maintaining focus on the task.

Bhanu pratap
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 To make an indelible mark in my profession by delivering a consistently high level of output. My vision and dream is to value in life an individual and to the business by creating

Progressive Positive Attitude, Punctuality, Sincerity and Commitment towards hard work with amicable personality. I am positive mind and enthusiastic person. I have strength and flexibility to adopt challenging circumstances.

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PhD in Biochemistry, have experience to teach graduate students wants to purse career as a biology teacher.

I wanted to share my knowledge as a teacher in my subject by considering one topic at a time and clear it with the practical point of view. Since I have experience of experimental background so my approach is to teach on the basis of that knowledge.

Notting Hill
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Qualified, experienced, committed enthusiastic Science, Chemistry, Biology and ESL teacher in Melbourne

My teaching style is personalised, hands-on, student-centered, uses a lot of inquiry- based and collaboration and a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement in my interactions with students. I structure my lessons by first interacting with students to build a rapport with them and find out what areas they are struggling in.

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First class Biochemistry student offering affordable online lessons in Bio/Chem/Eng in Liverpool

My teaching style is adjusted based on each lesson. I require my clients to notify me of the topic prior to the lesson and will motivate them to study. I am friendly in my approach and understand the importance of support from tutors and teachers, in helping the next generation succeed in their studies.

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Master Degree Graduate who gives Biology lectures to Graduates and Below .

I am a Scientist working in a company at Bangalore, India. I love teaching as a profession. Biology is my favourite subject with Industrial Biotechnology as my Majors in Masters Degree. I give classes to Degree level students,Middle and Primary level.

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A PhD student (Biochemistry) who'll fill your child with a new insight to learn keeping in mind both theoretical and application part. I prefer teaching science, Biology and life science subjects upto

1. Taking students' views over a certain topic. 2. Then telling them about the same and shape their insight to look at the topic how they should see. This would firstly make the topic interesting even for the students who feel bored attending the lectures, and secondly, it would help them in remembering the things easily on the basis of facts, rather than a forceful cramming.

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Student in masters (neuroscience) teaching in lucknow. Expecting your child to nurture? Here's the guide

My teaching method is conceptual and making things easier for child understand and make studies fun by examples that relate to real world. I can teach students from 9th to 12th and even those persuing bachelors degree.

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Researcher in Biological Sciences gives life science lessons and concepts in Indore

I give classes to students willing to pursue a career in research in biological sciences. Under-graduate students and those willing to apply for masters and PhD from a research institute are welcome to apply. Teaching methodology would be more of a discussion in a fun environment rather than a lecture.

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I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist, I am proficient in Biology and Chemistry and can help you out with your whims

I understand the needs of students and realize their mistakes, I have been a student myself and I know the impact of a teacher on your subjects.

São Paulo
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PhD student USP-UNIFESP solves your academic problems in Biology. Years of national and international experience (MIT-Boston, FCT-Portugal).

I am a Chemical Engineer graduated from the EPUSP, postgraduated in Biotechnology (Oswaldo Cruz), Masters in Pharmacology (ICB-USP) and currently taking a PhD in Molecular Biology (UNIFESP). I have several experiences abroad: MIT (Boston, USA), FCT (Lisbon, Portugal) and STEMCELL Technologies (Vacouver, Canada).

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Online Easy learning Reproductive human system for young upcoming medical students by eminent Gynecologist

Audiovidual with PPT with student active participation in fearless environment and making subject intering to learn.

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Get fluentioncy in biology and feel the difference between you and others

My teaching method is firstly I make the base then I explain its dimension and how one easily learn it...

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PhD Biotechnology with 2 years of teaching experience in biology, biotechnology, industrial microbiology, molecular biology

I am doctorate fellow in biotechnology and give classes in biotechnology subject from school to graduate level Techniques and methods: I would prefer to teach by video chatting/presentation/by assigning homework etc.

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(Currently in China - online sessions only) Cardiff-based tutor with a PhD in Biomedicine and Biological Sciences, English/Chemistry optional

I'm a qualified Research Scientist with over 7 years tutoring and mentoring experience. I can tutor Biology, biomedicine or allied subjects from Secondary school up, however A-level or higher education may gain more from the sessions (have the knowledge to explain complex ideas in great detail).

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Ph.D Research Scholar gives a better solution for science learning hurdles as per your inteligence

The Professional Tutor, Research Fellow in Anna University with M.Tech degree in Biotechnology. Experienced in lecturing on Cellular, Molecular, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Tutored secondary level My way of teaching will be well structured as per the syllabus with practical examples and real-life incidents. More on concept-oriented rather than boring lectures.

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Explanations of Biology for all levels with a guarantee of excellence, Bachelors in FCUL with a GPA of 16,43

- Know the student - Understand the main general difficulties - Understand the student's relationship with the subject itself - Understand the most crucial points of the subject for the student - Work all the above points in a coordinated and effective way

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