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Golf swing coach amd tutor. Played collegiate golf in Denton TX. Working in the PGA program currently.

Hello! My name is David Ingram. I am a 20 year old golf student in the PGA professionals program and i have been giving golf lessons to juniors, adults, and people of all agea for two years. I played golf for one year at the University of North Texas as well as four years of highschool golf, where i also worked at a golf course.

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Great Teacher for Beginners and Intermediate Players; Specialize in The Short Game

I start with the short game and develop full swing with approach shots, long irons, then drivers and fairway woods. This has produced the greatest success. Players build their swings before worrying about distant. Learn control. Distance comes from good technique and confidence.

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Weight training to develop baseball/softball training for college preparation and recruitment. hanson ,ky 31 years conditioning coach, hitting instructor and pitching and catchr training. Over 375 stu

Bachelors in Basic Integrated integrated studies, Masters in Special Education, masters as Education specialists. Head coach Madisonville Tradewater Pirates, Head coach Owensboro Oilers, Head Coach Marion Bobcats, Head Coach Madisonville Miners, Head Coach Muhlenberg Stallions.

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Sylvan Lake
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Medical student, enjoys playing golf and would enjoy teaching you this amazing sport

I am a medical student. I have always been interested in various sports. This interest of sports also led me to start golfing at the age of 5. I have been playing since then and have played many tournaments at the amateur level. Still not a scratch (00 ) handicap because medical school doesnt give much time but definitely good enough to teach.

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Enthusiast, energetic, & experienced physical education teacher and coach in Chicagoland looking to help you improve & maximize your skills.

My name is Brad Carlson and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education with a minor in health. I have been coaching for over 20 years. The sports that I have coached include basketball, football, baseball, golf, volleyball, and soccer. I have experience from the elementary level to the college level.

Myrtle Beach
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Golf Lessons by PGA Professional Jeff Diehl. Head Golf Professional Blackmoor Golf Club

Jeff Diehl is a PGA Professional who has established himself as a business manager, ambassador for the game of golf and community servant. In his 17+ years as a golf professional, Diehl has excelled at high profile positions while developing a strong media presence.

Superior Charter Township
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PGA Member of 30+ years shares experience on all aspects of golf....Instruction, Conditioning, Travel, and How To Become a Famous Golfer

I am a Class A Member (1988) of The PGA of America. A qualified tournament player and experienced teacher, I provide individual and group instruction for types of golfers. My work experience includes golf academies, high-end private clubs, retail & technology management, and group golf travel.

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Experienced coach/teacher providing multitude of athletic activities in Carthage, Mo for alleged and genders.

I am a experienced teacher with 28 years of coaching youth sports in a variety of activities. I have taught a multitude of subjects in the classroom and been a school administrator for 8 years. I have two master degrees a specialist degree.

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Golf, Basketball, and Badminton Skills Learning Assistance- For Beginner and Intermediate Players

I am currently enrolled in high school and play golf, softball and basketball. I often assist beginners in developing skills to enable them to excel in their chosen activity. I believe that giving 100% is key ingredient in order to being successful. I will work one-on-one giving my student my full attention to better them at their activity.

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Experience is the best teacher

I have had 15 plus years experiences teaching and tutoring. I substituted for grads k-12 in both public and parochial schools. I was an adjunct at Rochester Institute of Technology for 3 years. I have coached multiple teams in soccer and have given lessons in golf. I use a hands on method. I inquire the level my students are at, their learning styles and develop lessons from there.

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Competitive golfer offering golf lessons in Chicago with 5 years of experience

Every golf swing is different, and there is not a single perfect swing. This is obvious when you watch the best golfers in the world play, so I do not teach one particular swing. I will help get your club face square at impact, as well as help develop your feel in short game.

Oklahoma City
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The most passionate golf coach and mentor that youll ever see. men... woman... kids... everyone can benefit from my 40 years of experience... or its free

im only happy when we are making progress and having fun. the swing will begin to take shape quickly and from there all is possible.

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Recent scholarship graduate from a Division 1 golf program giving lessons/insight in all levels of golf.

Graduated with my B.A. in Psychology at Rutgers University in 2016. Looking to help anyone who is serious about developing their golf game. I can be of assistants to any young juniors that want to know the ins and outs of becoming a collegiate player. My lesson structure will be a lot of talking and getting to know the player and from their adapting to his/her way of learning.

