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Math and Chinese teacher, test preparation professional for SSAT, SAT, GMAT Math

I teach students by inspiring their interest, passion and capability potential based on their current academic level. I can also discover their strength, advantages, gifts and talents and I always encourage students to reach their potential to the maximum in their life.

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Writer, Editor, and Teacher with Ten Years of Experience: Scientific, Technical, Business, and Literary

I customize each plan according to the student. Typically they post the essay into Google docs. I leave a number of comments, then we go over it on Skype or Google Hangouts. We may also go over a passage from a well-written book that's pertinent to an area they are currently studying or looking to major in once they go to college. It's simple, but extremely effective after a few rounds.

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From Surf City to Boise, by way of Tokyo, Athens, Yangon, Galway, Sydney & beyond. Ed will bring the beautiful world of ESL/ELL dreams to your brain & soul!

I am learner-focused, and adapt the vast array of teaching methods and technology that I possess to the specific needs and goals of the student(s). My students have landed jobs making over $100,000, promotions to upper level management, and entrance to some of the best universities and colleges in the world.

Highland Park
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Attorney/Interpreter with decades of experience offers English tutoring online or in Central Massachusetts

I customize my teaching methodology to the needs of my students. My skills could be particularly useful to those seeking to expand their business or legal vocabulary in order to excel in the corporate or legal fields. We can also work on verbal and writing skills.

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Only 20 hours to become master, taught by doctoral degree professor in Biomedical engineering, master degree in molecular biology and bachelor degree in genetics

only 20 hours you will comprehensively and intensively study about tips and tricks how to overcome and understand the hidden format of the tests.

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I am helping students to pass this test as to start working

Based on my working experience students do not need to memorize...they need to understand different concepts ,otherwise ,they are going to forget .

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GMAT/LSAT Instructor with 25 years experience... Online or in person (North Red Line, Morse stop, Chicago)

My teaching method is oriented to creating the maximum amount of score improvement in the minimum amount of time. All my students are required to learn what the test is ACTUALLY testing. All my students are required to learn WHY those are the things being tested.

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ESL Teacher with pre-k to Collegiate level experience with online teaching experience.

My teaching methodology is tailored specifically to the skill level of each of my students. I make sure that I push my students to improve rapidly while also giving them the appropriate level of help and ease with the curriculum.

Warner Robins
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Prefer-A-English instructor who can teach math just as well. Let's just do it!

Anyone can learn from me how to speak English or do Math. We can have fun doing it if you like! Time flies by when you get the right answers. And you may even get a better grade.

Long Beach
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Writing Tutor for All Ages in Long Beach Area with Over Ten Years' Experience

I love to engage my students in the joy of writing by finding out what interests them, what some of there concerns are, and to start from there in expanding their writing skills. I believe that everyone can write, and write well. They just need a little encouragement and coaching.

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8 years of experience teaching ELL, 16 years teaching French! Mais oui!

I help students utilize their strengths to memorize, learn and practice sentence structures in the target language focusing on the 4 competences: speaking, listening, reading and writing. I love developing language proficiency to improve communication in terms of content and accuracy.

New Smyrna Beach
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ESL Teacher as well as Test prep for SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, ACT, MICHIGAN and others since 2014

My teaching methodology is efficient and books heavy. If its ESL I'll start with the basic English vowel phonetics, then I choose books based on the individual's grasp of English. I always make custom lesson plans based on the students performance on his first class.

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Born in NJ, USA with no accent. Taiwanese American who can speak Advanced Mandarin and Intermediate Spanish. Practice Reading, Writing, and Conversations with me!

Slow and steady. Repeat words with a focus on pronunciation. Grammar, sentence creation, conversation, and vocabulary are all central to the lessons. Willing to talk, read, write, and edit with the student. Looking for a job locally around Edison. Please assist in transportation costs and if you have made it this far please mention an orange in our first message.

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Professor of ESL, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and Spanish, 20 years of experience

Professor of ESL, and preparation for standardized tests TOEFL/TSE/TWE, with twenty years of experience and studies in Argentina, Spain, and the United States. , I teach the language at all levels, from elementary to advanced to students of all ages. Whatever your language needs are, I can assist you.

Paris 19e
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Preparation courses for standardized tests GMAT / GRE / SAT in Paris and the Paris region.

Hello, Since I hold a degree in mathematics and I'm passionate about the English language, I decided to start to give GMAT lessons five years ago, starting with a specialized company for GMAT/SAT/GRE preparation and then independently. I myself took the GMAT test and I got 50 in quant and 48 in verbal (a total score of 99%).

Paris 6e
(44 reviews)
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Professional coach : GMAT, GRE and SAT (only the quantitative (maths) part )

Are you preparing for the GMAT in order to incorporate an excellent business school or to be admitted to your dream MBA? With seven years of experience in the field of tutoring in math, I have done the GMAT test in 2014 I had the famous score of 51 in the Quantitative part (the highest score). So I decided to share my knowledge with you to help you improve your score.

(7 reviews)

IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC specialist. Very experienced instructor. Based in Paris (France) area. Face-to-face and/or Skype work sessions

What do I offer? A targeted, progressive and effective IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC training; I usually insist on the 'production' parts of the test (Writing + Speaking) because they are the most difficult to prepare only with books. I also provide time and stress management tips to boost your score.

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US university graduate offering GRE and GMAT maths tuition daytime or evening in London.

The lesson revolves around student needs: • Exam preparation – we focus on understanding the content, then selected seminar topics and finally exam past papers. • Selected topic work – firm focus on one topic includes highlighting the essential workings and the applications of the course. • Project support – often students don’t know where to start.

Paris 5e
Victoria beatrice
(13 reviews)

Cambridge PhD, Harvard grad, 10 yrs admissions director, college application coaching candidates to success

University professor in the humanities, former director of admissions and director of graduate studies, Harvard and Cambridge University graduate, over 15 years of experience as a professional coach in top academic and business level. Expert in Ivy League university admissions consulting and C suite executive management coaching.

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Preparation for the TOEIC for entrance exams at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce!

Doctorate in Management Sciences, Cambridge Graduate (Anglia Ruskin), Bilingual (French/English), experienced professor (25 years). Each unit focuses on one of the principal, recurrent themes of the TOEIC Test. Learners undergo thorough exam familiarisation through revise and review tests. Audio CDs, photocopies and activities.

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ENGLISH Conversation / Business Specialist CV Help, Preparation: TOEIC, SAT, TOEFL, GMAT

EDUCATION / Background: Bachelors- Education (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Masters-International Affairs, PhD-candiate Education METHODOLOGY: SPEAKING CLASSES, effective communication, Meetings, Telephone / email CV English, 'Preparation of entretains = COACHING / Letter Writing / MBA Essays Assistance Program Admittance Error Correction, Listening Strategies

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Get 740 Plus GMAT Score by joining the personalize coaching for GMAT

I use so many shortcut Technic to get the answer faster. first I teach chapter wise and then one on assignment I give to make every student very comfortable for his/her subject. I am sure by using my methodology student can 740 Plus GMAT score.

(59 reviews)

Lecturer with many years of experience in English teaching to all levels & support for thesis preparation

Qualifications: LT Consult - Secretary of Foreign languages, Foreign languages Certificate (verified) Other services: -Translations -Support in drafting the thesis My teaching method varies according to the ability to learn, to the age and to the goals to achieve. I follow the student carefully throughout the learning process until the goal is reached.

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Professional trainer and tuition teacher for English graduates and professionals and students

I teach my students using creative and innovative methodologies such that the students may be able to think and study the subject themselves and acquire fluency and command over the language. I use state-of-the-art methods and use latest teaching techniques.

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Experienced online English tutor for non-native speakers - IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, TOEIC preparation

I am a very practical teacher who considers practical work-out to be the best approach to training students. We focus mainly on working with test simulators simultaneously analysing your strong and weak points. I always try to boost all of your basic language skills, namely reading comprehension, academic writing, listening and speaking.

La Salle
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I offer English repetitions to children or adults of any age, even for certifications up to level B2 in Courmayeur, Aosta and surroundings.

I find it important to first understand where people can arrive, then understand together the solution by explaining the various steps and often grammatical rules. I think it is important to share my lenguages love, in fact I have an interactive methodology, because I find it easier to learn and fix the subject.

(5 reviews)
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English courses at all levels. Experienced 30 years in London, including 20 years of professional practice.

The courses will be fully tailored to your needs. My experience as Commercial Manager in England, Singapore, Dubai, Boston and New York will be very useful for professionals and executives. For the younger ones, I propose a fun and effective approach, centered on your objectives.

Vila Nova Conceição
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Master in Economics, returning to Brazil after 3 years in the United States, prepares candidates for SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and ACT

Hello, how are you? Do you want to know a little about my career? This will help you decide more safely. Well, I graduated bachelor of law and worked for several years as a lawyer in Brazil. After some time, I decided that I would study abroad. Although I have traveled a lot, I wanted to have the experience of living outside, just like you.

(5 reviews)
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MBA Graduate offering GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/CAE lessons (Quant, Verbal, IR, AWA) for students across the world online/and London

I follow an approach thats most suitable for your needs - Mix of notes and assignments to guage your progress and then corrective lessons to fill your gaps.

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Friendly PhD candidate gives English lessons/tutoring in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

My approach to teaching reflects how learning is an intrinsic human activity that continuously occurs, interweaving inside and outside of formal educational institutions. Experiential learning acknowledges that interactions with nature, other beings, and institutions provide individuals with the tools to make sense of the world and appropriately situate themselves within it.

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