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Golf Teaching Professional: Certified , having taught 1000's of Golf lessons in Manitoba

I can teach lessons on line,or in person. I teach from the green back to fuller shots. These early lessons form the basis for the full golf swing as 75% of shots are from 100 yds in. A typical class would be some warm up stretching exercises, questions regarding any physical ailments I should know about regarding the individual.

William (alec)
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Experienced, certified Gravity golf instructor loves to share the secrets and drills.

Gravity golf was developed by David Lee, PGA over the past 40 years. David certified me to instruct in this method. Students learn quickly how to develop and feel the proper source of power on both long and short shots, including putting. Very unique and effective drills are the keys to learning the individual timing and rhythm each individual body type and ability each of us possesses.

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Avid golfer with teaching experience gives fun golf lessons at your convenience in Manitoba

I base my teachings on methods I have experimented with in my 20+ years on the golf course and 5+ years of teaching. I am comfortable working with all golfers of all skill levels. A typical class would go over proper stretching and swing technique.

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I am a former Ladies European Access Tour professional golfer who has vast experience in coaching from ladies to juniors. I have also featured regularly in the Lady Golfer and National Club Golfer mag

I am a former European golf professional with over 2 years coaching experience, specialising in ladies and junior coaching. My lessons are always fun and colloquial. I like to make sure my clients go away understanding everything they need to know to make the improvements as simple and as quick as possible.

Moose Jaw
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Golf instruction, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Golf Course Management Diploma and Collegiate Player

I like to have fun and keep it simple. My first step is to assess the golfers knowledge, individual skills, and physical capabilities which helps me create an appropriate improvement program and proper goals. I like to use imagery and incorporate past sports backgrounds whenever possible to help my students.

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Become a golfer in 12 easy lessons at home on live video

The beginner course is a 12-lesson plan designed to take a golf newbie to an acceptable level of golfing skill i.e., by the end of the course, you should be able to complete a round of golf (18 holes) within 96 strokes.

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Tour Professional with 15 years of golf experience giving lessons in Toronto

Depending on your skill level, we will tailor our class to make sure you are getting the most out of your golf game. Wether your plan is to play recreationally, pursue tournaments and college scholarships, we will ensure that your desires fit within the lesson plans.

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Golf Coaching from a top player from Northern Ireland. First lesson free!

I will use my Golfing knowledge and experience to give you a video analysis of your swing and drills which you can do to improve.

(4 reviews)
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Pilates teacher for athletes, pregnant women and beginners in Campo de Gibraltar

Pilates for beginners and more experienced, pregnant and postpartum. As a method of physical preparation for other disciplines such as crossfit, paddle or golf.

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Unleash your Natural Swing ! Fast and guaranteed results. Discover the enjoyment of playing naturally... European Tour Coach, I am very specialized in liberating my pupil's inner Swing

I am a Professional Golf Coach. Even though I have excellent results with some European Tour players, I am truly passionate to help all those who are "stuck" in their progression or who wants to have fun quickly and more simply. Swing your as you walk! Walking and Swinging are more than similar: impossible to explain and ultimately very easy to do...

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Coach golf in Chantilly Vineuil graduate DEJEPS a certified TPI, Dave Pelz's Vision 54.

17 years to compete Circuit tournaments Amateur French pushed me to improve myself technically, physically and mentally. Several meetings among the Pros have flowered in me the passion of the game but also of education. Graduate of a DEJEPS through the FFG, I attended several post-PGA training to specialize in specific areas of the sport.

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30 years experienced Greenkeeper offering tuition in the maintenance of sports-turf .

Start with theory and the where possible back this up with practical lessons , so pupils need to be employed in sport

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National shooter, j&k state team captain, state record holder. Come be a legend!

My teaching method is that I make legends out of students learning from me .

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Golf is a sport that pits an individual athlete against themselves. While some people are going to play against others, it is all about improving one's own skill. The best way to do this is through the help of golf teachers. These instructors are able to assist with just about every aspect of the game, ranging from improving driving distance and curing the slice, all the way to improving a player's short game. No matter what it is someone is looking at improving, they should be able to improve upon their current skill set, all with the help of the individual golf lessons that are designed to help the student in every facet. It doesn't matter how skilled the player already is, they can learn a great deal from their golf teachers. Beyond just learning golf, it is possible to learn from hoop dance lessons and their instructors, skiing instructors and from Qi Gong instructors. All of this, plus karate teachers, are able to drastically improve upon how an athlete is able to perform.